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  1. Jets should and will be big underdogs in every single one of those games, but aside from Seattle it wouldn't surprise me at all if they won any of them.
  2. I don't mind Jon Bon (I hear he's a nice guy) but it drives me nuts when he gets lumped in with Bruce. The MNF guy did it last night. It's like equating Sam Cooke and Justin Bieber.
  3. Agree. Problem is really just that the new stadium sucks.
  4. What about a 2008 certified pre-owned BMW? SAR has one to sell you...
  5. It appears UNC might actually have a chance of making the tournament this year! Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein · 29m Source: The ACC will propose that ever single team in Division 1 will make the 2021 NCAA Tournament.
  6. Corn, grilled scallions, grilled zucchinis, homemade macaroni salad
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmUZ6nCFNoU
  8. I'm sure this has been said in this thread, but I am going to be so ******* jealous if Dan Snyder gets cancelled and forced to sell the team. Been hoping for a Woody scandal forever...
  9. Don't forget his recently upgraded 2004 Mercedes
  10. The fleeing. Furniture shopping isn't so bad lol
  11. For a while it was irrationally Keith Byars for fumbling
  12. Totally impossible to recall and list all the shows I've been to but a few stick out. Springsteen - September 2012 at Wrigley Field (elbows on the stage right in front of the microphone) System of a Down - May 2005 at Irving Plaza Green Day - September 2005 at Giants Stadium (in the pit)
  13. Started this thread yesterday and mods merged it. :: eye roll ::
  14. Few, if any, which makes all of this hilariously dumb.

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