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  1. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. Players like to play in Florida, it's great weather, and the team is always somehow competetive.
  2. Steinbrenner would've cut his balls off if he didn't do something. Steinbrenner admited he didn't think Giambi did enough in the way of apologizing, seeing he never mentioned STEROIDS. He danced around the topic, like a scared baby, NO COURAGE. He should've been like, yea I shot juice right "here" and pointed to his ass, and then say "also here" pointing to his shoulder, and then pointing to a picture of Mark Mcguires ass "and also here." Then maybe it would've been respectable, MAYBE.
  3. Yea what's his deal, he looks like he is puffing blunts in the clubhouse before the game. Have the Red Sox switched from Jack to Grass?
  4. You're correct I just think steroids are an evil that will hamper the sport of baseball right down to the High School level for MANY years to come. It's real crooked system that MLB has working and they have to beeven MORE stringent with their testing policy. Something like 38 minor leagueres from the cactus league tested positive, if the BONDS, Giambi, Canseco, Mcguire, ect. ec.t sagas don't deter them from using the needle then what will? Certainly not a 10, 20 or 60 day suspension. In my perfect league their would be a sign in the locker room right next NO GAMBLING= LIFE LONG BAN tha
  5. Man, Giambi was the most willing canidate to get beaned by a ball yesterday since Roger Dorn in Major Leauge II. Really, that was nuts he didn't attempt to move out of the way of either, I guess if I was in his shoes I'd do the same thing. I could feel Wells' pain though. How long do you we give Giambi, after his K's today and 4 men left on base? I for one have no sympathy for the cheater and would've not stood for that cheesey ovation at the stadium. He's not f'ing Don mattingly, Paul O'neil, Derek Jeter ect. I mean come on he got an epic applause, whatever as long as his egg shell ps
  6. Matsui has performed well past my expectations. His swing is so fundamental, he has that classic Matsui look in his like a great sensi. Now he's spraying the ball opposite field and not relying on the pull everytime and has adjusted fully into Major Leauge Baseball, he will be a real tough out for opposing pitchers this year.
  7. She's hot there and I'd bang her in a heartbeat, but WOW...airbrush and computer graphics are a wonderful thing for celebrities.
  8. I admit, he is a good player, reminds me a lot of Elton Brand...wonder if he will develop on the next level or turn into Sweetney (that's not bad but not dominant).
  9. That's cool, did you play lax? I played at Yorktown in Westchester County, graduated class of 2002.
  10. What's so good about sliced bread?
  11. Yea, he had a good game, still looks like a sloth. The refs gave oral to UNC all tourney though, the Nova game the Ill. game, I mean enough is enough. The majority of the fouls in the ILL. game were TOUCH fouls, that was ridiculous calling those 5 on Augustine, let them play,of course they are amped up and the game will be physical, I think the refs should've called a looser game.
  12. True, I struck out, but only becuase Luther Head missed 2 straight threes when he had been lights out in the second half. Otherwise I'm confident that the aforementioned events would've played out.
  13. 3/4, but come on dude those hits were of the same caliber as a beer bellied over 50 softball league allstar. Plus his name wreaks of a vacum cleaner company. I feel bad for the Sox, Schilling is damaged goods, I don't think he will return to original form. I liked Wells on the Yanks, but he looks tortured in a Sox uniform, like he is commiting a sin or something. Should be a good series in the BX, I predict 2-1 yanks.
  14. ILL 84 UNC 79 Works out well, the media can have a story about how Roy Williams can't win the big one and he will say, "Catch me on the golf course, it's not the end of the world." In reality Williams will have a string of sleepless nights figuring out how he lost with a roster choc. full of NBA talent. Ill. will win and the media will focus on the death of Bruce Weber's mother and the overall strength, cohesiveness, ect. of the entire his team in the face of tragedy. It will be the ultimate feel good story, and grown men will cry.
  15. Randy should bring back the mullet once the playoffs begin, would be so classic. He could be just like "Wildthing" aka SHEEN in Major Leauge II when he had a corporate crisis. Maybe Randy will have a cosmopolitan crisis, and then sport the mullet to get back to his roots...hey, I can wish.
  16. yea man I agree, National Lampoons comedy has fallen off the face of the earth. That movie was horrid, not to mention Tarar Reids's nipples have been raveged by rabid squirels.
  17. Vodka in water bottles like I did back in High School at a number of school functions...ha
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