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  1. nj meadowlands

    Jets will fail

    This thread is something your old man would even fart on (literally)
  2. nj meadowlands

    Neil Glat, do the right thing-Step down

    u r so mean 2 scott
  3. nj meadowlands

    Mac fired!

    I haven't read much of this thread, but is there any chance that the Jets straighten out their organizational hierarchy and hire someone who is Gase's boss but reports to the owner? @Sperm Edwards @T0mShane
  4. nj meadowlands

    Jack Conklin

    Barely an upgrade. Nah.
  5. nj meadowlands

    People really like our new uniforms

    Our new unis suck. But Any list like this with the Giants above 27 is laughable
  6. nj meadowlands

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    I am too lazy to scroll through this thread to decipher which agenda you are pushing here, but anal prods, ha good nice funny.
  7. nj meadowlands

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    Not sure I buy this. Didn't Gase speak glowingly about Bell's abilities during his last prolonged press conference?
  8. Don't see any way that Edoga pushes for a starting spot in 2019.
  9. nj meadowlands

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    anyone selling a les paul?
  10. nj meadowlands

    Gase Forcing Macc Out

    Me: This is an actual bullsh*t mickey mouse organization move if it's true. Also me: This is so awesome
  11. nj meadowlands

    Rift in the Jets front office?

    This is going to backfire spectacularly on you. Only thing that will come of this is Brian Heimerdinger escaping to get the GM job for the Dolphins and win 5 Super Bowls.
  12. nj meadowlands

    Who lead nation in QB pressures?

  13. nj meadowlands

    Rift in the Jets front office?

    @mlombardiNFL FollowFollow @mlombardiNFL More I hear that all is not well in New York Jets land about their scouting operation. General Manager Mike Maccagnan is on the hot seat internally, and many in the league expect changes in the Jets’ front office after the draft. Stay tuned.
  14. As a third grader I knew how to string "could" and "have" together?

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