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  1. Glad you think so. You're one of the two responsible for getting it locked with now-hidden posts. To those who behaved, even if some got a little tmi but still stayed within the lines, thank you. To everyone else getting here late? You have the internets. Go to a site and watch his mom's video clip. Or don't, lol.
  2. Wanna cyber, or whatever the kids have been calling it since y2k?
  3. Re: Morgan & White -- Morgan was on the roster because he was just drafted. If they thought he'd clear waivers the rest of the season on the practice squad, he'd have been there. From reports of what they saw in practice, you'd think they were describing Hackenberg. Personally I don't care, other than I'd like to see him pan out, but I wouldn't push him to being #2 or even #3 unless he's earned it on the field not because he was drafted in round 4. Same goes for White, who was deemed not good enough to be on the Cowboys' practice squad after they drafted him. Seeing how much faith the
  4. We don't even know if Morgan is adequate enough to make the roster yet. Last year he wasn't even good enough to be the 3rd string QB; it's a role he filled in name alone; whenever Darnold or Flacco was down, they signed White off the street to automatically leapfrog Morgan. If they think Morgan's usable on the field this year, fine. I'm in favor of that. Presumably the reason he was drafted in the first place was to be the team's QB2. If he enters camp as the QB2 and looks both awful and clueless, they should bring in someone else. What I'm not ok with is automatically naming Morgan
  5. There's kinda a tiny problem with that logic: there are a few other guys on the team. It's just possible 40 other guys suiting up might not want to risk permanent injury for Morgan to have tryouts against other teams. Also it's a pretty young team, and it's also possible the coaches & FO might want to better assess what else they've got & what they need after this season, instead of grading others too much or too little on a curve to account for Morgan. Just throwing that out there. They don't need to put Morgan on the field in regular games just because you & other the f
  6. On the one hand they could just do nothing, and then if he has a good season in 2021, just tag him again. On paper that seems like a no-brainer, especially with him already 28, but thinking about it some more I might favor an extension, depending on the terms of course. The team holds all the cards right now, so if they're ever going to give Maye an extension (which would likely contain 2 guaranteed seasons), this would be a good offseason to do it. Both sides could release it PR-wise as a $14MM/year extension after this year, which is top money for a safety, and it's still very team-fri
  7. I'd say the fault in connecting those dots with is that a guy like Polamalu (who was a SS not a FS: the rare, run-stopping thumper who could also pick off 7 passes a year and just in general seemed to be everywhere) would be getting a helluva lot more than $10MM per season, and might very well be in the $16MM+ range (maybe not from the Steelers, but if he was a FA). There are 6 non-Polamalu safeties right now (Landon Collins the only SS) who are in the $14-15MM/year range as it is. If Justin Simmons can get a $15.25MM/year contract extension, it seems someone like Polamalu, Reed, etc. wou
  8. We'll find out a lot more about him this year. Pretty much everyone in round 1 (never mind the top half of round 1) is rated as really good on draft day. I want him to be right.
  9. That's what we were told. Then DeAndre Hopkins goes 20 slots later, and Keenan Allen another 50 slots after Hopkins.
  10. If AVT is all that, like the Jets had him graded to be, and is the type of guard that'd command maybe not top 3 but still about top 10 LT money, I'm more than fine with it. Where we sit today, it sure doesn't seem like Douglas got optimal value, but the Jets have a zillion picks and could afford this luxury instead of guessing at who's almost as good, also almost as good in the Jets blocking scheme, plus whether that player will even still be there when we pick lower down. An awful lot of that criticism is based on what we now know, only with the benefit of hindsight, as to how long the a
  11. Up to a point, of course, but the specifics of perhaps the isolated + unacceptable outlier notwithstanding, I'd largely agree with this. For the upcoming 4 years - presuming Wilson pans out - the Jets are getting a $30MM+ discount at the QB position alone. Then if Becton takes a next leap forward he's an $18-22MM LT making just $4.5MM so that's another $15M temporary discount, give or take. Yes there is some concern over setting precedents, that shouldn't be the driving force. A given season's payroll is fungible; there's no positional ceiling other than self-imposed ones, like a QB
  12. Generally agree, but they could get by with extending the two he's drafted so far; it's just likely to take away from elsewhere if he is still paying decent-or-better veteran FA money to any of the remaining 3 OL slots. If he does fill those other 3 with say 2 mid/late round picks and a lower-priced veteran, with time still left on their rookie deals, then he could keep not just Becton but AVT as well. Which brings up the other thing that so many - I forget what you named the group, but the OL-ites - conveniently overlook, which is no successful GM I can think of has used a 1st round pic
  13. Probably true. FFS Chris Johnson gave out extensions to both Bowles & Maccagnan, and in so many words said he did it because he didn't feel he knew enough to replace them. Yeesh. I think that provided Douglas with a shield he didn't really want to give up either. He got to play good cop to Woody Johnson's bad cop. Deserved firing or not, Gase did get him this job (though it seems like there's a decent chance "well regarded around the league" Douglas would've gotten another offer from somebody at the end of the season, it didn't happen 4 months earlier for whatever reasons).
  14. I hadn't heard that one. Honestly I expected him to draft a TE, but maybe this is partly why he didn't. He wasn't without bad drops last year, too. Also the economics of the position: If Herndon has another letdown season, TE is rarely a position that requires upper 1st round investment (not that we don't have two 1s and two 2s next year). On the flip side, if he pans out, it's also not a position that typically commands upper-level money: there are 5 TEs in the league making $9MM+ so Herndon is an easy franchise tag if he's commanding north of what Douglas is willing to match -
  15. I wouldn't go that far. In a crazy-deep OL draft, if you're trading up into the top 15 for an OL prospect, you're expected to hit. If he whiffs for any reason other than an unexpected injury, it's a negative reflection on Douglas. There were almost 20 good OL prospects in this draft class. All of them won't hit, of course, but I'd be surprised if there weren't at least a half dozen taken at 23 or later that hit. For me the best rationalization - at the time - was something that didn't come to pass: it looked like 3-4 more OL picks were going to happen in the teens & early 20s before
  16. I know this is repeated a lot, but it isn't true. Too much is made of this as though every team with a snowball's chance in hell has 5 elite starters. The Jets and others have fielded plenty-strong OLs with at least one noticeably "weak link" on it. Tampa's OL was plenty solid on balance with their own weaker C/RG starters. Nobody said a peep about KC's OL until they lost Fisher -- not only their only remaining above average starter, but really the only one who was even solidly average once Schwartz went down (and one of two before then). Even the Jets' very best OL didn't have that
  17. I remember both being reasons. The lack of Manning winning the big game, but also Leaf was the one with the higher ceiling because his arm was stronger. i.e. Manning presumed to have the higher floor; Leaf presumed to have the higher ceiling. Leaf was the physical specimen with nothing upstairs: Frankenstein’s monster with the Abby-normal brain. Regardless, it’s so great we avoided the mistake altogether to instead end up with James Farrior, Dedric Ward, Leon Johnson, and Raymond Austin. Joke’s on them, amirite?
  18. I don’t have a dog in this race beyond mocking the silly idea that sitting for the sake of sitting is an innate good for all QBs equally. If the coaches think it’s appropriate to sit him based on what they see on the practice field, I’m all for it. If they think he’s ready - even if he’s not a totally finished product - it’s my preference. If they think he’s almost ready, but starting him isn’t going to do particular (let alone irreparable) harm, also fine. But bringing in the Jets’ own Tyrod Taylor isn’t going to make his growth accelerate any faster, unless laziness is a trait of his (in whi
  19. This is all bull***t. The Jets drafted Wilson because cash-poor Woody Johnson might make another $3MM from Zach Wilson’s relative. Right, @bitonti?
  20. Just curious — if he’s innately injury prone, what will change by sitting him for a month?
  21. Fair enough; I didn’t think it was a subtle point, but then I know what I’m thinking in the first place . Also I’m constipated so it puts me in a bad/snippy mood. There were so many reasons the OL looked lousy last year that won’t be factors this year. It’s also absolutely the case that the meh/bleh performers from last year can still look just as bad this year. I just doubt it’ll happen where they’re that level bad again this year, even if they’re still relative disappointments. LT no longer a rookie coming off a limited camp. LG supposedly an elite rookie, familiar with zone
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