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  1. I guess the Tigers did not care about the last 50 games when they went 19-31 as well. Not evreyone can be the regular season juggernaut as the Yankees have been I guess
  2. To figure out how to win a series with a 110 million dollar payroll and u do not need all stars at every position. Every little move Omar has made has worked out, he fills the team with high character guys including the last aquisition Shawn Green who was huge tonight To lose with 10 all stars in your lineup is a joke
  3. Rick DiPietro re-signed with the New York Islanders on Tuesday, agreeing to a deal that reportedly will pay the No. 1 goalie $67.5 million over a record 15 years Based on my math it looks like the Isles got a good deal paying a goalie $9 per hour
  4. Can Chad throw the ball more than 7 yards in the air?
  5. I think he even had a defender doing drills on the other side of the field. Way to go under pressure Chad!
  6. Chad almost broke a window pane today in practice and Ramsey actually completed a pass to someone on his own team. Wooooo Hooooooo!Good luck on the way to another top 5 pick.
  7. Another typical Yankee apologist. You see everything with blinders when it comes to Jeter
  8. Playing like crap? Read below other than AVG which is overated their stats are verysimilar or Arod's is better is most categories Jeter Batting G AB H 2B 3B HR RBI R BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS 58 232 78 14 2 5 42 45 34 44 12 2 .336 .428 .478 .906 Arod G AB H 2B 3B HR RBI R BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS 61 231 64 8 1 13 46 51 39 57 6 3 .277 .387 .489 .876
  9. They have no one who comes close to being this young and talented. He has nothing more to prove in AAA. Delgado,Wright, and Bektran will show him the right way to handle himself.
  10. Everyone is killing Arod and he sits by and says everyone gets booed? Way to stick up for a very important teammate there Derek. Arod need his and the teams support now more than ever since he gets no support from the Yanlee fans. Mattingly or Munson would have never let this happen nor speak like this. Message to Jeter; The Yankees will not win anything this year w/o a huge contribution from Arod so backup your teammate.
  11. Feller was actually 38 when he retired, there just were not that many pitchers who excelled like Clemens and Ryan at 42
  12. Glavine is only 40 and a soft tosser Maddux has an ERA thast is close to 5 and is 40 Moyer was pretty good last year but also a soft tosser U are right about Ryan
  13. He is the reigning AL MVP, thye should have not put all their money in the 42 year old RJ basket. ONly one pitcher has excelled at that age and he was a physical freak (Clemens)
  14. Well arent we touchy when u have an OF today who has barely has anyone who can hit the warning track. Please explain this great job by Cashman. The big off season move was taking a Red Sox player who is on the downside and giving him 12 million more than any other team and he is playhing like it. Cabrera is a nice 4th OF but the lack of power is noticeable when he plays everyday. When was the last great move he overpaid for: 1. Carl Pavano? 2. Jaret Wright? 3. Randy Johnson? 4. Jason Giambi? 5. Kyle Farnsworth? 6. Johnny Damon? Dont show your intelligence by cursing and downgrading my post, please give me facts when a Gm has a payroll almost double of anyone else and still cannot win a World Series. Have a Nice Day
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