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  1. Sperm Edwards

    Bell or draft?

    I think their good riddance is because of the timing, with him changing his mind midseason about showing up. Ideally we could/should try to trade off guarantees instead of heavy on the bonuses, where he doesn't get paid (and we don't get cap hit) if he's suspended. As to your last statement, I'd rather not either; 3 yrs guaranteed for a RB who'll be 27 is nothing to gloss over lightly. But this is where having this much cap space isn't so great (in the absence of wanting to extend our own). At some point it has to be spent, whether that spend is wise or not, so if we don't unwisely guarantee him a little more than he's probably worth, we'll guarantee/pay the same total to 1-3 guys whom we could easily do just as well without. My feeling is if he takes significant pressure off Darnold, by making the offense less predictable and covered downfield receivers instead turn into checkdown 1st downs to Bell, then the pickup is worth more than measuring pure yardage totals in apples-to-apples comparisons to another back. A luxury like this should be more doable when the starting QB makes $8m for those same 3 years. Rather than worrying about the RB alone at $15m (or whatever he'll get), look at the QB+RB duo as $23m between them. Also it means there can't be so many of these regrettable/throwaway Maccagnan contracts (assuming this isn't one itself) I don't know. Ask me again in a month and as likely as not I'll hate the idea again lol.
  2. Sperm Edwards

    Bell or draft?

    I've felt the same way as you re RBs for as long as I can remember. But then, since the cap is a fluid 4-year running total, this does bring back conversations about the wisdom of throwing $10m at McCown and other moves that were dead-end-dumb the day they were signed. Figure Bell would get 2-3 years guaranteed (even call it 3 years to make it as heavy a hitter as possible), well passing on paying McCown that much would have chopped away $3m/year x 3 years of it. Or Ijalana $5m for the year before that. When a team spends $15m on a year each from McCown and Ijalana - and offers right around that to rent Suh for 1 non-contending year - I have trouble passing on Bell because of the same money. If it's because you don't want him in the locker room at any price, that'd be one thing. But IMO if the team is going to waste through 50-80% of its $100m in cap room, at least use it in the attempt to surround Darnold with the best players possible. No they won't all hit, but I'd rather whiff trying for an elite offense than make a competitive bid for guaranteeing Clay Matthews or Kareem Jackson a couple years apiece. If we hire a new GM? That muddies it a bit for me. Honestly it depends who's available in March after some teams re-sign their players on the eve of FA.
  3. Sperm Edwards

    Brandon Shell

    Shell gets graded on a curve and he doesn't. When you're finishing up your 3rd season no one wants to hear, "Well I only cost a 4th round draft pick." That excuse lasts as a rookie and maybe into year 2 if you barely played as a rookie. Could just be that he was good value for a 5th round draft pick, but still isn't a good enough starter for the team to ever stop looking for his replacement and isn't worth an extension unless it's for backup money. There are players like this. They can have a great game occasionally and even potentially stretch together a few good games in a row. That doesn't therefore mean better things are on the horizon. Will he get even better? I dunno. I certainly wouldn't bet on it; not while we're breaking in a young QB.
  4. Sperm Edwards

    Brandon Shell

    Isn't it strange how PFF is a site to be taken very seriously back in September, when they had Darron Lee rated highly (his YTD rankings were carried by his week 1 performance/stats while knowing the Detroit offense's plays), or throughout the season for Jamal Adams. Then there are entire thread(s) started to show off the prowess of these players based on a PFF ranking. But when the same site has Brandon Shell as the #54 ranked tackle - not the 54th ranked OLman; the 54th tackle in a league that starts just 32 per week - then this lowly ranking is to be ignored, and the assessment is Shell is really either average or above average. So what is it -- are their rankings worthwhile or not? Because their assessment of the OL gathered in to protect a FQB are: Beachum (#50 T), Carpenter (#55 G), Long (#38 C), Winters (#26 G), Shell (#54 T). Essentially the only OLman they have ranked as worthy of keeping is the inherited one drafted by John Idzik rofl.
  5. Typical that a hater like you leaves out Petty and Hackenberg just because they had no skills. Picky, picky. I’d think he also scouted the likes of the veteran skill players brought in, too. He is so very good at this, and these great players show how obvious it is that anyone except Todd Bowles would have coached this team to at least 3 playoff appearances and one ring.
  6. Oh well. We weren’t looking at a potential WC slot anyway. Darnold looked good, so I’m happier with this outcome than winning despite him looking clueless.
  7. Less going on there than on the arm hook on the first deep pass incomplete to Robby
  8. Is this comment related to the post above saying this was Darnold’s coming out party?
  9. Do you think he knows how to challenge?
  10. What have you fed me lately? Isnt that the Crusher line?

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