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  1. Leave it to the Jets to stockpile a pair of top 10 picks in a draft that's so weak up top...
  2. Well, Hardman was a 2nd round pick himself two years before. If they could go back two years to make this trade they would have. Plus Hardman kinda had a better QB throwing to him. If Moore again was bitching - publicly or otherwise - about a mere 700-yard season among 3-4 other regular targets (incl TE/RB with Wilson/Lazard), or if he'd missed a big bunch of games to again finish the season on IR, we'd be wishing this trade was made. He'll get more targets in Cle than he'd have gotten here, too, so even if he jumps to 1000 yards it doesn't mean it'd have been that same 1000 with far fewer targets here. If he makes a major jump beyond 1000 then (absent a SB) this trade sucks lol.
  3. This, and it’s not going to take nearly that long. Expect the cap to jump $40 million next year alone as the TV deal really starts kicking in & the lingering drop from covid is fully gone (otherwise it should've been closer to $250MM by now). From there, additional 7-9% compounded annual bumps will be larger in dollars than when that rate started with a lower basis. Every GM knows it’s coming. By 2025 there should be a cap ceiling in the $280-290MM range at a minimum. https://realitysportsonline.com/Content.aspx?articleID=looking-forward-expectations-for-the-nfl-salary-cap It won’t feel like nothing at all when it hits, but if the post-Rodgers QB is an upcoming draft pick that’ll take most of that bite out of it, too.
  4. WR incentives, for the team’s non-#1 target, should only be tied to games played, not individual stats. Otherwise they’d be incentivizing more discontent while winning & while anyone else gets catches, yards, and TDs. To me this justified concern was the best reason to move on from Moore, who hasn’t yet gotten a big payday; not because his ceiling was forever low.
  5. After acquiring Rodgers, they will sell the exact same # of tickets without OBJ: all of them. Other than that, yes the obvious reason is Rodgers wants him. Again yes, this is the reason. Absent Rodgers wanting him - rather than guessing/hoping they get along - no one is after him, let alone “infatuated” with the idea.
  6. Yeah I'd say Douglas is at least playing it very cool. It should be obvious that's how he should proceed, but plenty of people crack under pressure & cave early. The Jets are very interested in trading for Rodgers, and there's no secret about it. But there's just no getting around that the Packers can't afford him (if he's not obligated to convert his salary into a new signing/option bonus), can't cut him, and no one else has made them a single offer. In that scenario they should be grateful with a 6th rounder, never mind a 2nd plus something else. Getting a day 2 pick for Rodgers under these circumstances is a gift from Douglas. They should be licking his face.
  7. We're so used to sucking in humiliating fashion we won't flinch: it's like a warm blanket to calm us into knowing us the earth is still spinning as it should; whereas they're potentially facing unfamiliar territory of being forced into paying $60MM to a QB they don't want, who doesn't want them, and can't simply be cut. Advantage: Jets.
  8. A mersonary. A person who releases MERS into the air. Duh.
  9. The owners should be expected to hire someone who represents their collective non-interests. Seems so on the surface, but the league has never secured such lucrative contracts. The upcoming TV deal is like $11BN per season. As much as he's paid, and as crazy as that number seems (what is it now, like $50MM/year?) the truth is he's a bargain if his replacement would've merely negotiated a $10BN per season for them. Now imagine if someone else would've instead only secured $8.5BN/year in this latest TV deal, but only got paid a salary of $500K (1% of Goodell's compensation) to get it. That would be the most overpaid person in history.
  10. I'd rather they just pay $8MM of C.Davis's salary & ship him to GB, and hold onto Moore for two more cheap years without major incentives, with two good knees, and with better speed & upside. If the #1 knock on Moore is being a selfish douche, the fix for that isn't OBJ of all people. Plus if he gets out of hand again they can just bench him, which will threaten future earnings he's not yet realized; not so easy to control an $8MM player who's already cashed over $80MM in NFL checks. One 100-yard game since October, 2019.
  11. Shouldn't be too much in theory -- his last 2 contracts were at $7MM per, and this time around he'll be 34 before camp even starts.
  12. lol See, the most obvious to me is the inevitable OBJ addition. If the Jets do Hard Knocks he'll sign here for the league minimum.
  13. Many of the calls are brutal every year, but tbh this has been the case since forever. More of them are noticed now because we don't get nothing but local games + MNF anymore.
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