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    the Jets killed my dog once. And one of my sisters.
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  1. McClendon is an anchor for that defense. Solid production, excellent work ethic and qualities of leadership and support. You start McClendon because he deserves it, he earned it, and the other players follow and respect him.
  2. Why are they still trying to make the word "tilt" a thing? Its a game. Game. Four letters, just as easy to say. There is no reason to pretend "tilt" is a cool alternative. It was kicked around like five years ago and didn't stick because it was completely stupid. I'm going to my town council like the "boneless wings" guy and put an end to this nonsense.
  3. Good news for the Jets rarely turns out to be as good as we had hoped.
  4. That would be assuming he has any heart to speak of.
  5. The blue and white uniforms didn't seem odd though> Just the numbers?
  6. Haven't heard a thing about Cager. Like nothing. He hurt? Or just not doing much.
  7. What is Macagnan-esque is taking all of your cap resources and throwing it away on short term mercenaries and one year rentals. That's how Mac started his tenure as Jets GM. He signed Revis, Buster Skrine, James Carpenter, Antonio Cromartie, Marcus Gilchrist, Erin Henderson, Stephen Ridley, Matt Flynn and a dozen or more others the minute he walked in the door, effectively doomin the roster for years to come and pissing away his cap space like it was his job. Nothing about Joe D. MacCagnan-esque.
  8. Manziers. And its actually pretty freaking brilliant. They have to wear shirts in 95 degrees. Enter the sports bra. Damn those could have been my millions.
  9. In five months, 3 times as many Americans have died from Covid 19 (153,000 and counting) than died in all of the Vietnam war. The only way to protect the vulnerable is to eradicate the disease. The only way to eradicate the disease is to starve it of hosts, or vaccinate. And right now there's no vaccine.
  10. Bosa is worth it. There aren't too many of those around that are worth that kind of coin though. You have to be a game changer to get QB money.

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