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  1. Look, I know a lot of people will immediately think, "what about this year?" and not bother with this. I'm not writing off 2018, or necessarily looking past it -- hell, I'm excited for the first time in like 8 years! But, I think it's also exciting to consider what the Jets should plan to do, now that that they FINALLY have, in theory, their franchise QB in place. Next offseason the Jets will probably have two things working for them: the most salary cap space in the NFL, and another likely high pick in the first round. How should they invest each? Looking at the roster today, the priorities should probably be: OLB/Edge rusher OT / OL depth & talent Young CB talent RB Some notable 2019 FAs (assuming they don't get signed up): Khalil Mack (honestly just end thread // give him whatever he wants) Jadeveon Clowney Ronald Darby Tyrann Mathieu CJ Mosley Deone Bucannon Jake Matthews Where do you think the Jets should make their next significant investment?
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    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Go get em, Joe.
  3. Why did Mehta publish an article that began with "Mehta: "
  4. what a THUG TURD can't believe he had the nerve to tell his lawyer not to show up for a scheduled appearance on his behalf (that he didn't need to go to) while he was at football practice in Florham Park. THUG TURD!!!! The internet.
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    Mikal Bridges

    someone talkin bout Kale????
  6. nj meadowlands

    Boy, am I glad we didn't sign Cousins.

    The only thing that would've made this offseason better would have been to invest a little more money (read: 1 more player) along the offensive line. Getting the consensus #1, homegrown QB as you said is something I can't even quantify. I'm 30 and have attended over 200 Jet games in my life, and I've never been even close to this excited or optimistic about our future at the position. It's amazing. Next offseason we need to use our cap space and (probably high) draft pick to invest in some OLine production for the dude.
  7. nj meadowlands

    Boy, am I glad we didn't sign Cousins.

    I wanted Cousins, because a bird in the hand beats two in the bush. But drafting a QB (especially one like Darnold) was always the optimal outcome.
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    The other mods thought it was a dating app thread.
  9. nj meadowlands

    FINAL 24 HOURS... All things twitter.

    Clearly you haven't been paying attention for 20 years
  10. nj meadowlands

    FINAL 24 HOURS... All things twitter.

    These stupid mother****ers are gonna draft Josh Allen aren't they?
  11. nj meadowlands

    FINAL 24 HOURS... All things twitter.

    people who do the devil's lettuce ARE BAD
  12. nj meadowlands

    FINAL 24 HOURS... All things twitter.

    Not from that one specifically. I'm just trying to piece this thread together lol. I don't know what I believe anymore.
  13. nj meadowlands

    FINAL 24 HOURS... All things twitter.

    Are you a Josh Allen proponent? Really?