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  1. How do you get rid of Bell? He's under contract. a big contract. Simply not possible. And Robby is a solid receiver at a decent price...the roster can handle a few knotheads. The issue is when you have a choice between a Jachai Polite and a Chase Winovich and you choose Polite. Adding poor character over exemplary character can only work if you limit the number of poor character players. Most teams can handle a lightening rod or two. But the more you add the more the team chemistry disintegrates.
  2. Inherited Robby and Gase didn't want Bell. Try again Mick.
  3. Disagree. Character matters. Ask Odell Beckham. The Pats and Steelers dump Primadonnas like its their job. Give me good athletes with drive, intelligence, motor and character over the Santonio Holmes of the world.
  4. You listed Anderson. I'm assuming its Henry not Robby. Robby is a bit of a dolt. Fast though.
  5. More importantly, what would Brian Boitano do?
  6. To be fair, the Jets have been tripping over their own dicks since 1969. That's 50 years of SOJ.
  7. CJ got more involved and started paying attention to the people inside the walls of Florham Park. Mac was not liked there. Distant. aloof, a know it all who did not invest in his employees and did not listen to upper management. This is how you get a Hackenburg, pissaway a king's fortune on Revis and the like. Chis Johnson did the right thing and I respect him for it.
  8. There was a guy. I cant think of who it was...it may have even been the old site. Huge Brooks Bollinger fan. Or was it one of Tom Shane's pseudonyms? I can't remember crap anymore. And who was the Marko Cavka fan that caused him to become a meme around here? I want to say it was the buxom blonde lady who's name I can't remember. Help fish.
  9. Tony Richardson? BJ Askew? Jerald Sowell Tommy Bohannon Roger Vick
  10. Because they are a much better team with more talent. It's easier to make the Jets, (Raiders, 49ers) roster than it is the Pats, Steelers, Rams rosters. So of course our draft percentage is higher. Who drafts the most impactful players? That's the measure of good drafting.
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