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  1. Sperm Edwards

    Why Bruce Arians is so bullish on Jets future

    Arians is welcome to come in to be Darnold's QBC
  2. +1 Granted this is from wikipedia but I'm not spending time researching beyond that: As a junior, he passed for 2,200 yards 25 touchdowns and three interceptions and was named Second Team All-State QB. He was also named Second Team All-Broward County as an athlete for 2007.[5] Following his junior year he was invited to the prestigious Elite 11 Quarterback Camp in Aliso Viejo, California. During Smith's senior season, he led his team to the state 6A semi-finals and completed 205 of 338 passes for 3,089 yards and 30 touchdowns while also rushing for over 300 yards. He was an All-State First Team in Florida Class 6A and a Parade All-American. He was also the No. 1 rated player in Broward County according to the Miami Herald and South Florida Sun Sentinel and finished No. 2 in the voting for Mr. Florida. He finished his career as the third-best passer in Broward County history, and was named to the ESPN Top 150 prospects list (ESPN's #8 HS QB prospect in the nation). You take a HS kid with this going for him, and I'll contend whether or not he ends up acting like an entitled douchebag has little to do with how much or how little money his parents make. You could even make the opposite claim, like a kid born well-off might better know how to handle having a bright future because it happens all around him. Either way it matters not, until someone shows me an unbiased unanimity of studies proving a causal income-to-douchebag correlation. Like it's far-fetched for someone - a teenager no less - with this going for him, on top of the hero-worship (and not insignificantly, the female attention) that even a crappy HS QB can get, to arrogantly act like he's the only kid in the school who'll make millions before age 25 without becoming a felon. Statistically there's a good chance he'll even be right, even if the failure to mature from this arrogant, entitled, douchebag personality could contribute to future failure, or in certain settings, a broken jaw or worse. Still kind of funny that he lost his freaking playbook the year after we let him go. Way to show you've matured and started acting more responsibly, Geno. Lol.
  3. Sperm Edwards

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    That's a lot of room he's got, to fit both Barkley and Aikman in there at the same time. #respect
  4. Sperm Edwards

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I still can't believe they took a RB - no matter how talented - over a QB. Especially coming off a 3-win season in which their QBC-turned-OC-turned-HC felt he could rationalize ending Eli's 200+ start streak for Geno Smith. Then the next year you pass up on a QB to draft a RB, only to cut the 3rd round QB they just drafted the prior season, leaving Eli and a rookie who can't throw non-lollipops >15 yards? They had a perfect out for a non-playoff showing after a slow start (if that would have even happened). They picked up a couple of OLmen (for better or worse), drafted another, and had serious receiving weapons. Their worst offseason crime on offense was betting too much on Flowers suddenly becoming something he wasn't since they drafted him. If they drafted a Darnold and even still started out 1-5 behind a decent offense and a crappy defense, then the fans shrug their shoulders at the record while salivating at an insta-replacement for Eli, whom they'll have for a long, long time. What's more, having a cheap starting QB like that for 4 seasons more than offsets the amount they just overpaid Solder, with plenty of change leftover. Had they gone with Darnold they could have even justified forking over a future 2nd rounder to Pittsburgh for Bell for their QB's first 2 or more seasons if they really wanted to. I'm starting to think there aren't more than 5 smart GMs in the NFL, if there are even that many.
  5. Sperm Edwards

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    First, I think it was established I was thinking of a different play than the poster I quoted. But on that play I was speaking of: While in practice, though pretty much every time it's called, d-holding is basically DPI before the ball is thrown, I believe you're correct it doesn't have to be, by the rules. But this play would have to be DPI or nothing. The problem with not throwing a flag there, when the receiver was clearly mugged after the ball was in the air, is even if there's only like a 1% chance of a catch then it's still DPI. It not supposed to be doubtful or just unlikely or even really, really unlikely to be catchable to fail to throw a flag there. It has to be clearly uncatchable (i.e. physically impossible for a non-Jedi human to possibly catch this pass even if he was untouched), like a pass 10+ yards over everyone's heads. But the rules don't say in cases of clearly uncatchable it downgrades to holding instead. Rather, if it's not DPI here then it's deemed irrelevant/incidental to the incompletion. Holding presumes the play might have otherwise gone another way if not for the defender holding or contact; even if it's away from the throw he idea is maybe the QB threw to the other side of the field because of that holding on one side.
  6. Sperm Edwards

    Clowney is must!

    Leo's cap hit is about the same as Watt's next year, even on just the 5th year team option. Beyond that, Leo's extension will almost assuredly be far more than Watt's remaining hits. That is, save maybe just 2020 if we really backload it a lot. Houston isn't exactly hurting for cap space themselves. If they let him go, it's because the team that knows him best - the team most emotionally motivated to make him finish his career for their team - has determined he's not worth what someone else will pay.
  7. Had they hired a lesser person, they’d surely have needed three. I hope they paid you at least double.
  8. Sperm Edwards

    Winter is Coming

    If you don’t have anything ice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  9. Manish Mehta on credit and blame towards the coaching: When the outcome is bad it's meaningless. When the outcome is good it's meaningful.
  10. Sperm Edwards

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    Fair enough. I saw one Enunwa drop but that was the middle of the field not in the EZ. It's entirely possible I just flat-out missed a play; it wasn't 3 hours by myself in a mancave yesterday. A few couples came over during the game, and the other "men" were as into the game as the dog. Mrs. Sperm needs to be more disciplined with our social calendar. So yeah that's the one I was talking about. I have it DVR'd so maybe I'll watch again. At least this one will be an enjoyable encore showing lol.
  11. Agree. As time goes on we're all going to be less tolerant of things like a high snap (or 3 of them on the same drive ffs) maybe throwing his timing off. But right now? I'm inclined to give him a benefit of the doubt that he's thinking - or even counting in his head - so much on so many dropbacks that something like a high snap before it gets started can throw it all off and the end result is a pass or two (or a handful) that are high, low, too far in front, to far behind, too much or not enough arc, or whatever. It's even a distraction on others that aren't bad snaps because you're almost half-expecting it. Never mind watching his WRs route while mentally counting to monitor a presumed pass rush, and as a result he's seeing and not seeing a DB cheating while he's starting at a receiver so he can get the timing right. It happens, and he's young so it'll happen; it happens to veterans, too. Multitasking is difficult if you're sitting at a freaking desk; never mind when start to finish is all in 2-4 seconds while you've got 300-pound monsters who are coming for your face or knees and that the pressure comes at you differently not in a cookie cutter each time. As individual things become more automatic, and in particular as he get used to more of his receivers' speeds and tendencies, each becomes one less thing to think about. Some things take time, and it's been just 5 games yet (and not exactly playing along with the starting all-pro offense, for the greatest coaching staff ever assembled).
  12. Sperm Edwards

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    It was obvious PI, but no. I think the ref has a tough explanation to call that clearly/obviously uncatchable, but that doesn't mean it would have been so obviously catchable either if not for the PI. It looked close - close enough to throw the flag - as it's not like it was 10 feet above everyone's head, but even on replay I didn't see a "perfect" pass there. We won't know because of the PI and that's the point as to why he had to throw the flag there. Know what? If they're going to keep it in their pocket, at least it wasn't a play that ended up materially changing the game in an eventual loss. We still beat the piss out of them with or without that call. The two to Robby couldn't have been thrown any better.
  13. Isn't the average about 2 drops/game? Since the idea is to compare to his peers, we can't really say our tolerance level for others is 2 per game and for this team is zero, in order to calculate a shoulda-been number. Especially when the team was among the leaders in fewest-dropped passes heading into this week (just 3 through the first 4 games; three other teams had 10 and three more had 9). It could be argued the reason we had fewer drops is there were fewer catchable passes (yes, including things like Pryor giving up on his route, which doesn't count as a drop but was actually worse than a drop in terms of results). He looked good yesterday - very good at times - but there were also clearly some passes where he didn't. That's ok; it's his 5th game and it's not like the premiere NFL offensive gurus and starting all-pro line and receiving corps make it so simple. I think some of the issue is with so many guys looking good so early, there's a presumption that ball placement isn't something that gets better as the game slows down over dozens of games. I tend to think it can get better, and allow tossing anyone's rookie season out to use start of year 2 as a baseline instead, but that doesn't therefore mean he's been really good in every regard. I think at worst he'll be fine as he starts to settle down a bit, with an excellent chance of being a whole lot more than just fine. That doesn't make it out of line to point out things he didn't do so great. Also it's clear whatever problems he has, being physically able to make any throw isn't one of them.

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