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  1. With that logic, we really didn’t beat Buffalo game 16. We beat their glorified practice squad. Barely, I might add. They don’t hand out “We finally beat Matt Barkley” trophies, and with good reason. The truth is we didn’t really beat Buffalo week 1. Just like if we came back to beat someone who suffered their own injuries - e.g. the Giants being reduced to a practice squad LT mid-game - it isn’t really a Jets loss even if it does taint the win a bit. I love how if we changed one select thing, all the good things that happened would have stayed the same and it only would have reversed the bad things. Except it doesn’t really work that way. Darnold is more than capable of chucking up picks and errant passes when 100% healthy. Lost in that “prolly woulda” fantasy is the likelihood that the Jets would have prolly still lost at least 2 (if not all 3) of the Falk games. Like if we lost to the pathetic, winless Bengals with Luke Falk in there for Darnold, there’s little doubt an army of excuse-makers would still be calling that a sure thing woulda-won result.
  2. So forget the 5th clip vs Washington; he wasn’t open on that play, with a man on him and another on top, and given that it doesn’t even look like he’s looking back for the pass that was just thrown away due to pressure. But the rest? 7 passes that would have netted some 370 yards & 5 TDs that were all on the QB throwing it not Anderson — and this was just a short selection of longer tosses from the 2019 season alone (and didn’t include however-many others that weren’t such big-chunk yardage misses, or passing plays where he was open & no attempt was even made). They review this film on every play after every game. So when it comes to evaluating a receiver and not just his numbers, on these where it was thrown badly, Gase & Douglas should have mentally added those shoulda-been’s to his 779 yards and 5 TDs since the failure to complete these weren’t on the open receiver, no matter if he’s just Anderson or a way-better Hopkins or even freaking you. It’s convenient for people to ignore these so they can rationalize other reasons for the (granted, very early) success away from here, like other targets on his current offense. But on the 2019 Jets offense, with no other such wepponz to take pressure off him, and with 25% of the season spent with Luke Falk ffs at QB rarely attempting more than a 2-5 yard pass, his own play on the field factoring these 7 plays alone should have been some 1150 yards & 10 TDs. So just blast a receiver’s numbers when he’s been handicapped by playing with QBs who are often missing him on big plays, no matter how open he is, as though a better receiver would accurately throw it to himself. Someone should re-post this video every time someone is again kvelling over Darnold’s accuracy. An accurate QB doesn’t leave these and so many other yards on the field. Maybe (and hopefully) the light will go on, or there is a light to go on, but so far he’s been a colossal letdown.
  3. Holy **** He didn't fight for those passes!
  4. "He never would have put up those numbers here" is a time-honored classic here. I've lost count of how many people use that one to rationalize - even in hindsight - taking Jamal Adams over either Mahomes or Watson. But it must be a convincing argument in the minds of some, because they still trot it out lol. "He'd have been injured if we re-signed him." I got a kick out of this one from both posters who tried floating it already. "There's nothing we could have done. He wanted to sign with his college coach." While ignoring how elated he was, publicly, when he didn't get traded at the deadline (and before his college coach had even interviewed with a single NFL club), as though extending him then would have been some bizarre act from a team turning down a mid-round pick for him. Beyond these reasons/excuses, the best will be how many people will demand Darnold be handed the starting job for a 4th uncontested/unchallenged tryout year because all 3 of his seasons thus far should be declared mulligans.
  5. The difference is in presuming a $10-12MM UFA should be lacking in all these flaws, you’re waiting for the perfect person that’s not going to arrive in that range. His contract is in line with Sterling Shepard and Tyrell Williams, and less than a declining and oft-injured Emmanuel Sanders who’s just a slot receiver at that. Plus it was just 1 year of guarantees, so it was hardly the investment of past veteran bust signings like Revis or Wilkerson or Trumaine Johnson or Bell, among others. He’s going to have down weeks as well. Better receivers than he is have them, too. But given his familiarity with the QB everyone is trying to assess without grading on a curve, familiarity with the system (not that it’s so far harming him being in a new one this year), the team’s familiarity with him as a known quantity, the lack of any outside receivers on the roster, and the crap available in 2020 FA, and the lack of major investment needed to retain him, IMO this one was easy.
  6. It’s not spinning. No reasonable fan suggests a catch rate with Bryce Petty, or with a QB in McCown who couldn’t reach him while he had the coverage beat by 5 yards for easy TDs, is a critique of the receiver rather than the passer. It’s consistent because the Jets have consistently had inconsistent passers and (to say the least) flawed playcallers, right down to the current ones, which you know perfectly well.
  7. The further intellectual dishonesty of yet another substituting frustration with poor decision-making with personal sadness is unworthy of further response. You want to reword things people say to make it sound like your own estrous fashion of moodiness, go ahead. This is a football decision - a poor one at that - being lamented, not a personal one. Anderson seems a jerk and is barely coherent; few if any have personal affinity for him.
  8. Literally zero of this is factual, other than coming close with the probability that the overall team would still suck: Readjust that catch % (and extra TDs) for those McCown underthrew a wide open Anderson instead of blaming an open receiver for balls that didn't even reach him, and factor in any attempts from Bryce Petty ffs since he's not even a real QB. Those things alone push it over 60% for a 2nd year UDFA -- or is it your contention that WRs typically reach their peak career level in year 2? The Jets did not offer Anderson as much or more. First, it seems that 4/40 was not actually offered. Second, 4/40 is less than 2/20. If Anderson was living up to the contract enough to make it to years 3-4, he'd have also been able to get another deal for more per year. Also lost in this alleged offer is how much guaranteed there was. It's ridiculous to presume, as a reasonable excuse, that he'd be injured after missing all of 2 games in his 4-year career. There's also a butterfly effect that occurs in that every injury that occurred, the way things unfolded this year, doesn't still occur if things were different. Nobody has tears over Anderson, but nice try after your own weeks of crying all March/April about how we must draft 2 WRs and start them both this year. Rather than tears for poor Robby, it's concern over the stupidity of not giving the young QB - who has clear issues of his own - the best WR corps possible for the 3rd year in a row out of 3 (while said QB is on a cheap rookie contract). But hey, we took that shot on Doctson and he was once a 1st rounder, too. Love you still .
  9. Yeah there's a long line of people who want to be the Jets backup RB before or after a draft where they're taking (or took) a RB, behind a line that many feel ruined the game's best RB. RB 2/3 on the Jets is totes like the most coveted job in the NFL.
  10. OK, and then after Darnold gets concussed when Perine doesn’t pick up any number of blitzes, then you’d whine that we should have had a more experienced veteran to trot out there for passing downs. Plus you’re contradicting yourself without realizing it. If you’re looking for a “1 year” solution as a backup what makes Josh Adams superior other than age? No one else wanted to sign Adams before we inked him to our practice squad. This team saw him up close last year before deciding to draft Perine. Just because the team drafts a RB doesn’t automatically mean he’ll be much of anything (particularly as a rookie). Gore was signed to be a backup, not a starter, and his contract is for the veteran minimum. RB is a young man’s position and Gore is not a young man. But he was just signed to be a backup and is still better than Josh Adams.
  11. It doesn’t bother me that he wasn’t “all in” this year, given the starting point. I certainly didn’t want him to throw big money at older skill position veterans with clearly-declining skills. It bothers me that this was a relatively minor investment in giving a young QB another arrow to shoot, as well as another body for any rookie (or new FA) to beat out before they get anointed full time starters. It’s not a dig on Douglas that all he does is Maccagnanesque. There were really only two moves I thought he should have made were with players that I saw as not just improving (or stopping a regression) but ones who could start here for 2-4 years. So Anderson was one. The other was Conklin. And the reason I’m annoyed about them is because both accepted contracts for millions less than people presumed it’d take to sign each. That the team still spent on veterans at these positions, except they opted for far less accomplished & known players in Perriman & Fant, makes it more discouraging. I’ll at least say I’m a little encouraged that this GM realizes these positions were in need of more than a mid-round pick plus a has-been/stopgap veteran while he drafts & signs more DTs. Like (we’ll never know but) I don’t think he’d have stuck at #3 for a DT in a draft where he was already without a 2nd round pick. But his s**t still stinks like anyone else’s turds.
  12. If the year was "all about evaluating Darnold" then why worry about an extra $2MM for this year alone? His evaluation isn't worth $2MM when you're going to be faced with whether or not to offer him some $35MM per season (or whatever he'll get offered that he isn't worth)?
  13. Yeah except this isn't true. Anderson was publicly thrilled to not be traded when the trade didn't go through. And if the team couldn't get him on a market-value deal then take the 4th round pick for him instead of effectively paying that 4th round pick for 9 games of mop-up in 2019. And sure that lineup is enough to be not-32nd, but not enough to be particularly good. Not unless Darnold was at least twice the QB he is or ever will be, Gase becomes a good team manager, and the line mimicked the one we had a decade ago.
  14. That's fine in theory, but only if it succeeds. The reality is 4/40 is a lower contract than he was expected to fetch before FA started (forget that $15MM/year nonsense which was purely agent-blustering). For a player with such a high opinion of himself, it's also a worse deal than 2/20 (never mind 2/24 with 12 gtd). Douglas got too cute with it. Hey he got cute with a couple other decisions and they paid off (e.g. trading down instead of taking Mims, and then still ending up with Mims plus an extra pick). Or hanging onto Adams in hopes someone in the 11th hour rescues him from having to offer a ridiculous extension. But a fool thinks he can be this cute all the time and always come up smelling like roses. I'd further argue that an extra couple million of non-guaranteed money at Anderson was worth more than offering Fant $9MM instead of the former teammate who started over him yet only got a veteran minimum contract from the Bears.
  15. The problem is in thinking it’s an either-or decision there. The team has a QB playing under his rookie contract. Part of what we’d hoped is the team could use that advantage so they didn’t have to bend over to be so frugal, down to the last 1-2 million, to surround him with players and may the best man win. Put Anderson and Perriman out there with Crowder, and make Mims beat one of them out. People cry for this opportunity to get a little carefree in FA by having rookie-contract starters at key positions, and cry for competition, and then act satisfied with a master plan to hand out 2 of 3 starting WR jobs to a career 3rd stringer and a then-unnamed rookie. This isn’t in place of obvious QB and HC concerns, but it’s additive.
  16. See my last reply to TS because there’s no need to type it twice. But suffice to say you’re also playing this convenient game where the decision on him began in March. The shortsightedness isn’t about how many injuries there are. It’s about presuming that a WR corps is complete by adding to Crowder a busted former #1 draft pick, then another former #1 draft pick who quit in August, plus one rookie draft pick (whom we didn’t know we would get in March, let alone in October before that). It’s hardly warrants the next line of strawman arguments like this is the only problem or even the team’s biggest problem. But his handling of it was a significant problem because it shows shortsightedness at the position both in FA and in the draft. That’s more of a concern than whether or not we have Robby Anderson in 2020. I was thrilled we landed a good prospect like Mims, but Douglas was so pleased with his luck that he then acted like the position had just been secured by a sure thing who’d produce and stay healthy. Anderson wasn’t overpaid, and no one is seriously advocating they should have overpaid him in the $15MM range. In that market he was appropriately paid, if not underpaid, seeing how his FA comp got $11MM/year the prior FA period.
  17. I want to believe in Douglas as well - and indeed, really like some things he’s done and still have hope, but this is a massive oversimplification. Not to mention it’s also without merit. The “$15MM” thing was a wishful-thinking number his agent floated out there to the leauge, which Anderson was never going to get coming off a second sub-800 yard season; it was never a hard-line number from secret negotiations with the Jets. But lots of guys got less than expected because this was a relative buyer’s market FA period when guys like Conklin were supposed to fetch $18-19MM yet settled on $14MM from Cleveland (far more of a surprise than Robby Anderson topping out at $12MM guaranteed). *** This decision started not in March 2020, but in October 2019, in the days leading up to the trade deadline. Douglas let it be known he’s on the trading block. I’m fine there. But it’s like he only had a plan if he got a 2nd round pick or a 7th round pick as the offers: clearly take the former and turn down the latter. He got the in-between offer. He turned that down, too, but what he should have done is made the extension offer at that time. And if Anderson “felt disrespected” then take the pick because it’s too much to turn away to keep him just to mop up an already-lost season. What smart GM, with zero job security questions, effectively trades away a 4th round pick to get 9 more games of a #2 WR when sitting effectively eliminated already at 1-6, without offering an extension? The choices were to trade Anderson and take the pick, or make him an offer and keep him if he takes it; trade him if he scoffs at it. Especially when everyone could see even at that point that there was going to be next to no WR market in the upcoming FA period. Then what, draft a WR - probably not with the first pick - and gamble that this player balls out in a huge way as a rookie? That’s a low-percentage wish, not a plan. The top offer should have capped out at ~$12MM/year with the same amount guaranteed. What’s the big deal if the second season isn’t guaranteed anyway — offer him 2/$24 with half guaranteed, or 3/36 with the same 12 guaranteed. The Jets’ 4/40 offer is much worse/lower, since he’s only going to see the last 2-3 years of it if he could get at least that on the open market as a 2021 or 2022 FA anyway. He screwed this one up. No, you don’t put Anderson on this roster and suddenly all concerns (and losses) evaporate, but absent finding out RA was a major locker room problem, this was an irrational way for Douglas to handle this one.
  18. The Jets offered him the 2nd-best deal, which itself was less than the deal they’d have had to offer him at the trade deadline last season. He took the better on-paper deal. It’s not that Anderson’s some irreplaceable player; no one thinks that. It’s that given the team’s situation at the time, with only one starting WR on the roster (a slot receiver at that), the team was not in a position to squabble over $2MM for 1 season, since he only got 1 year guaranteed. It’s that it shows some shortsightedness, missing the forest (no outside WRs) by looking at the trees (worrying if he’s not worth $11MM instead of $10MM). And it’s only more upsetting that the team would turn down trading him 2 months before his final season ended (when we were at 1-6) and then didn’t make him an offer until FA had started. You make that offer before turning down the trade, and if Anderson doesn’t accept it then take the pick.
  19. Freeman’s best days aren’t behind him? Look, as comical as it is on its face to sign such an old RB, it’s perfectly obvious why they did it: to have an experienced backup who could also be a locker room presence. They’d already drafted Perine before signing Gore. One of them could give Bell a breather here & there, or if Bell was so awful again (or got injured) then they wouldn’t be relying upon a rookie RB to pick up every blitz on passing plays. Since Freeman was unsigned, it’s possible he was just holding out to wait for someone’s starter to get injured so he wouldn’t have to spend the year as a backup. He’s young enough to get another short contract in the $5-8MM/year range if things go just right, and he may be on that path. Back in May, what incentive would Freeman have for signing to play behind Leveon Bell for the veteran minimum? In his eyes (if not most/all of the league’s) Bell was the best RB in football until he came to the Jets, and though rested & healthy he sucks. Why would Freeman try to resurrect his career as Bell’s backup (so soon after the Jets just drafted another RB as well, which might even relegate Freeman to 3rd string)? He was far better off staying in shape & waiting for a starting opportunity, gambling that it happens for someone early, and his wish came true.
  20. I thought he was talking about Mosley doing something productive for the Jets by “handling” Gase, Terry Tate style. Imagine my disappointment.
  21. They waited until he reached free agency to make the offer, despite turning down a mid-round pick for him as the team was sitting at 1-6 or whatever they were at the time. Next: 2/$20MM is a better deal for Anderson than 4/$40MM since it carries the same (and possibly less) guarantees without binding him for 2 more potentially underpaid seasons. Never mind a longer deal is probably more back-weighted anyway, since they typically are. And if 4/$44MM (or whatever’s the dollar or million dollars more than the next-best offer) gets it done, then offer it (especially when the final 2.5 to 3 years aren’t guaranteed anyway). This is the tax paid by a team that doesn’t have a single non-slot WR on the roster in FA with an ultra-thin FA WR class that they should have seen coming.
  22. But he’s not a true #1 WR. Can’t you read?
  23. The point is more that he wasn’t the problem. He was on pace for 1000+ yards in just his 2nd season, with freaking Josh McCown (until Bryce Petty replaced him for the last 25% of the season and put an end to anyone’s production). When did being “at best a #3 WR” become the opposite of being a #1 WR (or #1 “offensive weapon” on another team)? Every WR who isn’t a team’s #1 WR isn’t therefore a #3 WR at best. These “he’s not a #1 WR” arguments are as nonsensical today as they were when he was on the team. It’s only relevant if Anderson was getting #1 WR money. He got $10MM/year, at which the team surely could have locked him up - possibly less, since he got off to a low start statistically in 2019 - when we turned down trading him for a 4th rounder to keep him for 2 more months of an already-lost season. His comparison isn’t DeAndre Hopkins or Julio Jones who got contracts for more than double.
  24. There’s no evidence for that being one of the likely reasons. What Gase said is sometimes Darnold is granted that ability but wasn’t on that specific play. And besides, if a top 3 pick in his 3rd season as starter can’t see what’s right in front of his face when everyone is standing still then he shouldn’t be on the field dropping back to pass ever, trying to assess what’s going on (with half that pre-snap time to assess it) while everyone is running around.
  25. This is relevant how? Did he get a #1 WR contract with multiple guaranteed seasons?

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