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  1. Because it is taboo. And America is a buttoned-up nation at heart. It's just the way it is. There is going to be a lot of heat around this story. Sports + sex = goldmine for media and unlimited platforms for holier-than-thous. It won't go away. Trust me.
  2. Yeah, this is a huge problem. Dare I say Tiger Woods-esque? There have to be more perverted things coming down the pipe. (even perver than that sentence) Get ready for puritanical America to rear its ugly head. As Jets fans, we obviously don't care about this. We want Sexy Rexy to win football games. But this kind of story is going to bring out the grimy underbelly of the media, which will keep on digging in an effort to expose every last dirty detail of Rex's sexual escapades. This ******* sucks.
  3. Gary Myers' face looks like a sloppy pussy. His writing reflects this.
  4. The league has picked up on Rex's blitzes. It is up to the Fat Man to adjust.
  5. Laughable. On the Steelers' first scoring drive, the NFL changed the rules. Suddenly, it was only 9 yards for a first down. Did the Steelers have to confront that at any point during the game?
  6. Drew Coleman. 2 sacks for a combined -25 yards. Team-high 8 tackles.
  7. Drew Coleman is our best pass rusher, FOLKS! DREW ******* COLEMAN!
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