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  1. IIRC doesn't that have the side effect of disabling his multi-quote button? If so, as someone who regularly posts 16 paragraphs at a time, I agree @Warfish needs to take it asap. And given his multiple risk factors, if it makes him get/feel better fast, even better.
  2. hopefully it's nothing or next to nothing for you
  3. I only got as far as the first one & by then I'd seen enough: just 1 of 4 passing, plus he took a sack and fumbled, too. Pathetic. We've totally got this.
  4. Admittedly I wasn't banging the table for him, so the only dog I have in this race is the Jets picked him & I'm a Jets fan so I hope he's great. At least it's not a universal LOL from around the league, seeing how it would've surprised no one if he'd gone 10-15 picks higher. So if he does indeed flop it was at least a reasonable swing at the fences. We'll see what he is & what he isn't plenty soon.
  5. Well parroting what 500 more-famous websites & commentators have already said probably doesn't generate as many clicks
  6. I’m merging these last few and will dump future thread starter videos here no matter who’s posting them. Or we’ll just delete them if they get even more out of hand. Write out your thoughts so people can read them.
  7. I'm pretty confident I can still run a 40 in under 5 seconds. The bigger problem is these days my old ass would be on the ground sucking wind for 10 minutes after sprinting for that distance. So he'd still catch up unless he literally gave up pursuit, as though after 40 yards there's a wall that I could magically run through but he can't, like some real-life roadrunner/coyote scene. So I'd be ok for 40.9 yards (40 yards + 32.25"), so long as he stopped there, and also if Mrs. Sperm was at the finish line with an oxygen mask.
  8. The question before that was the dumbest of all: “How eager are you to get back?” I mean, seriously. Unless you’re a teacher testing someone’s knowledge - or a fluff question for PR purposes - the purpose of asking a question is to hear an answer you didn’t already know would follow. Like was there even a 1 in 100 million chance he’d say anything like, “Well really I’m not really very eager to be back.”
  9. I’m just very happy Linda Baum has taken hold as the nickname. If I ever meet him I plan to call him that right to his bitch face. Then in case he tries to take a cheap shot at me I’ll just stand 31.25” away and will be totally safe.
  10. ~17% of his contract is paid out of state on road games; ~83% of it's paid in NJ. It's half his salary but it's not nearly about half the contract amount.
  11. Posters here, the players, or both? I vote both, unless it's literally people joking about this silliness.
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