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  1. Look - when I'm ripping on the Holy Trinity of Herm-Curtis-Chad, it's because I am a Jets fan. I don't go off on Jim Haslett's stupidity & never got loud about Eddie George getting 300 carries at 3.0 per. I don't give a crap about them. But just one observation of another team since it was on last night - a NON-HERM coaching criticism: You're head coach of the Saints for 5 minutes. Giants are beating the snot out of you; a kicker's duel this is not. First half is coming to a close; You have 27 seconds left on the clock & you have no timeouts. It's 2nd-&-goal from
  2. Actually I do. I also agree with going for it on 4th & inches. I just think that it should be a QB sneak (particularly on 4th down) when it's 2 inches to go. I do have the luxury of saying that only after I know the play didn't work (I'm not retarded). But Martin has neither speed nor power so why put the ball in his hands back at the 5 when the ref's gave it to you at the 2" mark? That being said, ugly wins are always better than good-looking losses. I am actually a Jets fan you know.
  3. Agreed. I don't have TIVO but I'll try to catch as much of the game as I can in the bar. Should be cool. Admit it though. You were secretly hoping I'd choose Mike Tice.
  4. Because outside of his personal life, Martin is the most selfish pig in the NFL. He'd rather play & pad his stats (even when he's a liability) than take a rest & watch someone else potentially succeed in his place. And you thought the first 4 games of 2002 were ancient history. You're about to see it happen again. He reminds me of Cal Ripken killing the O's through every career slump & injury, to preserve the most me-first record in sports history. Curtis this is a TEAM sport. If the game's most dominant RB's from the past 5-7 yrs can rest up for drives & entire gam
  5. Douchebag, we haven't played in NYC since Reagan's first term as president & the Giants since Gerald Ford.
  6. I don't. But then I don't profess to either. Seriously, who were they going to vote as the team's MVP last year? Last year's co-MVP's were Donnie Henderson, along with the NFL gods that gave us that sweet schedule.
  7. You think they still feel this way? If the O-Line isn't dominating, he's garbage.
  8. And you really think no one on the team thinks they'd be better off with someone else? Think many don't think this of Chad as well? Or Hackett from as far back as 2001? Why - b/c they didn't say so to a beat reporter or call you personally?
  9. I actually agree also. It's not like we were moving the ball with such ease. Two-inch line? Go for it. We missed this time; the next 5x we'll get in.
  10. Because it's a stupid question, kotex. Football is played in reality not in the theoretical. It has as much bearing to NFL games as asking if I'd rather have sex with a nasty pig or just hold hands with a supermodel.
  11. I was merely providing aids for my Martinette bretheren. Please do not punch holes in the logic they use, as it will upset them & fail to support their claims.
  12. The Jets don't play fantasy football on Sundays. Forty yards & a field goal is not as good as a touchdown & an extra point.
  13. Thought the punch line would've been different as well, but that the good news is that Jaguars are carnivores.
  14. Excellent use of #16. Unfortunately that scenario you outlined never happened once in Martin's career, let alone "every time" in any RB's career.
  15. Excellent!! You used #20. Points for the variation.
  16. In anticipation of Martin playing hurt yet again, I bring you: The Martinette Handbook of Excuses 1. At all points, recite the string of 1000-yard seasons, no matter how irrelevant it is to the current season, game, drive, or play being discussed. 2. When the line opens up a gaping, 15-yard lane & Martin runs 10 yards through it, comment on the great 10-yd run he had. Dismiss the idea that a faster RB gets through that lane faster & maybe gets another 10-20 (or even 50) yards in the same situation. 3. Insist that running ramped over 10 weaklings in 2004 is the true mark
  17. Oh no. The "warrior" crap is about to start again. CURTIS - IF YOU'RE READING THIS: If you are HURT and there are young, healthy RB's around with some skill, sit one game out. Come in on passing plays to block &/or be a check-down option but that's it. You looked slow enough the first two games with "good" knees.
  18. We don't have a strong running game anymore & the last play Herm came up with was kneeling on the ball to lengthen a 40+ yd FG. Otherwise I'd agree with this.
  19. Dude are you kidding? Why post something like that "equal" statline when you know Martin had over 50% more carries, coughed up the ball at the goalline, and has 50 fewer receiving yds. Even the most ardent Martinite would agree that Curtis looks like garbage so far.
  20. Dude it's not as though we pissed away a first round pick on him. There aren't ever quality football players taken #40 or later anyway.
  21. I can't believe they say that about you, when it's common knowledge you became a Pats fan in January of 2002. The ignorance of those children is unbearable.
  22. A more perfect analogy cannot be made.
  23. A more perfect analogy cannot be made.
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