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  1. Yup, called this before the playoffs started. Just need more coke, hookers and gambling.
  2. Arrington. Braylon took care of the Pats' two Pro Bowl defensive backs single-handedly.
  3. Once again, Shaun Ellis proves he's 100X the man/player that John Abraham ever was/is. Big Cat did it back in 2005 against SD and was even better yesterday. BIG CAT!
  4. Santonio is the only human on earth that makes that catch in the corner of the end zone. Amazing.
  6. I can't believe one of the socialist drones made a funny!
  7. Luckily, the Pats don't really have any pass-rushing threats. But Woody's masher-style in the running game will be sorely missed. Not to mention, he's the only starter with a Super Bowl ring to his name.
  8. Come on! Don't act like a socialist Patriot robot! If I was a Pats fan, I'd be licking my chops. Unless Eric Smith somehow plays like John Lynch again, we are ******* screwed.
  9. Two COMPLETELY different teams with an identical result: Heartbreak City, Chachi.
  10. themikefrancesa.com is a hidden intahnet gem. The daily threads comprise some of the best message-boarding around.
  11. Good thing Shonn Greene is going to rush for 150 yards and a score. Even better that LT is going to rush AND throw for a score.
  12. This is my favorite Jets-related Francesa clip: So unprofessional. So unspeakably rude. So 100% awesome.
  13. Sweet. That stiff-armed was a mirror image of the one TJ did against the Fins a few years back.
  14. And that's why Francesa simply guffaws at Kay, who might be the worst radio host in the history of da dial. I mean, I can't even charge my cellphone and listen to 1050 at the same time in my car. There is this AWFUL hissing noise that is simply unbearable. Crystal clear on WFAN.
  15. This is the same guy who purchased the original "On the Road" manuscript. What did you expect?
  16. Francesa is da God Father, but he is also a product of WFAN's signal, which stretches its tentacles wayyyyyyyy below the Mason Dixie and up toward the Canadian border.
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