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  1. Rex doesn't care about the offense. This was once again confirmed when he said the following in his presser last night: "We played a great game up until the end." Great game? Really? In that statement, Rex proved that he STILL only cares about the defense. Obviously, the offense was the furthest thing from great from beginning to end.
  2. Cover your god damn man. What's so hard about that?
  3. McElroy's one hit away from taking that insurance job.
  4. Of course he's down short of the goal line. But doesn't it really matter?
  5. This is the voicemail of Plax. I'm still catching up on pussy. Leave a message after the tone.
  6. Mauga looks good. This bodes real well for ILB depth.
  7. Tom Moore clearly didn't know what he got himself into. Throwing the ball horizontal inside the red zone — a Schotty special.
  8. Yeah, he put on some serious weight. Guy looked more like a basketball player last year.
  9. Cumberland looks excellent — impressed w/his ability to run after catch.
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