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  1. There's an obvious difference, but it's a legit concern that a coach who pushed hard for one of "his" guys might not bench him even if he's playing poorly. Would it be better if the comparison was Bowles + Cromartie? I do agree this CB group isn't enough to head into a 16-games season, though. Absent a sure-starter signing, I think Douglas is going to take a CB no later than day 2, and probably even if he does. With 2-3 high-hopes young guys already (Hall, Austin, Guidry) plus a rookie, Sherman's presence relegates one of them to the bench no matter how promising. Unless they can get him
  2. No he didn't. Thomas is the only rookie who gave up 10 sacks. Becton was more than adequate for a rookie (a young one at that) with limited camp with no preseason games with questionable OL coaching with meh play to his right with a shoulder that wasn't 100% most of his starts with play-calling that asked him to hold his blocks longer because Gase had an allergy to calling designed passes to his backs & TEs all year with a hesitant QB with lousy pocket awareness on a losing team that's got to be demoralizing to play for II
  3. Well a FB would also be more impactful for the offense than a CB as well. At #23 I'd take a CB over a FB 1000x out of 1000 no matter how bad my offense was. Bell sucked because he had a combo of too little caring once he got paid, got fat & lazy, and played for the first time without his elite run-blocking line. He wasn't at all old; he was 27 ffs and played just 4.5 seasons in Pittsburgh. He hadn't taken more hits/punishment the prior year after holding out, which would've negated however-many carries he had in his last 2 years in Pittsburgh if he kept in shape after getting paid.
  4. I don't think it's a bad call as a rule, so much as it depends who's making that pick. The Jets are a team with far more pressing needs, and it's extremely rare for a RB to be a building block rather than an asset that makes everyone else better. Further, the presumed Jets' ground game is predicated on speed more than being an overall Superman. So even if the player pans out, the team is probably better off going in another direction if he's any less than another Henry. The other problem is they get hurt so easily and so often that it's a double-shot against taking a RB early: high
  5. It does? The only thing it's telling me is that Saleh is not satisfied with the CB corps the team has entering the draft, despite claims that this group is just fine because they're just playing zone. The problem with signing someone like Sherman is if he's not a huge hit he's a huge fail. He's going to keep younger guys on the bench, even if they might've been good enough to start, and - as @Beerfish points out - he's going to be nearly impossible to bench if Saleh pushes hard for his GM to go pick him up. It'll be like Bowles/Cromartie, or that's the concern, and it's a legit one at th
  6. No doubt, and I don’t disagree with any of this. I think that - hyperbole about the OL aside - it’s much less of a dice roll than the starting corners. Also might depend on his goal, which again might not align with the wishes of many here. Namely, the best young team he can build vs. the best young OL he can build. At which position is the 11 slot drop off, from23 to 34, the least significant? Won’t really know until the day is here and we see who’s gone and who’s still there.
  7. Yeah maybe. I don’t think he’s seeing the OL as the need the fans are. He’s got his starters and has depth. They all have multiple years starting experience except Becton. That’s the opposite of the CB position group. Plus I think he’s trying to play Moneyball, and a rookie corner/edge is way bigger proportional savings for a high end starter than it is for guards. It’s also a lot easier to hit on a guard later than it is for a corner, and bet he knows it. Further the position group is deeper and literally and individual OL prospects can play guard. Not so in the secondary, where onl
  8. +1 The only think that kept it from being even worse is that Adams at least maintained trade value. He was a better pick than an even worse non-QB, but that's thin rationalization when you've got two of the game's top QBs on the board, who were both superstars by their second seasons at the latest, which would've further allowed the team to use their 1st rounder + 3 2nd rounders on 4 other positions instead of Darnold. What makes it even worse is there were only 3 potential QB picks that early, and the Bears were kind enough to take the lone wrong decision out of Maccagnan's hands. H
  9. I think Austin + Hall + Guidry = a lot thinner than the current OL. Even more so with both Austin's and Hall's injury histories, even though I like the potential each has individually. Jackson? Meh, he might have some potential but I'm not at all impressed yet, even aside from the end of the Oakland game. He's not been demonstrably any better than any other team's young backups, let alone that he should be in the discussion to be a starter (outside of desperation after injuries to at least 2 actual starters). That zone scheme prioritized corner enough for SF to sign Sherman instead o
  10. I think that is the plan, but he's gone out of his way to have 3 returning guards from last year and then adding a 4th G/C (not counting last year's reserves who are still on the roster, including Edoga fwiw). I'm not saying he's going to certainly go with a non-OL pick at 23; I don't think that at all. But I think if he's looking at a board where he can grab the draft's #2 corner (Surtain?), or say it's the 5th-rated OL prospect with the top 3 tackles plus Tucker already gone (when at worst, the 6th-7th will still be on the board at his next pick, and anyway the difference between the p
  11. Actually I think he is going DB at 23 (corner not safety, though). My rationale is in slats’s thread, if you’re having trouble sleeping.
  12. Huge fan of that. It’s Mr. & Mrs. Sperm’s hands-down favorite, though more than half the stores up north don’t stock it. Single barrel in general can be hit or miss for obvious reasons, but I haven’t had a miss with theirs yet. But omg don’t waste it by mixing it with anything else, for the love of Sperm.
  13. Hope so. I honestly don’t know what to expect. Physically, he checks off the size-speed stuff we all like to see, plus unlike a prospect like Hill who also checked off those boxes, Mims had real production at Baylor before getting drafted. If he’s the goods I don’t see why he has to have some gradual improvement in the 700-800 yard range. He’s a starter. He knows how to play and can catch a football with his hands. He’s a huge target with a huge reach and isn’t a pure body-catcher. Also if (the limited tape I’ve seen on) Wilson shows anything, it’s that he won’t stand there holding
  14. Pretty much. The only excitement I’m going to derive is the type that comes with a talented clean slate who hasn’t taken a dump on the field for us yet. Of course that could be said of the last few QBs we’ve drafted, too.
  15. I’d hardly be shocked if the pick after Wilson is OL, whether it’s at 23 or whether he trades up or down a little. It’s no slam dunk, though. Here’s the reality: Becton-McGovern-Fant are locked in as starters (provided they’re all healthy, which they’ll all be at least through draft weekend). That leaves 2 theoretically-open positions - either 2 guards or a G and a C - which is what all the uproar is about. So far most agree (other than those who unrealistically think drafting two rookie OLmen is automatically an immediate upgrade). Further factor in what Douglas has done - and what
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