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  1. I don’t know. @Sperm Edwards mentioned Sanchez, who I thought was expected to go around #20 this time of year back then. Seems like Zach and, even more so, Trey Lance were later risers last year. I usually don’t start really paying attention to the draft until around now, and it always seems like the QBs bubble to the top.
  2. Lol, that would be glorious! And you’re right, it’s really not too far fetched at all.
  3. We’re just lucky that one of Saleh’s buddies is good for something.
  4. He’s something of a mix of Brad Smith and Wayne Chrebet. I wouldn’t want to open the season with him as anything more than the #4 WR, but he’s likely to be the starting slot some weeks have plays designed for him every week. I’m not sure what you pay for that, but I’d like to see him locked up.
  5. The QBs almost always rise every year. Really hoping at least one goes in the top three. That said, I’m very much in favor of trading down (as I almost always am), and hoping that they can land an additional first in 2023 as a result. This board is very OL-centric, but I’m hoping for the WR or maybe a LB with their second first rounder.
  6. One day we won’t have players like Braxton Berrios.
  7. Maybe the problem has been that the Jets went too many days without a Braxton Berrios type player.
  8. I’m not staying home to watch this one. When I do that, I tend to miss a win. So I’m doing my part.
  9. You’re like a sugar pill in a bottle of Viagra.
  10. I would prefer this not to be true, but I wouldn’t hate them extending Fant and Moses.
  11. I’m thinking it’s a little early to be this intoxicated…
  12. Yeah? It’s not easy to get banned around here, especially when I’m not the only mod who wanted nothing to do with Rhule. I didn’t hate the Gase signing until I fully realized that I should. Pretty early into year two.
  13. I’m a happy guy. That’s how I can root for guys like Geno, Sam, and -now- Zach. My glass is almost always half full, at least. But yes, now I’m even happier. Thanks. Happy New Year, seriously, hope it’s great!
  14. But those were the only three players drafted that year. I’m not concerned about the moisture level in your panties, but Moore is better than no WR by a pretty wide margin, and Carter II, Echols, Pinnock, Sherwood, Nasrilsomething, are also far better than nothing. Even if they turn out to be depth/special teams guys, it’s way better than only drafting three players. There really is no comparing that draft to 2021 without seriously trying to nitpick it. Even that attempt tells you how good this draft was compared to the last two decades.
  15. Mims is disappointing but, let’s be clear on the record: I didn’t want to draft Darnold and you know this - you used one of my many anti-Darnold pre-draft posts as your signature for a stretch. I root for the players on the team and try to stay away from negativity in general. So I was rooting for Darnold. That’s it. I’m rooting for Wilson now.
  16. Have to see where this draft goes over the next couple years, but I’d put it in front of all of those right now except the four first rounder class of 2000 - which was over 20 years ago. Sanchez/Greene/Slauson, seriously?
  17. Exactly. The only position here that I entered the season concerned about, and became more concerned about, is TE. But I feel that he worked closely with his new coaching staff last offseason thru the draft, and that there was enough of a consensus that they could get by without prioritizing it. I’d like to see them hit the position twice this offseason, once with a starter in free agency, and again with a potential starter in the draft. It’s the primary gaping hole on offense right now. I have no idea why people get hung up on PKs. Who cares? I feel like JD’s doing it exactly right by
  18. Happy birthday, Dom! Always love your posts.
  19. It’s also possible that no one would want to trade up to the #1 pick for a non-QB due to the cost. The complaining about draft position -which is out of the team’s hands, anyway- is a ridiculous waste of energy.
  20. Pretty sure this is what they’ve been doing all season. They didn’t even bring a full compliment of players to last week’s game, and played guys who joined the team during the week. I’m sure they’ll be aggressive with the calls these last two weeks, trying out different things and seeing what happens.
  21. If the Jets beat Tom Brady and/or the Bills and screw up their playoff seeding in some way, I’m gonna whip out the ban hammer like I’m playing whack-a-mole on anyone crying about meaningless wins.
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