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  1. Or maybe none of that true and the guy who wrote this article is moron? Oh yeah, it's that.
  2. I actually sent an email requesting the same thing. Going to be persistent on it.
  3. What a stupid, stupid, stupid ecosystem of bullsh*t. A Jets fan (this guy “ustadium”) tweets some utter speculative nonsense about the Jets pursuing a player who is not available, some other Jets fans tweet about it and retweet it, this other Jets fan (Paul) writes a stupid article regurgitating the unfounded nonsense, and now you are all talking about it like it’s a real thing. So stupid. Maybe we all deserve the “metaverse”.
  4. My take is, 12 more games until you can start truly evaluating. If he has not developed rapidly by that point, you start contingency planning / seriously consider pulling off the band-aid.
  5. How do you view him compared to Drake London? London is a basketball player. Bigger, but a little slower according to 40 times? I think I like London a little better tbh.
  6. I hate MetLife, but I hate Long Island way more. What a god forsaken pisshole. A 120 mile long strip mall. Pass.
  7. He seems like a good dude, but... you know my feelings about the gameday presentation.
  8. Endzone mezz was a 2.50 increase as well. Just a performative insult.
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