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  1. Yeah I don't get all the posters slamming Robbie and supporting the Jets organization. Every player who gets out has a story of turmoil and misery. Ladanian Tomlinson, Robbie, Jamal, Bell, Avery Williamson...a ton of others, they were all happier when they left the building for good. Some teams still have a semblance or pride and fan appreciation, a culture attached to region in which the team plays and practices. Green Bay, Pittsburg, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago...but the Jets? Business. Business model, business structure, completely corporate mentality. Priced out the fans, didn't care. Hire and fire on a regular two-to-three year cycle. Cheap out on the ugly stadium, share the bill and still charge exorbitant PSL's. Fail, fire, rinse repeat. I can't blame the players for running for the hills. Hopefully Saleh and company change things up here. But I fear its a culture built from the top, and only when the Johnson's change their philosophies or sell the team will the jets be a real franchise.
  2. Pat Freiermuth. He's Gronkalicious.
  3. Trade down one spot with the dolphins and take Fields or Sewell, whoever they leave behind. Get their late first in return. Profit.
  4. I saw that as well. Pats fan about two spirals down was flipping the bird to everyone at the top. People were throwing coins and beer at him, then a dude runs back and forth trying to position himself just right, jams four fingers down his throat and bam, pukes a stream that half lands on the Patsy. So gross. I mean really really disgusting. Did I cheer? Yes. Yes I did. As you said, it was a wild place to go see a game.
  5. Becton can be special certainly. Bit the most important ability is availability. Brick was a specimen. Knotted muscle from head to toe. And that kept him healthy. The argument isn't about which is the better player, its about Mekhi missing time so soon in his career. Is he a 12 year foundation player, or is he Kris Jenkins who was dominant, but unable to stay on the field.
  6. And by comparison D'Brick never missed a snap in 10 years. The kid is too heavy. Too much pressure on his joints. I love his play and I think he can get his weight down, but I liked Wirfs over him for the simple fact that Wirfs worked his ass off for years to break the Iowa school hang clean record (450 lbs), whereas Becton stated he wanted to play at 350, but came into the combine 16 pounds heavier than that. Looking at him today, his belly was hanging below his waist. He's gotta be every bit of 380. And this is his rookie year. That's reason for concern in my book.
  7. He's given up two sacks right up the middle and was even holding on the last one. A qb can step up from an outside rush but there's nothing he can do with a DT in his lap.
  8. If you can draft a 12 year stud at RT to play bookend to your stud LT then why wouldn't you? Think of the high 1st rounders that we took that are not contributing to this current team. Draft the stud tackle, grab Scherff on FA. then use your picks on weapons and corners. That's a huge leap forward in one off season. If Lawrence is gone, invest in Sam and lets see what a new coach can do for him. He was a top first rounder once too, if you remember.
  9. Man I thought Ruggs was a 2nd round value, he wasn't even the best WR on his team and his production wasn't half of that of Jeudy, Higgins, Lamb and a half dozen others. If we picked Ruggs I would have insta-puked on my own shirt.
  10. If Pitts isn't there for the jets late 1st round pick, I think Pat Freiermuth from Penn State will be, and I like him better anyway.
  11. I think he's got shell shock. Our line has been very bad the last two years. Even with a slight improvement, there are still moments of absolute jailbreak rushes. He' been pretty beaten up by free rushers to boot. Watching the Steelers tonight I was reminded of what a professional offensive line is supposed to look like and the Jets simply don't have one.

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