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    Definitely agree. Joe Douglas might be better served offering him an extension while he’s still under contract, with the staff possibly considering moving Becton to the right side. Also don’t see any desperation moves from JD. Don’t see his job on the line. I do think that he will be active in free agency, but about as active as he was last year (which brought in a couple high-priced guys and a number of one-year deals). While the fans are jumping out of windows with their heads cut off, he’ll be staying the course.
  2. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do at the backup QB spot. And I say backup, because that’s what that QB will be - not a player brought in to actually compete with Wilson. But I like your list. That’s the level of QB I’d be looking to bring in. Even without any true competition, the message will be clear: we’ve brought in a QB to play if you don’t show significant improvement. I don’t think they’ll have too a quick a hook for Zach, but they won’t let him get them fired, either. I don’t know what gets them fired, either. I’m also thinking they need to avoid the 10+ losses ne
  3. The Cards still employ the GM who drafted Josh Rosen.
  4. Really don’t think there’s an offensive guy worthy of a top five pick, or one that would be a better value or fill a bigger need than an Edge. This defense needs edge rushers to operate, the Jets have none until Carl Lawson proves otherwise. And I don’t think the Jets can afford to count on that in 2022.
  5. They scored 6 and 0 in Zach’s second and third starts. Since then (not counting the NE game that he got knocked out early), they’ve averaged 19.8 ppg with Zach in the lineup, or almost two more than the team as a whole. Statistically, nothing brilliant is happening (except maybe the major reduction in interceptions), but he’s looking better as of late. Making better decisions, a little better accuracy, etc. Baby steps, for sure, and I’d’ve liked to’ve seen more, but there is improvement taking place.
  6. Some of the most vocally impatient fans here are not now, nor have ever been, Jets’ season ticket holders. I preach patience purely to assist my fellow Jet fans with their general mental health. Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and Zach Wilson are all returning next year as the GM, HC, and starting QB, respectively, whether you or anyone else has patience or not. I’d rather live in that reality than in the fire everyone they suck mentality that’s simply not going to happen. I’d rather discuss what needs to improve in a constructive way rather than just bitch and moan. But that’s me. Everyone else is
  7. Straight up, IMHO, that’s bull****. If the guy was as good as this weird minority of Jet fans believe, there’d be an owner excited to invest. The truth is that he’s toxic. No one wants him because whatever he brings to the table isn’t worth the chaos.
  8. Why has no NFL team invested in the genius, then? Seriously, he just was not good.
  9. Lost in the wild card round and then went 4-12 in his second season. Only had success in his last year because Brett Favre refused to listen to Schotty, but then his arm fell off and the team sucked again. And, as a bonus, he drafted Vernon Gholston, who all Mangini-ites tend to forget. There’s a reason he’s long gone from the league. He sucked.
  10. Massive loss of credibility right here. Mangenius got run out of Cleveland and, except for a short stint with Jim Harbaugh who opted not to bring him to college, has been out of football ever since. He sucks, and everyone but some odd, hanger-on Jet fans seem to understand it.
  11. No, the Becton situation is frustrating. But, obviously, he recognized the critical need to improve the OL by taking a potential HoF type talent in the player. At the time, I thought Wirfs was the safer choice (and he seems to’ve been) but I can’t be too critical of his willingness to take the gamble there. Again, this was contrasted in his second draft. He didn’t wait for his OL this year, he traded up and grabbed him. He didn’t (speculatively) pass on his preferred WR to trade down and add picks, he stayed right where he was and stuck the pick. I think just about everyone is pretty ha
  12. This thread has run its course. Take your bet to PMs and don’t tell me what happens.
  13. This is why Joe Douglas’ first major negotiating move was to get himself six years. I’m pretty sure everyone once knew this. I understand the impatience; I have to look at this team, too. But them sucking thru a decade of rudderless stewardship before Douglas has nothing to do with him other than he had a lot of work to do. That three years they’re talking about? JD and Saleh probably get that. They have a second year guaranteed, and I doubt that the win/loss mandate that a lot of fans would like to see implemented will be. I keep coming back to this with JD, that he’s easily the most
  14. Completely misunderstanding the point and tossing in a crack about the UN? Interesting strategy.
  15. Maybe in another thread? I believe there is one for that.
  16. Yeah, no idea why you get accused of trolling or picking fights. I’m in the mod lounge defending you every day.
  17. Compare John Idzik’s second draft to Joe Douglas’ and get back to me because one of them improved significantly in his second year at the helm and the other crapped the bed. In fact, I’d venture to say that the 2021 draft was better than any this team has had since maybe 2006 - and that’s with Zach Wilson not quite looking like a franchise QB just yet (shall we say). And even 2006 is no lock as better. May have to go all the way back to the four first round pick draft of 2000. http://www.drafthistory.com/index.php/teams/jets
  18. Max is talking specifically about the people who feel the need to take a Zach/JD/Saleh sucks dump in every thread, regardless of the topic. This is not any new rule, but there’s no reason to think this announcement will hit you directly, either.
  19. Looks like you asserted something and now don’t want to accept the burden and prove it from here.
  20. Please take care of that data analysis and report back. Show your work.
  21. This is my hope. It’s pretty clear that JD and Saleh are partners on the same page. That alone is different than anything we’ve seen around here since Tanny and Rex - the last time this team had any success at all. Time will tell if the page they’re on is a good one, but I like what they’re trying to do and that’s why I support them. The forced marriages of the previous decade were disasters. This time they’re actually trying to do things the right way.
  22. It’s this simple. It’s referred to as spamming, and it’s the top item for me to click on when applying the ban hammer. There are different topics posted on the board. Not every one of them needs the usual suspects tangentially interjecting, “Zach Wilson is the worst QB in the league,” or, “JD can’t draft,” etc. I’m sure there’s a thread for those thoughts at any given time; probably a half dozen of them. Place your repetitive thoughts in those.
  23. Know it’s a minority opinion around here, but I’m actually hoping the Jets win. I’ll take the draft position as a consolation prize, but the better Zach and the team play down the stretch, the better.
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