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  1. Good stuff, EY. Best wishes to Phil and Lauren.
  2. Interesting. I will have to check it out. The Patsy's on the UWS is also coal fired, but I think there are better joints around.
  3. Kinda chainy IMO but you can do far worse!
  4. Yeah, I figured you'd say that. Used to love the old Big Nick's. I went to their 50th anniversary thing where they charged like 60 cents for burgers. Good times. The "other" Big Nick's is very hit or miss in terms of food, but word is that the guys who run the places are jerks and cheapskates.
  5. I have, and I disagree. But to each their own, truly.
  6. In terms of the nature? Sure. But then you have to be in Maine, Rhode island, Massachusetts, Delaware, or the Carolinas. So, no thanks.
  7. Figured I'd try a thread like this, since I'm not aware of like it, and I get a kick out of the fact that a message board focused on the NY Jets seems to have so relatively few people who live in the city proper. I thought it'd be nice to have a place for NYC residents to talk about city news and goings on, things to do, neighborhood, food and bar recommendations, riffs and rants, whatever. I've lived on the UWS for 11 years. My current favorite pizza joint is Made in New York (on 80th) and my all-time favorite bar is George Keeley's (83rd). Whaddya got?
  8. We kept the only ones that were good, and added some more good ones. I'd say this checks out.
  9. Man, 3 pages of posts and I'm the first Colin Kaepernick mention? Ok, here we go. Colin Kaepernick.
  10. Agree. My brothers and I have all been going since the same age as your son (even younger, in the case of my little brothers). Sure we have borne witness to some shenanigans at a young age (particularly at the spirals...hehehe) but come on.
  11. With every post of yours, my theory that you actually drive an early 2000's 5 series is further confirmed.
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