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  1. 4 D'Brickashaw Ferguson Offensive tackle Virginia 29 Nick Mangold Center Ohio State 2 49 Kellen Clemens Quarterback Oregon 3 76 Anthony Schlegel Linebacker Ohio State 97 Eric Smith Safety Michigan State 4 103 Brad Smith Wide receiver Missouri
  2. Its not the strength I'm talking about. Its the drive. Wirfs talked about walking past the gym on the way to class and dreaming about the day he would break the record. that speaks to something more than sets and reps. Its character and determination and a will to succeed. That's what he's got over Becton.
  3. Becton said he wanted to play at 350. He showed up to the COMBINE at 360. The combine. Where you build your value, increase your draft stock and make your money. He showed up at 360. He's 385 easy right now. Meanwhile Tristan Wirfs broke Iowa's powerlifting records, beating Branden Scherff's mark by 450 lbs., four times . Still can't see how Douglass valued Becton over Wirfs. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu6vGUkhiqW/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again
  4. Not Dave Nejweh. Greg Nejmeh. Awesome guy. Grew up a Jets fan and bleeds green for more than just a paycheck.
  5. I'd say Jackson and Guidry are under Dunn. Carter and Pinnock are over Dunn. The way its looking though, carter may be over Pinnock and under Dunn.
  6. If Mims continues to suck and Becton gets too fat to play football, last year's draft is going down as Idzik-era bad.
  7. Moses is insurance for our LT. They'll probably play him at RT until he's needed to cover for Becton.
  8. No problem with drafting a QB if he was worth a 4th rounder. Morgan wasn't and everyone here knew it was a headscratcher. You're equating me hating those picks with hating the positions taken for some reason. I hated the Jachai Polite pick and nearly puked when the Pats got Winovich. Same position, different players. Morgan and Clarke were not among my favorites. In fact, the back half of that draft was unimpressive. Ashtyn Davis was a question mark too. Perrine couldn't start over Frank Gore and Ty Johnson and Josh Adams looked way better. Zuniga at least cracked the lineup a few tim
  9. Fair enough. I'm a bit biased since I hated the picks in the first place.
  10. Meanwhile Wirfs was a gym rat that broke his college powerlifting records. Bet his feet are fine.
  11. I don't see the "but they cost draft picks" argument as being in any way sound. That's my main point. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade at all costs and without remorse. Is there a huge difference between Morgan and White? Dunno. I just know I've heard nothing about Morgan even approaching center since he was drafted, and he didn't make the active roster even when there were injuries at his position. There is someone better in the league that will be available, without question, before the season begins. Why fill a valuable position with him. we did that with Hackenberg when we knew exactly wh
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