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  1. Todd Bowles: Dumbest Coach in The NFL

    All he needs is another 30 years of NFL experience and he'll be just fine
  2. Todd Bowles: Dumbest Coach in The NFL

    Agree with you on how bad Bowles is, but Macc is at least as bad. He just hides it better because he goes for high-floor draft picks early, instead of those with a high ceiling that actually make the team noticeably better. Those home run players are the types a team needs, and he's been doing the equivalent of putting a singles hitter batting cleanup. Your take on Macc's "biggest rap" is also not correct for two huge reasons. Reason #1, Watson isn't remotely the only FQB he's passed on. He's at least the 4th (5th if you include/count Dak): Cousins was available in '16 instead of trading for Fitz, trading up to draft Petty, which then leads to further future additional investment in the position (this ended up being re-upping Fitz and drafting Hackenberg, and then whatever we do next year as well). That's just year 1. Then year 2 he turned down a trade-up to #1 overall (which would have simultaneously rid us of the overpriced and wholly unnecessary - and almost immediately regretted - Mo extension), instead settling for Fitz and Hackenberg. Follow that up by paying $6m for McCown (never mind how lucky he got that McCown's career year made it look so much less stupid) which was both double the next-highest bid and also was a poor fit for a HC who has a too-wide comfort zone with old never-was QBs. Passing up on Watson for a goddamn safety is merely the cherry on top of his dookie sundae. Reason #2 that's not correct on his rap is the team is not merely a QB away (as McCown has shown by playing better than one would reasonably expect any rookie QB to perform). Improvements are desired or desperately needed at QB, RB, go-to WR, TE, LT, LG, C, RG, RT (for all the overrating of Shell that fans do), DE (after cutting Mo), NT, edge rusher, CB1, CB2, and NB. You could make the argument for ASJ or Claiborne, but neither is under contract with the Jets for next year, and each would be foolish to forgo FA bidding unless Macc way overshoots with each of them like he did with Winters a year prior. Also neither is so freaking good anyway. Claiborne is ok, and would probably look better if we had a consistent pass rush, and ASJ has trouble catching a football cleanly without bobbling or outright dropping. Complain about the refs' calls all you want; if he catches them all cleanly there's nothing to get screwed over. So you're half-right: they both need to go.
  3. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea of giving both Bowles and Maccagnan extensions, and that anyone truly believes this duo could ever possibly lead to a superbowl victory (or even appearance). The only tangible on-field success they had for a season - and it wasn't such marvelous success at that - was back in 2015. Playing only in favorable weather, only against teams that were either dumpster fires themselves or had so many key injuries they weren't the same teams their records otherwise suggested, and with some $200m in new contracts they just handed out (on top of the inherited starters they liked enough to keep), and with generally good team health of their own from start to finish; and the fresh blood/new-HC/new-culture bump almost any team gets in year 1, this duo's peak accomplishment was still a mere 10-6 with a choke job against the Rex Ryan Bills in a win-and-in-playoffs game (marking the 2nd loss in 2, to an otherwise 6-8 Bills team, coached by the guy they just fired and who would get fired again before the end of the following season). Seeing that week 17 result, it's a stretch to think that ultimate Bowles-Macc team could win a WC game, let alone get any further. The 2016 Giants were more successful than any Bowles/Maccagnan team. A year later both the GM and HC were rightly fired midseason (and never mind the Eli benching; all that did was accelerate the move by a month and give Mara an excuse for a nice PR rescue). But it's the Jets that have to not only keep their failure HC/GM duo, but should outright give each an extension. Giants should have kept McAdoo, Vikings should have kept Frazier, Bears should keep Fox, Bills should have kept Rex, Jax should have kept Bradley, Raiders should have kept Allen, Seattle should have kept Mora, Rams should have kept Fisher...
  4. Because Maccagnan hasn't invested in the position this is my responsibility? Gee, how do other teams do it. And no matter how much of a fan favorite he (deservedly) still is, Brick sucked his last 2 seasons. Maccagnan was right to move on from him, but he even botched up doing the right thing by timing the ultimatum and replacement in early April. Leave it to you to still wish we had D'Brickashaw Ferguson at $13m. Beachum isn't particularly good himself, but he's both cheaper and younger than Brick, and at least this year is an upgrade on the field. As far as firing Bowles guaranteeing no good candidates, you can certainly believe that if you like. I tend to think any good candidates would think themselves better than Bowles, and if they don't think they could do any better than a HC with a losing record then they're not likely the solution to any problem anyway.
  5. Bowles: He has good and bad points. I genuinely like him as a person - it’s impossible not to - but we all like a lot of people who wouldn’t make SB-caliber head coaches. My main issues with him are that the blunders that would be more tolerable in a younger coach who hasn't been in the league for the last 30 years, than one who spent his playing and early coaching careers under Gibbs, Parcells, and more. Plus he's been a pushover with discipline. Week 12 of 2017 is a year & a half too late for adequately punishing Mo for making a fool of him (and Macc), for example, and is indicative of how easily he can lose a locker room that isn’t filled with inexperienced players looking for their next deal, if instant success doesn’t sustain effort and general harmony. When the next round of big contracts gets spent in 2018, he’ll again have a team full of players with multi-year guarantees, and perhaps without 2015’s cushy schedule. They’ll walk all over him again. Head coach and assistant coach are not at all the same thing, and what ranking entity is really equally around all 32 teams, behind closed doors and private coach meetings, to be capable of adequately ranking individual assistants? Unless a coordinator came in and turned around an entire side of the ball despite only nominal personnel changes and under the same HC, it is a silly award that usually means nothing. It certainly doesn’t mean a turnaround is sustainable; just that they were sick of the guy he replaced (happens with the Jets all the time, for example). Before coaching his first game there, Arizona already swapped out about half the defense (and went from ineptness to competence on offense, with Palmer at QB instead of Skelton) from 2012, and by the way Arians took over for Wisenhunt so Bowles individually got a lot of by-extension credit for that as well. By year 2 of Bowles their D was already a weak squad except the D recovered 20 fumbles - a figure everyone knows isn’t repeatable and is largely due to luck - plus aiding greatly from 2 games apiece vs 3 divisional opponents all with weak offenses, playing Dallas with Brandon Weeden in for Romo, the Eagles with 4/5 of their 1st string OL not playing, etc. Basically, he was promoted too soon, before anyone really knew what he was while in charge of 1 side of the ball for more than 2 seasons in Arizona and one awful partial season in Philadelphia. And it’s certainly showed.
  6. Maccagnan: Executive of the year, lol. There’s really anyone (other than Maccagnan and his agent) still clinging to that? He's inked $200m in new contracts on stupid, 1-2 year fixes that had already failed by year 2. They handed him that award because he spent a bunch of money, on names of some 30 y.o. players with a short shelf life, that looked still better than they were due to unexpectedly lucky game circumstances (extraordinarily weak schedule, the few more difficult oppnoents all had multiple key injuries in our matchups, and we played in favorable weather from end to end). We should be reaping benefits of wise deals signed in the past, not waiting them out trying to erase them soon after in signing them, only to start over with new deals that have 2-3 more years of inflation built into them. People are acutally applauding the very routine practice of only building in 2 years of guarantees, as though that makes bad signings smart. You only want out if the players didn’t live up to the contracts they were given. We have holes or desired upgrades at the hardest-filled positions. It doesn't take much competence to build a mediocre team with glaring holes, while filling the positions easily filled via FA in any off-season desired (SSx2. ILB, non go-to receivers, non edge-rushing OLB).
  7. If you have bad coaching and a bad GM, keeping them doesn't make them otherwise. Teams keep good people around because they’re doing a good job; they don’t do a good job because they’ve been kept around for the prior 3-4 years. The time to fire them both is now, before Maccagnan has a chance to hand out yet another $200m in soon-to-be-regretted contracts in an effort to ensure 2018 won’t be his last. We’ll see those deals again help the team a little in the short term, but by 2019 we’ll wish half or most of them hadn’t been signed. And another great opportunity will be lost, until his replacement purges the roster for a year in 2020 so we can again hope to compete in 2021. Josh McCown staying healthy, and helping them win 7 games instead of 4, doesn’t therefore mean the whole team is on the right track. They will never win anything with these two losers:
  8. No, not really. Winning teams that have stability have it because they’re winning, not the other way around. Stability in the absence of winning is pointless babble because it sounds good. There’s no tangible, provable benefit.
  9. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    Yeah well so is your face. Hope you get everlasting hiccups from drinking all that Haterade, jerk.
  10. Stability = all-important. It even trumps success, by a wide margin. These teams have stability: Washington with Jay Gruden Detroit had stability at GM for years with Mayhew. He was their GM for 7 years (with Schwartz the HC for the first 5). Four years since, Detroit's had some stability with Jim Caldwell. They're 6-6 with a $27m/year, rocket arm QB who's been completing 2/3 of his passes. Colts have stability with Pagano. 5+ years and counting. Bolts had stability with Mike McCoy. 4 years into building something there and they just dumped him. Can you believe it? Rams had stable Jeff Fisher for 5 years. So stupid of them to just get rid of him and risk this stability, and their current failure season shows this. Jets had stability with Herm And you don't get any more stable than Marvin Lewis. Makes the playoffs half the time in the WC round, and is 0-7 in WC games. Stable. This is why these teams have been champs or on the cusp of being so. Because of stability. It's just so damned important.
  11. Analytics In Football

    If you say so.
  12. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    "Why, with the pick we're going to secure next year we could have our pick of 6 QBs, all of whom are better than anybody from 2017's draft." - JetNation, May 2017
  13. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    I don't even like Bowles as the HC, but no he hasn't. Only thing I really see is that he's merely shown he won't play bad young players as readily as he'll play bad older players. Just because fans don't see the backups on TV doesn't therefore mean the coaching staff don't see them over & over & over, every week in a row, for months on end. I don't know where this fantasy got invented that nobody on the team can see or know anything about a player until he's getting live snaps on TV. Coaches do see stuff before that.
  14. Analytics In Football

    Analytics don't account for tenacity, grit, spirit, or moxie. #flawed
  15. You don’t know what the word repeatedly means, I see. No prob. We’ll just add it to your list. All good.
  16. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    Not really. If the same trio is brought back again by the GM, the level of increased displeasure would be insignificant as to which one of the 3 dead ends we drive down. You can’t have a GM bring in a player and then be surprised a HC in job preservation mode is playing him after it’s shown he’s clearly the better QB. When a HC has a few more guaranteed seasons left he can afford to be riskier with the starting QB. When he’s entering (or in) his lame duck season? Not so much.
  17. Hindsight my ass. I told you back then he wasn’t worth it, and that we should trade him for whatever was the highest bid. Repeatedly. Especially coming off a broken leg, he wasn’t even worth tagging again other than to tag & trade him. Dont be bitter just because you were wrong again. Learn from it. I have much to teach you.
  18. Jets just signed Josh McCown (MERGED)

    Didn’t even realize until just now I’d bumped this one in late Aug. I’m starting to think my memory isn’t improving with age.
  19. Lol no they can’t. Only way that happens is if they keep him for a minimum of 1 more season by paying him another $17m. Plus there’s no point anyway; using up next year’s cap room doesn’t take any particular skill. It makes no difference if they accelerate $6m more of Mo’s bonus money or front-load $6m more on new signings.
  20. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    Perhaps they acquired Kerley (and Kearse) in the first place because the younger receivers weren’t cutting it.
  21. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    Also there are plenty of younger guys starting. Sometimes you have to accept that simply being young (or old) isn't an attribute itself. I think if it was really even close then McCown wouldn't be starting. They play Anderson, Jenkins, the three 1st round picks, Shell, and others. They tried like crazy to have a reason to start Burris, Hackenberg, Petty, Devin Smith, Jalin Marshall, Mauldin, Simon, and more. It's entirely possible that the players who are on the bench just aren't good.
  22. Jets just signed Josh McCown (MERGED)

    You think there’s actually a chance we’re not re-signing him for next season? Only way that doesn’t happen is if they also get another 8-figure FA QB (Cousins, A.Smith, etc.). And even then, they still might bring him back to be the backup with Petty/Hack duking it out for #3 instead of drafting one. Most likely I think they extend/re-sign McCown for at least another year and draft a QB. If you’d be really surprised by this, better to save your future heart attack by prepping you now. In a sense, you owe me your life.
  23. Kelvin Beachum

    He’s better than Ijalana and has stayed on the field unlike Clady (who, back in February, was the team’s first choice for LT this year if he’d have come off the 8-figure salary he was otherwise due). Though we’d like to see an upgrade, he’s passable. With half his salary guaranteed this year, only so many draft picks likely to produce an instant upgrade starter for 2018, and enough flops on the GM’s resume, I don’t think we’ll see an upgrade to either tackle position. At least half the team’s starters are still in need of re-upping, if they don’t test FA and then sign elsewhere, or outright upgrading to some degree (LG, C, RG, DE, NT, EDGE, CB1, CB2, NB, TE, QB) so I think passable but still very upgradeable positions like WR, LT, RT, RB take a back seat, and RG as well simply because we’re locked in to Winters at $7m.