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  1. Namaths leadership and toughness Penningtons accuracy Testaverdes arm strength Ken Obriens deep ball skill Richard Todd's pain threshold Mark Sanchezs athleticism Boomer Esiasons tenacity
  2. I'm ad you mentioned the mini players Carter and Moore. Carter is talented but can't break a tackle. He got stopped by a hand on his shoulder pad today. Moore is a 3rd down slot/gadget guy, not a wideout. I honestly think Josh Adams would have made the best feature back for a zone blocking team that creates creases, not open holes. Moore is supposed to be Crowder plus deep ball skills. He's not as good as Crowder. Anyway thats my hot take. And yeah I still hate we rook Becton over Wirfs.
  3. Everyone blaming the OC, the WR 's. The placalling....be honest. It isn't any of those things. Wilson is inaccurate and indecisive and hasn't thrown a decent ball all game.
  4. I'd flip it since the poll is about the biist bargain. You got a solid edge rusher for the low, low price if...absolutely nothing. That's a bargain
  5. Actually that would be the head or Pro Player Personnel. Some nice pieces have been brought in from other teams by that division: Justin Hardee Quincy Williams Braxton Berrios Adrian Colbert Keelan Cole Tevin Coleman Corey Davis Franklin-Meyers Tyler Kroft Morgan Moses Sheldon Rankins Jarrod Wilson To name a few.
  6. I don't se anyone open in any of the frames. What you're seeing is still photos where everyone is frozen. Remember these bodies are moving and bunched so tightly single coverage becomes triple coverage in a hurry. Maybe a vet QB that's been in the system and has built chemistry with a given receiver might let that ball go, but we don't have a Devante Adams on this roster. I also think this tight formation stuff means tighter OL splits...meaning its far more suited to a power/man blocking scheme on run plays. By bunching, you suck all the LB's in and pull up the safeties, then have to try
  7. Just saw this. What a gut punch. Savage is one of the original OG Jets board posters here and at the "other" place back in the day. If there's a Ring of Honor for posters, Savage deserves a banner. RIP, man.
  8. There are rookies starting for their teams right now. Rookies with no offseason whatsoever. If he was that raw then he shouldn't have been drafted in the 2nd round.
  9. Better without Becton. Addition by subtraction. How did we not grab the guy with the drive and work ethic to break Iowa's hang-clean record? https://thespun.com/big-ten/iowa-hawkeyes/tristan-wirfs-hang-clean-record-iowa Not to mention this:
  10. I don't think it had anything to do with play calling, honestly. It was time. there wasn't any. Just like last year and the year before, the offense was limited due to terrible OL play. Even Tiki Barber couldn't stop talking about it. No holes for the run game, no time to get WR's into their routes. Eventual stacked box and free outside blitzes as TE's and RB's had no clue who to block (or how). We keep trotting out the same crap OL and expecting different results. Change head coach, still no offense. Chance Offensive Coordinator, still no offense. Change QB, no offense. Draft Carte
  11. Disagree. You adapt the scheme to fit the players, not the other way around. Problem is, we have a mixed bag at OL. McGovern and Van Roten are better suited to a zone scheme as they aren't road-grader type blockers. Becton, AVT and Moses are suited to the more classic, step-punch-drive type scheme. Fant can do either but he's a big-body as well, at 6'6" 325lbs. This group is not the old Denver Broncos "Quick and Shifty" OL. It's big and strong and built to move bodies, not dance with them. The sooner they get a big anchor at center and shift to a man blocking scheme, the sooner they'll
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