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  1. We were still in the game in the fourth quarter without scoring a single touchdown. That tells me the defense did it's job despite the offense being putrid.
  2. I'm pretty sure the offense was the problem today. Couldn't stay on the field. Couldn't get into the endzone. Couldn't throw downfield. Turned the ball over. The defense was fine. The Bengals have plenty of playmakers. We beat them in a shootout last year. This game was an offensive dud.
  3. Agreed on Mahomes ability to move the pocket. But he didn't have to. He was playing pitch and catch all night and barely broke outside the hashes. I do put the blame on the line but also the coaches. They never had time to gel once Becton went down--flopping Fant back and forth, signing a vet who never made it to the first game, having to start a true rookie who should be on the practice squad. It sucks but it isn't a lost cause. Just a bad first game IMO.
  4. Watching mahomes stand in the pocket for a half hour without getting touched is killing me. Poor creaky old Flacco got the crap beat out of him.
  5. Hah you still have your own liver? Lightweight. I been here a long, long time. And JI before that. I've had to change my name to get on the transplant list four times now.
  6. He's 6'3" and rocked up. I've stood next to him and he's by far the most imposing TE on this roster. There's nothing short or light about him. He'll be TE 1.
  7. I must be watching a different Bryce Huff. That guy was in the backfield and disrupting plays all over the field in the giants game and has had some exceptional hustle plays throughout the preseason. Anae has flashed, but I don't see him as having outplayed Huff by any stretch.
  8. If I've learned anything from these cases its this: wait for the details. If this is a civil case, it means probable cause for arrest was not found in a criminal investigation. Beyond that, wait and see.
  9. If 1. Tristan Wirfs Nobody complains. That was a massive L
  10. I know its a small sample size at this point, but Cager has outperformed Uzomah thus far as well. Let's see if the Jets have the balls to pull the trigger on Lawrence and make him a part of the 53.
  11. He made FOUR Pro Bowls. (At three different positions) 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985 He was First Team All-Pro TWICE. 1981, 1985 He was Second Team All-Pro 1983 He was 1981 Defensive Player of the Year He led the league in sacks in 1981. His sack numbers are not reflected because they didn't start keeping OFFICIAL stats for sacks until 1982. He literally had 20-1/2 sacks in a single season. Stats? As a nose guard He led the Jets with 96 tackles and five forced fumbles, and tied for second with 7.5 sacks. Guys advocating for him to be in the Hall? Anthony Munoz (Said Joe was Top three he ever faced), Dwight Stephenson (Said he was top two he ever faced), Joe DeLamielleure added that "You can't think of his ten year period without him. I had to block Joe Greene and Merlin Olsen when I was playing and, believe me, Joe Klecko was equal to those two guys. According to HOF John Hannah: “The two guys, in my mind, that were the best all around that I ever played in front of were Howie Long and Joe Klecko,”
  12. So I've been to the Green and White (on the field, I have a family member pretty high up in the front office) and I've been to camp (again, with family access). Being up close and near the coaches and staff, I've had a chance to see what the players are doing and how hard they're working, or not working, and how they're being evaluated. After watching things up close, and reviewing the preseason game against the Eagles, there are a handful of players that have stood out beyond the players who are "locks". #3. Lawrence Cager. He's bulked up and moved to TE. Tough spot this year with Conklin, Uzomah, Ruckert, Wesco. But outside of conklin, he's been the smoothest route-runner and has had sticky hands. Could be a red zone target like we haven't seen in a long time, and can also move the chains as we saw in the Eagles game. Really pulling for him. #2. Zonovan Knight. This kid could be an NFL starter. He's 5'11, 215lbs and has the best leg-drive of any of our backs when it comes to short-yardage. he can also wiggle and has good vision as we saw with his big return on specials. He's a workhorse-type that never falls backwards. A steal as a UDFA. Could make the likes of Ty Johnson and Tevin Coleman unnecessary. A backfield of Breece, Carter and Knight could be an embarrassment of riches for this squad. Perine may be odd man out as well. #1. Tanzel Smart. His practices have been impressive. Huge thighs and great with his handfighting. His motor is relentless and he moves laterally to the ball carrier exceptionally well. The bonus? He can pass-rush from the interior. Two sacks against the Eagles and multiple tackles, as well as a sack on the day I saw him at camp. Not to mention he's in excellent shape and saw more snaps than any other DL against the Eagles playing in all four quarters and never slowing down. Refuses to tap himself out of the rotation. A absolute gem without fanfare. Any others you've seen shine that you can add to the list? Edit, word
  13. Two second clip: "His knee's destroyed!!" and he walked off without so much as a limp. "He could still be crippled for life! No information on any tests: "Dr. Chao says he's done for the season!" Damn, people. Breathe. We don't a thing yet. Could be a sprain or meniscus tear or something minor.
  14. Mangini had the nads to screw with Bill Bellicheck, and by extension, Bob Kraft. Only the Browns would take on such a pariah. As they did with BB who also failed miserably there.
  15. I think that's exactly what happened. Brown was old, unsigned and had little buzz, though he played well recently. I think this went from a one-year backup deal to a two-year 22mil deal right after Becton went down. MB. The gift that keeps on giving.
  16. One small gripe: "With that several NFL teams are already circling one Jets drive like a vulture about to strike its prey" Vultures are carrion birds. They eat rotten dead things.
  17. They were already in negotiations before Becton went down. When Becton broke, Brown had all the leverage. He could name his price at that point. And it looks like he did.
  18. I saw him at camp, basically stood next to him. I wouldn't count that dude out in a fair fight.
  19. Spin move is a winner 90% of the time in one-on-ones. When I coached I wouldn't allow it because it gets stifled easily with a little inside help, but is impossible to defend in space when the DE has a two-way go and the tackle is just reacting.
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