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  1. Going to be fun seeing all these 180s if/when, after this season, Williams says he wants a $24MM/year contract to replace his existing one and he's holding out until he gets it. Then 90% of the "Q is off limits in any trade" posters will quickly morph into, "We should've traded him for Watson when we had the chance. Can't believe we let Miami get him," lol.
  2. I can understand those concerns. I think the first is a more legit one than the next, because there is a crying-wolf aspect to these requests. A typically mild-mannered star player shoots his way off one team? Benefit of the doubt and there are others looking to cash in on the team's situation. He does it twice? I don't think the line of teams is so long anymore. Also less concerned given the length of time he's contractually tied up. But I'll acknowledge the concern isn't 0% (but it should be noted I don't think the concern is 0% for anyone we'd heavily invest into instead of Watson eith
  3. Obviously that's what I'm saying. Good call lol.
  4. lessens ≠ removes. Also this ignores how much the QB alone improves this team, as though the position exists in a vacuum. The Jets are in the perfect position to surrender all that, while they’re sitting on 4 #1s and a high #2 and whatever high pick they can get in return for Darnold, as well as what could easily be upwards of $90MM in cap space. Oh, and it looks like they’re going to give up one of those high picks to retain Darnold anyway, should a Watson trade fail to materialize. I don’t know yet what the actual pricetag would be, but think it’s overstated how much every draft pi
  5. I’m so proud. Excuse me while I wipe away a manly tear.
  6. 1100 yards with Teddy Bridgewater (and Philip Walker) - a QB Carolina badly wants to dump themselves - and was on pace for the same with Josh McCown. I don’t think he’s a great receiver, and no one says he was, but he’s better than “decent” or being merely above “Hogan and trash” as well. And 7-7? Really? It was 6-6 plus an eked out facepalm “win” against the Bills’ practice squad. Considering the Darnold offense put up a whopping 7 points against Buf’s actual starters in week 1, I think that’s beyond grading on a curve to use that win as any justification for anything.
  7. WTF does Manish Mehta have to do with Judon and this guy? I know more than a couple of sleaze-ball doctors; doesn't make them all sleazes. He's reported that he's heard Judon is asking for $20MM/year, or whatever it was, and passed it on. There's no evidence he was being dishonest, let alone with any intent of malice. And Judon in return humiliates the guy's family because he personally can't fathom any way the reporter could have heard something, whether it ultimately turns out to be accurate or not. FWIW here's the reply: Sounds like a dirtbag. Even if there's some hist
  8. No one says he would be. I think one would need more evidence than Darnold's sucked so far and the KC SB OL to make a credible claim that Mahomes would be nearly as bad. Again, if the only outlier games were if/when Darnold was playing with two backup tackles - not 2 OLmen in general, because many QBs deal with 2 injuries on the OL; specifically two backup tackles up against two serious edge rushers - then any reasonable fan would just remove that from the equation; never mind that there would be no major support for moving on from a healthy Darnold. Mahomes had to deal with
  9. It makes a strong case. Darnold's not even in the ballpark. Proof is not possible in comparing any players in history, so that's not really saying much. To illustrate using an extreme, I couldn't prove that I wouldn't get struck by lightning if I swapped cars with you. Or prove that Hackenberg wouldn't have been an all-pro if Andy Reid drafted him. You can't. See what I mean? If Darnold was kinda-sorta ok but was just taking a beating, and no one else looked any better, and his allegedly-substandard cast wasn't so clearly more successful elsewhere - including his dumbass HC - it'd b
  10. Wait, what? No one's mentioned it because anyone who did would be as wrong as can be. Brees has taken comparatively under-market contracts for years. The last 5 years he averaged just under $24MM/year. The 5 years before that averaged $17.5MM. Same thing. His first $10MM/year contract with New Orleans was also well below-market for what they got. The only one comparable QB who's earned less is Brady because he was getting other checks from the Patriots, outside the cap, via his TB12 nonsense corporation. Last year Brees was tied for the 14th-highest contract b
  11. Any QB, with 37 starts in college, who was relegated to 4th string behind a practice squad QB is discouraging. Even as a rookie. It's not like in school he was really a runner playing QB like Brad Smith. He was a pure pocket passer. Whatever anyone's negative opinion of Gase, it's not like he's never worked with a QB who's had any success before under his coaching. His saying - even in mid/late November - that Morgan was still "a ways off" - not "a ways off" to start, but a ways off to even activate as a backup - is discouraging. If there was a plan to keep him benched as a rookie n
  12. The problem is it isn't even close. It's not like, "Welllll, this receiver averaged another 10 yards per game with better coaching & a different QB"... I'm saying even accounting for his hardship scenario, he's been well outside that fudge-factor. And those are just the numbers. He doesn't pass the eye test when he's looking right at open receivers and misses them (or throws to a different/covered receiver, or ffs doesn't even throw it at all). And this is wide open receivers, regardless of the names on their jersey, and when he's had ample time to throw. No one's bragging
  13. Upsetting, but true. He was effectively 4th string, and it's not like the guys ahead of him were playing so well (nor playing in meaningful games by mid/late October anyway). The only difference between his situation and Hackenberg's is the Jets didn't carry 4 QBs in 2020 solely because the 3rd string guy wasn't just a mid-round pick the prior year himself. But any unprotected stiff we picked up to put on our practice squad was automatically ahead of Morgan. It doesn't mean he'll never play, but I don't see how it's anything more than discouraging.
  14. The problem with citing Berrios & Hogan: he didn't regularly have that hardship from his first game as a rookie to his last in 2020 it's not like there was some night & day difference when he had his full WR corps That also ignores that Berrios, while not an all-pro talent, actually played pretty well in his couple starts. I wouldn't therefore rely upon him to start 16 games because of it, but it's not like all he did was trip over his own feet, get easily blanketed by every DB & take 4 seconds to get any separation, and then repeatedly drop easy passes that hit
  15. I meant Beachum, not Becton. It’s the B. Fant was not an $8MM/year upgrade over Beachum.
  16. Totally. I still wouldn’t do the 5th yr option. But of course I wouldn’t keep him this year in the first place & would rather opt for a clean break, using the significant pick we’d get for him to add a longer-term building block than Sam’s 4th season-long tryout. And honestly, it’s not fair to the rest of the roster (nor all the coaches) that all their efforts and all their risk of bodily harm don’t add up to the ball-cupping needs of Sam Darnold requiring a 4th straight tryout. I’m sure they all know the QB position is of unique importance, and teams are almost always operating unde
  17. Right now if I were to bet I’d say 2:1 that Fant is coming back. Not 10:1, but more than a coin-toss. Backups get paid that much to start after they’re starting, not in anticipation they will become starters. Beachum may have been paid $1.2MM but that’s the veteran minimum, meaning the actual cap hit was a few hundred K less than that, or just under 1/10 what Fant was paid to provide zero upgrade and zero extra flexibility. If Conklin was here instead of Fant, then special prospect or not there is a 0% chance the Jets draft Sewell. In that regard, the only reason Sewell is in
  18. Actually that’s exactly my point. Fant was not an $8MM/year upgrade over Becton. *edit* I meant Beachum, not Becton. Fant was not an $8MM/year upgrade over Beachum.
  19. Some things to say to that: 1. He wasn’t hired to be a DC here. 2. That defense was more personnel-based than genius scheming. 3. That SB performance by the D was disparately impacted by KC playing with two backup tackles against a pair of edge rushers that then didn’t need any blitzing help to generate relentless pressure. That’s player talent, not scheming/coaching. 4. Also it’s generous to credit Bowles for the offense flat-out dropping passes (let alone in the endzone). 4. That game was itself after Tampa barely got past GB who was likewise without its starting LT
  20. Fant and Anderson are my two biggest complaints in terms of Douglas exercising poor judgment. The difference is Anderson isn’t an all-pro like Conklin, where a year later people are calling for using the #2 pick in the draft as the fix for this terrible error in judgment (and allegedly, if the team can’t get an acceptable offer in trading down, may do just that). That’s a far more costly error+fix than a year with Perriman followed by a FA upgrade as good or better than Anderson. Conversely, there are at least 3 FA WRs that are not only upgrades to Anderson but would make that mistak
  21. I have no concerns about losing some draft value if Darnold plays well enough to go with him instead of a 2021 high pick, and in effect trade a top 10 pick in 2021 for whatever he yields in trade in 2022. FFS it’s still way cheaper than I’d be willing to part with for Watson. I just don’t think it’ll happen. Put a certain trade value on Darnold, whatever it is. Say it’s pick #40 just to put a number on it. Maybe it’s higher, maybe it’s lower, but figure it’s somewhere between the late 20s and the 60s. The reason someone else might make that trade for him is not for hedging a high draft p
  22. Berrios is fine in his role, which is WR4/5 depth and spot-start duty in case of injuries. I wouldn’t make or not-make any offseason starter moves because of his presence. So in this regard I kind of do discount Berrios. Juju is an upgrade over Crowder, but IMO the FA focus should be on filling an existing hole on this WR corps before looking to upgrade from the best one of the bunch from last year. In other words, if Juju’s perceived to be a slot receiver because that’s primarily where he was used on Pittsburgh, then pick a different FA WR, keep Crowder, and don’t worry about who Darnol
  23. In between that 9-play differential - largely highlighted by two games, not evenly over the course of the season - Becton was an obviously-superior player. Inconsistency is a hallmark of most rookies - particularly less-polished ones who aren’t afforded full rookie camps or good coaching in that more-limited time - and despite the above stats it’s no accident that there was no controversy whether or not Becton should have just be playing RT. In between those 2 rough games he looked like the future star player he was drafted to be. Becton was a just a rookie. Moreover he was one who was p
  24. Conklin was linked to the Jets for the whole week before Douglas declined to even make an offer. Fant, in comparison, was a backup. He’d have been a smart signing at $2.5MM/year not at $9MM/year. I wasn’t bringing up whether or not we could recover from choosing Fant or Beachum. I’m speaking to it as a judgment call. Beachum was still at least as adequate a pass blocker last year (and again this year) as Fant just was. Fant was a much bigger risk than Beachum, getting only spot-start duty since he missed the season a few years back. Other than injury fill-ins, since that injury his “star
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