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  1. Where will I go for Marvel movie rankings???
  2. Aw, poor baby. Just own up to making a sh*tty thread, like many of us do day in and day out on this board, and take your lashing. For the record, I was and still am 100% in favor of the Yankees doing whatever it takes to retain Judge. Give him equity.
  3. Just finished Peaky Blinders and I think it's in my top 2 or 3 shows ever.
  4. Kudos, Max. A dip actually worth buying.
  5. You're right, I just don't get and I'm not smart enough to get it. Bitcoin is awesome.
  6. I like that gif! Will sell it to you as an "NFT" if you'd like.
  7. Hope you're not posting on a Gateway 2000 after losing all your money!
  8. Thinking about the day in the not so distant future when griftocurrencies totally collapse
  9. My theory is that Shane has deputized you. Lol
  10. I think he's more of a "Post" guy
  11. My team is ready to kill. Did this without looking at anyone else's teams... Ultimately became an exercise in building depth. QB - Peyton Manning (IND) QB - John Elway (DEN) RB - Barry Sanders (DET) RB - Walter Payton (CHI) FB - Jim Brown (CLE) WR - Jerry Rice (SF) WR - Randy Moss (MIN) WR - Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) TE - Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE - Antonio Gates (LAC) OT - Anthony Munoz (CIN) OG - Larry Allen (DAL) C - Mike Webster (PIT) OG - Bruce Matthews (TEN) OT - Art Shell (OAK) *** DE - Reggie White (GB) DT - Warren Sapp (TB) DT - Aaron Donald (LAR) DT - Kyle Williams (BUF) DE - JJ Watt (HOU) DE/OLB - Lawrence Taylor (NYG) DE/OLB - Derrick Thomas (KC) LB - Bobby Wagner (SEA) LB - Luke Kuechly (CAR) LB- Rickey Jackson (NO) CB - Darrelle Revis (NYJ) CB - Deion Sanders (ATL) CB - Darrell Green (WAS) S - Ed Reed (BAL) S - Brian Dawkins (PHI) PK - Garo Yepremian (MIA) P - Bryan Anger (JAX) EDIT (6/29) adding Aaron Donald and Antonio Gates
  12. This thread has gotten derailed. The fact of the matter is that @jetsrule128 is being dishonest.
  13. Then where is the photographic evidence? It's not adding up. Sorry.
  14. I hear that @jetsrule128 is lying and did not actually meet Zach Wilson. More to come.
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