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  1. Nor do we seem to have the Type A veteran personalities along the offensive line that would make a guy like that quickly “fall in line”. Need to get Brown ASAP.
  2. I thought I had heard that. It’s also probably wrong to lump the Lawson injury in. Achilles are freak occurrences.
  3. I mean, yeah, I think there’s prima facie evidence that they ****ed up. The guy was visibly hurt and they let him keep practicing.
  4. I thought I read that they did change their staff this offseason (or at least their methods). Is that wrong? If it is, then absolutely, something needs to be looked into.
  5. Been thinking about this all day. They’ve had some inkling that something was off with Becton for a few days now. We were told “he’s just trying out a knee brace, seeing how it feels” (lol ok) to deal with “a little discomfort” (huh?) And then, as you said, he was limping in clear pain moments before getting steamrolled in a basic pass block set. None of this is to say that Becton himself ISN’T fragile or whatever, but the Jets staff clearly did something wrong.
  6. I guess DT is also a possibility depending on what happens with Quinnen Williams
  7. That's fair. Indulge me... what do you envision will be the NYJ's most glaring need next offseason that "requires" a first round pick? Let's say they go 7-10 and are picking 12th overall. Just by process of elimination of premium positions... LT - we're assuming they extend Fant WR - just went there with Wilson, and also have Moore on the roster, so that's probably out? EDGE - just went there with Jermaine, and still have Lawson, but I suppose they could go again? CB - just went there fourth overall QB - if we're 7-10, likely Zach improved and will be back. What would be some possible positional targets? Maybe LB?
  8. Do you envision the team needing to go back to the well at tackle in the first round of next year's draft? Seems kind of inevitable, unless I suppose if you consider Fant the LT and seek a lower cost option at RT in free agency (or the second or third round of the draft).
  9. This is nothing that the mini-draft can't fix.
  10. Been watching the current season of Westworld. Wasn't particularly looking forward to it after last season made an already confusing show even more confusing. But it's been absolutely fantastic.
  11. Agree. Let alone one that the Jets passed over in the draft just last year, and who has attitude problems. Ideally they are able to close the deal with Brown, and the draft mandate for 2023 (assuming Zach doesn't lead us to 1-2 wins) is exceedingly clear: OT.
  12. The longer Brown goes on unsigned, the more the sinking feeling grows that we are going to miss out over a few dollars.
  13. Far more interesting and accessible than debating who the 4th best nose tackle of the 1970's was.
  14. I hear Zach Wilson is holding the ball too long !!
  15. Has it? Haven't been reading your camp reports.
  16. Did this get bumped for any particular reason? Want to make sure I'm not missing any scuttlebut.
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