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  1. Great stuff Phil. More good news for you guys I pray.
  2. I didn’t think it was possible to yearn for Joe Flacco, but Mike White has made me do just that.
  3. Honestly your glee over this is pathetic, but to each their own.
  4. Gonna be fun when Mike White moves it against the Eagles threes and the Shane Gang has a huge circle jerk
  5. Good. Curious to see if he plays LT or RT. Also curious to see if they sign another backup swing tackle (like Brandon Shell), which I think they should.
  6. What's a "quiet camp"? He has dropped some passes in practices. Like all of the receivers have. He's also flashed his athletic skills, been working with the first team, learning, getting better, etc. etc. et al. Not sure what else we would have wanted so far. Let's see what happens when the games start.
  7. I don't see them going that thin at WR, I don't see them keeping both Bawden and Wesco, and I don't see them cutting Hardee. Could be wrong on all, but just seems odd.
  8. Connor Hughes might disagree. No one's ever seen the inside of his closet.
  9. Don't see anything wrong with "we". It's a community in a sense.
  10. Totally disagree. Feel like after a season and a half of searching, it finally has a defined narrative again. Like, I can actually explain the story line to someone who asks in a sentence or two. And, obviously, the acting remains amazing.
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