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  1. I think if he ran Bell in the second half we win by double digits.
  2. The definition of insanity is thinking you can trot out the "definition of insanity" cliche and still hold readers' attention. That hack line has been dead for half a decade. Yet he repeats it looking for a new result. The irony is as thick as it is unimaginative.
  3. I actually think the defense is playing far better than average. When you consider the horrible play of the offense, 3 andoutside, bad field position, sacks and turnovers and the d constantly on the field, they're far better than the numbers would indicate. If the jets had an even average offense, this d would be a top ten unit. There is just zero complimentary football here.,
  4. Yeah but we had a hole at safety. And that hole was so ginormous it took two safeties to fill it.
  5. The 9ers excellent oline play makes me want to slam my dick in a car door
  6. I feel like his name is Darrell but is being pronounced by the minister from the Princess Bride. .
  7. Two weeks to prepare the kid who has had one nfl start and he holds a clipboard the whole time. If anyone needed reps and practice its Luke Falk. As bad as he is throwing him to the wolves with no practice is indefensible. A bad qb with no command of the offense and no chemistry with his line or receivers gets you exactly what happened today. Theres nothing ridiculous about that.
  8. The defense is playing lights-out considering they live on the field. They've scored and turned the ball over. They've done their job. As for the rest it's all an absolute question mark. Coach? Dunno, theres no oline so theres no time for a play to develop. QB? Dunno. Theres no oline so we have no way to judge. Weapons? Pretty sure we're solid there. But we dont know because we have no oline and nobody can finish a route or get a crack to run through. So basically. The one unit we've perennially ignored since the Mangini era has been our downfall. Who would have seen that coming.
  9. The team you root for is currently better than the team we root for. You win. Congratulations.
  10. Falk has no arm. But Gase also had Darnold taking all the snaps this week, giving Falk a walk through on Friday. That's ridiculous.
  11. Watching the oline play in this game highlights how bad our front five really is. Scherff is an animal.
  12. Yeah I never really understood it either, and never used it. Seems like it encourages everyone to have the same opinion and join the hive mind. Anyone who has a unique or differing opinion is basically bullied into submission by the torches and pitchforks known as neg rep. But I'm old too, so what do I know.
  13. With all of the crap players, sub par play, and coaching failures, were going to pick on the guy who plays his ass off and actually wants to win? Why is he a villain exactly? Oh that's right. Hes not Mahomes. Totally his fault.

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