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  1. The Jets need to draft Penei Sewell because he is a bowling ball full of butcher knives and combine freak
  2. Wowww. Cya Roy. Wonder how long until the scandal breaks?
  3. Aren't you from a Binghamton suburb or something? Get lost
  4. Setting aside the philosophy of trading down and still taking a QB, if you've seen a better mock than this, LMK. 5. Justin Fields QB Ohio State 23. Kwity Paye EDGE Michigan 34. Terrace Marshall Jr. WR LSU 45. Creed Humphrey OC Oklahoma 66. Trey Smith OG Tennessee
  5. While I certainly understand the economics of taking a RB too early, I think it would be a mistake to not pick Najee Harris at 23.
  6. Like the Goff deal, I don't think this has much bearing on any potential Darnold trade. Wentz and Goff had the two worst contracts in the NFL, which factored huge into the compensation package.
  7. I'm also in Ortley. I like the barrier island because it's close (90 mins from NYC), and appropriately beachy. But real estate wise it is very pricy. Like, unsustainably pricy. I wouldn't be shocked to see a bubble burst soon.
  8. Are you looking to buy or rent?
  9. I love these wildly unrealistic Mock Draft Simulators with trades. I think I win, in this scenario where (sigh) the Jets are intent on keeping Sam Darnold around. Here, I am bumping Eichenberg into the guard spot, and signing Joe Thuney. I'm also signing Allen Robinson and another EDGE, and re-signing Brian Poole. I'm also getting Marcus Mariota somehow. 5 first rounders in 2022. Lol.
  10. Jets will trade for Wentz and sign Dalton. Darnold, Wentz, Dalton, Morgan. Ginger nightmare.
  11. Your memory must be starting to fade if you think the MetLife has any kind of great legroom. I sit in the same section as you. You're not flying first class, pal. And I couldn't care less about your commute from Dumont, NJ to Yankee Stadium - the fact remains that these stadiums are some of the most accessible via public transportation in the entire country, and lots of people avail themselves of it. You can probably get from midtown Manhattan to Yankee Stadium and back 3 times in the amount of time it takes to do the garbage trip from NYC to East Rutherford. (Again, I don't care about yo
  12. Yankee Stadium and Citifield are both located within New York City, have easy public transportation to and from, have charming concourses, and don't look like giant toasters. Madison Square Garden is home to the two most wretched franchises in the city, but Madison Square Garden speaks for itself. It is an absolutely fantastic place. Every train line in NYC goes straight to Barclays Center, which is the most state of the art venue in New York. For good measure, Prudential Center is similarly state of the art, and a gorgeous place to see a hockey game, and absolutely dominates M
  13. MetLife Stadium is a disaster in every way imaginable. The worst professional stadium in the NY area, bar none.
  14. UNC, Dook, Michigan State, Kentucky all outside the top 25.
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