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  1. Is this really what it’s all about? That you’re just a frightened little boy? I’d like to think the people actually in the organization are a little less timid than you are. Also, this schedule is clearly a fake, besides the 1pm game in Seattle. The road team brings the network, Lions and Vikings at home (for example) would be on FOX.
  2. I get the 9/11 angle making it a possibility, but three prime time games seems entirely unlikely.
  3. But I thought this schedule was going to swallow the Jets whole and spit out their bones?
  4. It was when @JiFapono commented on the smugness levels that I really took notice. But yeah; those mafia guys, they bring the smug.
  5. You may be his loudest fan, but you’re not the only one. I don’t think you’re in the minority. Most fans, I think, get the size of the job Joe D took on, and could see that he was actually operating a plan before this last draft. The draft was pretty sweet, though.
  6. I’m not terribly concerned about the TD:int ratio that much (as long as TDs >>> ints!), as long as those top two numbers are somewhat better. Get up around 65% (about league average nowadays), and get that ypa up closer to 8. I want him to be that gunslinger they took #2 overall, and I don’t care if he throws a couple extra picks while he’s being aggressive. He can work on cleaning that up later. For now, let’s push that ball down the field. He’s got weapinz galore this year, he’s gotta put them to use.
  7. What about on Flash Gordon?
  8. The one, single, solitary reason that Idzik is not as bad as Maccagnan is that he wasn’t here as long to screw up as much as Mac managed to do. That’s it. Eight total years of those total incompetents is why JD’s current win total sucks. That team, with those contracts, was a two year tear down project.
  9. Jets have a lot of talent right now, it’s just that a lot of it is still unproven. Coaches have a big job this year. Winning or losing didn’t matter last year, the offseason the Jets just had tells me that there’s gonna be a lot more emphasis on winning this year. The primary focus is Zach, as it should be, but they’re clearly looking to protect him with a run first philosophy. A lot of the badness last year was no one knowing what they were doing for much of the first half, and then everyone hurt for most of the second. This team has enough talent to be good. It’s up to the coaches to get all the new starters in place and up to speed, which is no small task. Obviously, Zach has to be better, too. The pieces are there, though.
  10. I remember arguing until I was blue in the face that signing Le’Veon Bell was an absolutely stupid, horrendous idea. Oh my god, the crap I got. No wonder I’m so smug. And that Enunwa contract, without any injury protections, talk about amateur hour. Fitzpatrick is mostly on Bowles naming him the starter when he wasn’t even on the team. I can’t believe people complain about JD/Saleh.
  11. There’s no way I’m more smug than @T0mShane, I’m just right more often so it seems that way.
  12. Nickel CB is a skill set unto its own, and MC1 is almost certainly still their #1 Nickel. Adding Reed and Sauce pushed Hall down from starter to first guy off the bench to play outside, IMO.
  13. Last year was a 20 game exhibition season. It was 100% about installation and evaluation. A green coaching staff teaching the youngest team in the league new systems on both sides of the ball. There was really no emphasis on winning, at all. Just about getting the team up to speed. But, when there were a couple close games, you did see some intensity from Saleh when the win was in sight. I expect that Saleh much more often this year. Zach sucked the first half of the year. No one denies this. His yips were epic and legendary. But he managed to settle down later in the season to play some mistake free football while playing with the team’s second, third, & fourth stringers. Now he’s had a full year in the system, and the move to hire his private coach for a while, then to send Zach back to work with that same coach who now has first hand knowledge of what the Jets want from him on offense should pay dividends. His work ethic has never been questioned and if he’s put the same time into the offense, studying film, etc., that he clearly put in at the gym, he should be in the best possible place. They’ve put a solid line in front of him and surrounded him with playmakers who can take it the distance on any given play. I don’t expect a lot in terms of wins, but I do think that 5.5 number is low. There’s gonna be some bumps in the road for what could be the youngest team in the league again this year, but I do expect see a team that gets better as the season goes on.
  14. This is spamming. There’s no need to make posts like this back to back. This is the main reason you keep getting banned. Not that you hate everything, but that you need to post the same crap eight million times across multiple threads.
  15. Lol, and the Mangenius named his kid after him as part of the deal.
  16. Agreed. Allegedly, Al Toon was the receiver that Bill Walsh really coveted that year. He was a fantastic player before concussions took him out.
  17. Lol, from a super fan of a QB who’s started three games and got knocked out of two of them.
  18. I mostly agree with this. They’ve beefed up the CB position enough to get creative and continue teaching the young guys at FS. I’d love for Davis to take the job. He’s been a disappointment. But if Pinnock can take it, that would be great. After they signed Reed, Saleh (paraphrasing) said that he’d made a mistake the last time he worked with Reed by pigeonholing him in the slot due to his size, but he realizes now that he’s a solid outside CB. For Reed’s part, he took that #1 because he sees himself as a #1 CB. I think Sauce and Reed will be the primary outside guys with Hall as the first backup, rotational piece, and MC2 the slot. Reeds versatility might cost Guidry his job, though. The room is fairly crowded.
  19. Yes, then maybe the Jets can have two #5’s in the HoF!
  20. So he kinda gets burned because of the rookie contract slotting. For a number of years now, the Jets have been foregoing big signing bonuses in exchange for guaranteed salary, which would then be eligible to be taxed in Florida, etc. I never really thought about those contracts being player friendly in that way, but I guess they are.
  21. The irony here is that I have yet to approach the smugness that you brought with your absolute certainty that Ekwonu would be the pick, that the team was done with Becton before the draft, lol. I’m glad you’ve come around, though. You’re usually pretty smart when you feel like talking about football, and the idea of taking another OL was dumb.
  22. The NFL does a nice job of making this some sort of event, given that something like 14 of those opponents are known years in advance. Still, I suspect that Amazon Thursday Night package is gonna be some good matchups this season, lol.
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