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  1. sirlancemehlot


    Demario Davis is a beast. Doesn't play for the jets though. Snacks Harrison would be the best defensive lineman on this team with Henry anderson a close second. Doesn't play for the jets though. Alvin Kamara would be a huge get, and the best offensive weapon on this team, but we drafted ardarious Stewart instead. Too bad Kamara isn't a jet. I could go on. And on. Darren Lee had been out and our run defense has been pretty solid. Marcus Maye is made of glass. Leanard Williams hasn't been to the weight room apparently. Our guard was supposed to be a center but couldn't snap so Harrison has had to take over and do better, but not well. Shell is inconsistent. Kearse has mailed it in...hasn't blocked worth a damn on running plays. Charone peake is a career special teamer. Leggett hasn't panned out though Herndon looks ok. At the end of the day, drafts. FA aquisitions... Robby anderson and henry Anderson have done well. Jamal Adams is very good. Darnold worked out I think, despite the cost of a 1st and 3 2nd rounders. Which is ok because mac is clueless when it comes to second rounders (hackenburg..good lord). Then there's the post idzik spending spree which ended in disaster. Yeah I think Mac has to be gone. It's just an insane amount of missed with tons of money and top ten draft positions his entire career. We should be far more talented. Yet we have no wr1, no pass rusher, a crap oline, mediocre running game, overpaid corners underperforming and an inexcusable lack of talent. Our best players are Adams, Jordan Jenkins, Henry Anderson Brian winters, Robby anderson and, hopefully sam darnold. Bilal Powell gets an honorable mention. That's so far from a playoff roster its stomach churning. No. I'm done with mac.
  2. sirlancemehlot

    Brandon Shell

    Should mac be allowed to stay because he drafted a mediocre lineman? I fear our expectations have hit a new low.
  3. You have to pay him immediately. Drafting a player is risky, but you don't really pay them until their second contract.
  4. I've been watching and rooting and hoping for nearly. 40 years. What I've learned is that you take Each game As an individual moment, a singular memory to carry with you. Games ive watched with my father and brother as a kid. Games I now watch with my son...when my dad was dying in the hospital I sat there with him watching Brett Favre blow the playoffs losing to Seattle. I remember the Sack Exchange and. Jerome Barkum and Freeman McNeil and everyone since. You cherish victories. Not draft picks or coaching changes. Wins. Little bits of joy in an otherwise work-a-day life. We beat a team that kicked our ashes a few weeks ago. Enjoy that. If youre a Jets fan with the stipulation that you can only enjoy a superbowl victory, then this is probably not the organization you should be rooting for. It's okay to be happy for a day.
  5. Alright larz help me out. Willy Wonka? I'm blanking
  6. I like Sam better and was happy when we got him. The question becomes which second rounders we could have drafted that will never see Jets green jerseys. It's an unknown for the next year or two until these QBs develop and. The 2nd rounders that would have been available put something on tape.
  7. sirlancemehlot


    Lol. I told my son our run defense was going to be better today with Lee home smoking a doob.
  8. I dont think anyone is giving up on him. It's a value question. You can still think Darnold is going to be better, but is he three second round players better for a team with lots of holes? Not so ridiculous a question if you ask me, regardless of the fact that we generally whiff on 2nd rounders.
  9. I said earlier in the season the only way for this particular team, with a very young rookie QB, could win is to play boring offense. Run, run again and throw on third and short. Limits Qb's exposure to the rush, limits OL holding calls keeping the offense out of big holes, and maximizes time of possession. Boring, but necessary for this group. Bates gets way too cute with his ridiculous outside screens and pass at all costs mentality. When Darnold is seasoned, the line has gelled and the scheme has been tweaked and tested...go crazy. But know what you've got to work with in the meantime. Crowell (and Powell when he was healthy) have been underused and misused. Three yards and a cloud of dust is necessary sometimes. But it seems like Bates wants to show off his complicated brilliance to the tune of forcing a round peg in a square hole.
  10. That it is. Signed off the couch and the offensive line is all backups. They literally have lost two starting guards and a backup guard. I'm not in love with Sanchez, but this is just a hit-piece. Utter garbage.
  11. sirlancemehlot


    So play chickensh*t football at 3 and 7? Bowles suxks but this was the right call.
  12. sirlancemehlot


    No way belichick kicks on 4th and two. Not a chance.
  13. sirlancemehlot


    You should be able to trust your defense on 3rd and 12. Plus an incomplete pass makes it a difficult kick. It was the right choice. Gronkowski beat Claiborne. That's all.
  14. They HAVE to run. Interceptions, bad snaps, dropped balls and sacks are all that happens when we pass.
  15. sirlancemehlot

    We need to move Leo

    Hes playing like crap. He was absolutely erased today. But I think it's his position. An interior lineman needs to be squat and very thick in the lower body to handle double teams. William's is more a defensive end. Shift him to the perimeter and he'll be the player we all hoped for.

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