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  1. "Professional sports teams in NJ may return to training and even competition - if their leagues choose to move in that direction. We also strongly advise that the New York Jets trade Jamal Adams immediately." wow. Huge statement from the Governor's office.
  2. The practical considerations of re-opening areas and industries that are less affected than others is a conversation we should be having all the time. I live in NYC in one of those areas where we live literally on top of each other, and do stuff ourselves into subway cars every morning. Your part of NY should fortunately be opening up a lot faster (and I am jealous of you). (Also: while I am not discounting that people are truly and seriously affected by being socially distant, I am convinced that the sentence I bolded above is a completely overstated, nonsense talking point pushed by certain individuals I won't name because I respect Max and love posting here)
  3. My first sentence and the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment over the past 200 years are linked. Given that your support is a copy and paste job from "quizlet.com" I am going to assume that you're not a lawyer... Anyway, there arguably is a constitutional discussion to have here! (i.e., is the interest at hand "legitimate," "substantial" or "compelling," are the measures the least restrictive means possible, what standard of judicial review should be applied, etc. etc.). But for some reason I don't think that's the road we're going down ...
  4. The public health and safety of the entire populace is a compelling government interest warranting these measures, no matter how tough you are. Your 1st Amendment rights have not been violated.
  5. Curious which of your constitutional rights has been shat on
  6. You can guess all you want about what I think, Barry McCockinner
  7. There's no way to address the absolute garbage spewed in that video without prefacing that Portnoy is one of the absolute biggest jerkoffs in media. Sorry if that triggers you.
  8. Portnoy is the biggest douchebag of all-time. He will never add positively to any conversation, ever. He should be shot into the ******* sun.
  9. This is wrong. And it doesn't have to be one or the other.
  10. Really really like what JD did with the CB room. From top (Desir/Ryan) through the middle (Maulet/Wilson) to the bottom (Guidry/Jackson). Can we swap out Winters for Warford and get this thing going?
  11. Hm yeah certainly you're aware we already know who our opponents are....
  12. Pats @ Jets, Week 9 MNF Welp. There's one game I can feel pretty good about skipping!

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