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  1. You said we need a linebacker more than ol. It's in your above post. I just disagree. You have a right to your opinion sir.
  2. We need to replace our tiny linebacker that we just upgraded with a top ten player at the position...instead of bolstering the weak oline and protecting the first franchise qb we've had since Pennington. Ok
  3. You're ignoring the obvious and reaching at arguments of comparison to other team logos to prove the jets logo looks good. The ones you posted do not plop a clip art puck, bball, or hoop onto a text team name. The only one close is the crappy baseball with the streaks of red to indicate its moving. And it's very outdated. The old helmet logo incorporated the helmet into the overall design and that is the difference you refuse to acknowledge. But that's ok. To each his own. I wear a jersey at games and dont mind the new ones. When I start wearing a helmet I'll just go throwback.
  4. The football was stylized and integrated into the logo that comprised the jets logo. The mini football on this helmet adds absolutely nothing. If they show horned it in there because of the old logo...then what's the point?
  5. Wait. Why is there a football on the football helmet? Is it so we know the team is a football team? Or is it to make sure we're not accidentally rooting for the Winnipeg Jets? Why is the football there? Why not an NY or like, an actual Jetplane? Or nothing. Nothing at all. Seems very unimaginative.
  6. sirlancemehlot

    Available Free Agents as of 3/19/19 per sportrac

    I'd kick the tires on Skura from the Ravens. He's 26 and started at Center most of last season. Decent depth signing anyway.
  7. sirlancemehlot

    AAF players you would like to see at Jets camp

    L'Damien Washington Kid has a tough backstory. Lost both parents and has to provide for his three younger brothers.
  8. sirlancemehlot

    AAF players you would like to see at Jets camp

    Kenneth Farrow RB San Antonio Comanders L'Damien Washington WR Birmingham Iron (6'4" and fast)
  9. sirlancemehlot

    Another Macc bust ends up in the minor leagues

    So you ARE arguing that a 3rd rounder is a late-round pick? When there are literally 7 rounds.
  10. sirlancemehlot

    Bell Reality Check

    The only caveat with Bell is that he may never get out of the backfield. Steelers had a better line and downfield passing threat. Jets have a substandard line and Robby Anderson. So yeah, you got the Porsche, now let's see if yhrres any open road for him.
  11. sirlancemehlot

    Jets spending heavily on OLine in 2019?

    25 million for 4 starting lineman. Is that considered unreasonable?
  12. sirlancemehlot

    Who is Plan B at center?

    Conner McGovern, Jesse burkett, Ross piershbacher, there are several centers in rounds 3 to 5 that can play.
  13. sirlancemehlot

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    A first a third and a top level defender to alleviate a huge headache? I file this under a win for both teams. That cap hit is a kick in the nuts though.
  14. sirlancemehlot

    Anyone Talk About Daryl Williams?

    Before injury je was a stud. Dont understand why hes considered a JAG all of a sudden. He was 2nd team All Pro in 2017.

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