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  1. Also of note: Josh Freeman hasn't beat a team with a winning record ALL YEAR. NOT ONCE.
  2. And you don't think this has anything to do with FOUR games against NFC Worst opponents? Come on, get out of here with this Josh Freeman bullsh*t.
  3. Let's all blow Tampa's QB after the NYJ'S quarterback went toe-to-toe with NFCN champion in a shootout. Newsflash: If Rex's defense played half as good as last week against Pittsburgh, we win yesterday. Then what-say about Josh Freeman? Nothing. ******* NOTHING. Not to mention, Sanchez has proved he can play through pain in dog sh*t weather. Call me when Josh Freeman faces some god damn adversity and fights through it. ******* Josh Freeeman. Unreal.
  4. You honestly think the NFCS is the toughest division in football? You really believe that? Because Josh Freeman would have NO CLUE how to handle a big media market. That's why.
  5. Because he threw 5 TDs against the Seahawks? **** Josh Freeman fanbois. He'd NEVER survive in the NY media market. GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER FOR JETS FANS.
  6. He should have hit Santonio on a potential TD pass in the corner of the end zone. Overthrew him.
  7. Did you actually watch those games? It easily could have been 6-5. Who the **** cares how it looks?
  8. Who cares how you get in? The Jets won 10 games, including last week's in Pittsburgh. QB looks good — that's the most important thing. I have faith in Rex to turn it around in terms of the defense.
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