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  1. Had zero effect on my credit score (which is excellent). But I had the same fear before following my friend who ceased payments the year prior.
  2. I was on the payment plan. I paid about half and then a buddy of mine told me he walked away without repercussions and he couldn't be happier. I did the same the following season and have no regrets (other than buying into the B.S. "its and investment" nonsense and pissing away a few grand).
  3. Hang in there SAR. I'm sure you can overcome that rage. So, as to the topic I "know nothing about". I was waitlisted for ten years before I got my season tix at Giants stadium. I had those seats for five years before the new stadium and the PSL. Which I bought because the waitlist disappeared and I was able to upgrade to the Lower Level. Awesome! Then, as the years went by, the season ticket holders around me began to change or dissappear. Different people were in those seats every week. I started looking into the secondary market and low and behold, I could buy basically the same seats i was sitting in every week at or below face value with no PSL. I ate the loss and now go to as many games as I see fit without having to pay for preseason games, PSL's and generally pay way below face value. So, fellow enraged "waitlister", the blocks of good seats once locked up by season ticket holders (like you and, formerly, me), are now available for sale. Anyone can sit in good seats without paying full value and PSL's, including opposing fans. The waitlist was a backlog of people trying to get into the stadium to regularly enjoy the home games. Now, there is no waitlist. There is no backlog. The secondary market is flooded with cheap tickets because of that. Finding a ticket for $6 was unheard of in Giants stadium. But here we are. The investment is worth it for you. Good. Its not for most others because financially it makes almost no sense, so that folks with less disposable income than you have ("quitters", I believe you called them), are no longer occupying the bulk of the seats. There's a reason the waitlist is gone, there's a reason the Jets haven't raised prices, and there's a reason there are a lot more seats available to opposing fans.
  4. All seats are available. So when I want to sit in the LL I can pick up those seats at less than face value. as can opposing fans. When those blocks were occupied by season ticket holders, only the cheap seats were available for people who didn't have season tickets. Now the expensive seats are easy to get without paying a PSL and the cheap seats are wide open. Cause and effect.
  5. Nope. The problem is plain as day. SEASON TICKET HOLDERS HAVE BEEN PRICED OUT. Sorry about the yelling. But regardless of what SAR says, there used to be a 10 year wait for Jets season tickets. That meant the stands were full of green and white fans and only a smattering of opposing fans that got seats on the secondary market got in. PSL's and high Ticket prices and $12 beers basically erased half the season ticket holders. Now you get what we got. cheap, empty seats that opposing fans can fill til their hearts' content.
  6. Lol how could they possibly RAISE ticket prices. Half the stadium is either empty or full of opposing fans. We may have the worst "home field advantage" of any team in the NFL.
  7. The reality is Darnold is a very young guy forced to learn a brand new offense in his second year in the NFL. The reality too, is that he struggles under pressure, tries to do too much and has at least 3 or 4 "panic passes" that often don't end well. He's got the brain and the arm and the mobility of an elite QB. He isn't one though. He can be, but he isn't at this point. The fact that he went to Gase to edit the playbook might be an indication that he doesn't really have much confidence in the "qb whisperer ". Hes neither a star or a bum. Hes a 22 yr old kid doing the best with what hes got. Let's see who he is at 25. Then I'll pass judgment.
  8. Let's see, he decided not to run the ball against one of the worst run defenses in league last week, then decided to spend an entire half running the ball against a team with Two undrafted rookie corners. Is say he's got one more season with his nose glued to the play sheet.
  9. That's because Gase can't adjust since he hasn't seen a play yet, just his little laminated play sheet. He's mesmerized by it.
  10. We can get Antonio Brown without giving up anything if we're looking for a self-centered POS.
  11. They were going to trade us back Jachai Polite and a conditional 7th.
  12. The league made him do it. This whole site is rigged. You think the whole coup d'etat of the JI regime was just happenstance? And now look at them. Max's enemies fall by the wayside while he grows ever stronger. I'm here to stand up! Blow the whistle! I may not be strong as one, but as many, we can do something, probably somehow! About stuff! And if I should be banned...avenge me! Somebody. Maybe Hackenburg. Or Smizzy or Limolady or Alk. Find them. They'll know what to do.
  13. Don't forget Maurice Canada and Tom "straight outa" Compton.

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