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  1. I don't think anyone is saying McKnight is a "beast." I think people are just happy he finally showed some promise. I mean, the guy racked up 158 yards in an NFL game. Praise is due.
  2. BS. Kyle Williams is one of the best run-stuffing defensive lineman in the league.
  3. I'd like to see Marquice Cole featured a lot more in sub-packages. Actually, I trust him more than Wilson. He's come on strong in the second half, highlighted by his breakout game against Pittsburgh. His closing speed is excellent and his coverage has improved every game. Look for big things from Cole.
  4. Good for Josh Freeman. He can watch the playoffs with all six of them.
  5. Wait, an entire game? When did that happen? Don't recall it — at all.
  6. Has a lot to do with arousal. 6-6 with big muscles really does it for a lot of Jets fans.
  7. Chiefs don't play Big Boy Football. It will be way past their bedtime.
  8. Dude carried the rock 32 times for 158 yards — mostly between the tackles. This is the same guy who was fumbling every five carries in the preseason. Joe McKnight grew up. Big props to him. Considering he's been handed everything his whole life, it was nice to see him bounce back from adversity — regardless if it was against the Bills or the Steelers. Moving forward, things will only get better for Joe McKnight.
  9. What a beautiful ******* setup. There will be no shortage of motivation. And there isn't a better motivator in the business than Rex Ryan.
  10. This was pretty much the definition of explosiveness, strength and vision: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d81d6270e/RB-McKnight-18-yd-run This run proved to me that Joe McKnight will make us forget about a certain Modell's salesman up in New England.
  11. Fetus face dies in primetime. Jets 24, Colts 21
  12. Go root for the a$$ pirates, broski .
  13. Danny Woodhead rapes squirrels.
  14. I was about 20 rows from the field and was Joe's biggest fan today. JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Go root for the Bucs, Miserable Monster.
  16. Mike Williams is a better WR than Braylon. You see some of the catches he makes? Unreal hand eye. Makes joshy look REAL good. Braylon would be lucky to snag half of the grabs.
  17. This thread might as well have been scrawled in menstrual blood.
  18. bwahahahhahahahahah But only if they get to play Seattle every week.
  19. I wish we could just sew Joe McKnight's legs onto LT's body.
  20. I don't think Rex gives a ****. A) He's morbidly obese and has obviously done untold amounts of damage to his body, which, of course, doesn't bode well for his lifespan. He's one leaked porno away from a CFL/Arena League debut. Let's just hope he wins us a Super Bowl before the fireworks burn out.
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