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  1. I think he's already demonstrated his value
  2. Sperm Edwards

    Did the Jets get rid of their forums?

    And here I thought shortening the replies to 4 pages was helping. What a fool I was. Back to 15 pages they go, starting tomorrow.
  3. If you're referring to yesterday it was tongue-in-cheek in response to someone using it to show why one non-Jets player (Smith) #61 ranking is bad, when a recently-signed Jets player's (TJohnson's) #68 rank was even worse the year before his big contract. The very point - including my "lol" in the former's ranking - was to show how PFF's rankings are being selectively used. Other time this week was with regard to Lee, in drawing attention the irony of how often his high PFF ranking was quoted all last season, while most of those same people are now suggesting he's only worth a late round pick in trade. Beyond that I'll post their rankings in response to someone else using their ranking for others, or with a "for whatever PFF's ranking is worth" or "if you place value in these PFF rankings" type disclaimer; or just using their count (different than their subjective ranking) for individual tallies like total pressures surrendered from players none of us focus on for every snap of every game; but even then I acknowledge at those times the "stat" doesn't take into account QBs who get rid of the ball faster or linemen benefitting statistically from a terrible someone-else on the line allowing a sack or pressure to the QB even earlier. That hardly screams using them as gospel.
  4. Lol I just showed you two ways they could have fit him, including one in which they'd simply swap Mosely for a CB in his 30s whom you suggest is terrible. But sure.
  5. The line's best game was against Denver. Darnold completed 10 of 22.
  6. They don't. They take PFF as selective gospel lol. When the rankings for anything Jets are bad then PFF is worthless. When they're good then the ranking is gospel and each good ranking must get its own thread.
  7. Underwhelming? But he was top 10 PFF for most of the season. We were reminded of such here many times. And that's despite the hardships of playing for Bowles and Rodgers, who played him out of position. He's a cheap 24 year old veteran who graded out as one of the better ILBs last year. Getting just a day 3 pick is in the negotiator if that's all we get. I think we get more than that, though. JMO but some here are looking at him through jaded Jets fans' eyes.
  8. Lol it can be done. I just picked the first 2 names. Smith is 61st rated PFF lol. Tru Johnson was rated 68th the year before Maccsgnan gave him that monster contract. They could afford him if they wanted him. Even more so if they dumped this alleged dead weight you think Jimmy Smith is. News flash: they chose to fit Smith instead of tagging Mosely. Cutting Smith clears roughly the same $10M, so there's yet another way they could have fit him. Once again, they could afford Mosely, and could have afforded even to tag him.
  9. Nonsense. Jimmy Smith has $9.5M remaining cash due in this final contract year. They could convert $8.5M to SB (whatever's the max to leave the minimum-required base salary; I'm guessing $1M but if that's off it's close enough) on a fake team option 1 year extension through 2020 (fake in that he gets $15M if they want to keep him from becoming an 2020 UFA, or higher if needed to get it done). Smith still gets paid the same $9.5M cash this year, except now $4.25 of it hits in 2020 instead. Not totally unlike what we did with Fitz to have his $12M hit 6 & 6. They could restructure the exact same amount with Brandon Williams, except that would clear even more because it'd amortize over 3 years instead of 2: convert $8.5M to bonus; $2.83M hits this year and $5.67M hits 2020-2021 (split if kept, all in 2020 if cut/traded). There. I just cleared $10M and both players would jump on an $8.5M lump check today instead of waiting to get them as game checks 1/16 at a time throughout the season.
  10. Meh, I'm as harsh a critic as there is of Macc's, with good reason, but there's nothing wrong with letting everyone know the Jets are open for business. What would be dumber is to be this eager to trade down, but a deal didn't get done because teams figured we never trade down this high up and figure putting an offer together is a waste of their time. Saying so this early gives other teams all the time in the world to make preparations to move up to #3 if picks 1-2 go this way or that, or to make other deals to give them the ammunition to move up to #3 later on (if the guy they want is there when we're on the clock). Wisdom of trading down aside, the decision isn't to make a pick or trade down in abstract terms; there has to be a trade down offer in front of you to make that call, and the more offers he gets the more choices. Maybe we get an offer to move down just a couple slots and end up drafting the same player we'd have taken at #3. The Colts did this with us just last year.
  11. Sperm Edwards

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    **** this is what I get for taking a call before just hitting 'submit reply' -- I get a filthy ape beating me to my post by a minute.
  12. Sperm Edwards

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    He's a terrific player, but the idea of him considering/calling himself to be humble ("stay humble" presumes he believes himself to be humble already) is quite ridiculous.
  13. Sperm Edwards

    Missouri man cited for flashing laser at Brady

    Brady was just upset it was a laser and not a penis
  14. You're thinking of the cap as a rigid box for each year, with the other players' cap hits already in that year's box being immovable parts. Just like they could manipulate Mosely's cap number to hit less in year 1 and more in years 2, 3, etc. they could also reach that same cumulative 2019 hit by restructuring any other existing players if Mosely had to hit more in year 1 under the tag. What difference does it make if it's Mosely's cap hit you're pushing off or whether it's someone else's? Mosely on a long term deal at $8M in 2019 and far more in 2020, plus whichever other(s) counting $15M in year 1 and then $15M in 2020. vs. Mosely on a FT at $15M in year 1 (and then less than scenario A in 2020), with the same others post-restructuring, counting $8M in year 1 and then $22M in 2020 when they have plenty of space with the Flacco/Crabtree $20M dead cap off the books for good. In either scenario they get Mosely + the other(s) for the same cap hit in year 1: $23M. The other(s) still count the same $30M total from 2019-2020. The only difference is it disturbs some peoples' sense of cleanliness to have those other(s) have a higher cap hit in 2020, as though it's harming the team's cap somehow. But it's just moving from one's left pocket to the right pocket while the current Flacco/Crabtree hit accelerates. Yes it leaves them with less room in 2020 but that's the idea: instead of signing someone else in 2020 they'd instead be signing Mosely in 2019 a year earlier. Not to mention scenario 2 isn't written in stone either, as it buys more time to extend him, which they can still do after other interested teams have busted their nut already). Then if they do, they can still lower Mosely's current cap number; if that extra, cleared space goes unused it gets pushed to 2020 in the form of a higher cap ceiling. His hit will look higher as a line item in 2020, but it'll be offset dollar for dollar in increased cap ceiling(s). DeCosta and the Ravens were well aware of these options. Every team does it. FFS I even outlined above how even the Jets' novice 2nd year GM did that in 2016 so he could fit Mo's $16M franchise tag number before they worked out his extension. So again, the Ravens could afford to keep him, and absolutely could have tagged him if they felt like doing so.
  15. When was it this happened? Mawae was first team all pro at age 37.

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