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    the Jets killed my dog once. And one of my sisters.
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  1. No. first loss of the season. Thanks for asking.
  2. My Daughter's in this video in several clips. They did a great job with the girls and really took their time teaching and hyping them up for their big game the next day against their undefeated rival. My daughter was the only one that had a Zack Wilson Jersey with her. Because that's how we roll in my family.
  3. Ok so underthrown wobbly deep ball that would be picked in a game ... thanks for sharing. I just want to make you aware of the Slim possibility, however remote (because we all know its not in his nature) that Tom was being sarcastic. That is all.
  4. Because they're trying to apply metrics to something that has no standard metric. The draft is and was and always will be far too full of variables to be judged by the likes of PFF. Here you have a draft with 3 arguable top ten talents, as many as four day 1 starters out of seven total picks. But PFF decides to assign points to this, subtract them for that...push generalizations that don't apply to the top talent like: "trading up for a RB is bad", without taking into consideration the team need for a RB and the fact that the one they traded up for was the consensus best available back in all of college football. Metrics is for baseball. Basketball is doable but its a true team sport. Football, a few positions can be measured through metrics, but not every one. A draft? C'mon, man.
  5. Well I know we all hated the pick. Most experts and non 3xperts alike were scratching their heads over it at the time. So it's likely he was drafted higher than his value. Also he sucked out loud.
  6. QB-needy team takes chance on big-armed QB in round 4. When they could have picked him two rounds later. Outrage ensues. FTFY
  7. My hot take? Hall moves the needle more than our first three picks combined.
  8. Bailey Zappe. Sounds like a super hero. Flash Girdon played for the Jets and according to the theme song, He saved every one of us.
  9. Draft perrion Winfrey. Just do. Otherwise falala lale will do
  10. Wayne Newton died five years ago. Vegas just Weekend-at-Bernie's that dude to keep the 80+ crowd horny.
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