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  1. I didn't say I didn't like neutral gray. I said the hallways are ugly as raw, unpainted cinderblocks, and it is. "Over the top" is, following my relatively tame description of the stadium as ugly: (1) reflexively suggesting I'm crying over it; (2) sarcastically suggesting people give up their tickets over it; (3) suggesting I find the stadium "offensive" somehow; and (4) suggesting people are truly upset about it in general. All I said was it's ugly. I think lots of things and lots of people are ugly. Doesn't mean it keeps me up at night, nor that I have a huge emo reaction to it. I just think it's ugly, and enumerated why I think so. Frankly this is already my longest discussion over the stadium's appearance I've had since it was built. BTW Woody also tampered. He just wasn't fined over it. I defended him at the time because I'm a Jets fan, but c'mon you can't express clear interest in another team's under-contract player, who has an obvious contract negotiation coming up in the coming weeks (and whom he ended up signing as a FA in that same offseason). Doubt it would have been a 1st rounder, but we easily could have lost a draft pick over it. And with all this, I'd have to say I've been less critical than most with regards to Woody Johnson. I think he's a boob, but don't think he's been so directly responsible for every decision the team's made. Indirectly, yes, by hiring incompetent people (since he is one himself), but everything from Tebow to Fitz to whatever draft pick or player signing -- they've all baselessly been put at his feet because he's an easy target as an affable idiot. Making his brother the head of football operations - or making him the CEO without the caveat that he has to hire someone qualified - was just the latest.
  2. They've won 3 of the last 5 superbowls. If anything they're lobbying to have his mantits into a permanent attribute on the Lombardi Trophy. Gase only has had a few notable things since becoming the Jets' HC. This is one of them. Another is getting the GM fired, and kudos to him for that. Point being, when he hoists up his 6th Super Bowl win* then Jets fans will pull out pictures of his bug-eyed expression differently, like a grandmother pulling out pics of her beloved grandchildren. Also you have to admit it was a f***ing strange look. Not the strangest thing I've ever seen by a long shot, but still strange. Especially during a press conference.
  3. Amen. I don't see how one goes from that design to agreeing to the current one, but in the end the field is no different. It would have been nice to have that same design in Queens, where it could have gone forward, rather than sharing MetLife in the swamp. Admittedly I'm biased in that regard because I don't live in NJ. But whether a WSS or in Queens it also would have been nice to have far more convenient public transportation to the stadium, rather than having to overshoot by going to Secaucus and then having to double back to the stadium (and do the same in reverse to get back). Six hours round trip for me when you count the wait just to get into the train to Secaucus after the game; just not worth the trip (or not worth making it regularly). Others feel differently, and that's fine, too. Good for them. Some people can also get it up for super-ugly people as well. This, too, is not for me.
  4. You are taking a ridiculous extreme again. I said it's ugly. You then make the leap to "yuh, I'm cancelling my seats." One can decide not to cancel one's seats and think the stadium is uglier than its contemporaries. I cancelled mine before the new stadium was built, but that was more due to logistics. Stadium is ugly. Also the Johnsons should have hired people smarter and more competent than they are to run the team's football operations. An unqualified incompetent making his equally unqualified and incompetent brother in charge of everything - including and most notably football operations, which is all I really care about - is the action of an egomaniac. Jerry Jones is also an egomaniac. But he was also a football player and his Cowboys have multiple Super Bowl rings. It's been some time since they've won one, and he should have relinquished some control as well. But at least his stadium looks real nice lol. You can disagree all you want, but that doesn't make it any less so. These two are not examples of competent people simply by virtue of being left an impossibly high sum of money from people who were.
  5. Ditto Shepherd. He'll make the cut if he plays well this summer, and he'll get cut if he doesn't. A "lock" is someone who will make the team even if he has a meh or lousy summer.
  6. The ones overseeing winners are qualified. The others are not. I'm not crying over the stadium design - no one is - and if you'd like to keep it friendly then please try to respond more maturely than this response literally right after I said it's far from my biggest gripe. All I said is it's ugly, and IMO comparatively it is. Yes the stadium is ugly inside, where it's a bunch of unpainted cinderblock hallways. Outside it's a big meh with no character. The initial drawing for the WSS was gorgeous, as are other new stadiums. Has no impact on whether or not I'm a fan of the team, nor does it impact the team's performance. It's still uggo, though. If you think it's beautiful in comparison to what was expected, or what other teams have built, then you're certainly entitled to your opinion.
  7. Leaving himself and his equally unqualified brother in charge through all the fails - including the latter’s admission he was unqualified on his own for 2 seasons without hiring someone qualified instead - makes him an egomaniac. Also since when are Cro-Magnon Giants fans the measuring stick of anything positive? The stadium is ugly inside and out among those built in the last 20 or so years. Not my biggest gripe by any stretch, but it's true. I'm optimistic with the recent results, but it's too convenient to whitewash a couple decades' investments (including one winning season in the last eight) as some worthwhile means to an end. Also it's only a worthwhile end at the point the Jets win a championship, not merely today's point where they finally hired a GM who's well thought of by more than 5 people in NFL circles.
  8. It's ambiguous, no doubt. Usually when they're being cute with the term they sneak in phrases like, "$108 million in total guarantees." This is a bit more absolute-sounding. Also it's a young FQB contract so they typically get 3 years fully guaranteed. $108MM would be a little more than 3 years in terms of average money, but not by much. Not to mention the payout in the first 3 years is $108MM. What isn't addressed is if it's an absolute or effective extension. Specifically, until that magic date arrives, the 5th year option for 2020 was not yet guaranteed for skill (only injury). While the guaranteed vs total numbers really, really line up to look like they include the first 3 of the 4 extension years, it's not explicitly said that all the guaranteed money is on the 4 new years. The reality is the 5th year option is not 100% fully guaranteed, so if the $108MM guarantee is all on the add-on years, in real terms they've effectively guaranteed $108MM plus the original 5th year option amount. Have a tough time believing an agent would leak less absolute guarantees than he actually got for his client, so the guaranteed amount probably starts with this year's pay (money he was 100% getting anyway) and next year's (money he was 99% getting anyway unless he had a healthy 2 TD : 23 INT season in 2019). Most likely it has turned his upcoming 2 years of team control into an upcoming 6 years of team control and all the $108MM in guarantees are not only in the 4 new add-on years.
  9. We'd have a Jets-only stadium and it couldn't get any uglier than the one they're presently sharing. We've won nothing in the past 20 years to compare so favorably to anyone. They've still won nothing and all we've got so far is the appearance of hope after falling into it by accident. Dolan is an idiot, no doubt, but so are both Johnson brothers. All of them are egomaniacs who insist on being key parts of the process, which more often than not leads to being key parts of the failure. Drinking a glass of throw-up is better than a glass of diarrhea. Both are horrible, though.
  10. Could be. I'm not around Florham Park's offices so I don't know what Bowles did or did not say to CJ while he was on "equal footing" with the GM. By most accounts, Macc and Bowles were on the same page with the same basic philosophy (such as it is). That there were surely differences of opinion on specific moves or non-moves along the way doesn't disprove that; no two people agree on everything for 4 straight years. As far as the Douglas presser, it's nice stuff but really doesn't mean much. What I'm far more optimistic about, with regards to the hire, is the way he seems to have resounding support from anyone who utters his name. Of course, so does Bowles for the most part, but moving up the ladder to GM I think is less of a jump than climbing up that last rung from coordinator to HC, so that's neither here nor there. We've all lost count of the number of successful coordinators who were good at their own specific area of expertise but just weren't cut out for the top dog position in charge of everything and everyone. In the end, good philosophy or not, good catch phrases or not, Douglas has to do the same thing every GM has to do: add good players, minimize adding bad ones, and prioritize positions rationally. Some positions you fill as soon as the opportunity presents itself; others can wait because there are such opportunities every year (if not multiple times every year). I think that was one of Macc's biggest shortcomings, on top of having a poorer eye for talent than thousands of unqualified armchair GMs.
  11. You're right in terms of more ideal timing, but Gase had an uphill battle pushing a guy out right after getting here as the new guy with no friends in the building yet (don't forget the assistant GM was also Macc's guy). What was necessary to make this happen, even as early as it did in the spring, was Gase forcing CJ to watch closely for another offseason and seeing him add a bunch of pieces the HC didn't want (and fail to add other pieces he did want). That wasn't going to happen in January. FFS Johnson had just given the guy an extension after facepalming repeatedly, and still felt he needed Macc him in the room with him when interviewing every coaching candidate. Johnson didn't know sh*t on his own. If this one offseason went closer to the way Gase wanted, then Macc isn't fired and Douglas is hired by someone else in January 2020 - or to the Texans right now - while the Jets weren't GM shopping. Take the win. Don't squabble over not winning by enough of a margin.
  12. I'm happy so far with the new blood this year as well, but don't let that ignore what actually happened. CJ handed out extensions to Macc and Bowles after consecutive losing seasons. And absent Gase being Gase, pushing the former out the window in his first spring here, there'd likely have been no GM change for a few more years or more. Johnson outright admitted to not paying attention to his GM's job performance until after Gase was hired (i.e. until after Gase told him that his GM is in incompetent boob, with a laughable reputation outside Florham Park and a handful of blindly loyal Jets fans). Further, if he was paying attention, and had fired the two of them when he should have (instead of those extensions), there's every likelihood he screws that up as well, with multiple teams competing for the same people. The cause of the current preseason high-fiving with the FO changes wasn't due to competence by anyone with the last name Johnson. It was a comedy of errors that resulted in accidentally-good timing/circumstances, including Gase being an outspoken, backstabbing, egomaniacal hardon, who had prior longstanding ties to Douglas. The expression that comes to mind is it's better to be lucky than good. I'll take it.
  13. You think so? I hope it's true, but he hasn't coached a top 10 defense since the last time the Jets were in the playoffs almost a decade ago.
  14. So the millions of dollars and numerous draft picks on defense dried up as soon as Bowles was fired, and an offensive-minded HC was hired in his stead, right? Bowles sucked, and should have been fired before his extension (along with his GM counterpart), but I can only imagine his scapegoating after yet another offseason of all-defense plus only short game / ground & pound investments in the offense. Even the $15MM/year big fish FA that got away was on defense. Maybe our shiny new DC was the one really pulling the strings this offseason. Bowles wasn’t good enough to be the HC, and I agree he didn’t hold enough players accountable. At the same time, that’s easy for a fan to say and hard for a coach to do when there’s no one else on the roster more worthy of being on the field (or worthy of being on the field at all). Convenient to say, “Well yes we’re losing even more games, or losing game by even greater margins, but at least he’s not letting these high priced players get away with their crap.” He’ll get fired all the same, if not sooner, as the GM will be able to point to him not even playing the good players he was provided. Again, it’s convenient for a fan to say how much tougher he’d be. Not all whiny would-be disciplinarians get results. The players did more than just say they loved him as a person; they were over & over saying they were in the wrong positions, didn’t do what the plays dictated they do, and that they practiced the exact scenario during the week. That’s also on coaching, too, but if the starters are not following instructions and there’s no one else half decent behind them to put out there instead, there isn’t much more for him to do. The only other insinuation is this is and has been a 10-13 win roster all this time, yet they were only winning about 5 games due to the HC. He’s not the HC anymore, but no one was bringing home championships - and probably not making the playoffs as a wildcard team - with 3 years of backup QBs plus 1 year of a rookie QB (on top of all the other FA and draft misfires all over the field). Be happy Bowles was let go, even if it was late. Also the recent GM move so soon after the owner actually started paying attention said plenty about just how bad he was. Better late than never with the GM as well, but around the league this is being heralded as a great hire. Be happy about that, too.
  15. I’m sure he was. Plenty of (if not most) NFL starters were “wow” players at lower levels. I didn’t say he wouldn’t be extended; just that my personal opinion is he’s not yet shown he’s worth extending at starter money for the Jets. Understand, he is the only offensive lineman on the team who isn’t playing under a free agent contract. That makes his value to the team higher (though he did reach incentives to bump his 4th year money from around the league-minimum salary up to $2MM). If/when his rate jumps from $2MM to $6-10MM per, he’s less attractive and it’s harder to overlook his shortcomings. At a low salary the team has more give and take, in that the money they’re not paying him (at least in theory / on paper) can be used to shore up another position, or for more expensive OL depth behind him. That flexibility dries up when he’s making veteran FA money. Honestly I don’t know what they’re going to do with him. I expect it depends on how well he plays this year (duh), but they have 5 starting OL contracts expiring in 2019 and 2020. They can’t let them all go (well they can, but they won’t), and it’s a strain on other positions, and a competitive disadvantage relative to other teams, to have zero starters in this unit playing on cheaper rookie deals where they’re grossly outplaying what they’d have cost as UFAs.
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