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  1. Giants trade JPP

    If they want more draft picks in favor of guys not a part of the future, then the move is to trade Eli, not the #2 overall pick they're going to use on team's next QB through the 2031 season.
  2. Apparently one should only expect someone to not screw up if he walks into a roster that just made the divisional round or better, on the backs of 23-27 year-old starters that are each still locked up for the next 2-3 years minimum. When he got here, players were willing to sign with the Jets. Now in year 4, there are supposedly at no fewer than 3 FAs who took less money to play elsewhere.
  3. Allen Hurns Released

    I think if we line him up with his short leg on the post side it'll stop him from uncontrollably running out of bounds like a broken shopping cart that keeps turning left.
  4. Teddy Bridgewater passes his physical.....

    Playoffs, not Super Bowl. And playoffs are only ~$2m of it. Bridgewater’s signing and contract were worth the gamble, but the McCown re-signing is still submoronic. If he’s ever on the field, we’ve got problems anyway; problems that aren’t solved with him out there instead of a street FA we could find after final roster cutdowns. His value as a QB is for a contender who’d still want a puncher’s chance if the starter got injured late (not totally unlike Foles coming in for Wentz instead of relying upon their own Petty/Hackenberg type). That’s not us, though. I don’t see a big surprise here with TB passing his physical. He was on Minnesota’s active roster as the #2 QB for the last 8 games of the season last year, and I’m quite sure the team was aware of his previous injury’s severity before doing so. Unless he re-injured himself in his last practice with the Vikings, it would have been unexpected if he then couldn’t pass a physical 3 months later.
  5. Allen Hurns Released

    So we’re buying our WR at Marshall’s? Sizing may be a little irregular, and while you probably wouldn’t notice at first glance, it’s not good for a wideout to have one leg an inch shorter than the other. Then again, for 5 bucks can you really complain?
  6. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    Give what up for having done what? Spending money? Once again, applause - and now demands for applause from others - for no actual results yet. For all you know, we’re getting locked into a bad QB and more bad FA signings. Maybe wait for good outcomes before fawning over him. No less gushing was done after he screwed the team for 3 years with his 2015 moves. I’ve seen less protective boyfriends.
  7. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    Learning like signing Josh McCown for $10m? This offseason is going very close to what I predicted, so there’s little (if anything) unexpected for me. There’s a Grand Canyon between what Maccagnan has been and merely “not great” you know. Not great doesn’t automatically equal horrible and grossly incompetent.
  8. I'm sure on paper, Paul Hackett was an intelligent man. Some people are simply not cut out to be decision-makers. Plus he was not thrown into a tough situation. He was thrown into a great situation: lots of cap room, high draft picks, opportunities for still more with assets he didn't really want (like Mo and Sheldon), and very low expectations through it all. All he had to do to win fans' hearts was spend 3 years' worth of cap flexibility to luck into a single 10-game season with no playoffs. He's had plenty of opportunities to build a winning roster, not to mention a solid handful of FQB opportunities, with Macc turning down every one of them over 3 wasted seasons (and counting). He's also had a legions of fans (and media support from reporters the fans ordinarily despise) who have mistaken - and continue to mistake - his calm and confident demeanor for actual competence. Every time he's made a stupid decision like passing up other opportunities in favor of Hackenberg, almost all claimed at the time, "Well he'll sink or swim because of this decision and if it doesn't work out he'll [deservedly] get fired." When he's then neither successful nor fired, somehow they're still supportive of his continued failure of a tenure anyway. You can blame Bowles all you want, and he certainly doesn't help any, but there's no evidence Macc thought his hiring was an unwise one (or that he wouldn't have made that exact same hire himself): the guy who recommended Bowles also recommended him, and there's every likelihood he'd have taken Casserly's HC-hiring advice. Entering this season, Macc's miss:hit ratio, in both the draft and FA combined, hovers around 9:1, which is below a blindfolded pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey success rate. And even those he's "hit" on move the needle so insignificantly they're merely nice but still kinda shoulder-shrug hits (e.g. Leo, Adams, previously Carpenter). Meanwhile he's received a mountain of genius credit for draft picks who range from a little below average to outright useless/horrible (Shell, Burris, Peake, Mauldin, Lee, and the amazing benefit of the doubt with Hackenberg), while blame for every FA blunder is conveniently placed upon others (Revis, Mo, Fitz part II, etc.). All that being said, and I think this is @Warfish's idea with this thread, is through all the deserved criticism we all still hope he gets it right at #3 (i.e. I hope the right guy falls to him at #3). Not because it'll give me more confidence in our GM (it'd take more than that), or even just for the obvious reason of wanting the Jets to have a young FQB. As much as those reasons it's that I think his dopey boss(es) will keep him around for at another 3-5 years anyway, so long as he drafts a non-Hackenberg who's even just below McCown's level. Given the remote-level chance of his getting fired, it'd be nice to see a good, young QB wearing a Jets uniform.
  9. If Gettleman really said this, whichever player he ends up with, this is actually great news - or potentially great news - for the Jets where we sit today. It means there's at least a puncher's chance he might go with Barkley at #2, since none of the QBs are being talked of in future HOFer terms a month before the draft (not the way they were with Eli). Not to mention, he's making a future admission of his own failure should he not land a HOF player at #2 (and if one was available). I'd have thought it idiotic for a team with 2 fairly recent Lombardi Trophies, who started that path by investing so much $ and trade capital in a non-HOF QB in Eli, would realize how a very good FQB is more valuable than drafting a HOFer at another position, and how rare it is for your team to be in a position to get one at the top of any draft. I don't know if Gettleman is this clever, but it could also be that he's goading Cleveland into taking Barkley at #1 instead of a QB, by hinting he'd take Barkley at #2 (i.e. he won't be there for Cleveland at #4). This way he gets the top pick among QBs without worrying about Cleveland taking the one he really wanted most. This is still good news for the Jets, since in this scenario we'd get no worse than 2nd choice among QBs (as opposed to 3rd choice). I still think there are going to be 2 QBs off the board anyway when we pick, but if this type of subtle leaking is being done - and if it continues over the next month - I think there's a little better chance for us to not get sloppy 3rds after trading away three 2nds and screwing up a planned tank season.
  10. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    Look, if we end up with a worthwhile FQB none of it matters. It wouldn't matter if we forked over all 3 of these picks plus our #1 next year for a decade-long answer at QB. That said, it's not a freebie. None of them are freebies. That pick was what we were left with after years of holding onto far more valuable assets that were devaluing by the year: If he was going to move Richardson and keep Mo, he could and should have been moved him years earlier, when SR's value was much higher (when he had 2 more years left at a low salary plus a 5th year team option at an anticipated $7-8m). I'm talking about before that 2017 offseason: during the '16 season before the trade deadline to get a pick a year earlier; before even that during the spring '16 offseason (this time 2 years ago); or before even that during or right after the draft in 2015 after taking Leo. OR he should have moved Mo for a high 2-plus (if he couldn't get a 1st rounder + more like he was demanding) instead of keeping both of them for 2+ years after drafting Leo, at a cumulative cost of nearly $50m plus passing up on trade value that decreases by a round with each passing year. So the $50m we didn't get to spend on worthwhile players is just the money. Even if the best offer he could've gotten for the better of these two back then was merely a high 2nd, that's a high 2nd from a full two seasons earlier. What do you suppose it'd cost for any team to willingly drop from a current high 2nd rounder for a mid-late 2nd rounder 3 full drafts later? Now you're into lost value of greater than a 1st round pick. "Freebie" my left one. So it's intellectually dishonest to ignore all Macc stupidly squandered, and jump in a season after the time Seattle rescued Macc from his prior 2+ years of horrible decisions by offering up the trade value of a late 3rd round pick, and call it a freebie.
  11. For those who think we overpaid...

    He just got a 2-year extension, not a 1-year extension. He's the GM for 2 more years unless Bowles starts his rookie and he is horrible. Here's the problem with that scenario: he has 2 QBs who are at worst legit NFL QBs, meaning they're both good enough to wipe the floor with such a horrible QB in any summer 3-way comparison. So that brings us back to his worst case scenario of hiding his failure on the bench again, and thereby remaining the GM in 2019.
  12. For those who think we overpaid...

    Um, that makes it sound worse, not better. You could say we also saved $8m in cap room, but we used that on Josh McCown anyway. Or just don't sign McCown in the first place, go with the terrible young QBs Macc already drafted, and let nature take its course? Benefit is not only a higher pick without surrendering three 2nd rounders, but the increased likelihood these two failures would have been dumped by now.
  13. Hankins ---> Mr. Hankins ---> Mr. Hankey ---> "Hidey-ho!"