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  1. It sucks that they did those girls dirty like that. Seems like classic Woody half-assedness. I probably won't miss the Flight Crew at all, but I will say that as far as "gameday presentation" goes (discussed ad nauseum with @Maxman and @SAR I) they were one of the few things that the team actually did right - their performances were fine, and not obnoxious like the rest of their MAKE SOME NOIZZZZEEEEEE /// MASH UPPPP horse sh*t.
  2. Speaking of which, @Maxman, do you know of any Denver Broncos fan forums that are popular? Last year I got tix to a Cards game by posting on a forum.
  3. All sites charge fees. Assuming there are no more face value tickets available on Ticketmaster (which is likely the cheapest option), your best bet is to shop around across all sites -- because availability sometimes varies -- and see what the most cost efficient option is. I like tickpick.
  4. Yeah, the Milwaukee wrinkle and the flight timing / Green Bay price gouging just made this trip too annoying.
  5. I was going to go to Green Bay, but did this analysis as well. Now I'm doing Denver instead. Literally less than 1/3.
  6. Not only that, but losing Bell, only getting 4 prospects, not getting rid of Corbin/Strasburg, and (probably) taking on Hosmer.... wtf?
  7. I agree with all of this. I think it's funny that there's 11+ pages of moaning about management's position that they'd like people to stop trolling as much.
  8. Lol you're acting like you have a Title VI discrimination lawsuit. This is a Jets message board. The owner of the Jets message board has expressed his preference that posters don't act like trolly dickheads. It's not that serious.
  9. +1 It's always amused me that the famously negative posters seem to think that their negativity makes them smarter, less biased, more realistic, what have you. Perhaps all of that is rooted in truth, since, you know, the Jets have sucked. But at a certain point it bled into insufferable shtick.
  10. You really think your tired, non-stop onslaught of ZACK SUX GO MIKE WHITE! is "Discourse"??
  11. Connor said Sam Darnold was diffffferrentttttt. He is a moron. PS - Zach might actually suck. PPS - But he might not. PPPS - Don't ban me, @slats PPPPS - Mike White and Tom Shane suck
  12. This is quite a spin-zone representation of your actual takes. Well done, Tucker.
  13. I like the spirit of this thread. I don't think we should be censoring opinions that are critical of the Jets, because heaven knows they deserve it. But the agenda-driven trolling does get exhausting. Especially by those who have a track record of doing things such as touting Solomon Thomas (who's on our team now! Go Solly!) as the next Bruce Smith, and then sprinting away from their opinions.
  14. Can't wait to sell mine to @Barry McCockinner for eleventy billion dollars
  15. I'm convinced that Connor is atrocious at watching practice. How many "Sam Darnold is diffffferentttttt" tweets did he fire off during his tenure.
  16. I'm not sure it matters as much anymore, given that all tackles are likely to encounter elite edge rushers. Fant acquitted himself very well last year, and maybe it's just a matter of handedness/coordination. Agree on the AVT/Becton sandwich. I hope Breece likes running right.
  17. I like the idea of committing to this early.
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