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  1. What’s so special about those guys… ? Also, Breece is a big dude.
  2. Austin Walker cut is kinda surprising. I thought he had a good shot to be RB4.
  3. I don’t mind the teens for WRs, that’s been around a long time. But single digits for Edge rushers? That’s the worst.
  4. Honestly think you’d have to go all the way back to Freeman McNeil. If Breece and MC1 can become like McNeil and Hector, the Jets are gonna have one helluva rushing attack.
  5. There was a lot of pre-draft chatter that the Jets loved London, but that could’ve been smoke just like the alleged Ekwonu love. Completely different receiver, but I would’ve liked it. I don’t think it would’ve been Williams, only because I think these guys are looking for players who will help the team from day one.
  6. I admit that it’s an unusual situation, having a HoF’er hoping to stick as a third string QB, but they’ll work it out.
  7. Jets are waiting for Mike White to give #5 to Garrett Wilson, then they’ll be able to announce all the new numbers.
  8. He’s probably a good source most of the year. By getting a lot of things right, he’s more believable when the Jets are using him choose to use him for misinformation. So the Jets will continue to give him the honest nuggets that they don’t mind getting out there. It was pretty hilarious the way a couple people here took his word as gospel this draft season, though. But Connor Hughes is absolutely certain… Oh, it was great, lol.
  9. I mentioned this the other day in regards to the LB, DT, & S issues, too. This is the time of year when teams will let players they like get another opportunity if it’s clear they’re not gonna make their roster. There’ll be more mini-draft to come.
  10. He’s 24 years old and only really had one year of production in school. The lack of hurries & QB hits was also concerning to some. He didn’t drop, he went right about where he should’ve according to most of the stuff we’ve heard since the draft. The Jets loved him, though. Hope they were right.
  11. Imagine some fan in the future, his team having claimed Mike White on waivers, coming here only to find that they’ve stumbled onto The Messiah.
  12. Wait, you and @Jet9 are two different people?
  13. This might be the one real advantage of such a young team, along with the second year coaching staff and third year front office; they’re not infected with the SOJ. That’s genuine enthusiasm right there, and this class they brought in will be bringing their own swagger, too. It’s a wonderful time of year. I’m gonna put up my Christmas lights.
  14. It was an Achilles, which seems worse to me. I have no idea how it’s gonna go. Luckily, they’ve added a lot to the Edge position this offseason.
  15. Some of the condescending replies I got definitely had that feel, which is the meaning I was looking to convey. I have a feisty daughter, I know the definition, lol.
  16. Sorry, still basking in the afterglow. I had a lot of people mansplaining to me about how that was gonna be an OL, and some concern that JD might be that much of a meathead. Still very happy and relieved.
  17. Ooh, you edited after I reacted to this. I don’t think Ekwonu would’ve been the pick, but I also don’t care all that much because that’s talking hypothetically and I’m happier with reality at the moment. But as I said repeatedly before the draft, taking an OL at #4 does not improve the team this year. If anything, it probably weakens the team as he gets up to speed in their zone system. Meanwhile Sauce and Hall are the new #1 players at their respective positions from day one and each single-handedly transforms their group in a positive way. Wilson, JJ, and Ruckert all have home run potential, too. These are all guys drafted to be difference making play makers. An OL up top just doesn’t fit with the plan they actually did execute.
  18. I think they let people believe this, so it’s okay with me if you want to continue believing it. Ekwonu doesn’t fit in with the first four guys that they did take, and they ignored the OL until the fourth. I think they purposely let the Becton talk fester to provide a smokescreen, but that they had never given up on him - which an OL pick at #4 would’ve been a clear indication of. If they might’ve gone that way then, again, thank you Texans! I’d really rather this didn’t turn into another icky Icky thread.
  19. I don’t know what they would’ve done. My best guess is Wilson at #4 and JJ at #10, so thanks Texans! Me and JD were in tune this year. I really think he understood that his OL was just fine, what he lacked were playmakers.
  20. Oh, I’ll say this, too: I don’t know if either of these guys will see a second contract from the Jets, and I don’t care. That’s Dick Cimini’s rant, not mine. They’ve got these guys under control for five or six years if they want and, in the meantime, should both help jumpstart the team now. If they work out, JD can just start putting late picks who fit the profile into the pipeline to replace them down the line if he doesn’t want to pay them. They'll continue to keep expectations low, but these picks were about helping the QB (yes, because a defense that can get off the field helps the QB), and logging some wins this year. It’s clear they’re looking for some immediate results.
  21. I remember that game. It was mean and disrespectful and the refs really should’ve made them run a passing play!
  22. Is how they both go completely against the narrative that we all know so well around here. Saleh’s system doesn’t value CBs, they draft them in the fifth round and turn them into Richard Sherman. This offense creates RBs, not the other way around. The system turns UDFAs into stars. And last year’s draft totally played into that narrative, taking a solid committee RB in the fourth, and a few DBs after that. JD went against type, too, allowing all you rubes who thought he’d take another first round OL only to find yourselves duped. Instead, they arguably grabbed the top players in the draft at both positions, using premium resources to do it. With Sauce, maybe the best player in the draft. What I like most about it is that it demonstrates flexibility from both the front office and the coaches. I have no idea how it came together, but they collectively decided that these two blue chip players were worth altering what they do. After signing a #1 CB in free agency, they supplant him with the fourth pick of the draft. A perfect fit in the scheme, too, just not the way they were expected to fill it. Jets went from one of the worst CB groups in the league to one of the best. While Sauce won’t change the defensive scheme, the Breece pick will change what they’ll do on offense, credit to LaFluer. They went from a pure RBBC to running thru a bell cow back. With Hall and MC1, it’ll be no rest for defenses when the Jets want to run the football, which they will be doing a lot. It’s risky to run your offense thru a specific RB, but the reward potential is big. Rigid coaches, those who put their scheme and philosophy above taking advantage of the talent at their disposal, bother me the most. I’m all about having a philosophy, but the coaches’ primary job is to get the most out of his players and, therefore, team. Here they demonstrated a willingness to change the way do things in order to obtain and utilize premium talents. It’s refreshing and exciting.
  23. Run defense is the one area (again, outside of the QB) where there are legitimate concerns. Some good news is that their two defensive first rounders, while being brought in primarily to defense the pass, are both pretty good in run defense. Sauce is no diva in that respect, he makes tackles. And JJ can set the edge. Lawson will be an upgrade here, too. OL, DT, and LB are probably the three positions most likely to be addressed in the mini-draft. Maybe safety, although I think they believe they have the secondary under control. Between now and camp is when some teams let their well liked but expensive players go because they believe they’ve found a cheaper replacement in the draft. The Jets have a high waiver position if someone’s let go that they see as a fit.
  24. This is something we could slip into every thread here. The QB and HC are question marks, still. There’s no doubt about that. As far as the talent JD added this year goes, the only real knock is the youth and inexperience. This is why he was so aggressive in trying to find a veteran target for Zach. Obviously, we don’t know how these rookies will pan out, but it’s probably a pretty good bet that Beece Hall should literally hit the ground running, even if he’s mostly a two down back for most of the year. The veteran TEs give them a little cushion with the youth at WR. The WR group is packed with talent from 1-5, it’s just a matter of them staying on the field and reaching their potential. I agree. There have been a lot of posts here declaring that Douglas and Saleh will only go as far as Zach will take them -and that if Zach busts, they’re gone- but I never bought into that. If this supporting cast is anywhere close to how good I think we all believe it can be, and Zach still can’t get out of his own way, they’ll get another chance with another QB, imho. Hard to see them completely giving up on Zach, but I’d expect a lot more urgency at the backup QB spot next season. Bring in one of these younger, marginal starter types (like Mariota to the Falcons, Wentz to the Commies, Trubisky to the Steelers) to push him from below and take over if need be. Really hoping it doesn’t come to that, though. They’ve done all they could do in two offseasons to set ZW up for success, I’m hoping he snatches it.
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