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  1. Good thread. Always down to talk about uniforms of the NYJ. i would hope this came with a corresponding jersey alternate.
  2. The Giants are much better now that they switched from those heinous gray pants to the white pants, but their jersey remains too boring.
  3. Jack Ham looked the best in his Steeler uniform
  4. Here's how I would rank em Raiders Chiefs Packers Chargers 49ers Bills Bears Cowboys Steelers Colts
  5. what if we each chose one of the uniforms and then had to guess who the other was?
  6. With training camp and the preseason approaching, I thought we should get to the heart of the matter and have a discussion / vote about which NFL team has the best uniforms. I think that uniforms are important and good, and it is cool to celebrate this facet of the game. Unfortunately, as well know, the Jets' uniforms are puke. Polls on these posts only allow 20 options, so I have eliminated the 12 clearly wrong answers. What do you think?
  7. The first one, except flip the colors on the helmet (white helmet with green 80s/90s Jets logo)
  8. It is definitely funny that the people complaining about posts about NFL teams' uniforms on an NFL forum are the presidents of the "Mafia" club.
  9. I'm not talking about the mismatched colors on the jersey and helmet. The blue of the jersey is too bright. The 80's - 90's jersey blue was slightly darker. These look like the current Bills uniforms.
  10. Nice clean design, but anyone else think they screwed up the blue? Too light. Looks like the current BUF set.
  11. Hmm. I think this list needs to include players who stunk AND were jerks. Underperformers who were nice kids (like Dee Milliner) seem out of place... Derrick Mason Dmitri Patterson Jeff Lageman Jason Taylor Mike White. Just kidding.
  12. This is the grumpy old man take that I will +1. They are losing out (other than on merch sales) by not having the players wear their own uniforms. It looks so cool when they do.
  13. The players miked up last night was absolutely awesome. A+ television.
  14. The most generic, evergreen "baseball comment" that's been made every year for the last 120 years.
  15. This. Combined with a top-10 pick talent infusion at WR, Year 2 of Elijah Moore, and a bunch of capable tight ends... I am pretty excited.
  16. The J lot is a complete garbage boat. Everything that SAR incorrectly generalizes about the tailgating fanbase at large, is true about the J lot. Obnoxiously loud, overridden by opposing fans, morons guzzling Bud Light starting at 8:30am until they puke.
  17. DWC is on twitter if you ever care to check in on the freakshow
  18. Is this one of those ticket parties with the obnoxious DJ's turned up to 200 on the volume? Maybe SAR was onto something... lol
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