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  1. Sperm Edwards

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    This one was a sex trafficking mill not some self employed girl choosing to give handies to make some extra money (or as primary income). Trafficking is no joke, and that "industry" would likely still be alive regardless of the legality of getting a happy ending. Statistically anyway, sex trafficking increases when prostitution is legal. But to your point wtf is wrong with him going to someplace where the whole room would blacklight-fluoresce like the jungle in Avatar from all the spunk.
  2. I never could get why anyone thought he'd be a top 10 CB. He wasn't before we signed him either, and that was with the likes of Aaron Donald & co forcing faster and errant passes (if not outright sacks/fumbles/throwaways).
  3. Sperm Edwards

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    Not that I'd expect his trainer to say otherwise, but (link) Le’Veon Bell sat out all of last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but despite a recent report, Bell’s weight never became an issue. Le’Veon Bell is not shaped like a nose tackle. On Wednesday, the New York Daily News published a piece stating Bell allowed his weight to balloon to 260 pounds during his holdout. Bell’s trainer, Pete Bommarito of Bommarito Performance Systems in Miami, tells FanSided that’s false. “It’s so untrue it’s laughable and ridiculous,” Bommarito stated. “He has stuck to the plan and stayed in shape all year. It’s ridiculous. Where does this stuff come from? Who says this? Nobody asked me.” Bell, who’s playing weight is 217 pounds, is about to hit free agency following news earlier this week that the Steelers will allow him to hit the open market. There’s a thought from people close to Bell that the Jets are trying to lower the price on the former All-Pro by floating stories about weight gain. New York has reason to play that game. With a bevy of suitors expected to come calling when free agency begins on March 11, softening the market is always a tactic. Still, the Jets have the second-most cap space in the league behind the Indianapolis Colts. If New York is forced to get into a bidding war — and any team attempting to sign Bell will be — the Jets have the cash to win out.
  4. Sperm Edwards

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    Yeah but we'll only have them for 2 years (unlike the presumptive myth that all other GMs are fully guaranteeing non-QBs for 3-4 years). So as I said. Advantage: Jets.
  5. While surprises are always welcome, giving Trent Brown $100MM would predict to be unwise, because stretched over the whole year he isn't the exception. Von Miller doesn't face him consistently. On the contrary, for as much attention as that line got, I'm trying to even find when was the last time Miller played against Brown at all. Denver and NE didn't face each other in 2018. Denver and SF haven't played against each other since the 2014 season when Brown was still in college. You also have the statement wrong. He said Brown is the best RIGHT tackle he's ever faced, and since he moves around that's a far cry from the best offensive tackle he's ever faced, and here's the real kicker: that statement was fully based on a single 2016 preseason 2-team practice, and it was based on his theoretical ceiling rather than his in-game play game after game. Frankly when we played Denver ourselves this year both of our starting meh to below average tackles played great games, as Darnold was untouched against the Broncos' arguably league-best pair of edge rushers. It's the difference between statistical evidence and anecdotal evidence, and Miller's comments are way, way the latter. By the numbers, in terms of surrendering pressure, Brown is a mediocre - or at best a highly inconsistent - pass protector. He'll pancake guys one day (or one half) and then he's a turnstile the next. He gave up 35 QB pressures this year. Dive deeper into that number: He played under a HC/OLC who consistently get better-than-elsewhere production on paper out of OLmen. Decide for yourself whether that's from superior coaching, from just not getting flagged as often for obvious holding, Brady getting rid of it fast, or all of the above. Brady's consistently at or in the top 5 of fastest time to release, 2018 was no exception, and his primary targets on passing downs are (un-coincidentally) typically short-pattern receivers whose routes don't need longer protection time to develop & get open. He played twice against the Jets who have no dangerous edge rusher. Ditto Miami. Twice against Buffalo, Hughes supposedly got past him to pressure Brady multiple times, even though he may not have sacked Brady outright this year (but that's more due to the QB's ability to slide up/around in the pocket & get rid of the ball fast than Brown's great protection). he was a RT before this year. He might be a model RT but purely in terms of surrendering pressure he may actually be an outright downgrade from Beachum. He certainly allowed more pressures (35 to Beachum's 27), despite Darnold holding it around the longest (most of those around/below his near-3-second time-to-throw stat are among the league's most mobile QBs (e.g. L.Jackson, Allen, Watson, Rodgers) where that's more of the reason for long time to throw than stellar protection. If the QBs each blocked for were reversed, good bet Beachum would grade out far more favorably than Brown, or at least on par. With all that going for him to still surrender 2-3 pressures per game is pretty eye-popping. He's not worth anywhere near the $20MM/year contract you're talking about. If you're expecting 2008-2010 era D'Brickashaw pass protection out of him for the Jets, you'd be extremely disappointed. Never mind that over time a man carrying around nearly 400 pounds will always be an injury risk, particularly with each passing year. If he was anywhere near being the most elite LT in football, as Miller's statement from a single 2016 practice would suggest, NE would pay the money to keep him instead of crossing their fingers that Wynn coming off a bad Achilles injury will be anywhere near that. Or they'd keep both of them and trade Cannon, who turns 31 this spring. At worst they'd tag him because the FT is nowhere near $20MM.
  6. Sperm Edwards

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    There are more FAs out there that will fill a hole on our team because we have so many different holes. So we won't have to focus on a couple particular players because so many would be improvements. Advantage: Jets. Didn't think of that, did you smart guy?
  7. That's not a reason to draft someone, since it could be said about any prospect in any round of every draft. What if they guy they passed on would have been the best player they've drafted since Revis? Every DL pick hasn't sucked. It's just that none have panned out as hoped beyond their cheaper rookie contracts.
  8. Sperm Edwards

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    Thanks for the heads up I still have a pair of jeans to return. When are they planning on closing?
  9. Maybe you misunderstand. The "blame" would be for drafting him (or any defensive player) in the first place, not blame for him becoming a player who stinks.
  10. Adding up the bolded parts above would add up to ~$95MM, still leaving an outright hole at LG. Now of course they aren't likely to all hit at that amount in year 1 of new contracts. However, starting next year they'll add up a good amount more than that. Plus the team will be looking to extend Leo (paying $16-21MM/year is the hope, otherwise why bother keeping him this year?); Robby ($12-14MM/yr if he merely tops 1000 yards); Jenkins ($10MM/year if he's worth keeping); Lee's 5th year option at $9MM Another $40-50MM there to bring the total to ~$150MM. Toss in Darnold ($8MM); Williamson ($8.5MM); Tru ($15MM); Q ($8MM); 2019 #3 overall pick ($8MM) 2020's #1 pick ($3-7MM too early to tell yet) And then we'd be over $200MM for about half the roster (a mere $185MM if you delete one of the above like Bell or Brown; $170MM if you delete both). $100M in cap space isn't $300MM. Some peoples' shopping lists make it sound like they believe it is. Either that or the belief is 25-26yo Trent Brown will accept an $8MM/year contract from the Jets lol.
  11. I think some believe that $100MM and one pick in the first 2 rounds to fill all these holes and needed upgrades, it's infinity dollars and picks. QB2 - outright need right now, almost assuredly will be filled via FA not a low draft pick. Guess we'll spend $5MM here give or take, but depends on which veteran they add of course. RB1 - outright need right now. If they're looking at Bell - which I'm not convinced they are - that's another $15MM (though they could make it less for year 1) WR1 - we all want an upgrade here to find a special-talent receiver not just someone 6'3" tall with a nice 40 time. Team may pick up Brown, who wants a new contract probably in the $18MM/year range. LT - Beachum is meh but we could make do for 1 more year. The problem is if you're going to draft our next LT the time to do it is this year because he's not going to head into the 2020 draft with no LT on the team. Signing a 25-26 year old FA LT like Brown will be in the $16MM/year range, possibly more. LG - outright need right now C - outright need right now. Adding a one in FA (e.g. Paradis) figures to be no less than $12MM RT - while not technically a hole, an upgrade would certainly be best. Shell has had multi-game injuries both years (played the whole game for 10 games in 2017 and 13 games in 2018) and isn't particularly good when he's in there. If we draft our next LT he could play here as a rookie if Beachum is still better on the blind side; otherwise Beachum could be released, traded, or moved to RT. 43DE real edge rusher - outright need right now. Maccagnan has stated this is a primary target, so if he's thinking DT with his 1st round pick then he'll take the top young edge rusher from FA which will be pushing $20MM per year. 43DE other side - Jenkins entering his rookie contract's final season and hasn't been playing with a hand in the dirt every down. If he's any good at it will take an 8-figure/year contract to keep starting in 2020. 43DT - Leo entering the final/option year of his rookie contract. Will need a massive-priced extension to keep. 43DT - (drafted Shepherd at the top of round 3 last year, and he's locked up under team control for this year and 2 years after that for very cheap.) 43OLB - Lee can be locked up with 5th year option next year at $9MM and is a UFA after that. They'll probably keep him at least through then. 43OLB opposite Lee - outright need right now unless Jenkins can cover enough ground with only 2 other LBs. If he does then add a second 43DE as the need instead. CB2 - outright need right now. Another Claiborne/similar addition should be in the $8-10MM/year range, and possibly more depending on the name. NB - outright need right now, unless the team is planning on going with Nickerson unchallenged It's amazing that considering all the needs above that - while keeping Leo with the hopes he's good enough in 2019 to justify we keep/extend in 2020 and beyond - we would use a #3 overall pick on another DT and spend some $14-18MM on a FA LT. Give Shepherd a chance, take another raw+upside DT in/around round 4-5, plus another $3MM FA DT, and if all are meh then draft a DT on days 1-2 next year. Multiple DT prospects come out every year with top-40 grades; this isn't some once in a decade opportunity the way an elite outside pass rusher would be in that #3 slot.
  12. So our 2nd pick last year, at the top of round 3 (as people like to say, "almost a 2nd rounder") is a DT. After that we trade another late future pick for Anderson for a year (and make no known effort to extend him during the season). After that we decide to hang onto Leo for a show-me 5th year option season with no extension (to put him in the driver's seat in negotiations a year from now, if he becomes a much better player than he's been). And then after that we're going to take yet another DT at #3 overall, with our only draft pick for the first 2 rounds? Come on. I hope even Maccagnan isn't this shortsighted. DTs come out of college every year. There is no desperation to take another one at #3 right now. The hilarity of it is how all those in favor of it now would have placed all blame for the pick squarely on Bowles if he was still here, and how such a pick never would have happened if we had an offense-minded HC.
  13. We'll see. He was playing RT and G, no? What is your contract offer for Brown? And you're going to bypass drafting someone better & more consistent because he's just that good? I thought the idea was to build a great OL not settle at its most important position to further the drafting of another ****ing DT in round 1.
  14. They can trade back. I'm not trying to put others' comments on you, but I've had it up to here with the nonsense that we alone have been hit with the hardships of being unable to move back while others have been able to. That, while in the next sentence high-5ing over getting the top overall pick regardless of position fall to our lower slot, without anyone else wanting him enough to move up to get him. Why are the Jets alone possessors of this special handicap? If he's projected to be all that then someone else will want him enough to trade up, just like Bradway traded two 1s and a 4 (all in the current draft not even the following year's 1st rounder) to move up to #4 for a DT he didn't even know would be there at the time of the trade. Sperm Sr. used to say there's an ass for every seat. Usually said it when I was sitting down, but I'm sure that was just coincidence.

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