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  1. I was on the hill right in front of the fight. It looked like a Jet defender got pushed first, nothing too bad, then someone cheap shot the redskin player from the back. I had a slightly different view of the fight. Looks like it starts on the right, with a Skins player hitting someone. 733176F0-FB40-4F84-BCF1-AADE1051BD84.MOV
  2. I know offseason grades don't mean much, but this was nice to read:
  3. What really confuses me about this whole situation is the fact that it's become a given the balls will lose pressure, and I get the science. But the temperature at gametime was 51 degrees with some rain added in. Holding everything else equal, then when a game is played in GB or Buffalo at 0 degrees and snowing, wouldn't the balls be down to like 6-7 psi? How can you play with a ball that deflated? Also wouldn't the game a week before have the balls at like 9 psi? Wouldn't that be obvious. I feel like something is missing from any of these explanations.
  4. The colts balls stayed in range for the entire 4 hours. If time is a component of this new science then surely they would have been short by the end of 4 hours, no? And if the Pats balls were reinflated to their requested 12.5 then at the end of the game shouldn't they have been short again, granted by only 1 psi? Or did the refs go rouge at the half and inflate all 24 to 13.5 psi? Because if the ludicrous 1 psi per half loss is an agreed upon number then that is the only way they would all test good at the end of the game.
  5. This is the argument that is driving me nuts. It is certainly possible for them to be set different at the start. But if they each lost 2 psi by halftime then all the Colts balls would have tested short 1 psi. Instead they tested in range. Perhaps your next arguement can be the Colts overinflated their balls after the refs signed off on them?
  6. Sadly I am down in Richmond so MD is not a quick hop for me. I try to avoid 95 as much as possible. As for the illegality of shipping, I'm not sure that is accurate. A few of us here have had bottles shipped in without any issue. I did a little digging and found this: From VABC (http://www.abc.virginia.gov/enforce/shippinginfo.html): From WeloveDC (http://www.welovedc.com/2010/01/21/know-the-law-buying-liquor-online/) they break down differences between DC, VA, and MD law: From LoveScotch (http://www.lovescotch.com/shipping-policy.php) I also dug a little on
  7. Hey guys. Just stumbled onto this thread from a link in one of the deflategate threads. Glad to have found it...got a few more bottles in my queue. One of the distilleries I really like that hasn't been mentioned here is The Dalmore. Their 12 yo is a really good first bottle from them. Very flavorful single malt highland. I also saw someone just got a bottle of Aberlour. That one is pretty good too and more reasonable priced. I recently started to try some of the Irish Whiskeys as well. Very different drink but some unique ones out there. The one I recently found is Teeling.
  8. I can't blame them for bumping to a more meaningful game, but Pats-Bills is equally meaningless
  9. I can't get the game in Albany. They are showing Bill-Pats even though Jets-Phins is in the guide. Does anyone know if the Albany area is now considered Bills territory? Need to figure a workaround for next year if that is the case.
  10. Any clue why they are blacked out? Not even seeing another game...its some stupid college football clips show.
  11. Trying to watch via slingbox to Albany and its blacked out. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. You need to register, but this one works for me: http://www.hq-streams.com/forum/view.php?pg=streampage
  13. The atdhe site says it can't connect to the server...am i doing something wrong? I started on justintv, but this massive banner popped up...
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