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  1. I think you're losing points with a couple people on style by making the team sound dumb as f*** -- it leads to reflexive blowback and I know what that's like. Also things like cutting Kalil when depth is thin and his starter salary is fully guaranteed anyway, would be a waist-down move not a neck-up move. He's so terrible I'm even sympathetic on that one. But while it's a little rough around the edges in terms of the specifics, overall you're correct. I can't answer re: Osweiler, who knows the offense as well as Falk, played for the veterans' minimum last year, and we could even cut him any time since he wasn't on the opening day roster so his full year salary wouldn't be guaranteed (not that it's much $ anyway, and we still need a #2 QB when Darnold returns). Maybe he didn't want to sign here because this poor opportunity could damage his reputation more than his prior play already did, followed by a likely injury. I'm not deeply moved by the sarcasm about not being an instant SB-contender post-Maccagnan. No one had us pegged as a contender, but no one had us as a winless team either, on the heels of earning the 3rd overall pick, which itself came on the heels of earning the 6th overall pick. Yes we've been down to our 3rd string QB, and he's been all sorts of incompetent, but this sorry OL/roster carries some blame in moving us that far down the depth chart. Garbage in, garbage out.
  2. Yeah, reading this thread for the first time just now, I got through page 2 and still came back to this post. For all those pointing at what the CBA allows and doesn't, the current CBA predates Mosley's entire NFL career (and even predate his junior & senior seasons at Alabama before that). Somehow, some way, he managed to do his little stretching and such all that time and had missed like 3 games in the prior 7 seasons combined. He then signs on for $17MM/year, with over $40MM fully guaranteed at signing, and suddenly he pulls a groin that keeps him out of action for a couple months. Of course it's possible, but it's hard to see this as pure coincidence.
  3. Winters has another year after this season. Honestly I think it's probable he sticks until at least minicamp (if he's healthy). The problem with the line about Edoga isn't that it's necessarily unrealistic or undesirable. It's more that it's not something Douglas can probably plan on, from early March to late April, until we've seen him actually start games. I know he was just a day 2 pick 5 months ago, but so was Polite. I can't see them simply handing Edoga the starting job in March/April 2020 if he couldn't work his way into the lineup in 2019. This highlights the other issue with an all-veteran OL: it's hard to get a younger guy on the line, absent injury, since on day 1 even a bad veteran's experience alone typically makes him better in the short term. Also the OL isn't conducive to swapping guys on & off the field like every other non-QB position. It's also not going to be so easy to just give him a live tryout when the top OL goal is making sure Darnold doesn't get killed.
  4. Going to be interesting to see how Douglas handles the OL situation. Beachum-Shell-Kalil = UFAs in 2020 Osemele-Winters-Harrison = UFAs in 2021 Is there even one guy in this whole group of whom you'd say, "We must have this guy returning for our 2020 OL"? The closest you could say that of is Harrison, because he's so cheap he's still probably worth a roster spot as a backup. I'm sympathetic to why some are stating Douglas should cut them, but the reality is that dumping Osemele and Winters means we need to fill 5 starting OL spots for 2020 (or 4 plus guarantee Harrison a starter spot). My guess is at least one of our guards sticks until after they first find replacements in FA or the draft, and possibly beyond that if a drafted replacement is a mid-rounder who may not be start-able as a rookie. As far as Williamson, they don't have to make any decision on him until final roster cutdowns. They may make a decision earlier if they think they need the space for this FA period, but I doubt they will be that desperate. I suppose they could also cut him earlier if they're really worried about him re-injuring himself. I'd be far more worried about that with the likes of Enunwa, who is due about the same money in 2020. Enunwa's full salary guarantees in early March; he's a much more time-sensitive cut than Williamson (since they have another ~6 months to decide on him).
  5. Neither the OP nor the one I quoted asked anyone to name 10 “elite” players on the team. Just 10 good ones worth building a foundation around. There’s Darnold; we hope Herndon is, based on last year; Bell will possibly/probably be in decline & cut before they make the playoffs again; Adams IMO has more value in what he might bring in trade than what he brings on the field; Maye is just ok, but hardly foundational since he may not be worth re-signing; we have no real corners; we have none on the OL worth keeping for any longer than we absolutely have to; our best WRs are just ok and between those 2 only Crowder is inked past this season and he’s only foundational if there’s a stud WR also on the field; Mosley is excellent but vastly overpaid (we outbid the Ravens by 50%) iirc; DT based on predraft expectations alone; H.Anderson is fine, but is about as “foundational” as our 2 healthy WRs... So never mind elite, and still I’m not sure there are more than 5 foundational players above who’ll clearly be worth keeping for a supposed attempt at a 2021 playoff run, even if Adams is myopically kept and extended. So from above there’s Darnold, maybe Herndon, Mosley, Adams, and I guess Crowder. Among these, so far only Mosley is elite.
  6. The Illuminati stole the "e" from where it properly belongs here. The OP is just putting it where he knows it should rightfully be. It was even a key part of Angels & Demons that didn't make it into the movie version because Tom Hanks overruled the screenwriter. Most educated people know these things.
  7. They had depth at ILB and Gase traded it away for a 6th rounder he can't use until next year. I never liked the Lee pick, and never liked him as a player, and for all the "Gase is setting the tone" knob-slobbering at the time, that was still an empty-headed move to cut a healthy player he hadn't yet coached 1 second on the practice field. Fast forward to preseason: #1 he couldn't trade Lee to a more needy team after injuries set in (nor let him move back into the starter's role if it was the Jets' own ILB injury) #2 there's every likelihood starter Avery W wouldn't have been on the field to get injured that game, since Lee already had experience running the defense (including the prior season). Perhaps if Avery W is still on the field then Mosely doesn't get injured week 1 as he might have been in a different position (unlikely everything - every play to that point, including the game situation at the time of the injury - would have unfolded exactly as it did with a different starter on defense). It looks like Gase was in over his head, as thankful as I am for his role in getting Maccagnan fired. It also looks like almost every HC in the game would be coaching a losing team (possibly an 0-3 team) with this many injuries. People take for granted that the 16-0 lead they got out to would have happened just that same way with any other coach, so he gets blame for the 17 unanswered Bills points and no credit for the first 16 unanswered Jets points (never mind missed FGs). People did this with Bowles as well, where the starting point of comparison always effectively began with, "Well it can be taken for granted that every game they won with Bowles as HC would have also been a win with any other HC, and we can start counting the additional wins from there." It's nonsense. I'm not optimistic about Gase, who seems like an immature douchebag who belongs as an offensive assistant (maybe an OC, if a competent HC was there to overrule his mishaps), not as a HC. Even still, I'll give him time to coach some games with a healthier roster than this one before my pitchfork comes out. He's not instilling any confidence in fans, but there's little that would with this starting lineup.
  8. My sister kicked me in the balls once. Once!
  9. At his next presser, after his announcement that he won't be answering any Antonio Brown questions, they should pepper him with questions about Aaron Hernandez, deflated footballs, taping from the sideline, and how many times he's gone with Bob Kraft for massages.
  10. Maybe. Beachum, Shell, and Kalil are all UFAs after the season. Winters/Osemele/Harrison become UFAs the year after that. I half expect Winters to return only because there are already 3 other OL positions that are must replace/re-sign as it is, and GMs don't tend to head into the draft with any outright holes on the OL (unless maybe they pick so high up and know for sure which player they're taking. So unless he signs/trades for 4 newcomer veterans in March, and/or only signs 3 plus he pencils in Harrison as a real starting option if the draft doesn't go just so, there's a good chance we'll be painted in a corner with more meh. This is the result of years of ignoring the position in the draft just because someone else was always technically (even if insignificantly) higher on you-know-who's draft board (supremely flawed as it was in its own right) every time it was our turn to pick.
  11. My guess is he was pulled more for precautionary reasons than for performance. He’s getting paid a good amount for a guy just pulled out of retirement last minute, the player has a recent history of injuries, the game was well out of hand, and it’s not like he’s protecting the young FQB right now anyway.

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