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  1. Welcome, Nathan! Provided you are a Browns fan, @SAR I will gladly offer you his tickets, as well as perhaps a free ride in his 1997 5-series. More seriously though, if you're in it for atmosphere, the lower tier back of the endzone might suit you best.
  2. 1000%. And it will undoubtedly fail in spectacular fashion. That said, I will probably take the bus from the city to check it out because I am an idiot.
  3. No need. Like you, I am a PSL holder. Now all I need is the 2002 5-series and the condo in Leonia and we will be twins.
  4. If he can't return punts (which it seems he very much cannot), Cannon should be cut and it's not even close. Powell is good, McGuire is extremely average, Cannon is well below average.
  5. Unlike you, I also attend every game. Your corporate shillness is rivaled only by your hypocrisy.
  6. I'm actually a PSL holder, and as such I speak from a position of knowledge: you're a corporate schill and a buffoon.
  7. Thanks for your post with multiple paragraphs of pontificating garbage, which might be the only thing in this thread that sucks harder than SAR. Kudos.
  9. Post-weekend revision to this list: the Devils have taken huge steps toward re-signing Taylor Hall and could rise a few spots. They drafted Jack Hughes, traded for PK Subban, and allegedly have more deals in the pipeline.
  10. If Kawhi leaves (50/50) the Raptors are cooked. The Bucks are good but not invincible. The 76ers are choke artist bums and the Celtics will be miserable next year. If the Nets have the right offseason (my preference would be DLo, Butler, Horford), they can absolutely be in the ECF.
  11. NY/NJ team future power rankings Yankees - could win a title this year and any of the next few years. Nets - playoff team this past year, and if they land any big fish, could contend to *win* the eastern conference. Islanders - playoff team, good GM and coach in place, budding star at center Rangers - a dumpster fire prior to sort of winning the lottery and pulling off the Trouba heist. Adding Trouba, Kakko, and likely a FA will make them a borderline playoff team (unfortunately). Jets - borderline playoff team if all breaks right. It appears their franchise QB and a relatively competent front office :: knocks on all wood :: finally in place. Devils - all depends on whether Taylor Hall re-signs, which depends on whether they make any quality moves in the FA / trade market. If they do all that, they're a perennial playoff contender. If they don't, they have to burn it down again and start over with Hughes and Nico. Giants - Dave Gettleman is as much of a world class talent evaluator as SAR I is a one percenter. Mets - further proving the point that young hitting trumps young pitching. The Mets aren't awful (save for Callaway, who is awful), but they appear to be constantly treading water and nowhere close to a playoff spot. Knicks - the Knicks are in as good of shape as Kevin Durant's achilles, but probably won't rebound as well in 2020-21.

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