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  1. Sperm Edwards

    There is a disturbance in the force

    It would be my preference, but it's not always feasible to time injuries. Plus it has to be more than just any injury to draw a 3rd rounder or higher; it has to be serious enough that the starter's going to be out more than just a week or so, possibly an injury that'd extend into 2019, and it has to be on a serious contender. No one else is rushing to trade a 2nd-3rd rounder for Bridgewater on a 1-year deal. There's no rush to trade him right now, but I wouldn't push it until the trade deadline after week 8. The longer we wait the less likely it is someone forks over a high pick, since they'll get to use him for that much less before he needs to be extended or franchise tagged, and he'll have to acclimate to his new offense on that much shorter notice. At that point it'd have to be a major contender who not only lost its starting QB for the season, but it can't be a QB whose unique skills made them a contender in the first place, since he'd be getting replaced with a QB in Bridgewater who's more commonly thought of as a game manager than a 5000-yard gunslinger at the top of his game. If the top offer is a 2019 4th rounder on Sept 1st, I take it before the offer disappears. Plus I'll bet it can be conditionally higher depending on how successful he is or even how much he plays.
  2. Sperm Edwards

    Free Beer for Browns Fans after 1st Victory

    Best of all, you have to wash it down with something to take that disgusting Bud Lite taste out of your mouth. 5 Lifesavers ought to do the trick, but at 10 calories apiece you're back up to the same calories as any decent regular beer instead of this carbonated piss.
  3. Sperm Edwards

    There is a disturbance in the force

    @slats did bring up a good point yesterday(?), which is that if he does nothing but ride the pine, after sitting out 2 full NFL seasons, he's not getting a monster QB deal next year. He'd get something more like the mostly-incentive-based deal the Browns gave RGIII, which was not monster at all, and wouldn't yield a 3rd or a 4th round pick unless he started every game and hit every performance incentive. On top of that, even if we got a compensatory 4th it would only nominally be considered a 4th rounder (pick #135-ish is a lot more like pick #140-ish than pick #100-ish). Then on top of that, we wouldn't see this pick until 2020, making it the paper trade value of a late 5th rounder next year or just a late 6th rounder this year. Then on top of that it's still reasonably possible we don't get any compensatory pick for him at all. We might bring in or re-sign enough new UFAs whose prior contracts expired like in 2016, and frankly Teddy might get injured again. Then all we'd have gotten was a short term fruitless rental of Teddy for $5.5m and the knowledge of another missed opportunity. Bridgewater was developing nicely before his injury, but until he makes it through at least 1 season injury-free he's going to carry that significant injury concern, plus he couldn't beat out a rookie, and as a result he'll be without taking a meaningful snap in 3 years. He's not getting a monster deal in that scenario. It was a good, forward-thinking move for Macc to sign him in the first place after whiffing on Cousins. He shouldn't blow it by not only getting nothing out of it, but paying over $5m for the privilege of owning the regret.
  4. Sperm Edwards

    There is a disturbance in the force

    If the league thought of him as a still-25 year-old top 10 veteran QB, we'd be discussing whether we should hold out for more than just a lone 1st round pick.
  5. Sperm Edwards

    There is a disturbance in the force

    Not that @slats needs me to come to his rescue, but I look at it through a narrower - and perhaps a simpler - lens (even though this post's word count will likely suggest otherwise but the time I'm done). Note that I'm also taking the "working backwards" POV: Right now, if we had Darnold and McCown (with both looking pretty good, or at worst, not bad), still without a 2nd rounder next year, would you be eagerly motivated to trade away a 2019 4th rounder to rent Bridgewater at $5m for 1 season? I do believe you're being sincere in your rationalization for keeping him, now that he's here, but I simply don't believe GM EM31 would make that move unless Darnold looked like 2013 Geno Smith this summer. With McCown already locked in at $10m (on top of Darnold's $8m), if he wasn't already on the roster I don't think anyone here would be creating forum threads to trade any picks right now to bring in Teddy at $5m. Not even a 7th round pick, let alone a mid-rounder, if for no other reason than justifiable concern of spreading out the practice reps too thinly when Darnold needs as many as he can get in the remaining weeks of the preseason, and that's if Bridgewater didn't have durability concerns of his own.
  6. Sperm Edwards

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?
  7. Sperm Edwards

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Yep. I was initially trying to name players who are still in the league (before mentioning Jenkins just because he was with the Jets and there was such a stark comparison from the prior few pre-Jenkins seasons). That he was a crazy loon doesn’t factor into it. There are lunatics at any number of positions.
  8. Sperm Edwards

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Don't expect an early extension beyond 2019, though it should be heavily considered unless we're looking to trade him. His 5th year option was already exercised at $14m, and I don't expect to see that rescinded. While it's possible he'll be extended earlier, that's not our GM's style. History suggests we'll wait until after the 2019 season and then we'll pay him going rate for a UFA. If we're keeping him even in the absence of improvement to the elite tier, which is what I think is going to happen, we may as well extend him now. If he doesn't improve, make it a number they were comfortable paying anyway; if he does turn into the JJ Watt Lite he was drafted to be, then we got a bargain closer to $14m/year than $20m/year (which is what a 25-26 yr old Watt-Lite UFA will cost in/around March of 2020). We'll see any day now, if not today, what Donald will command on an extension while the team still has him locked in for this 5th yr option season.
  9. Sperm Edwards

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Agree with most of this. While I don't agree that bigger linemen can't/don't change the game like an edge rusher, I agree someone like Leo doesn't change the game like a top-5 edge rusher. Aaron Donald is a game-changer. JJ Watt was a game changer before the injuries began. Suh is (or anyway, can be) a game changer. Plenty of others past and present (before his injury look what a difference a healthy Kris Jenkins made). The thing isn't merely that Leo is in that physical mold; it's that, at least so far, he isn't one of these ridiculous difference-makers.
  10. Sperm Edwards

    There is a disturbance in the force

    Hard to know what to trade him for this summer. On or just prior to October 30th I generally agree with most, which is whatever's the top offer is what we take (or at least if it's a 4th rounder or better). However if there are no significant QB injuries on contender teams, or there aren't teams that decide in the next 3-4 weeks that their QB of the future isn't their QB of the future, what to do if the offer is only a 5th or 6th rounder and we don't look like a contender ourselves? Typically one could find a trade partner, even for a good backup-with-promise for that compensation midseason because there are enough contenders with banged-up starters who don't want to get knocked out of contention because said starter needed a couple weeks on the DL in December. Never mind the glaring example of the most recent Super Bowl champs showing how valuable it was to have Nick Foles instead of a mid-round rookie as the #2. The problem is they only get to rent him for half a season before he becomes a UFA, so unless there's a current starter injury (from someone who doesn't want to put its current #2 on the field) it might be tough to get enough for him. Complicating the decision is that a healthy Teddy would surely qualify as a compensatory pick level "loss" in the absence of an offsetting acquisition, so a 6th/7th rounder at the trade deadline isn't better than nothing; it would likely be a pick downgrade from just keeping him on the bench, so it could be worth his remaining $2.5m to "buy" a better draft pick a year later. Yes we're going to be FA players in 2019, but we're also scheduled to lose enough UFAs with expiring contracts that we should be in line for multiple comp picks; I'd rather the last qualifying Jets UFA-added cancels out a 6th-7th round pick for an Ijalana/Powell type loss than the 3rd-5th round pick we might recover for Teddy. If we get offered a 4th rounder or better by the end of the summer I'd take it instead of gambling on a serious injury to a contender's starting QB during weeks 1-8 netting another round or two in trade (never mind Teddy doesn't exactly carry no injury risk himself). If a 6th/7th is the top offer I'd roll the dice on such an injury happening elsewhere. A 5th rounder on/around September 1st is harder to say. Likely I'd still grudgingly take it if that's truly the best offer: it's actually a higher trade value than a compensatory 4th a year later (which we might offset with pickups of our own), plus we'd save the full $5m of TB's 2018 salary to use towards someone with a future here. So long as Sam is healthy, Teddy's future lies elsewhere.
  11. Sperm Edwards

    There is a disturbance in the force

    This. I don't see how this is a contradictory position to take than the OP. We have 2 good young QBs on the roster. It's also true that the Jets are all-in on one of them, unless he shows he is or looks like massive bust this year (and he already doesn't), or unless he suffers a Bridgewater-like injury. In theory they could the go RGIII/Kirk Cousins route, but in practical terms they cannot; unlike Cousins, the Jets don't control Bridgewater for 4 seasons. It's good we have 2 of them. One of them sticks and the other should be traded, but it's great that the latter looks good because it means he'll be worth more in trade.
  12. Sperm Edwards

    Trade for Mack?

    If he was a RB I'd agree with you. But since the only way someone makes this move is because they plan on having him play at or near this level for at least 3 seasons, it's more than that. Plus he'd better be thinking win-now by next year at the very latest. We get only 4 seasons with Sam at this rate before his salary alone balloons up by another $25m/year. It's a hell of a lot harder to do when he's making more than $30m each year instead of $30m spread over 4 years. They won't be able to afford any more Mo, Revis, etc. deals when that happens. Last reason, frankly, is because you make this deal when it's available. While I get the argument that it'd be more ideal to make such a move in 2019, such an option likely won't be there. How often does an elite edge rusher at age 27 become available (if Mack is even available now)? Last one I can really remember was 10 years ago when Minnesota traded for Jared Allen, who was 1 strike away from a season-long suspension and still commanded a mid-1st round pick plus a pair of 3rd rounders in that draft. For true edge rushers (not merely someone playing under the DE label like Leo), here are the others for the past 5 offseasons combined: Calais Campbell = turned 31 before he played 1 game for his new team, and despite his sack number last year he was never considered the demon edge rusher Mack is and has been. Olivier Vernon = excellent player but not quite in Mack's tier, and still commanded $15m/year a couple seasons ago Bruce Irvin = was entering his age-29 season when Seattle let him go, plus he's also never been in Mack's tier Greg Hardy = only hit FA because of his off-field scumbaggery McPhee = not near Mack's class of edge rusher Orakpo = closest on this list, but had missed 2 of his last 3 seasons with Washington and was 29 in his first year with Tennessee. Has been healthy since leaving Washington, but hasn't been in any DPOY conversations. Ware = was 32 when Denver got him and was coming off his worst season statistically, with only 6 sacks. In his prime Dallas never considered letting him go. Michael Johnson = meh. Had that one double-digit sack season in his mid-20s, but bfd; Calvin Pace had one in his mid-30s and that didn't make him a demon edge rusher. Lamarr Houston = more meh. If you want one of these it shouldn't be that hard to draft one without investing a 1st rounder. He started half of 1 season for the Bears before he was relegated to only situational and backup duty. Jared Allen Part II = was 32 when Chicago got him and played nothing like the player he was previously, and retired before he turned 34. It doesn't happen. Teams just don't let guys like Mack go at his age, and the probability is Oakland isn't letting him go (but only they know what they're thinking, so it's certainly worth a call). You get him when you can, if you can.
  13. Sperm Edwards

    Trade for Mack?

    Yes and no. They have way more than "only one potentially big deal on the horizon" except the author is only looking at this through the narrow lens of current Jets draft picks and rostered veterans. In 2019 there are "potentially big deals" at any of the following positions, either based upon performance this season or due to currently-scheduled contract openings at: WR, TE, LT, LG, C, RG, RT, DE-DT, EDGE DE/OLB, NT, CB, NB. It won't be at all these positions, of course, because $82m isn't enough to hand out big deals at each of these positions even if he wanted to. Plus hopefully there are more young/rostered players who step up to negate these needs in 2019. One of the more interesting things this year will be Lee's performance in determining if he's worth the 5th year option. Right now I'd say no, since he's not shown he's worth $10m for 1 more season (nor an extension with that rate as the average). They'll have to make that decision before the draft, though they can rescind it if they draft his replacement right after that or at any time before the 2020 season officially begins in March, so long as he isn't injured. They'll have Lee either way for 2019, barring something unexpected occurring, so they won't be making any long-term $$$ investment on that front.
  14. Sperm Edwards

    Trade for Mack?

    I like you, too. The Raiders can still suck my dick.