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  1. It was a 2-4 week injury. Next week is four weeks. Zach will be back.
  2. If I was a betting man, I’d put a lot down on Wilson starting next week. But it was my opinion that Zach was gonna start next week, regardless. A Mike White win might’ve changed that, but that didn’t happen.
  3. Almost certainly true. That’s why this wasn’t Zach’s return from injury. He’ll be back next week in a winnable game against Miami. Let’s all hope he learned something during his break.
  4. Yeah, but plenty of White fans were actively being Wilson detractors. I was rooting for White, too, but Zach is the guy they’re really relying on.
  5. Yup, it was fun while it lasted. It was also silly. Zach’s back in next week.
  6. My hope: Woody is keeping his nose out of the football business, and letting JD run the show for better or worse. My belief: Mike White needs a win to hold the job. I think they want Zach back in there, and want to see what he’s learned and how he looks after a couple weeks off in the new & improved offense. Zach is management’s guy. I think even with a good performance from White, they’ll use a loss to go back to Wilson.
  7. @T0mShane is the Steve Wozniak of JetNation.
  8. Anyone who brings Shane upon the league deserves be fired, I agree.
  9. The key to this Shanahan offense is that blocking scheme, and it’s not an easy scheme to get down. It’s no surprise that they’re getting better with time and experience in the system. Really need to see another step forward when Becton gets back. There will be a decent sized move for an interior OL or two next offseason, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the third first round OL in three years. The line should continue getting better as they learn to work together over the course of the year. Hopefully by then, people will’ve come around to the idea that the OL is far from the worst un
  10. I think Maccagnan could tell that Rhule would stab him in the back. He didn’t see it coming with Gase. Bowles knew it had to be done, but he was too nice a guy.
  11. The only way he gets five games is if he’s just playing lights out, and then he’d just keep playing. If, on the other hand, he regresses or looks to be figured out by the Bills, Zach will be starting next week. A very good performance in a loss by White could be enough to put Zach back in as early as Miami. I suspect that the Jets are being extra cautious this week because Buffalo is just the better team and they don’t want or need to put that kind of extra pressure on Wilson, but that they’ll want to put him back in in a winnable game against the fish or Texans. The entire organization is inv
  12. I don’t think it’s all that clear. If Wilson is 100% healthy and still on the bench two or three weeks from now, then it’ll be pretty clear. My guess is that the coaches are hoping that this proves to be an excellent learning experience for Zach, and that when he comes back he does a better job of getting the ball out quickly, and running the offense as designed. He’s acknowledging that he’s going for the long ball too much and that he needs to incorporate some of what White’s doing into his game. That’s good to hear from him, and I have to believe that the coaches and front office all want to
  13. Moved your thread because we’re already having the same conversation. I agree with you, though. If Mike White puts up another nice game or two, the first round tender is the way to go.
  14. Wilson could be cleared to play but still not 100%. At that point, it’s no issue to sit him for another week or so while he fully heals. I expect White to get the start this week, and for Wilson to be back in the starting lineup no later than the Texans game. Wilson is the investment. He’s the asset they need to grow. I also expect him to play better after watching the offense take off without him.
  15. He’ll be a restricted free agent. The Jets can put a first round tender on him that comes with a right of first refusal on any contract offer he gets. If the Jets don’t match, they get a first round pick. That’s probably all the control they’ll need.
  16. If Mike White is half of what his disciples believe he is, Joe Douglas will consider putting the first round tender on him. Could be more than one team that would be willing to give up a second round pick for White, while also giving him a contract offer the Jets wouldn’t want to match. That would only be $5.4M, which is still plenty affordable. It would give JD more leverage if he thinks he can trade White for more than a second round pick.
  17. White should, and almost certainly will, start this week. Getting Wilson into practice this week is the start of getting him back up to speed. If he’s looking and feeling good in practice next week, he’ll start against Miami. Them and the Texans would be a nice way to ease the rookie back into the lineup - much better than a hungry Bills team. Either way, he’ll be starting by the Texans game, bare minimum.
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