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  1. If the Jets lost to Pittsburgh, it would be deemed a collapse. Guess what? THEY DIDN'T! Come off that jaded ledge, brother.
  2. Damn, Chad P really ****ed you guys up good. It's OK to believe again. Really, it is.
  3. If Keller catches the god damn ball, we don't have to worry about the end-game scenario against the Bears. And how about that first game against New England? Does that one not count?
  4. But he's Mexican. He's a homo. He's soft. He has a weak arm. We aren't dealing in the highest level of discourse here, obviously.
  5. Take a look back at how Freeman fared against Pittsburgh. And, oh yeah, he was playing in TAMPA BAY. Sanchez was in a veritable MUST-WIN scenario on the road in December. If you want to hate on the NYJ'S quarterback — which has led the team to back-to-back playoff appearances — that's your right. I'm just happy that my viewpoint isn't so shamelessly myopic.
  6. IMO, it's much tougher for a rookie to come in command the respect of veterans.
  7. Your infinite wisdom never ceases to amaze. How do you draw such profound conclusions?
  8. Oh, a big play like against the Texans? A big play like against the Lions? A big play like against the Browns? A big play like against the Steelers? Christ, do you guys even watch the games?
  9. If you watched the games, you would have to admit Sunday's loss to Chicago wasn't due to Sanchez. You can say that about Miami and NE — not Chicago. And then completely disregard the STELLAR game he played against Pittsburgh. But you only spin the negatives — which is quite lame for a Jets fan.
  10. VOA? DYAR? What the **** are you talking about? Let's deal in real concrete numbers — not Bill James jackoff bullsh*t. Drew Brees in 2002 (his second season in the league): 17 TD | 16 INT Drew Brees in 2003 (his third season in the league): 11 TD | 15 INT Drew Brees in 2004 (his fourth season in the league): 27 TD | 7 INT You are wrong, bro-ski. He got infinitely better after a sh*tty start in the league.
  11. Let's be honest here, folks. How many Tampa Bay games have any of you actually watched? Every QB looks good in a 2-minute highlight reel showcasing his best plays.
  12. Call me when: A) Freeman garners a win against a team with a winning record B ) Wins a playoff game C) Doesn't pad his stats against the NFC Worst and Carolina Panthers D) Faces the slightest bit of adversity/pressure and rises above it I'd take Sanchez a thousand times over.
  13. Did you watch the last two games? Sanchez looked pretty stellar against two of the best defenses in football, no? I don't get where the anti-Sanchez viewpoint is coming from — especially after the past two games, which, IMO, were among the most impressive of his career.
  14. And Matt Ryan, too? And, oh yeah, Joe Flacco?
  15. Drew Brees laughs at your stupidity.
  16. Pretty sure he had a drinking problem in NY. Looks like he cleaned that up. Being under the microscope of Jets fans, I don't blame him for imbibing.
  17. Since when does Sanchez have a weak arm? He just threw on the Steelers and Bears in consecutive weeks. Oh yeah, he was also playing with a shoulder injury. I don't get this whole "weak" arm argument. If anything, he needs to work on accuracy in short-intermediate routes. But the ball seems to be getting there plenty quick.
  18. Fair enough. I still think da kid has potential AND guts. I'm not ready to turn my back on him yet for some guy shredding the NFC Worst in a tropical climate.
  19. I hope you are 100 percent wrong. And I can't wait for Sanchez to prove it.
  20. Lemme see Freeman deal with a pinch of adversity first. It's a lot easier to deliver when so little is expected. I think Sanchez deserves a little more credit. Not to mention, his coaching staff seems to be completely LAWST. If Freeman can win ONE game he has to win, I might give this notion a bit more credit. But he's yet to beat a team with a winning record and has done the majority of his damage against the NFC Worst.
  21. I'm not the one getting carried away. Just pointing out that Mark Sanchez has accomplished more in his career than Josh Freeman.
  22. Lemme know when Freeman quarterbacks a team to the conference title game. Jetnation will be a gay porn site by then.
  23. Keller sucks. Santonio sucks. Both dropped SURE TD passes. But keep hammering that black and white statistic. There's plenty of gray laughing back in your face.
  24. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Go root for the Bucs then, Mr. Miserable.
  25. You really think Sanchez was the reason we lost to the Bears? Sanchez sucked against the Fins and Pats, but he's far from our biggest concern heading toward the playoffs. Can Josh Freeman play safety and blitz the QB, too? Playing with an injured shoulder, Sanchez was one of the FEW to show up yesterday. And I think he played JUST FINE against Pittsburgh. Josh-*******-Freeman couldn't even FINISH Tampa Bay's game against Pittsburgh.
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