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  1. My brother Braylon? No idea. Statistically he certainly won't match his best season with Cleveland. Too many other targets on the Jets (Cotchery, Holmes, Keller) plus a strong defense negates the reason to pass like crazy - particular on the routes Edwards is generally running - and force the ball to him. So in a sense he could have 65 catches for 1020 yards and 9 TD's and that could be a great season even though on paper it only seems like a very good season. Barring something totally unexpected, the Jets aren't going be the type of team that needs to attempt the 600+ passes that would be required for Edwards to come down with 80-90 catches or 1500 yards or 15 TD's. First things first, though. Let's see him not drop easy ones in clutch situations before we talk about his gross stat totals. On this team that's more important than if one WR gets 1300+ yards.

  2. Quit lurking around and post something you dweeb.

  3. I moved it to the tailgate forum. It will be at the top for some time. If it gets bumped down let me know (or just re-post in it). -SE

  4. I want to make love to your armpits.

  5. I'll be your friend since you have so few.

  6. Steve Martin hasn't been funny since the 1970's. And even then, other than stuff like the Czech brother sketches on SNL and maybe The Jerk, I see some of his older material and wonder why anyone thought he was funny. To try and have him - or even someone who IS funny, really - try to redo Peter Sellers is almost offensive. Like asking a 6 year-old to make a Play-Doh David and charge admission to see that in a museum instead of the original.

  7. LOL. You didn't want it out that you are the champ at cleaning rectums (or is it recti?) with your tongue? My bad. I'll make it up to you by generating something for you to clean.

  8. We have all been temporarily demoted. There will be a competition for the mod spots with one position being eliminated. We're just having difficulty on the method of competition. A couple are in favor of a caged death match. A couple in favor of football knowledge. And a couple are in favor of a pie-eating contest. Thor is alone in being in favor of a rectal tongue-cleaning competition.

  9. they're 8-8. They pick last among the 8-8 teams. Them's are the rules. Arizona picks last among the 9-7 teams. But they pick in front of New England who was 11-5. Same thing. If it makes you feel any better, they'll drop down below us again if they go to the superbowl.

  10. Who knows. Just waiting to see what Woody has to say at 10.

  11. Happy birthday, freak.

  12. Happy birthday, dickhead.

  13. The update is you'll get that after reimbursing me for my troubles.

  14. I wouldn't. Brady is clearly more highly-ranked & has more receiving weapons. Plus there's talk about Manning maybe missing a game or two (look at that like it's 2-3 bye weeks). Really it's tough to say. Ask me again at the end of the season & I'll tell you who you should have taken.

  15. she hasn't been on the site since May.

  16. When I think of BP, I think of gas.

  17. So we're just friends now.

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