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  1. You people are so Stupid with a Capital S on it. did herm tell Fabini to miss deh tackle that obviously caused chad's injury! Although I feel for Chad I was never really a big fan, Couple season back I remember Herm said this about Chad he thinks too much when he's in the game, he's not ready yet to be an upper echleon NFL QB. Chad got the starting Job from Vinny against these same Jags, and if you look at this from a realistic point of view he's been sputtering not consistent, melts under pressure just like chadder cheese. chad is done, D O N E! I tell ya! this is a first class BUMMER!
  2. he's off to a better place now! just hope his life was right with GOD R I P thomas!
  3. BOLLINGER sucks hes terribbbbbble! what he needs to do is have a drink of this beer! FREAK!
  4. When did I ever cut and paste any thing my news are straight from deh heart, er! I mean straight from deh local news print. VICK did get busted feh havin sex with a minor (girl)did I tell you he also got suspended from deh team lost his job but got it back after reinstated. who deh hell is Adrian Gonzales anyway? never heard of him! wait a sec! did he play feh deh Redskins? HOLY CHIT!
  5. joe pa should have hung his cleats up bout 2 yrs ago!
  6. this thread should be locked!calling all mods. am scared of you people! I mean it you all frighten me!
  7. Law to tame deh Lions! Boulware to swim/fly with seahawks!
  8. the one and only Curtis Martin bar none! no doubt!
  9. We got this this man, we dont need Ty Law.
  10. wow! thats kinda busy if you ask me!
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