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  1. He read too many features on Oregon's offense, clearly.
  2. I'd stick him on Branch, who has that chemistry with Brady in big games.
  3. Any word if Sanchez got a shot in his shoulder prior to the Colts game? That could explain the complete and utter lack of touch on any of his throws till the latter stages of the game. It was like he didn't know his own strength.
  4. Only if they use the same steroid dealer.
  5. Have the Jets ever had "the best" anything? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/01/10/rex-ryan-darrelle-revis-is-the-best-player-in-the-nfl/
  6. Evidently you don't remember 31-0 against Buffalo.
  7. The Jets weren't winning in Manning's house, either. How'd that play out?
  8. BREAKING: Gato has a TV, ability watch it
  9. Hope Josh Freeman DVR'D the game -- you know, in case he wants to learn how to engineer a game-winning drive in the playoffs.
  10. Was Reggie Wayne active? Early offseason trip to The Island, I suppose.
  11. hahahaha You mad, bro. I'm just basking in the win. You can't enjoy that?
  12. Just a SICK performance.
  13. During your celebration? I got off pretty good. Rowdy group of friends only cost me a lamp. Stellar.
  14. How about that hit on Wayne? Revis looked like god damn Ray Lewis. Wayne wanted NO PART of him the rest of the game. As dominating a defensive performance as you will EVER see on an NFL field in a BIG SPOT. DAMN!
  15. 1 CATCH. 1 YARD. BOY-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Might have been the best defensive performance I've seen by a Jet in the playoffs. Just RIDICULOUS. And against a future HOF WR and QB. DAMN!
  16. DireJet38


    ALL HAIL THE ISLAND, BITCH. Worth every ******* cent, BOY-EEEEEEEE.
  17. Sanchez got a shot. He has no control over where the ball is going. Brunell has to come in. For real.
  18. I'll enjoy Seinfeld till the day I die. NEXT!
  19. We are about to go '86 Mets up in this BITCH. I can't ******* WAIT.
  20. Didn't Hoge just learn to read a few months ago? Get LAWST, would ya?
  21. He's just telling the truth. Peyton's a player/coach — the brains and muscle behind the operation. Brady's merely the most important cog in Evil Bill's scheme. Rex is the ******* man.
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