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  1. He's got the tools but he's still got to develop. My biggest concern is that he rarely gets wide-open. He's generally fighting for contested balls--and that will be tougher in the NFL unless he learns to be more sudden in his breaks and more polished in his routes.
  2. I think they should reopen and just make all the players stay six-feet apart.
  3. Lol. The video shows a Center and tackle pulling out into space and executing perfect downfield blocks. The funny part? The Center is former Pro Bowler Travis Frederick who was drafted the same year as Warford (2013) and ran the exact same forty time (5.58) https://www.pro-football-reference.com/draft/2013-combine.htm. So much for 40 time in grading offensive lineman.
  4. Instant upgrade to a perennial pro bowler who hasn't turned thirty and is reasonably priced? Why isn't this done already? I actually really like Winters' toughness and willingness to play through pain. He's got some "dawg" in him. But his shoulders are like rusted hinges ready to pop at any minute. Not his fault. But keeping him over Warford would simply be bad business.
  5. The kind of kid you really root for. Played quite a bit of corner as it turns out, too, more than I thought.
  6. 29 isn't old for a guard. You could sign him for 4 years and still be getting him at his peak
  7. Revis ran sub 4.4 at the combine. I don't remember anyone questioning his speed. Still, hall was a great pick and a no brainer so late in the draft.
  8. This move was about Gase's old pal getting one more season to add to his career stats #compiler
  9. 3. Nobody else is stupid enough to give a contract to a 37 year old running back.
  10. This is the most relevant question, I think. Opinions here (and elsewhere) are based on grossly incomplete data so they really hold no weight, not even my own. The most productive way of attacking this is to have a plan, regardless of which side your opinions fall on. Politics have muddied the waters and that's unfortunate...science does not rely on politics to come to conclusions, but people seem to parrot the conclusions that most fit their agenda...so, outside of all the rhetoric...what's the plan? Social distancing is the plan and will have to be the plan going forward. As CTM states, however, this is going to be more difficult;t to maintain as time goes on. Many of us will comply, however, limiting the spread to some degree. So distancing compliance on the greatest level we can maintain will be a goal. We also (in the NY/NJ area anyway) have become acutely aware of washing hands, covering breath, wearing gloves and using sanitizer while taking care to avoid touching our mouths/eyes/nose. This newfound education and the resulting habits should go further to minimize infections. At-risk individuals will need to remain sequestered until a vaccine is available. Large venues that pack lots of people into enclosed spaces (stadiums, theaters, temples, churches) will remain shuttered until a vaccine is approved. People will have to use common sense (the scariest part I think). And at the first sign of a second wave...back to total shutdown. I think that's the most sensible plan, and it'll sting for sure, but the alternative will leave millions dead and I can't see that as "acceptable" losses.

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