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  1. Haven't been to a game all year. I think I'm gonna scalp on Sunday. How low do you think we are talking about? Nobody can expect us to pay more than $25-$50 to watch a Joe McKnight-powered offense, right?
  2. Our biggest impact player from the draft class is an oft-used fullback. Mistah T was too busy stroking himself over the Holmes coupe. Too bad Santonio will be catching balls from Peyton next year.
  3. But it could very well be. Admit you have thought of the possibility. I honestly don't think the kid — as nice as he seems — will ever start a game in the NFL. Unless, of course, it gets all Adrian-Jones-ugly up in here.
  4. Guess what? Vlad is Gholston Part II. The similarities are all there. 1) Didn't pick up the game till HS 2) Impressed boner-hungry scouts at the combine with "numbahs." 3) Has the "look" of a dominant player 4) Has spent the majority of his rookie year on the sideline wearing fly hoodies and ill-fitting beanies. This is all on MISTAH T. ******* portly accountant.
  5. **** this crusty a$$ Parcells blueprint. Do you want to turn us into the Dolphins? How's it working out down there with Greaseface Killer?
  6. Outside of Winfield, Revis is prob the best tackling CB in the league.
  7. Yup. If the Jets had not defeated the Steelers, we would still be fighting to get in? NO?
  8. Thank the Jets for winning the previous week in Pittsburgh. Or don't. Your choice.
  9. When are the Jets going to favor a solid tackle over a strip? How many extra yards did Forte and Mendenhall rack up after swatting away strip attempts? What happened to wrapping up? This needs to be corrected. Sure, it worked out in Cleveland, but running backs are now MURDERING us as a result of this gimmicky tackling. FIX IT, REX!
  10. It ended when Chad came into the Meadowlands with the Fins and walked out with the AFCE crown. That was the absolute END.
  11. How many slants have turned into touchdowns? One? Santonio against the Browns? Actually, I've been disappointed in Santonio's YAC. He was a beast in Pittsburgh breaking away after the catch. Now, all he does is fumble.
  12. Yeah, but Josh Freeman brought THE CURE to the kid's house. In all seriousness, excellent story. Sanchez was raised right.
  13. Or, rather, an evening out of sorts. The Jets were never as good as their 9-2 record. Considering we were given multiple miracles along the way, I think everyone can agree on that. We lost to the NFC-N champs, the best team in the league and a bitter rival. Two of those losses came by a combined seven points. And who hasn't been blown out by the Pats during the second half of the season? Also, I know everyone likes to hammer the negatives, but we beat the AFC-N champs (a team that has won 2 Super Bowls this decade) in THEIR building. If you look at it reali
  14. You are living in a sad world, man. Last I checked, the Jets punched their ticket to the postseason in Pittsburgh. Did you miss that game?
  15. The Jets are 8-1 when Sanchez has thrown a TD pass. But the Jets winning has nothing to do with the quarterback, right?
  16. The team just made the playoffs — they didn't collapse. Quit bitching.
  17. Must suck to be Jif. He is going to be rooting against his QB for the next 10+ years.
  18. And you conveniently leave out the fact sanchez scored a TD on 4and1. SHOCKER!!!!!!!!
  20. Honestly, I don't give a flying **** about Josh Freeman. I'm a Jets fan. Just sad that some of you do.
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