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  1. guess you weren't paying attention to Mark on Sunday, he was fired up on the sidelines
  2. LOL Thank you for that, just brilliant haven't logged into this site in a long time, but had to acknowledge this, gonna steal it also
  3. Hey they sell Jets Crocs at the tent in camp, would anyone buy the Jets ones? I think they're okay Arsis, believe it or not they started out as clogs to wear for gardening...then the style got picked up and they're all over now
  4. Curtis Martin always wore long pants at practice. Nice report GGM!!
  5. She's done his show before, at different stages in her life. I think she wanted to say good-bye, give her love and words of encouragement to everyone til the end. Who'd of thunk this quirky make-up obsessed woman really had something important to say. Like she sang, when life gives you lemons-- make lemonade. RIP Tammy. "it's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate it takes guts to be gentle and kind"
  6. saw her on Dancing with the Stars, Curtis was there of course watching from the sidelines they make a nice couple-- she seems really nice
  7. oh please like I said she was a genuinely good person she didn't bilk anyone, no one put a gun to anyone's head to send in money PTL was no different than the Catholic Church, other than the child molestor priests of course-- PTL didn't have that at least Jim Bakker had the sense to have sex with an adult
  8. It is a sad loss. She was an amazing woman, geniunely good.
  9. sorry Freddy I told Ramsey today I hope he beats out Bollinger and wished him luck, that 3 years of Bollywood was enough. The guy didn't flinch...must be the QB code of conduct mwhahahahahahahahahaha
  10. I believe the Hendrix song was If 6 Was 9 they played it before at camp. Didn't see Jetcane today at camp....definitely a lot of little peeps at today's camp. Thought Ramsey's throws had arm power. I didn't see Tim Dwight out there, unless he was wearing another number over his? he wears 17 but someone else had 17 on in red numbers (not green jersey). anyhoo, planning on going up tomorrow Hey Guns if you're reading this, email me your home address. I have something for you. Update Hendrix: or it was Voodoo Child (?)....deferring this to Hendrix experts who heard the
  11. Let the show begin! :wink: (agree until Fiedler comes back)
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