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  1. Agreed. Guy would be a terror on a team like the Colts.
  2. Mistah T needs to stop being cute with these draft picks. Enough of these players from low-level schools being taken at high-stakes draft slots. Just stick to the damn BCS conference, Accountant.
  3. I was at the game in Buffalo when Q came in for an injured Pennington. That TD bomb he threw to Santana Moss was something else.
  4. In other news, Vlad's inching closer to the unemployment line.
  5. Jets didn't want him. Braylon didn't want to be playing next to Holmes on that deal. Case closed. Move on.
  6. It's gonna be reaeeeeeeal interesting if we don't get Mason. I don't think Plex — at least right now — can be relied upon to be a No. 2. He's going to make an impact mainly in the red zone for the first quarter of the season. In reality, I think Mason would be more of the No. 2 for at least the first quarter of the season. It all depends how Plex's body responds to the rigors of the game. Right now, ain't looking too sunshiney.
  7. If Mason signs elsewhere, Tanny ends up w/egg on his face.
  8. This wasn't about $$$ for the Jets. Regardless of what Rex says in terms of wanting him back, Braylon was Kerry Rhodes-lite. Rex wants guys that have 100 percent devotion to the football field. Braylon was only at about 75 percent.
  9. Smith played at another level during last year's playoff run. He earned it.
  10. Thank God. Almost forgot what being a Jets fan felt like.
  11. If Tannenbaum wants to keep his job, there's no chance in hell he lets Santonio Holmes even visit with another team. He is a Top 5 WR in the NFL who single-handedly won a handful of games for the Jets this year. Not to mention, he's still got a TON left in the tank.
  12. This is not shocking. Didn't someone post that Sims allegedly went off on him and his dad in Pittsburgh? The duo said something about Brady and Sims flipped out on the escalator, cursing and challenging them to a fight. Sims is out of ******* control! LOVE IT!
  13. Today absolutely sucks. **** the NYJ for playing 1/2 an AFCCG game. **** them right in their gang green a$$hole.
  14. This thread as ZERO to do with Revis, who was our best player during the playoffs. Care to make yourself look even stupider?
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