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  1. nj meadowlands

    NYC Pub to watch Jets v Browns

    Depends what part of the city you're in... off the top Blondies on the UWS, Printer's Alley in midtown west, Whiskey Rebel in Murray Hill
  2. nj meadowlands

    Jets vs Browns; Is it a Trap? Bet the Jets.

    Money is mostly coming in on the Browns which is nice. Thinking a Jets teaser at +9 along with something else? the under?
  3. Great job by BIG MACC here cutting bait on this loser!
  4. nj meadowlands

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    How about just a jet wing on the helmet?
  5. nj meadowlands

    Aussie First Timers

    Posted in the other thread you made. You should take the bus from Port Authority (very short walk from Times Square). If you get on that bus around 10, you'll be at the stadium before 10:30. Don't take the train, it's a pain in the ass. Once you're there, I think this year there are some team sponsored tailgate oases that look okay. But what I would recommend is that you head over to the bus lot (which is where the Port Authority bus will let you off) and check out the many catered tailgate parties that are over there. I've never been, but you should check out the party thrown by Tailgate Joe (he posts here) --- https://www.tailgatejoe.com/product/2018-jets-tailgate-party-patriots-at-new-york-jets/
  6. nj meadowlands

    Jeremy Kerley

    No Didn't read thread, just title. No.
  7. Not that it would be Harbaugh (screw him, tbh), but do you think having Darnold on board is a true incentive for a blueblood coach to come here?
  8. nj meadowlands

    PFF: Darron Lee Best Coverage LB In NFL So Far

    Good. This is good I like this.
  9. nj meadowlands

    the fitz saga continues

    LOL wtf is this?
  10. nj meadowlands

    Bad year for free agency

    Jets play the Browns on Thursday night at 8:20 PM
  11. nj meadowlands

    First Gamers

    I give this advice to anyone traveling to the game from NYC, but it's especially true if you are staying in Times Square: do NOT take the train. Take the bus: https://www.coachusa.com/351-meadowlands-express -- You will catch this bus from Port Authority, which is a <5 minute walk from Times Square. It starts running at 9:30, and it takes only like 20 minutes or so to get through the tunnel and spit you out right at the stadium. Buy tickets ahead of time here: https://web.coachusa.com/community/booking.asp?action=ProductBooking&amp;productId=9436&amp;nt=1 The train sounds good in theory, but it is a huge process that requires getting to Penn Station, connecting in Secaucus, and taking a meandering train ride to the Meadowlands. It will take you at least an hour and it is super crowded. DO NOT do it - take the bus! I would recommend hopping on the bus at 10 or so, and walking around the parking lot toward the stadium to some of the tailgate oases they have set up. You can also walk around and just make friends (try the bus/RV lot in Lot J, which is where the NJ transit bus will drop you off). Finally, if you're up for it, the racetrack now has a sportsbook where you can go and lay down a few bets. Hope this helps!
  12. nj meadowlands


    His seats have been near mine in the mezz the past season or so. I can't see how that is an issue at all. There's always going to be a sliver of the stadium that's invisible to other slivers of the stadium. The bigger problems were 1) the gameday staff didn't get him on screen at the proper times, 2) the sun and heat sucked the life out of the stadium (me included), and 3) the Jets didn't give us much to get rowdy about.

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