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  1. The follow-up question, and I'm not sure whether this has been tested with any other franchise's PSL-funded stadium, is whether PSL holders (like me, in 204) in sections where PSL's have been "retired" will have any recourse.
  2. The Mezz at the old place was like a wine and cheese party
  3. I get all this. I was just talking about the visual perspective of the seats, which I very much enjoy (and I sat upstairs at the old place). I spoke to a rep today, and you can in fact roll any PSL payments you've made toward upgraded seats this year.
  4. This is a dumb take, but whatever you say.
  5. At the same time, that might result in them having to boot a LOT of non-PSL new buyers and filling those seats anew with PSL holders, which would be a logistical mess for them. Can't forget how difficult a time they had getting the first round of PSL holders in there.
  6. Just learned that my seats (mezz endzone) are going from $130 a game to $95 a game, which is awesome. What's more, is that new buyers in these sections do NOT need to buy a PSL. My question for those who are also involved in this PSL scam is - should I quit making my PSL payments? What is the benefit of continuing? I suppose, in theory, if the Jets got really good over the next 10 years, someone could come into my seats via a PSL and the Jets could punt us out (we have 6 tickets), but how likely is that?
  7. Great news. Where are your seats? Is there any indication which seats are getting the decrease?
  8. Grade the Pick: LSU Safety Jamal Adams

    Hey, at least we didn't draft Solomon Thomas.
  9. Bryce Love back to Stanford

    https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/953270862660194304 Too bad. Was hoping we could snag him with our second second.
  10. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    "Playing BC on the road, and also playing Wofford at home, is really tough unlike that cakewalk in the Big East, I'm lucky I have such a special connection to my 4-loss team" -Junk
  11. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Don't know how UNC stayed in the Top 25, but oh well.