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  1. nj meadowlands

    2019 Yankees

    LOL is this Jack Curry?
  2. nj meadowlands

    2019 Yankees

    If Chicago gets Manny at 7/175 I'm 100000% boycotting the Yankees this year. What an absolute joke. At this point I respect the Jets' brass and management more.
  3. are we talking coordinators?
  4. nj meadowlands

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    There's no chance that this Williams signing doesn't fall through lol
  5. nj meadowlands

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

  6. This review clinches it. What a sh*t hire.
  7. nj meadowlands

    REVISED: Kingsbury signs with the Cardinals

    I bet we announce our coach tonight. We were waiting for Kliff at the altar lol
  8. nj meadowlands

    A Rex Ryan poll of our bipolar fans :)

    Why is this even a thing? This is not remotely in the realm of realistic discussions or possibilities, and now we have 2 f***ing threads on it. They should both be locked and deleted. We look like morons here.
  9. Original poster down voted one of my recent posts and then mailed in the worst thread in JN history.
  10. Barring a trade down, I think the Jets should plan to go EDGE at #3 (Bosa, Allen, or Ferrell) and structure their FA targets accordingly. Because I'm mainly focused on offense, I would want to go after: Leveon Bell Robby (I think he's an obvious, cheap re-sign as a tender) Jesse James Tevin Coleman Matt Paradis Ju'Wuan James Rodger Saffold AJ Green (for a 2019 third rounder???) Mike Evans (for a 2020 first rounder???) Adam Humphries On defense, the top target is Trey Flowers, and I'd also look into Ronald Darby.
  11. Doing a trade for Harbaugh is my first choice but the more I think about it the more far-fetched it seems. Imagine idiot Mike Maccagnan doing something smart in trading draft picks for Harbaugh, to have Harbaugh inserted into our idiot reporting line and potentially undermine, usurp, and outlast idiot Mike Maccagnan once idiot Mike Maccagnan gets fired? Idiot Mike Maccagnan is an idiot, but not that idiotic.

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