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  1. 3 hours ago, bitonti said:

    The 30 million wr would have been offset by the loss of the extra first Rd pick and maybe the extra second Rd pick. Paying 3 first rders is how the Jets used that cash 

    It's not proven that they signed everyone they wanted. They low balled everyone but laken and some guys accepted and others did not 

    Yes They could have extended mosely except that he sucks and is an atrocity in the 4-3

    To put this into real terms the Jets are like a home owner that pays cash for the new roof when they could have gotten a line of credit and used the cash for something else. That's opportunity cost. By not having any players under long term money (none) they opt out of the credit game. But other rosters have a higher functional spend because they move signing bonuses around etc 

    It's OK. They are not really trying to win. Woody just wants to keep the lights on and cash those TV checks 


    What are you even talking about? What 3 first rounders were the Jets ever supposedly trading away?

    • Garrett Wilson's cap number is just under $4MM in 2022, with a $5MM/year average over his 4 years; not $30MM/year.
    • Ahmad Gardner - whose pick was never in play anyhow - only has a $6MM cap hit this year.
    • Further, the first offer - for Hill - did not involve a 1st round pick in the first place, so they'd have "saved" less by only moving a couple of day 2 picks instead of a high 1st rounder.

    They could have redone Mosley without extending him. You really don't know how this works. All that would do is push a bulk of his cap hit from this year to the future. It makes NO DIFFERENCE if it's Mosley's cap dollars that get pushed to '23+ or if it's Fant's. It doesn't make someone uncuttable just because you moved their cap hit to another year. It's just hitting next year instead of this year. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, bitonti said:

    The difference is that the time to free up the 5 million was in March. There's no good free agents left 

    The point is they didn’t need another $5MM in March, and if they did - if there was someone they just had to sign but alas they were out of cap room - it was an effortless endeavor to clear it to make anyone fit. There was absolutely no salary cap opportunity-lost by failing to extend Fant earlier. 

    FFS they still went hard after Hill and Deebo, knowing full well they’d then require ~$30MM/year contracts. So it’s quite clear Douglas didn’t think there was an available player the team just couldn’t fit under the cap.

    This is a ridiculous take. Again.

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  3. 8 hours ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

    My big problem with Joseph Douglas is that in no version of reality does it make sense for Joe Flacco to be on this roster, especially at his guaranteed number

    he’s not a “mentor”

    And if Flacco has to be relied on for any stretch that means your season is over and Zach Wilson either sucks or is injured again and can’t be counted on

    in that case, even if you think MW sucks, you play him and tank it up for a promising ‘23 QB class

    I’ve heard this plenty from people who haven’t taken a serious look at what a typical QB2 looks like this year, as though the league is simply littered with 10+ game winning QB1s in disguise as backups.

    Flacco wasn’t my #1 choice either, but he was a far cry from last. Most of the backup QB2s in the league would be clear downgrades from Flacco, if not also downgrades from our current QB3. If he’s capable of regularly leading a pretty bad offense to >20 ppg then the unfortunate reality is that’s between an adequate and an above average QB2 independent of any mentor-ish role. 

    That is the more accurate “version of reality” tbh. 

    “Mentor” isn’t at all my favorite role for an active rostered player; they’re paid to be players not coaches & I’d rather they spend twice Flacco’s pay on a McCown - or Flacco faik - as a non-rostered mentor-type who doesn’t hit the cap. But it’s also ignorant to suggest a serious veteran/has-been QB has no stabilizing effect on a young QB. Particularly when that QB’s accepted his role after being given the message - from every team in the league - that no one will have him even competing for a QB1 job anymore, but we’ll pay you well to support fully someone else while he’s on the field. It’s a slow, hard thing for many to take, and they don’t embrace the role of helping rather than trying to overtake (even undercut) a teammate for the starting job.

    There are some things a coach isn’t going to communicate as well as a been-there-done-that player can pass on better as he’s struggling. The OC can say he’s going to simplify some things, but a young gunslinger is more likely to embrace that - and not think it means he’s being held back from success - when a strong-armed, former SB MVP, veteran teammate mockingly says somethign like, “Wait, do you actually believe every young probowl QB breaks down every defender on the field like when you’ve got 10-20 seconds of film-room time, just like a veteran Brady, Rodgers, etc. seem to do in ~2 seconds from the pocket? Well that’s pretty dumb. Even for them, it took years on the field to be that good from the neck-up, and far less-cerebral QBs throw for 4000 (or even 5000) yards and dozens of TDs. Bite off what you can actually chew; the rest will come in time.” He needed not just to hear that, but to hear it from the right person imo. That doesn’t mean Wilson will surely be a stud QB, but it’ll help further that goal if it’s possible.

    So I don’t think that a mentor-type QB2 is all-valuable, but I definitely don’t agree with the notion that one has no more value than just having an inexperienced QB2 like White (or drafting another rookie in ‘22) either.

    Lastly, we’re past tear-down mode, and under no circumstances could I back this ‘22 team tanking half a season or more for anyone. A win-now roster is largely (we hope mostly) put together, and next year’s draft & FA period should be topping that off & swapping out last pieces; not going balls-deep on another rookie QB in round 1. If Wilson is no better than last year they should be at best drafting another on day 2 (if not day 3) who doesn’t need to start day 1 ready or not; develop him slowly (if he develops at all); and try to get there with the best veteran starter they can get their hands on. Incidentally, this strategy worked for the last couple SB champs. Every time you’ve built around the wrong young QB and want to go in another direction the answer isn’t to tank to start over again with another rookie QB learning on the job. The Bucs & Rams wouldn’t have won the last 2 SBs if they’d instead handed win-now teams to rookie QBs.

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  4. On 6/16/2022 at 12:58 PM, bitonti said:

    Fant is roughly a 14-15M type of player based on the comp to Armstead or Wynn. He's a finesse LT who can swing to RT out of position but his natural spot is LT

    the thing about this Fant situation is they already screwed it up. The time to extend this player was in March. they take the 10 mil in cash he's due, convert it to bonus, spread it out over a few years, boom they just made 10 million in cap space. That could have been another linebacker or that tough run stuffing DT they needed. Shoot maybe they pay for a kicker who can hit kicks. 

    instead they keep everything in cash, pay no one long term and missed the OPPORTUNITY to get better

    it almost doesn't matter if they extend him now or not, because there's no one worth paying left on the street 

    another amazing point 

    as recently as a week ago, Fant was a PFF darling and amazing JD find

    everyone loved Fant 

    now he wants money? well he's just a swing tackle who needs to prove it again 

    this fanbase loves it when Woody turns the screws on a player 

    as if that extra money he doesn't spend gets distributed to the season ticket holders

    this is classic capital vs labor stuff. to quote Carlin, It's a big club and you ain't in it. 

    This isn't accurate.

    The Jets could still create an extra $5MM in cap space for this year (and instead push it to eat up future caps instead) rather effortlessly, yet you're suggesting it could only come from moving this one player's money around, and not doing so is a lost opportunity.

    In fact, they did a little (and still could do more if so desired). If they'd extended Fant on the eve of FA then it's unlikely Tomlinson's contract would've had the cap hits equally as backloaded. Or perhaps they'd have cut Rankins already, or could have decided to convert JFM's roster bonus into signing bonus. Like with Fant, it's the same $ either way. They have 3 starters whose contracts are guaranteed, with base salaries in excess of $10MM. If their hits were spread to '23-24 instead of Fant's, the difference is only in one's head. In terms of balance sheet, it's the same thing & which players are frontloaded or backloaded is irrelevant. 

    In the end Fant will make the same amount (assuming the extension amount is the same whether it was signed in March or September).

    The cap isn't a rigid cardboard box that is empty or full or partly full, filled only with that year's moves. You can add more space - or fill it up more - with cap dollars from the prior year's moves & non-moves; likewise the same for next year's. Moving some cap space to the future, to create more space this year, doesn't make it go away like a magician making a bunny disappear into his hat. It creates more room this year at the expense of robbing the team of an equal amount of space thereafter. The total spent in real dollars paid, and the total hitting the cap over time, is the same. 

    Moving cap dollars to this year or next year doesn't save Woody money no matter how worked up you get over it. Mathematically the same amount is paid in the end, unless he's selling the team after this season or something. If he pays more cash this year by loading the cap up  with backloaded hits, then he pays less next year when loading it further more won't fit; just like for every team. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Bronx said:

    QW will be traded or tagged, if extended at 10m x year with incentives.  Bacon will continue to sneak out of training camp for jelly doughnuts (link below) and will receive a maximum extension per cap space.


    Barring an utter collapse on the field in the absence of an injury, or serious trouble off it, there's no way he's signing a multi-year deal at $10MM per.

    If he was willing to sign that he'd have been extended already, like they already exercised his 5th year option at ~$10MM.

    Deserved or not thus far, his next contract/extension is more likely to be closer to double that amount than to be around that. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    Like most jets, the very second the ink was dried on his extension he played much worse.

    For how 'awesome' all our dline was last year the results re run defense and pass rushing stunk.

    He has been our best dline at times but that whole group needs to be a heck of a lot better.

    It was pretty stark. I mean it's possible there was a coincidental injury right after that - we've seen players get injured right after turning down offers - but absent such knowledge it's hard to just shrug shoulders at it.

    I guess the good news is he doesn't have any more guaranteed years left after 2022 (year to year at >$11MM per for the next 3) so he's in effect playing for a contract again this year, and in each of the next 3 seasons after that. The problem is players still get rewarded for coasting for the first half of a contract year before going on a tear in the second half. 

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  7. 15 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    Large Arch sent me

    During lockdowns I tried watching the first one with my kid & I was quickly given a cold stare, followed by 4 requests over a 10 min span if we can watch something else instead. Pee Wee's bike had just been stolen, so we were barely into it. Youth is wasted on the young, or something.

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  8. 20 hours ago, Maxman said:

    Sorry, I will be more clear. We were testing out email notifications for front page articles. If you want to get involved in all that absolutely, I will sign you up in a second.  :)

    Just like my forgotten invites to the mod zoom call parties, the bbqs at your house, the secret JN VIP lounge (and road trip), that kidney you promised me…

    I have feelings.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Maxman said:

    Sorry about this, we were testing out admin notifications. The programmer should have deleted this.

    Also:  Test.

    I'm sure it's just coincidence like the last few dozen in a row, but just fyi my invite didn't arrive again.

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  10. 16 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Yes to all of this.  And I'll never fault a GM for spending a little extra to try to find a WR1 or EDGE guy.  None of those were massive over-spends at the time. 

    That was not the case for an ILB like Mosley.  EVERYONE recognized that as a massive over-spend, even the people who loved the player.

    And Lawson will work out in the end, too.

    iirc Baltimore's last offer for Mosley was in the $11-12MM range before Maccagnan blew it out of the water with $17MM because - as the story went - Gase wanted him so badly. Perhaps not taking no for an answer in signing Mosley was some amount of give-back after adding Bell, whom Gase decidedly didn't want. Would have to ask the parties involved for a concrete answer on that.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Larz said:

    C.J. Mosley$17,500,000

    Are you attempting to pin Mosley on Douglas now?

    Lawson missed his only season here with a fluke injury. Not productive, of course, but it's not the same as someone who plays but plays badly and further cost the team multiple 1st rounders for the privilege.

    Davis also with the injuries, but it could've been worse, e.g. Golladay, whose cap # is just north of $21MM this year (and again next year), who put up about the same yards, and no TDs, in 5 more starts / 50% more snaps. 

    JFM is fine; not an extension I'd have handed out, let alone at his peak value following a couple really good weeks. Weeks/months earlier or later would've been far less. He did the same thing with Ryan Griffin in '19, and waited too long on Berrios as well, which probably doubled his contract extension cost.

    Given enough time, GMs all make signings they liked and signings they regretted, but Adams was an all-time great trade.

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  12. 2 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    Bryce Huff is not fighting for a roster spot.

    Feeney is fighting far less. The Jets fully guaranteed his $3MM contract this year. In terms of non-starters getting cut, there's no chance of that happening with Feeney. That's posters placing their own views onto the GM that saw fit to re-sign him to a fully-guaranteed contract in the first place.

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  13. On 6/18/2022 at 8:41 AM, Jet Nut said:

    He didnt suck, no matter how many times bitonti says it or no matter what Mac paid him.  Not saying he was all world, just saying he didnt suck and while every tackle was 5 yards downfield was also said about Farrior and Vilma.  After our fanbase dumped them they went onto to became heroes with Pitt and NO.  And lets face it, LBs dont play on the LOS so yes the majority of their tackles are a few yards off of the line of scrimmage.  You dont make 168 tackles and suck.  Throw in some rust and playing a new position, at a new weight and he wasnt the reason why the D sucked.  

    Mosley wasn't good last year, no matter how many times over-loyal fans say so. And it's a fallacy that one can't compile tackles and suck. It's happened plenty, for players on the Jets and elsewhere. A tackle isn't a stop if it happens past the 1st down marker. Mosley was very much part of the problem with the D last year, and as a massively-overpaid veteran he is wholly undeserving of being graded on a curve like he was some rookie learning to adapt to the pro game. So yeah as much as it pains me to say it, @bitonti is spot-on here.

    Further, his last year in particular, it was kinda true about Vilma as well. The Jets let him go because they got tired of watching him get dragged past the first down marker if he made initial contact in front of it, or get taken out of the play outright by fullbacks. It was hard to watch, and his last year here he sucked even before the injury. It's a big part of why no one would surrender more than a conditional 4th round pick for him in the first place (and only one was willing to surrender even that much, even though it was obvious he'd make a full recovery medically). He was an average to below average run-stopper pretty much his whole career if a team ran or sent a blocker right at him, though his first couple years in the league he could (better than most) cover a lot of ground laterally. By the '08 offseason Jets 100% did the right thing by getting rid of him. While he also shouldn't have been given that final Jets contract himself, Harris was a noticeable upgrade from Vilma for most of his career.

    Farrior had basically one good season here, which followed 4 years of not. He then left because the Jets offered him less money than Mickens or something (but he still took even less than that from the Steelers iirc). Parcells really screwed that '97 draft up horribly, passing on multiple HOFers so he could trade down & settle for Farrior, who was then benched when the team instead added Bryan Cox in '98, with the D improving dramatically in the process (despite also losing Marvin Jones before the season started, just as he was becoming the stud he was drafted to be). 

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  14. 16 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    LOL, the old they were 5 yards down field story.  The same thing that was said about Farrior.  And Vilma.  And that jets fans used to scream about Zach Thomas.

    I’m with your expert analysis.  Blame the guy on the team making the most tackles with the entire defenses struggles.  It’s amazing how funny this is

    Far be it from me to rush to @bitonti’s rescue in player assessment but he’s dead-on here.

    Mosley was barely ok on balance last year - mostly in comparison to the little else they had at the position, either by talent or experience or both - and too often he just outright sucked, which is ludicrous for $17MM or whatever he he makes per year. He’s visibly slow & late to the play a lot, and what’s crazy is it honestly too often looked as though he doesn’t have veteran instincts that are supposed to make him effectively faster even as his physical speed starts to slow down.

    Balancing out his bleh run stopping mostly past the 1st down marker, he also can’t cover at all. I forget the number but completion percentages his way were nearly 90% (with Mosley getting credit for any that were flat-out dropped). No one expects him to cover like an elite man corner, but that means anyone worth a damn running patterns to his zone was all but assured of catching the ball. FFS he was more likely to give up a TD than break up a pass. That’s just awful.

    It wasn’t him alone, but he was no small part of the reason the defense was so lousy last year. By the time two guaranteed seasons of salary have gone by, the awfulness of having signed him is on par with Trumaine Johnson’s contract. Except with this one there’s yet another guaranteed season. 

    Hopefully it was just shaking off 2 years of rust, because he’s starting again this year if he’s not injured again, but he was not good last year.

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  15. 22 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

    Brown is the closest I guess.He’s battled weight and motivation issues too.

    Bryant Mckinnie too I guess

    Those are two I was going to bring up. I couldn't possibly gauge how much Becton actually weighs here, whether it's 364 like he was listed or 385 or more and the loose shirt hides more of it. But both those others you mentioned were upwards of 20+ lbs heavier than 364 and were both probowl and/or all pro. 

    McKinnie missed half the season at 23 and then started every game in 8 of the next 9 seasons (the exception being his missing 4 starts halfway through). Becton doesn't need to have quite that level ironman status, though we'd all welcome it, but once he was pushing 400 lbs towards the end that was that. TBH I don't know how he started 10 games for Miami at that weight after 30something years of those knees bending & carrying that weight around.

    Baltimore just drafted a tackle in the 4th who slimmed down for the combine to weigh in at 384. He weighed 426 when he enrolled at Minnesota.

    The problem with like half of the "heaviest NFL players" lists people have compiled is they just weren't NFL level talents in the first place; it wasn't just maintaining a lower weight.

    Good to know that the Jets have had a few of the heaviest-ever NFL'ers: Becton, TJ Barnes, and the other Robert Griffin. Yay us.

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  16. 40 minutes ago, CSNY said:

    Serious or not the amount of abuse that he gets here  is ridiculous. 
    Let’s see him through out training camp and games then fire away if it is deserved 

    Did you just classify my noticing a large man drinking his soda/gatorade with the pinky-lift as "abuse"?

    Never mind it was - I thought quite clearly - tongue-in-cheek about the things over which people find fault with Becton.



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  17. 44 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Dude, almost every word I've posted on JN could be considered a silly waste of time.  It's not like me being silly and wasting time here is new, lol.

    I thought it was funny when you first wrote it. Like the rest of the discussion here is serious business. 

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  18. 17 hours ago, PFSIKH said:

    The same reason a majority of people that are sexually assaulted or raped do not.  They are embarrassed, shamed or whatever.    Rape and sexual assault are woefully under reported.


    The only thing worse than being sexually assaulted by a celeb client, at a job you were excited to get beforehand, has to be the countless thousands of strangers then basically calling you a gold digger as you’ve put yourself out there in today's doxxing age, wondering if/when your name is going to get out there & some rando football fan is going to pay you a visit at home because his team's now losing with the backup QB. 

    79 words in 1 sentence. Yay me. 

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  19. 19 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Why are you presuming he would be been any more healthy than Davis, Moore, etc.?

    We ran out P.S. guys because most of our starters were hurt.  

    Not because we didn't have adequate starters.

    Anderson has missed 2 games out of 97 in his 6 NFL seasons. His last missed game was in Nov 2018; prior to Nov 2018 he'd never missed a game. He's been one of the least injury-prone players in the NFL.

    One obviously can't 100% know for certain, but it's a pretty safe bet based on history, Mr. Anderson-Analysis-is-Just-Silly-Now.

    3 hours ago, Warfish said:

    Wasting even another second on Robbie Anderson analysis is just silly now.


  20. 46 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    People have to ask themselves with all considered including attitude is there any WR on this team you would replace with Robbie Anderson ? I certainly would not. not even close

    No, you'd ask yourself that for 2020 or 2020 and 2021 at the most. It's only Carolina's stupidity that they further extended him when they went to a QB with whom he was just a 700-ish yard WR. It's doubtful Douglas would've done that even if he'd matched or beat Carolina's 2 year offer.

    But yes I'm happier with the WR room now than if he was in place of, say, Moore or I guess Davis (though the latter is tbd at this point). But last year (and 2020) the team was at times trotting out practice squad rejects in starting roles, often with each other, and Anderson would undoubtedly have been an upgrade over the likes of Smith, Black, Brown, and Mims.

  21. 28 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Go threaten to nut in a cop’s wife’s eye or something. 

    Anderson's a grade-A asshat AND his career benefitted from leaving the Jets.

    The benefits of catching passes from 2021 Darnold vs. 2021 Wilson is a debate you can have with someone else. ;) 

    At least he stopped getting arrested lol. 

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