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  1. Welcome to the thread, Dominator. Great year for the Scarlet Knights so far. Too bad Junk will characterize you as a fake phony fan because you don't come here and scream into the void.
  2. My name is nj meadowlands and I will die on the Joe Burrow Is Not Actually Good hill, right next to my neighbor T0m on his Jamal Adams Sucks hill.
  3. This thread, the wildfires, the popularity of The Bachelor, Trump's twitter account. Why should I have faith in humanity anymore?
  4. Um, yeah, maybe to the same extent that every blue blood is high on the Vegas betting list of "title favorites" every offseason
  5. By far the worst single moment had to have been the Darnold mono diagnosis. It came just after a brutal week 1 loss, and created a feeling that the season was over. I don't think there has been worse Post Week 1 dread as a Jets fan since Vinny tore his achilles.
  6. Not hiding from anything. I only post on this thread to make fun of UNC.
  7. Is UNC on the bubble for the CBI? Or maybe first four out?
  8. yeah but i want a JN family discount
  9. DK Metcalf falling to the end of the 2nd round was a classic case of the super smart draft daddies over-thinking it and whiffing on a really good football player
  10. This would be great. I think I was thinking along the same lines:
  11. Anyone selling a Les Paul (standard or traditional) with a 60's tapered neck?
  12. It's a good point. I did get a huge rise out of beating the fanbases that we did.
  13. Adam Gase sucks, yes, but I just wanted to bump this thread to wish the NYSF guy a Happy Offseason and remind him that his dumb publicity stunt and 4 seconds of fame did not yield any results. That's all.
  14. The first 4 picks should be 3 OL and WR, in whatever order makes the most sense.
  15. There were not that many devastating injuries on offense (especially to the skill position players), and the Jets, commanded by an "offensive genius" with a young talented QB and a bell cow running back, had one of the least efficient offenses in modern NFL history. Don't want to hear anything about the O-Line as an excuse, which seemed just fine to me in the second half.
  16. And you’ve yet to prove that picking a few slots higher in any given year would tangibly improve the team long term. And don’t give me “JOEY BOSA!!” and call it a day. You’re peddling hypothetical BS, and you’re forgetting you root for a team that can’t tell a prospect from its own a$$hole.

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