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  1. James White fills that role and plays for peanuts. We needed a RB, but drafted an Ardarious...gimmick player with no clear role.
  2. sirlancemehlot

    PFF: Darron Lee Best Coverage LB In NFL So Far

    Agree! He DOESN'T play Middle Line Backer! You hear that JoJo? Butterface agrees with me!
  3. sirlancemehlot

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    You're doing it wrong. You started the thread, therefore you double-down and just troll to squeeze out as many replies as possible. I thought you knew how this worked by now.
  4. sirlancemehlot

    PFF: Darron Lee Best Coverage LB In NFL So Far

    Lee is getting run-passed every game. I'd say run over, or run through, but he isn't even making contact with inside runners. That's a MLB's #1 priority. Is he covering better? Yeah, I guess. But what good is that when you're giving up 5 yds every first down right up the gut? No Lee is not a good LB. Or rather, not a good inside linebacker. Too small, doesn't spill, never meets the back in the hole. Those things are requisites for MLB's .
  5. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    Probably a draw here would have worked better.
  6. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    Maybe a pitch here. Or a screen would have been better here.
  7. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    Shoulda ran that one.
  8. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    Agree with all of this. So all we need is Tom Brady or Manning. There's a reason we went to two afc championships with a rookie QB (and rookie +1). We now have a rookie QB, again. Running should be the priority right now, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  9. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    No it isn't idiotic. This isn't a general statement on run vs. pass. It's a statement on how best to handle a rookie quarterback without destroying him mind and body. Also nothing you stated reflects the two blowout games against the Lions and Broncos. The run set up the pass in those games. Crowell broke the single-game Jets rushing record last week.
  10. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    I understand the premise. But we were not blown out by the Dolphins or Browns. Yet we abandoned the run game. Certainly you will tend towards more rushing yards in games you are winning. But, there is also causation here. 300+ yards rushing wins that game. We ran well and so were able to play action, open up the deep routes, etc. When you go pass happy with a rookie QB you are bound to have an increased number of mistakes, missed protections, interceptions, etc., then you would with an experienced NFL QB. Causation exists here as well. Inexperience causes a higher rate of failure. Having lived through the Sanchez days, we can all remember what carried those teams...the running game. Mark just had to dot the eye here and there and the line took care of the rest. Here we are a decade later, another high-profile 1st round USC quarterback, starting from day one (even the Browns let Mayfield sit back and learn a bit) and an overzealous OC. It's Deja Vu all over again, except this time we have to run whether its successful or not, because we don't have the 2009 Oline. Keep it conservative and kick/punt is boring as hell, but I'm getting too old to watch another young QB mishandled, burnt out and beat up by the NY press to the point whee all that's left is a career clipboard holder.
  11. sirlancemehlot

    The difference between winning and losing

    In the Lions game the Jets attempted 21 passes versus 36 rushes. The result was a passer rating of 116.8 for Darnold. Dolphins game Darnold attempted 41 passes versus 19 rushes. Darnold's passer rating was 74.6 and the game was not out of hand. Browns game Darnold had 31 attempts to 30 rushes. His passer rating was 38.2. The game was close and winnable. Jacksonville game Darnold threw 34 times versus 14 rushes, rating 74.0. The game was, however a runaway. Denver game Darnold threw 22 times versus 38 runs and had a rating of 98.1 granted it isn't as easy as just run the ball and win. But there has to be a commitment to the run game for Darnold to excel. It seems to me Bates simply decided the kid was ready for anything and threw the entire playbook at him early on. More running in games like the Dolphins and Browns could have turned those L's into W's.
  12. ...isn't Sam Darnold. The Jets OC has put too much on the (very) young rookie's plate time and time again. When he threw his first pass for a horrendous interception, I was scratching my head as to why we didn't run, run, pass for a series or two, to get Darnold an opportunity to adjust to the speed of the pro game. Lean on the running backs. Punt a few times if necessary. Let the Oline gel. It seemed the most reasonable way to ensure the new kid could find his comfort zone. Over the last few weeks, the team went simply pass-happy and left the running game. The Oline spent its time backing up in pass pro and didn't get the opportunity to "hit'em in the mouth". The Denver game showed what running the ball does for a team. Chews clock, takes pressure off the QB (literally), keeps down and distance manageable, opens up play action and lets the Line play more aggressively, wearing down defenders and propping up a QB that has only to manage the game and take the opportunities as they come. Hopefully Bates learned from this. More running, please. That's my Op-ed for the week.
  13. sirlancemehlot

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    What the Browns did right was have Mayfield sit to start the season and come in off the bench when the incumbent faltered. No pressure on him, just come in and let it fly. Darnold was anointed the savior and walked into a season with the weight of NYC on his shoulders. Bad job managing the kid.
  14. Kearse and Anderson were very good with McCown at the helm last year. This year Q is the only guy getting targets. There's a reason for that, and it isn't that the WR core suddenly sucks.
  15. sirlancemehlot

    Is anyone still defending Macc?

    I hate the shoulda game, but damn, Mahomes went tenth overall in the year we drafted safeties back-to-back. Yuck.

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