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  1. Maybe we should bench him for the first half every week? Second half numbers aren't stellar either. Still, if those numbers were doubled, for a rookie, there wouldn't be 1/10 the Jets fans near the ledge. So we should just play him in the 2nd half. #tehscienceandstuff
  2. I have a theory that Gruden resigned because those weren't the only emails of his that they had (and maybe not even the worst).
  3. I wouldn't. The Jets have a bajillion draft picks and I'm satisfied enough with the pleasant surprise of his pass blocking to just enjoy that much while the team's breaking in a rookie QB. Last thing I'd bank on is someone's career year - in one aspect of his game, while still relatively failing at the other half - becoming the baseline for all years to come. At this point it's between wait & see and take the money & run on Fant. It's not even a sure thing that he should be the starting LT next year, or even for the entire duration of this season yet, let alone anointing him
  4. They were looking at their choice of 4 highly-rated QB prospects in 2021, weighed against not even knowing what the choices will be at their pick in 2022 (if Darnold didn't do a 180 on his career). As much as anything it's about picking one's own poison and, even if that choice is incorrect, to get it out of the way earlier since that gives the GM a better chance for another swing at the plate before he's terminated. If he waits until 2022, then on top of that sits the QB behind a veteran - if they weren't picking high enough they'd have to have a credible stopgap veteran in place before
  5. I don’t know. The flip-side is if you go back just over 10 yrs ago the high 1st rounders like Wilson were already making $10MM+/year (when the league’s best still hadn’t eclipsed $20MM/yr). But among those mentioned were QBs (Mahomes the most notable) who didn’t even play right away. I think when you’re looking at the last 5 years you lose the opportunity to see a QB’s second go-around (like Tannehill, whom you mention) as you’re only looking at that first stint.
  6. Sorry but that's beyond moving the goalposts. There is no "era" of 5 draft classes. 10 years ago are just as relevant as today's picks. Nothing magical happened between 6-10 years ago that makes QBing so much different for a 2021 prospect. There's no "track record" at all when you're looking at such a small sample size. It's all statistical noise no matter which result side you're looking at. Those successes and failures are due to the individuals not some huge change in the NFL that began in 2016.
  7. It’s a legit concern. I have to believe he’s working his way back and not just laying in bed waiting for the day the doctor says “OK, you’re healed” to only then get off his ass. He can work out with the team & be in on meetings; he just can’t practice with them until he’s off IR. Maybe they take him off IR at least a week early, before he’s medically cleared to play a full game, just so he can take some snaps in practices; and not worry about the player who’d otherwise occupy the last (and anyway, inactive) roster spot. Even more so with the expansion of the practice squad. At
  8. A GM has to not just consider Wilson (or any of the other three that followed him). If one of them - particularly the one projected to go at #2 where we picked - pans out and he stuck with Darnold and drafted a TE (however talented) instead, he’d justifiably be under far more heat. They didn’t figure to land a top 3 pick again if Darnold returned (the reason they’d bring Darnold back is they figured he’d be good, not playing like a raw rookie) so their options to upgrade at QB in the next draft become a lot more of an unknown. What if next year’s QB class looks like 2013’s, and i
  9. Fant’s contract isn’t up after this year. He’ll be about $10MM in new money next year (not guaranteed, though), plus another $1MM from his signing bonus hits the cap whether he’s on the team or not. Also Seattle used him that way because he was dirt cheap. Nobody pays a backup/swing tackle $10MM (let alone while squeezing other starting players out of millions). The players are well aware how much each other makes. Correct. One problem with Becton’s injury is that he isn’t going to get back until the trade dealine has passed, so (barring a Becton trade) all three starting tac
  10. Mahomes didn’t play immediately. Reid sat his ass all season long until one garbage time game. Ditto Rodgers. Alex Smith, drafted ahead of Rodgers, sucked for years. Tannehill’s first 5 games he had 3 TDs and 6 picks and they weren’t installing a new offense & he didn’t have nearly as many free rushers nor dropped passes nor a rookie OC. Stafford 3 TDs 7 INTs in his first 5 starts, and 3 of his next 5 games after that were atrocious (including throwing 9 picks in 2 of them). Brady barely made the roster as a rookie. Brees saw action in 1 game. Both were healthy as rooki
  11. Here's where I disagree with that idea. That tally of wins/losses without the starter aside, what another QB buys is credibility, and not throwing in the towel on developing other players. This is a young team, not just a team with a young QB. If Wilson goes out there's still a need to assess what else the team has and what it doesn't. It's hard enough with a rookie who's mostly struggled thus far; it'd be harder still with White, who's not an NFL QB. He's not even a #2 QB. It's debatable that he's even a roster-worthy #3 QB seeing how long it took him to hold off Morgan, who's temporaril
  12. Darnold's never thrown 4 INTs in a game. Also never happened against NE with a QB rating of 3.6 a season after he got his rookie lumps in. Never happened. Never.
  13. He did throw it right at Adams, on their past possession of regulation. Adams had a perfect pick opportunity right there, which at that point probably seals the win before OT. Inexcusable for him to not catch that one. See the difference what an elite-paid defender did with his opportunities in the other side (Watt). Adams adds more losses than he adds wins for them (still more considering the 3-4 extra starters he cost to acquire add extend). Yummy.
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