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  1. Yeah but there are no unions or zoning laws in California. Also a tiny dot in the vast, comparatively undeveloped swampland of East Rutherford is much more expensive property than it is within a city of 4 million residents (even in a lower-income section like Inglewood). So anyway, these collective, increased relative costs mean architecture/design must be ugly and cannot possibly look like the works of art built elsewhere. Don’t forget: when there are 2 teams sharing a stadium, in order to keep it neutral to not favor one team, the stadium has to have no character whatsoever, and needs t
  2. The Bolts’ new stadium is ****ing gorgeous.
  3. The new uniforms suck. Since unveiling them, in the first half of the season, the Jets are 1-17. Stats don’t lie.
  4. Meh, it’s as fair to him as it was for prior young/rookie Jets QBs.
  5. The pass should’’ve been caught. It’s only an interception if it goes right through - or pops up off - Davis’s hands. If it’s caught, as it should have been, this is a non-discussion.
  6. Are you suggesting it didn’t go through his hands? The first pick was a terrible decision, but this one - he threw it where only his receiver could get to it, and it goes through his #1 receiver’s hands. Not a strike but very catchable, and Davis is expected to catch that 10x out of 10.
  7. Bad decision by Wilson, obviously, but I do like them looking to pass downfield on 2nd & short, rather than the usual running up the middle. Rookie mistake. Spoiler alert, he’ll make more of them.
  8. Okey-dokey. So, right now no vaccination-anything to attend. If that changes, I'm sure someone will start a new thread. In before the c**k, or something.
  9. Maccagnan was no cap guru. He was an idiot with regard to all things. 3 of the last 4, yeah I'll buy that one (Tannenbaum, Idzik, and now Douglas), whatever their shortcomings in other areas. But Maccagnan was awful with the cap -- and with everything else.
  10. Lol nice! Davis also may have been bumped up on his board to rationalize drafting a day 2 safety would make Adams that much more expendable before last season started (or to take leverage away from the Adams camp should they end up going the extension route). Of course that's not a full explanation, as there were other safeties to draft. But after taking a tackle and a WR that may have moved safety up from a positional importance standpoint. Yes there were other positions to draft, too, but there's every likelihood if he didn't take Davis there then he'd have taken Zuniga instea
  11. He didn't tell the media he had playbook memorization issues for the prior 2 months. At some point, it's fair game so people don't think Mims is being benched for spite or disciplinary reasons (as some had already guessed), or that there was some other petty reason. Saleh seems a pretty personal guy, not some cold, Coughlin-esque douche. He's had how long to get this playbook memorized? How many months? It's not like there are 2000 plays, for 3 different positions, and 3 different route trees for each. He's not a new acquisition from last month or anything, so he'll have had received his
  12. I changed the thread title even before seeing your post. Womanish is still ok imo. Problem is you see it as a negative, so your problem is you, pal . You and Jack London.
  13. You'll never know the absence of a problem averted by keeping a wrong-route-running receiver off the field. If there's failure without Mims on the field, that is not proof of otherwise-success with Mims on it. Agree on the to be continued part, though. That's a lot of what the season is all about: see which guys are legit players, which are legit talented players, and which are just talents.
  14. Someone already answered this. The logic "flies" because they're starting a rookie QB on offense, not on defense. IMO it's not a subtle difference, either. Plus Crowder & Cole were no more in this system than Mims back in March. Also there's no tying of the release of Austin to a CB youth movement. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Further, it would seem if they could've gotten any pick in return for Austin he'd have been traded instead of released; getting extra picks is the one thing Douglas is great at so far.
  15. Or honestly buy another tackle - a more serious one than Fant - should a good opportunity again materialize. It won't kill them, and the cost will be greatly offset by several veteran OLmen that should be jettisoned after this season. They're already due to be some $70MM under next year. That's even without creating any more space for Fant ($10MM), McGovern ($9MM), GVR ($3.5MM), and other thusfar-useless bodies in Edoga, Clark, Ferguson ($1MM each), or other contracts likely to be readdressed like Shaq Lawson ($9MM) once Carl returns. I know plenty of us get giddy with the potential
  16. They "kept Crowder" by threatening him with getting outright released if he didn't take a 50% pay cut. In exchange for the pay cut, it's likely that remaining $ became fully guaranteed once he agreed to it. That all preceded July camp. The bigger surprise, to me, was signing Cole. With the coaches now leaking about Mims not knowing the playbook (in so many words), it's not far-fetched that Gase also told Douglas the same, and how often Mims may have run the wrong route. So maybe it wasn't just injury depth that made the GM acquire two more veteran starters, even before drafting Moore. Nei
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