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  1. Agree. Problem is really just that the new stadium sucks.
  2. What about a 2008 certified pre-owned BMW? SAR has one to sell you...
  3. It appears UNC might actually have a chance of making the tournament this year! Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein · 29m Source: The ACC will propose that ever single team in Division 1 will make the 2021 NCAA Tournament.
  4. Corn, grilled scallions, grilled zucchinis, homemade macaroni salad
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmUZ6nCFNoU
  6. I'm sure this has been said in this thread, but I am going to be so ******* jealous if Dan Snyder gets cancelled and forced to sell the team. Been hoping for a Woody scandal forever...
  7. Don't forget his recently upgraded 2004 Mercedes
  8. The fleeing. Furniture shopping isn't so bad lol
  9. For a while it was irrationally Keith Byars for fumbling

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