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  1. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I think the praise was for producing the outcome it did, except more colorfully.
  2. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Yeah just like the last time that was offered to us. And we didn’t even have to give up only picks b/c we were packaging Mo (which itself would have been a net gain just by not paying him like an elite DLman). If Cousins or Smith is available, I think that’s what we’re doing. Then with our top 5-10 pick we’re drafting either a RB, CB, or EDGE.
  3. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    No, I love that we have no QB of the present, no QB of the future, and are likely to miss out on the best prospects in the upcoming draft (again). It brings me joy.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Even the announcers were saying, while there’s really no good time to make a switch from a healthy starter to a raw rookie, there definitely are worse times. It’s likely they saw something in him in practice, but the timing sure isn’t looking too smart in hindsight lol.
  5. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Why pay Fitz $3m when you can pay McCown $7-8m? Besides, those were clearly the only 2 choices. Any smart GM would have picked up one of these 2 to make him the starter instead of acquiring someone with some upside and a future in this league. $22m and counting, plus 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th round picks for Fitzpatrick, McCown, Petty, and Hackenberg. Plus probably at least another late-round pick if we’d never made an offer to Fitz in the first place; he’d have signed elsewhere and we’d have gained a compensaotry pick for losing him. Forward thinking: it’s what the Jets do best. That’s why we only sign veteran busts to contracts that we can dump after 2 years — again, it’s on the same success level as picking up good and great players. Also the Jets are the only team that doesn’t full guarantee every veteran’s contract for 4-5 years. #forwardthinking
  6. $6m was the base if he never saw the field. It’s over $7m already and is approaching the $8m max. But after the 2 wins over the last 3 seasons he’s won twice as many as that in the first half of this season alone. We’re twice as blessed.
  7. I couldn’t imagine anything worse, unless you want to guarantee the GM handing out another $200m in bad contracts to save his own skin. If the Johnson brothers are going to give them - particularly Macc - such an ultimatum, then just fire him and let someone else spend all that money and use all those draft picks. Personally I think he’s picking up a veteran QB if Cousins or Smith is available, and will take another QB in the 4th round (give or take). I’d be really surprised, after 2 bad seasons in a row, with all that cap room and a sure thing instant-starter QB available, that he’d put his career in the hands of another one of his QB draft picks. My expectation - again, if either is available - is a veteran QB so he can use all these picks and the still ample cap change leftover to build around this veteran.
  8. He was never forced to do anything, and was never forced to take any player in free agency or in the draft. It’s all conspiracy theory nonsense, and there isn’t a single credible leak to the contrary in the entire time Macc’s been here (like with Idzik before him). Not one. At best he had pressure on himself to re-sign Fitz - we all saw Bowles get up on that podium like an ass and announce Fitz as the incumbent starter if he’s re-signed - but that pressure would have disappeared if he’d traded up for Wentz.
  9. Herm Edwards is a top 5 coach. Top 5 is not mediocrity, dumbass.
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Skipped this thread and am catching up, but I was about to post this when I decided to give page 2 a quick skim (i.e. what if they actually like Peterman and he looks better than Taylor - or not far off from Taylor - in practice)?
  11. He doesn't love you. Live with that.
  12. These mostly forgettable players are among his crowning achievements after 3 years, some 25-30 draft picks spent (including those traded away), and some $300m in contracts awarded. He doesn't get crucified for everything he has done. Just the bad things. It's not the JN posters' faults that more than 90% of the things he's done (and passed up on doing) are bad things.
  13. "Mark Cannizzaro Thinks [...]" hahahahahahahaha
  14. Yeah I'm just trying to help, in saying be careful of the gifs you post. Someone could mistake it for something else, though granted one would really have to stare at it for a long time because it's not that obvious.