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  1. I think I do rather well considering I have only 23 chromosomes. Worthy of being graded on a curve.
  2. Ooh I forgot about him. So hard to keep track. Without exaggeration, his "dumb move" : "smart move" ratio has to be hovering around 20:1 for his Jets tenure. *fixed lol*
  3. No he did not do OK with mid-tier deals. Most on his "A" list still need a * to narrowly rationalize them anyway. McCown was guaranteed+paid more than 2x the next-highest bidder in both his Jets seasons. That alone makes them back-to-back bad deals even if you liked having him for a bit. Carpenter was Macc's 3rd choice he ended up with after missing out on his first two. He was a good starter his first 2 years, and would have been a better hindsight signing if his 2015-2016 play continued. The problem is the we kept him for 2 more bad years and couldn't get him out of the starting lineup because this GM didn't add anyone else who wasn't even worse. If there was someone else being groomed who actually fit the new zone blocking, where Carpenter could've been benched in 2017, then cut after the season, this would have been a better deal in hindsight. Williamson was not a good signing when you look back. Not when he let a superior player go, to then ink Williamson instead because he was $500K/year less and younger. But Williamson has missed literally half his games here, which negates this as a good deal on its face. So far the Jets paid $16MM for one 4-win season of Williamson at ILB; some $400K less than New Orleans has paid all-pro Demario Davis, whom Macc could have locked up for less if he extended him midseason instead of waiting (waiting & painting himself into a corner was a Macc staple for 5 offseasons). If Mosley didn't just opt out, there's a good chance Williamson would have been cut after playing just that lone season. Hey it might still happen, depending how Williamson looks when he's taken off PUP, if that even happens before final roster cutdowns. Crowder seems like a solid signing so far. He got 2 years fully guaranteed so you can't gauge it yet. If he gets injured early or just takes a major step back this season, then it wasn't such a good signing. McClendon has been good (though only to fill a hole that Macc created himself with his lack of foresight). If I sling enough arrows I'll eventually hit a couple outside the bullseye even though I haven't picked up a bow in the last 35 years. That doesn't therefore make me pretty good at archery now. Beachum was an overall below average tackle. Slightly below average in pass blocking (which made him seem better than he was, compared to the other OLmen Maccagnan furnished his coaches) and among the worst in run blocking. What's forgotten is even Maccagnan didn't fully believe in Beachum, coming off a disastrous season with Jacksonville, as that was only one of the two tackles he signed in that 48-hour period: he also re-signed Ben Ijalana at $5MM per, making the LT spot cost an all-pro level $13MM that year. Now that the cherry-picking and generous memories of those mid-tier signings is done: Ryan Fitzpatrick $12MM (and what an embarrassment having a career marginal starter hold him over a barrel like that). His fix: draft Christian Hackenberg. Marcus Gilchrist Buster Skrine Ryan Clady (also the result of a mess of Maccagnan's own making). Then tried to extend him, unsuccessfully. A player no other team wanted, who'd never so much as suit up for a single practice ever again, and Macc wanted to lock him up for at least a couple more seasons. Jarvis Jenkins -- This useless sack of crap was paid $3m as a UFA to be a backup for half a season. If he wasn't such an impossibly awful pickup, and could be justified to not cut before his first season was over, he'd have cost us the 3rd round compensatory pick Macc planned on losing when he signed him. Quinton Coples (5th year option) -- It gets forgotten about, because we got lucky, but had Coples gotten injured before he got benched, the Jets would have been locked into paying him $7m in 2016 because Maccagnan exercised his 5th year option. Coples was cooperative enough to play so poorly that Bowles could justify benching him before he got injured. Like Jenkins above, only the player being so much worse than imagined is what saved this deal from having a worse ripple effect. Wesley Johnson Spencer Long Matt Forte - A has-been who'd been on a decline for years. Maccagnan signs a RB north of 30 years old starter-money, guarantees this starter money for 2 seasons, and as a cherry on top this pickup cancels out the mid-round compensatory pick we'd have been awarded for losing Chris Ivory to FA. Bilal Powell - I probably liked Powell better than most, I think, but as a GM you sign either Forte or you re-sign Powell; not both. Pick one veteran, then draft young players for this youngest man's position. Locking himself into both of these guys for 2 years - plus the compensatory pick each cost - undoubtedly influenced undervaluing RB prospects' worth to the Jets when our picks were coming up. Instead of Kamara - the player his defensive-minded coach allegedly wanted - the "value" move for him was trading down and drafting Ardarius Stewart. Terrelle Pryor Marcus Williams a few million for 6 games as a backup/special teams nobody before cutting him in October. Why bother, then? Breno Giacomini - no Macc didn't initially sign him, but in 2016 he kept him for $5MM even though the money wasn't guaranteed. In effect it's like offering him a 1 yr $5MM deal for 10 games (if he's perfectly healthy & in game shape coming off PUP). I still can't understand this here to this day. So, and already-injured player came back, played poorly for 5 starts, and for this Macc paid him $1MM/game. The man was an unmitigated disaster at everything. Even his most successful draft pick was one of this sorry franchise's worst missed-opportunity tragedies in hindsight.
  4. Muhammad Wilkerson -- $37MM he paid for Mo's sucky 2016 + 2017 seasons; amazing that a contract this horrendous wasn't an "and nothing else even came close" bad contract. This is why you don't listen to internet fans whining "pay the man!" instead of acting like an adult and realizing you're now guaranteeing 2 years instead of the no-guarantee year-to-year deals he already had him on with the tag. At least the fans could be excused for not realizing what Macc knew about his laziness & douchebaggery. David Harris 3.0 -- made him a top 5-10 paid ILB (with 2 more years fully guaranteed!) despite him being a poor fit for Bowles who wanted fast LBs (the last thing Harris was). Then bizarrely waited until June to cut him in '17. Antonio Cromartie 2.0 -- paying him 2x his going rate, just like with McCown
  5. I didn't tell you whom you should look upon fondly, though you interpreted it that way (now twice). You do you. I'm saying I don't, and think it's pretty silly to fondly look back upon such a lost opportunity, but do what makes you happy. And you said a bit more than he was much better than almost everything we've had since. I don't even know that I agree, other than he had it stupidly easy that year. When the circumstances weren't so favorable (if not outright easy), he sucked. The productivity was not him, but the circumstances around him. I'm not looking to re-hash in detail, but he sucked and pumped up numbers against trash thanks to those weak opponents (in some cases, severely weakened), two stud receivers, fair weather, generally good pass protection, a legit ground game, and solid defense). We won what, one game all year when the D/ST gave up >20 points, and that was against Jacksonville who only narrowly eclipsed that with a garbage late TD against a Bowles prevent. I don't look back at that season fondly myself, but rather as an opportunity lost by having such a flawed QB. But you do what makes you happy; you hardly need my permission.
  6. Thank you for classifying my emotions for me, telling me which humans I love and hate. All I said is he sucks, in whatever verbose manner I do, and he's not the type of QB I miss or look back upon with fond memories, nor yearn to. The rest is in your head. Fitzpatrick is and was a sucky QB, and as an NFL leader/QB he's a loser. This is my feeling. But feel free to disagree and continue "love" him as you will.
  7. lol ok He's either good enough or not good enough. Better than Geno Smith or a career backup like McCown, but still not good enough, is nothing to look back upon with nostalgic reverence. Particularly when he had such a cakewalk schedule of unparalleled good weather (a big deal for a QB like him); particularly when he threw some 30+ interception-worthy passes himself in his banner season. Absent that easy schedule and a pair of tall, above average receivers still in their prime erasing many of his errors, he'd have finished as he did in every other season of his career: without a winning record. If you want to argue that Fitzpatrick is a better backup QB than Falk, you'll have few people arguing with you, but I missed the part where that was up for debate, let alone where it was the binary choice. And overmatched as Falk was, because he's not even a legit NFL backup let alone starter, there's still zero evidence the Jets wouldn't have still gone 0-3 in the games Darnold missed to mono -- with Darnold or Fitz in Falk's stead. A puncher's chance at best with someone else, but the likely best-case was 1-2. It's convenient to forget this team lost to two winless teams (and we're not talking about the first 2-3 weeks of the season) that had nothing to do with Falk. Seems I've touched a nerve. But while he may be a winner in life, as a QB the guy is a loser. The fact that we have had other losers even worse doesn't change that.
  8. $2.06, and Marcy wins, with a bid of $1. Now get your fat ass up here and let me plant a wet one on you before we play Plinko.
  9. Fitz's on field smarts are as overrated as he is. The problem with linking QB IQ with neck-up QB ability is time allotted. Analogizing a timed Wonderlic, or solving a 3x3 cube in a couple minutes, to a QB surveying his options, is a false equivalence. Once the playbook is known, the 2-3 seconds a QB typically has is more instinct than problem solving math or logic or word definitions/antonyms in a minute or even 10 seconds. (Never mind with all the solution websites out there, solving a 3x3 cube as he does is a recipe-memory skill, not one of intelligence, in the first place.) This is the answer why some great QBs over the decades can seem like functional motions off the field, while 40+ Wonderlic guys stare down receivers like they’re transmitting semaphore or directing a plane with those mini-lightsaber flashlights, unable to identify a second downfield read absent a 5-second pocket, forcing in passes that a brilliant person would never attempt, given more time to analyze than a QB has. There’s your explanation why a cut off his obvious intelligence throws right into coverage so frequently. He’s clearly a smart person, but he’s not a smart QB. He shouldn’t ever be missed. In his favor, most of the countless other QBs in college and pros, with his physical skill level and better, also suck at this.
  10. This is the part I could never comprehend. And we've had so many over the years. "**** you guys. The site sucks because the posters suck and the moderators suck for allowing the posters that suck & post things I don't like." And then keep re-registering over & over, getting one username banned after another, just to interact with these despised people until they see the proverbial light. So strange. Your diagnosis? (It's textbook something, except I'm too much of an ignoramus to have read any textbooks myself.)
  11. It's not that curious. Players can opt out. Before cutting anyone loose, see if you've got a starting 5 on the line first. If a couple other guards had opted out of the season, Winters would still be on the roster.
  12. I think if there was a believe he was "incapable" he'd have never been talked of as a day 1 (or even day 2) pick. Boom or bust means just that there's less certainty that he'll be able to do it, and that if he can't he'll be an outright liability; but if he can put it together he won't be just ok he'll be great.
  13. Players aren't deemed good or bad or risky it safe by weight alone. That was much of what was written about him, or he'd have been the first tackle taken (or at least the second). Anyway it was commonly written about him, not that it was my own personal opinion in the face of everyone else who said he was a can't miss prospect. I'm optimistic, but fan optimism has no effect on actual results.
  14. I'm sorry, was he @TheAdamsEra this whole time? I assumed it was @ Prez something. rofl he's not much of an insufferable narcissist or anything, is he? Why not just make his Twitter handle: @TheRealJamalAdamsAKATheOnlyPlayerOnMyTeamWorthADamnTheRestOfYouSuckAndAlsoAmATeamFirstLeaderOfMen I'm sure he'll be deeply missed in the locker room
  15. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2862591-jamal-adams-says-he-wants-to-be-a-jet-for-life-despite-prior-trade-rumors
  16. Yet he knows this is patently untrue. Of course you can, if you draft well. They did draft well once upon a time. That was years ago. For more than a half decade they’ve been Maccagnanesque.
  17. Except he knows that's nonsense. They not only can get a player like him where they draft, but they have even during his own tenure in Seattle. He could have moved up 2 slots to leapfrog SD to take Derwin James in 2018. Instead he traded down to alleviate a mess of his own making, drafted one of his many busts, and then that led to coughing up 2 more firsts for Adams.
  18. Let me show you on the doll where Jamal Adams hurt me
  19. I remember reading that, too. But he's just bulkier than Ogden as a prospect. Both of them are freakishly tall for the NFL but at their respective combine weigh-ins I think Becton had almost 50 pounds on Ogden despite being an inch or two shorter. Build-wise he seems to match up closer to Pace, but even Pace was never in the 360-370 pound range. Of course when you factor in that oversized pumpkin on Pace's shoulders he & Ogden were probably closer from the neck down. I'd be thrilled beyond belief if Becton turns into anywhere near either of those two.
  20. It certainly does change it when the team has had nothing but losing records since then. He represented what might have been in a worse way than any of those picks. Never was it so obvious to take a QB, and so impossible to screw it up in doing so. Imagine playing a shell game to find the pea. Except there's a pea under 2 of the 3 shells not one. Then further imagine taking the empty shell off the table, leaving a choice of a great QB and an all-time great QB. We got a safety, in a safety-rich draft. The stink of that disastrous pick would have haunted the Jets for as long as Adams was on the roster. Now the healing can begin.
  21. I'm so glad you asked, because it gives me the opportunity for a long post, which is my 2nd favorite thing in the world. When one of Carroll's players has a disastrous game he doesn't use that term then either. Coaches have to be a little more diplomatic if they want anyone to work or play under them ever again. I'm sure in those cases, like all coaches, he uses phrases like, "It wasn't his best game" and "he'll have to work on _____" and talk of bouncing back the next week & how the player still has his confidence. Everyone knows what that stuff means. He didn't use that word, because no one uses that word unless talking about oneself in self-deprecating fashion. Carroll certainly knows a top 10 pick is not a requirement to land a pro-bowl/all-pro player at any position, let alone strong safety (he found Kam Chancellor in round 5 ffs), even though he also implied that in his comments as well. Here's what Carroll/Schneider have to show for their 1st round picks over the last several years, including the slot where they originally picked: 2013 #25 = Percy Harvin. Carroll traded the pick away for this known quantity (then gave him $11MM/year he regretted almost immediately). Idzik rescued them from some money at the trade deadline the next season, but that trade only yielded a 6th round pick in return. 2014 #32 = Paul Richardson. Following the SB win, trader Pete moved down from #32 (he didn't need either of the probowl QBs taken 32-36, but 2 of the next 3 picks were pro bowlers anyone could've used). He traded down from #32 to #40, then again from #40 to #45, where he took Richardson, who once had a season with >300 yards. 2015 #31 = Jimmy Graham. Not even-up, though. He traded starting, pro-bowl/all-pro center Max Unger and his 1st round pick for the 29 year-old TE, who instantly went from being consistent & deadly as the NFL's other Gronk to having a good game about once a month. After 3 years Carroll cut him. 2016 #26 = Germain Ifedi. Traded his original 1st round pick for the 4th year in a row, moving down to #31 to take a guy who once committed 16 penalties in a season. Declined his 5th year option & entering his age 26 season the Bears signed him on a vet minimum deal with barely any of it guaranteed. Honestly Douglas should have taken a flyer on him at that cheap. But as a draft pick? A waste. 2017 #26 = Malik McDowell. The 5th year in a row trading his top pick -- moved down from 26 to 31 to 35 where he took McDowell. McDowell never appeared in a single game, spending 2 years on the non-football injury list and then was cut after his soph season. He's currently incarcerated, serving an 11-month sentence for stealing a car (and more). The best part of it is in addition to the jail time, the judge in Michigan ordered him to write a 750-100 word essay on finding meaning in life other than committing crimes lol. 2018 #18 = Rashaad Penny. A 6th straight year trading his original 1st round pick, this time dropping down to #27. He'd already drafted his starting RB the prior year at the bottom of round 7, making this yet another complete and total waste of a 1st round pick. He could have stayed pat or traded up a 2-3 slots. It would have been hard for him to make a bad pick anywhere from 16-24. I can understand not trading up, since he was already missing both of his day 2 picks because he traded both his 2nd rounder (Sheldon Richardson) and 3rd rounder (Duane Brown) in the fall of 2017. If he'd kept it in his pants, 2018 could have been a banner draft for him. Take your pick around #18. Could have moved down plenty from his 2nd round pick and snagged both probowlers Baltimore ended up taking in round 3 (O.Brown & M.Andrews). That extra 3rd rounder he did pick up for moving down went to Rasheem Green, a pass rusher with 5 sacks in 2 years. 2019 #21 = Marquise Blair. More trading of his original top pick, for 7th year in a row, which has got to be a record. This time from #21 to 30, then from 30 to 37, then from 37 to 47, where he took a safety. So satisfied with this player's progress, before his 2nd season Carroll coughed up a pair of 1st rounders and more to the Jets for Jamal Adams. 2019 #29 = LJ Collier. He traded probowl edge rusher Frank Clark to KC for this pick. Clark helped KC win a SB with his 5 sacks / 7 QB hits in the playoffs. Collier didn't have quite as good of a season: in 11 games, mostly on the bench, he finished the year with 3 tackles. ** So while the word "disastrous" wasn't used, it was more than implied, as anyone with internet access can see. Amazingly, this is probably a worse showing than Idzik/Maccagnan (though in fairness Macc only had a top pick lower than #6 once in 5 drafts, and the result wasn't too good then either).
  22. It's Football Outsiders. Unless they're all Jets fans there and I'm unaware of it, they don't give a crap whether we paid/kept Jamal Adams or not. Every site I'm visiting with posted O/U wins has the Jets between 6.5 and 7.0 wins, with more of them leaning towards 6.5, whether they've been updated post-Adams or not (and most haven't).
  23. Carroll came right out & said it as plainly as anyone could: they did this because he looked at their track record the last half decade or so, particularly in round 1, and he figured they'd blow these picks anyway. If they weren't such disasters at using 1st round picks this trade wouldn't have happened. 1st round picks for Pete Carroll are like bullets without a gun.

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