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  2. GIF of the beaters chasing Tony Sporano would perfect right now. Too funny.
  3. Woody wants to be a blue collar Average Joe so bad. Only reason Rex is still around. Billionaire owner's version of slumming.
  4. Nothing matters till the Jets find a Top 5 QB. Nothing.
  5. Woody's 100% clueless. A Jets fan coaching the JETS is the LAST thing I would ever want.
  6. Only this franchise would waste another year w/this pea-brained Mongo at the helm. HIS REALITY IS FANTASY.
  8. http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-08-07/news/33087210_1_jets-owner-woody-johnson-tim-tebow WRONG. FANS WANT SUPER BOWL TROPHIES, POWDER KING. In Woody Johnson's mind, TV cameras are more valuable than wins. Sad, really.
  9. Won't be easy. Guy was pretty much flawless. It will be tougher when the circus sees him throw duck after duck in practice.
  10. Payton approaches Parcells about Saints job? Excellent news for Jets and Tebow. Spotlight headed south.
  11. Tebow hasn't brought up religion on his own once. He's only done so when questioned. Remember that.
  12. Tim Tebow has'em eating out of his Godly hand. Remember that time Mark Sanchez read a statement off a piece of looseleaf?
  13. Worthless meeting. What does Woody know about offense -- let alone football? Just sign the checks and get out of the way, Lord of Powder.
  14. The outrage is pretty hilarious. Is this really shocking behavior from Santonio? We know what we signed up for. You get some of yesterday, but you also get some of this, too:
  15. Watch this clip from yesterday's Saints game. It is Brees' 47-yd TD pass to Lance Moore. http://www.nfl.com/v...e-47-yd-pass-TD This is EXACTLY what Sanchez cannot do consistently. His inability to feel the rush and step up in the pocket — while keeping his eyes downfield — is a problem. He won't be a franchise QB till he can do this on a consistent basis. All the very good to elite QBs move around in the pocket like this in their sleep. Sad thing is Sanchez looks like he's actually regressed in this area.
  16. Rex isn't the problem — Tannembaum is. The Accountant hasn't had an impact draft since 2007. Entering 2011-12, he decided to cut Woody and rely on Wayne Hunter, who is one of the worst starting offensive linemen in the league. It is an absolute miracle that Sanchez's right arm isn't in a sling right now. Secondly, we have absolutely zero speed on the field — outside of Holmes. Why not try and sign Sproles during the offseason? Again — outside of Holmes — we have zero HR hitters on offense. Shonn Greene, who is sporting quite the gut these days, lost whatever breakaway burst he had in 2009. Lastly, how about the refusal to address the safety position? We all agreed letting Kerry Rhodes go was for the best, however, we never found a replacement. Say what you want about Rhodes, but the guy could actually cover a TE. You know who else could at least stay within a few feet of a TE? Dwight Lowery. The lack of an athletic safety will hold this team back. We will never make it over the hump without one. The tight end position has become too explosive in today's NFL.
  17. This just shows how ridiculously untalented Vlad is. The fact his name isn't even being brought up as a potential replacement is such an obvious indictment. Maybe Mr. T will now cease drafting "projects" out of I-AA football.
  18. As sad as it is to say, I think Sanchez suffering a season-ending injury (hopefully not arm-related) would actually help the Jets out long term. The kid could really use some time to sit and observe, however, there's no chance in hell Rex benches him. But it's painfully obvious that Mark's gun-shy in the pocket and just not reading the game very well right now. I think some time away could be the best thing for his future success.
  19. How many times have our players collided while running routes? I saw Santonio crash into either Keller or Burress last night and seem to recall it happening earlier in the season, too. How has the media not endlessly grilled Rex/Schotty about this? It's god damn embarrassing to happen once. But I've seen it happen AT LEAST twice! LAUGHABLE!
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