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  1. So, the slowest of the bunch is the best WR in the league while the speedsters are mediocre at best. Tell me why the 40 is so important again?
  2. Glad to get some good news of the real world, the kind that actually matters. You two seem to have a close, supportive relationship and I admire your resiliency. Behind you two all the way, max.
  3. Well, let's see. The Jets had an opportunity to sign Carr and basically solve their quarterback dilemma for the next 5 to 7 years. Carr is accomplished, talented and professional, and a free agent. The Jets instead chose to wait for Aaron Rodgers. Rogers is old. He's at best a two year rental that puts you back in the QB hunt by the end of 2024. He's a big cap hit and will cost draft capitol. That is, assuming he wants to play for the Jets. Or at all. We set Carr aside because we needed to let Rodgers take a bunch of drugs and go into a cave, hoping he'd come out and choose to play QB for us. Which, so far, he hasn't. We let Mike White walk while waiting for Old Man Rodgers to come out of the cave and sober up. While this may still work out, there's no Super Bowl guarantee, as Rodgers didn't even make the playoffs last year. This is reminiscent of when the Jets did the exact same thing with Brett Favre, certain to win a super bowl, but missing the playoffs by losing to a Chad Pennington led Dolphins team. So we now have a QB problem, which, if solved, is only solved for a season or two. If solved it will cost us draft picks. If solved there is no playoff guarantee, let alone a SB guarantee as the 40 year old Rodgers has won a SB a grand total of Once in his entire career. If Rodgers won't p[lay for the Jets, this goes down as another Woody Johnson, lightening-in-a-bottle hail mary attempt to get a ring without actually building a perennial winning franchise. In other words: Brett Favre II.
  4. I got my head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy But nothing is
  5. No way Rogers retires the same year as Tom Brady. They'd go into the same HOF class and Brady would overshadow Rogers in every way. Rogers don't like playing second fiddle to anyone.
  6. No! I win! Say it, David Harris! SAY IIIITTTT!
  7. You're telling me a 1.5" difference in the arm length of a 6'4" 315 LB human being makes enough of a difference to change his position. That's just not true. Follow all the pundits and talking heads you want, the position requires fluid movement and redirect, arm length has nothing to do with it whatsoever. This analysis by PFF proves it beyond a doubt: https://www.pff.com/news/does-arm-length-affect-ot-play
  8. I played and coached OL, it doesn't mean a squirt of pee. The idea is to get your hands inside, lock on and pull chest to chest. It matters more for a defender trying to separate than it does for OL. Other coaches agree: SOUTH BEND — Don’t get Harry Hiestand started on arm length. While some might wonder how that factored into the pre-camp juggling of Notre Dame’s offensive line, the veteran line-play guru considers the whole topic somewhat pointless. “That’s something that people like to talk about,” Hiestand said. “Just watch the guy play. Either he can block or he can’t block. Get your hands inside. If you have long arms and your hands are always outside …” He shook his head. Arm length, he said, is “not a big issue.” For proof, he cited Dallas Cowboys perennial All-Pro Zack Martin, one of Hiestand’s top proteges during his prior run in South Bend from 2012-17. “A guy named Zack Martin, a future Hall of Fame player, that’s all everybody talked about was how short his arms were,” Hiestand said. “I thought it was a joke.” The following All-Pro Tackles had arms under 35 inches: T Laremy Tunsil 34.3 T Duane Brown 34.3 T Trent Williams 34.3 T David Bakhtiari 34.1 T Terron Armstead 34.0 T Marcus Cannon 34.0 T Garett Bolles 34.0 T Taylor Lewan 33.9 T Ryan Ramczyk 33.8 T Joe Thomas 33.8 T Mitchell Schwartz 33.5 T Joe Staley 33.5 T Donald Penn 33.0 Also AVT played tackle with 32" arms and played well. https://zonecoverage.com/2021/minnesota-vikings-news/forget-arm-length-alijah-vera-tucker-is-a-tackle/
  9. The "short arms" thing is so overhyped when it comes to tackle. Its the feet that matter, positioning and kick-slide, balance and redirect. Once contact is made, it doesn't make a drop of difference if your arms are an inch longer or shorter. Its a nonsense metric.
  10. Most beloved: Joe Klecko (because I've met him a few times and he's always been a class act and never a diva) Bruce Harper (again met him and his family, he's a riot, very funny, photobombed me and Klecko and his daughter is a sweetheart) Joe Namath (because he essentially catapulted the NFL into super-fame single-handedly, and won a SB) Nick Mangold (Super nice guy, tons of personality, doesn't take himself too seriously) Honorable mentions: Chrebet (played against him in HS) Wesley Walker (genuinely good person, amazing WR blind in one eye and still rarely dropped a ball) Curtis Martin (monster work ethic, humble, came from a horrible background and played his way into the record books) Al Toon (Tooooooooon! was the mantra of the 80's Jets) Mark Gastineau (Yeah, that's right. He had his demons, but he was electrifying on the field, and recently has shown he's a good man with an appreciation for the Jets and their fans--he struggled to sign a Jersey for my daughter, but took his time and worked it out, not skimping on the signature--it was difficult, but he showed me something of his humanity and decency.) D'Brick (Ironman career Jet at Left Tackle. You couldn't ask for more from a player) Mart Lyons Jericho Cotchery Bilal Powell Mickey Schuler
  11. You saw Brady look pedestrian when under heavy pressure, little run game to open up routes and receivers dropping balls. And that's Brady. Jets qbs suffered the same fate all season. White was beaten to a pul and nearly broken in half. So do we blame the QBs? Yea. A bit. But the problem was systemic. Starting with the absolute marriage to the zone running scheme. A mix of power run blocking, maybe 40% or so, will open holes at both the first and second levels. Our interior OL is athletic enough to pull combo block and work upfield. But they aren't used that way. It's just step grab and push. Pass blocking needs a solid back or better, a fullback for blitz pickup in max protect. Sounds old school but I've watched the playoff games and I saw power blocking schemes be successful to a degree that I believe the pendulum is swinging back in that direction. If Zach gets another shot, he should be under center at least a dozen times a fame, and should have designed runs called for him. He'll need to learn to climb the pocket more than he rolls out of it, too . The longer he's upright and looking downfield, the more opportunities he has to find the short windows and throw with timing. We to draft another solid tackle. And though it might sound unorthodox, I belive AVT swaps with Becton. The measurable go against it, but a monstrous guard who can be a plow in the interior could make our running game top 5 with the backs we have. Breece, Bam and Carter as a third down back could only benefit. Id like to pick up D Hopkins and pair him with g Wilson and see if Zack can improve with a better OC. defensively Bryce Huff needs to be on the field for 50% of the snaps minimum. Jermaine Johnson needs at least 30%
  12. My biggest takeaway from this video is that Bryce Huff needs to get more playing time.
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