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  1. Tom Coughlin needs his diaper changed. Get on that, Chachi.
  2. If you don't FINISH the job, the NE win is MEANINGLESS.
  3. In-*******-excusable. You don't get this far and let off the gas.
  4. Clearly. We didn't get over the NE win till halftime last night. That's on Rex, who got away from this team's IDENTITY in the lead-up. Why the **** did the Fat Man stop blabbering his mouth? That's what the Jets do. We got away from playing like Jets — and it was all due to the pussified preparation.
  5. I'm not gonna watch the White Trash Bowl. I wouldn't be pissed if we PLAYED a full game. We played HALF a game. NOT. FAIR. TO. US.
  6. Revis. As I said before, I know he won't ******* embarrass himself.
  7. Don't give a sh*t how much money he got. Just knew that we needed him.
  8. Might be two dads, actually. There were two rape victims, right? Ash dick is about to get castrated.
  9. Rex is working behind the scenes. Watch the rape victim's dad come in and give the pregame speech on Saturday night.
  10. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AqxAOhBD5Wja5XCkYo1XXZhDubYF?slug=ms-revisryanjets012011
  11. hahahahaha WFAN asked J-Co about doing one in Pittsburgh. He laughed, saying, "I haven't done that since I was 11. It would be the last backcflip of my life."
  12. Anybody seen this t-shirt for sale anywhere?
  13. Ahhhhhhhh . . . The classic words of a man who just got bitched out on national TV.
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