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  1. Boy I can't wait for the "game day experience" of sitting amongst 40,000 Cowboys fans on Sunday. Hopefully Darnold return excites enough Jets fan interest that it's only 35,000 Cowboys fans. OH! And I can't wait for the "game day experience" of getting home at 10pm. And the gameday experience of the PREMIOOOOO SAUSAGEEEEE GIVEAWAY set to a delightful Crazy Train / FloRida mash-up. Hopefully the Rays win tomorrow so that Game 1 is at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night and I'm too tired to care about all this.
  2. You did a good job on this but man it is October 8
  3. Grown man who takes professional sports way too seriously returns from Mount Sinai to share what he has learned. Now all we need is JetMoses.
  4. I'm confused by folks here. What exactly did you think was going to happen today?
  5. While we all know what Tom's response will be to this, it would be REALLY funny if he bet the Patriots and Adams backdoored him.
  6. I have no idea what you're talking about but alright haha

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