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  1. Losing to an 0-11 team is the reason one can and should factor in strength of opponents instead of mindlessly saying a win is a win. Just like the 8-8 2013 Jets weren't as good as a team as the 8-8 2008 Chargers. Only a great fool would attest otherwise.
  2. If you're searching for a "Saleh can do no wrong" Jets fan, you're barking up the wrong tree. But in judging in hindsight later on, it also depends if we just beat a bunch of weak teams as part of some continued growth, or did we just beat some weak teams only to see the team regress back down to the garbage we knew it was once those tomato can opponents weren't the norm.
  3. To your last point...meh, some things are bound to happen no matter what
  4. If we're going to do this in sequence as we go back, we first have to stop in 2015 on the way
  5. KevinJamesPornhub, we hardly knew ye Obvious troll is obvious
  6. Personally? Yeah I absolutely dismiss that 6-2 finish. Beat Washington, who finished the season 3-13. Beat the Giants, who finished the season 4-12 (2 of those 4 wins coming against 3-win Washington). Beat Oakland, who was a paper tiger anyway. Hadn't beaten any good team; just barely beat Cincinnatti the week before; and the Jets loss was just one of five losses over their last 6 games. But before getting too excited about that one, then lost to the 0-11 Bengals (who'd then lose the next 3 after beating us). Beat 5-11 Miami on a ticky-tack DPI call. They also
  7. And even then, Douglas had his worst season under Parcells, who misused Douglas for a season and then traded him for a 2nd and a 5th. With a subsequent trade-down in round 2, the net result was Hugh Douglas for Dorian Boose Kevin Williams Eric Bateman Casey Dailey Joe Douglas has some big shoes to fill in terms of terrible drafting in his first few seasons as GM of the Jets. Who knows how his tenure here would've seemed if Belichick didn't plead & ultimately convince him to sign Testaverde. ...also f*** Kotite, whose birthday was yesterd
  8. I think so, but can't remember if it was just before or just after he got ousted from the Lollipop Guild for nutting in Glenda's eye. (ok that was uncalled for; I admit I feel dirty)
  9. So basically, the offensive coaching hasn’t been up to par? Asking for a friend, who basically works as a phone rep.
  10. I forget after which game, but remember looking at the recorded drops stats right after the game & they seemed low; as in there were other passes, that most/all would agree should have been caught, that weren’t counted in the drops tallies. If anything, receiver-drops stats are overboard conservative, the opposite of expecting a really great, acrobatic catch on the receiver’s part should have been made. Maybe someone has the time & inclination to go over each incomplete pass thrown thus far (both those that fell to the turf and those intercepted). That person isn’t me lol.
  11. Feeney has given no reason for anyone here to have any confidence in him. That said, there’s every likelihood moving career tackles to guard in one week, on a line where they can't simply man up on a DT/DE, could yield even worse results. We'll see what happens with Becton. People are justified in being down on him with the summer he had. Fant doesn't have his ability, but isn't falling flat on his face getting the QB killed, and that can be the motivator we'd have liked to be there all along for Becton. Lots of us behaved like kids when we were kids, and maybe/hopefully this helps him gr
  12. Moses stays at RT. Best I can tell, it’s the only position he’s played since Washington made him their starting RT in 2015. Becton to LT, of course assuming he isn’t getting his ass handed to himself in practices upon returning from injury. Fant on the field nominally as a TE but in practical terms as a 6th lineman. It’s also a role he filled with Seattle. Honestly among the three, the Jets tackle the most apt to moving to RG to swap out GVR is probably Fant, as he seems the most versatile at changing roles. RT, LT, TE, basketball player… Well before Becton returns, if
  13. Fair enough, but the more likely outcome is he'd have signed even fewer (or less-heralded) FAs than he already did. GMs who hoard high picks like that tend to keep it close to the vest in FA because those positions, ideally, should be filled by all those draft picks he's got. I'm not missing the idea that it's more picks to trade away; it's that I don't think a team convinced its future FQB is sitting right there decides to time its FQB acquisition in the first place. It's the same mentality - saying "next year" is the more apt timing for this team - that led it to pass on two FQBs for a
  14. Yeah not at all. Some liberty was taken with Wilson's quotes to infer things he clearly didn't infer after watching it. The last thing it was was any sort of "Ima do it my way" dig at LaFleur; not even a little bit. At the 2-3 min mark in the video he's going on about how much LaFleur & Cavanaugh are working on his footwork with him, every practice all day long. So on the one hand it means he's not picking it up so fast once the games are underway. He's clearly thinking too much out there, and that stuff should slow down for him with time as good habits (hopefully) become second
  15. In this thread alone, I don't know what the total is on the number of times it was again restated they should've traded down and picked up "a haul of picks" but it's plenty. The Jets already had and still do have a haul of picks without trading down from #2. Then Douglas did a 3-for-1 trade up for AVT and still had a haul of picks. Entering the 2021 draft they had What looked like 3 starters from the 2020 draft class in Becton, Mims, and Hall. Right now two 1sts (including #2 overall), a very high 2nd, two 3rds, two 5ths, and two 6ths. That's 4 of the top 66 overall, an
  16. May as well go full ass to mouth and bring back Sanchez to be a QB2/mentor. Must pee TV.
  17. So that 7.1 yard average is a good half-yard per reception better than Curtis Martin's time with the Jets.
  18. Meh, 11 TDs in 7 starts, against that level of competition, is nothing to get a chub over. That's 3-4 TD/week matchup stuff that a prospect is supposed to compile against. And 9 of them game in 3 games against Western Michigan, Hawaii, and UMass. A great game here or there isn't a great - or even a very solid - season. is what I said, and it's a true statement. I don't dislike him as a prospect or anything, but a seriously productive college QB season is one filled with dozens of TDs. He did that once; not twice, and not 3x. I'm pointing it out as a reason he should've had more h
  19. I wonder if we'll ever get a juicy tell-all with some detail at some point in the future.
  20. Far more heralded & polished prospects sat out some time - if not an entire season - and I don't see the harm in having done so with Wilson. Bringing back a has-been like Flacco, or bringing in a Minshew or other Trubisky-or-worse type (someone who could credibly start for a while - maybe even the whole season if needed - but one you really aren't interested in getting deep into bed with). Wait for an injury, or wait for another couple months of the veteran sucking, or just wait 1-3 mos for the rookie to absorb what the starter's been doing wrong while the OL and OC get in their own lumps.
  21. Unfortunately, this is the truth. Yeah the RG/C issues are there, but the Jets aren't unique in this regard. e.g. Week 2 - with the season barely underway - Cleveland started 3 backups on their OL (plus a 4th starter limped back into the lineup after starting the prep week injured as well). Also OBJ was still out from before the season and then Landry was knocked out of the game after 2 snaps. So that's 5 backups thrust (giggity) into starting roles: 3 OLmen and both their competent WR starters. They scored 31 points on offense anyway. Only two of Mayfield's 21 pass attempts weren't
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