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  1. Yeah. Who says he a great guy? We had the best drafts when he was calling the shots. That's all.
  2. There are two ways of looking at that draft. First...yes idzik guessed wrong and got cute and really screwed the pooch. Second...he was able to amass 12 picks, many of them by manipulating the comp pick system. So yeah, he whiffed most of them, but he generated the picks in the first place. In a perfect world he would manage and Mangini would be in charge of the draft. As it is Tannenbaum set the stage for disaster while Idzik dug us out of the rubble, only to trip on his own dick and hand the reigns to a guy who pissed away all of the equity on garbage free agent signings. There's a reason we constantly rebuild. Idzik had the best plan and the best system. Bit the worst execution.
  3. sirlancemehlot

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Wish you a healthy recovery joe.
  4. sirlancemehlot

    Grade the Jets Draft

    Yeah I can't understand how Orlando Brown was less value than whatshisname
  5. sirlancemehlot

    Shaun O’Hara: Jets were losers in draft

    We may have lost the draft, but it damn well isn't because we drafted Sam Darnold. Did we give away too much? Maybe. Bit that'll take five years to figure out. The rest of the draft was a bit crappy, granted, but I think Dimitri Flowers UDFA pickup makes it a solid B.
  6. sirlancemehlot

    Jets UDFA Thread

    L9ve this pickup. He could be gone in the 6th IMO
  7. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    I didn't. And I hated the Hackenberg pick, as did this whole board. We were right, btw.
  8. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Devin Smith and Steven Hill say hi.
  9. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Brown was the pick there. He's a good football player. Check the combine numbers of every OL with three years in the league and they'd be laughable. Because they aren't training for the combine. they're playing football.
  10. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    yes. this.
  11. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Big if true!
  12. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    We have Sam Darnold because the Browns sh*t the bed, and we piled three second round picks onto the pile for a roll of the dice.
  13. sirlancemehlot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    A 25 year old Canadian DT from a small D2 school that scouts consider "raw". Mac is a combine geek. Draft football players from now on, please.
  14. sirlancemehlot

    We sucked for sam

    We did. Two second round picks would have been huge this draft and someone always falls. And if the worst case scenario happens, I honestly love Mason Rudolph. Not sure why he isn't mentioned among the top qbs.
  15. sirlancemehlot

    Jets screwed up trading up so early

    I happen to agree. Some e always drops. Always. Three second round picks is a kings ransom. But Darnild has a good pedigree. Time will tell.