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  1. Hey -- It has been a long time. Start posting again, JetNation misses you!

  2. I saw an advance screening on Monday night - awesome special effects. Great, great movie.
  3. As far as I've heard, they're not raising prices. Though even if they were, player salaries really have no impact on the price of a ticket. Price is set on supply and demand. If they spend more, put out a good product, then perhaps increased demand for tickets year over year could shift ticket prices.
  4. All I asked for was data Maxie. Its refreshing to see someone bringing facts to the table, rather than the normal hystrionics (I know thats spelled wrong) that certain Yanks fans throw out there :wink: I missed MBNs original response in that other thread, and its spot on from the perspective of how the league looks at the luxury tax and average salaries. I think there are some other moves that aren't being taken into account and some assumptions (dumping Benson today for example, reports that Ramon Hernandez may only want 6 and not 8 million or that the Mets platoon Castro wit
  5. Nice signing. Gotta like guys who can throw that hard. If handled properly, I don't see much risk of him imploding or exploding.
  6. Interesting move to say the least. Gets rid of an extra starter, cuts payroll. One can only hope this is a prelude to another move of some sort. Positives: Cuts 5 million in payroll. Provides a middle reliever at 2.5 million in a year where the market could be even higher. Benson is a pretty average #3. Negatives: Have to follow up with getting another starter. Pedro, Glavine, Trax, Seo and Zambrano...bleh. Vasquez or Zito? Could mean bye bye to Heilman and Milledge for Zito Anna Benson is hot. Random observation: Julio's ERA has climbed the las
  7. I'll be sitting field level 12/26 - how much you payin? Oh, you said pay for the printing...
  8. The real reason they lost is because they STILL can't manage the center-QB exchange without fumbling and/or losing yardage.
  9. What happened to the good 'ole days where jokes were funny? Man, I miss Rodney Dangerfield. He'd be messageboard gold. Gold I tell ya, gold!
  10. I'd be interested to see how you come up with 125 million at this point. There's a site below that a fan maintains that has them at 92 million. He doesnt have Zambrano's salary in there since his arb. eligible, but even adding in that, they're only around 100-102. Add an 8 million catcher is about 110 (which now they are saying might not happen - that a platoon of Castro and someone else might do the trick). Add some pen and bench help and they're around 120-125 max. In the interests of full disclosure, those numbers take into account the deferred money on the Beltran and Martin
  11. For me, the biggest fallacy is the idea that AT THIS POINT IN TIME, the Mets are throwing money around. They're simply not if you look at the big picture beyond the what the mindless talking heads say about buying a 13.7 million 1Bman and a 10.7 million closer. They removed 30 million in payroll by removing a bunch of players. They've replaced that payroll by addressing arguably the two biggest holes in the lineup, 1B and closer. They took a hit in RF to do it, replacing Cameron with Nady/Diaz. I've been saying it all along - if the Mets acquire Manny, a big $ catcher, a new 2bm
  12. Well, its splitting hairs, since we'll all agree Carlos is at the bottom end of list of 1Bmen defensively, but he's a perfectionist (early extra BP every day, etc) and has a very self-deprecating way of talking about himself, so him talking about himself in that way is not surprising. Hell, he deferred to Kaz Matsui on uni number, and called Wright and Reyes "Mr. Wright" and "Mr. Reyes". I'm just saying I saw him more than a few times last year and he looked at least as good as Jacobs did for the Mets. He's no Meinky, but then again, he doesn't hit like him either. Heck, Pujols h
  13. Joe was basically misquoted about the whole CF thing - someone asked him if Jeter or Arod could handle the position, and he said sure. He never said that he was thinking about it. At least thats what the papers say this morning, and its very plausible. Abreu is a solid solid OFer, and a guy I DON'T want the Yanks acquiring :wink: He's primarily played RF the past 3-4 years but he did play 18 games in CF in 2002 with no errors. But if it means weakening the Phillies, then by all means, go Abreu!
  14. Max leaves town and Tom Shane comes back. That is, if he ever really left.
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