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  1. Assuming he makes all of the picks (and Mims is still around), 17% of the roster in 2022 will be comprised of his 1st and 2nd round picks. Like...C'mon already.
  2. I think people are downvoting the poster, and rightfully so.
  3. You just "This'd" a post from a 16 year old troll saying the word "Suckapono" Your foulness and fraudulence knows no bottom.
  4. Lol dude, @The Crusher @slats deep-six this moron
  5. @The Crusher @slats I think we have our next candidate!! ^^
  6. Don't know, but I'm ready to say that next year is a "RESULTS SEASON" of some measure. Technically Douglas's 4th year at the helm; 2nd with his hand-picked HC and QB. $70 million in cap space to spend, again. 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.
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