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  1. If Darnold doesn't pan out we might as well fold this message board, so I'd like to change my vote to 10.
  2. I went with a 75" Vizio P Series Quantum X, which I felt like struck the best balance for my needs (75 inches, brighter room, watch a lot of sports) and budget (in the roughly 2k range). While I'm not an expert, this seems to be one of most stunningly bright and vibrant TV's you can get today, which I think will play well in my brighter room. I also think this particular model, with its 480 local dimming zones, will get as close to the dark blacks of OLED that you can reasonably desire.
  3. Appreciate that! I think that's the route I'm going to go as well. Did you get the Quantum, or Quantum X (and is there a discernible difference)?
  4. So, my 65" Samsung that I bought a few years ago recently went to sh*t, and for reasons I don't want to get into and which would cause a massive spike in my blood pressure, they have totally screwed me over, and now I am in the market to imminently buy a TV. I am torn between sticking with 65" and getting the best technology that's in my price range (LG OLED), or taking a slight step down in the tech so I can go up to 75" (one that I've been looking at is the Vizio P Series Quantum. As far as usage, I am more of a brightly lit room, watching sports kind of guy than a dark room movie watcher. The wall that I'm putting this thing on screams for a very large TV, so that is not a concern. Has anyone gone through this song and dance recently? Any advice? Am I more likely to regret not sizing up, or not getting the OLED? Would appreciate any insight or recommendations. No Samsung.
  5. People still write "Mevi$" ? Jesus christ.
  6. I might be late to this party, but has everyone basically come to terms with the idea that Marcus Maye will never again be a serious, long-term contributor for this team? He's already 26, missed 10 games last year, and seems to be nowhere near being able to practice yet. A "nerve issue" in a surgically repaired shoulder sounds like bad, bad news. After this season he'll have only 1 year left on his rookie deal. Tough to see the Jets re-signing him. It's almost as if THIS is the safety draft pick (when Dalvin Cook, Sidney Jones and others were still available) that certain Solomon Thomas stans around here should continuously post about.
  7. Opening band? "The wombats" Opening song was Street Fighting Man
  8. How many WRs does Gase typically keep? If Dortch can return kicks, the below 6 seem all but confirmed: Robby Q JC Burnett Bellamy Dortch If we keep another, the battle could be wide open. Peake would be the default choice as a solid S/T contributor, but maybe someone else (Tim White?) has better pass catching potential and we keep them.
  9. That was his first throw like 4 days ago
  10. Welcome, Nathan! Provided you are a Browns fan, @SAR I will gladly offer you his tickets, as well as perhaps a free ride in his 1997 5-series. More seriously though, if you're in it for atmosphere, the lower tier back of the endzone might suit you best.

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