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  1. One fewer QB in the musical chairs game...
  2. I bet jetsrule would've spelled his name right if he were a practice squad player.
  3. :: whispers :: "Sperm, there's no actual Pro Bowl game."
  4. Non-football related priorities list: 1) change the uniforms; 2) fix the stadium gameday presentation; 3) everything else
  5. I would guess the opposite. Their sales have always sucked in the upper endzone. Probably going to figure out another way to sell them.
  6. Sick looking boat! I am a power boater, but have been thinking of getting into sailing a bit as well.
  7. That doesn’t mean the whole roster is terrible, nor that your shtick of being the polar opposite of JoeWillie is correct.
  8. I like Zack Blatt but he (and the rest of the beat) seemed very out of the loop during this process.
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