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  1. Thsi is ridiculous

    -How can one even judge Saban, Crennel and Nolan at this time.

    Lovie Smith?

    Mike Tice?

    Marvin Lewis-Have we even seen him coach in a big game yet?

    Norv Turner?


    What has Dennis Green done?

    Mariucci isa good coach?

    Jim Haslett?

    There are more.

    guys, I don't mind criticism. but please, keep it real.

    I haven't watched a game Lovie Smith has coached. Marvin Lewis has had hideously bad rosters until this year. So both were handed rebuilding projects, not competitive teams.

    The other guys you mentioned are horrible. Any success they had was like Herm - happened to be the head coach of a very talented roster. When coaching otherwise, due to injury or other circumstance, they all sucked.

    And we were supposed to have some sort of competition with your TIVO recaps. I was at Fenway last weekend & the week before...well I'm sure you weren't in the mood any more than I was.

  2. Dozier played for the Vikings and the Mets, right? I remember thinking that he was nuts to d!ck around with baseball because it was just so clear that he was AAA caliber. Couldn't hit a breaking ball if you told him it was coming, and his speed never transferred to the basepaths. He was pre-Robert Smith in Minny I believe. Played behind Herschel. Oy.

    I like Jesus very much, but he no help with curveball.

  3. Herman Edwards is an #sshole. Hey Herm, don't tell us how "Cedric will get some playing time", JUST DO IT!

    Why does he always feel it's necassary to make these types of statements?

    Oh, and Herm? Good job telling the Bucs staff one week in advance that Vinny, not Bolly is starting at QB.

    Herm's a dope.

    Amen, Moses. As much as any of the things I can't stand about Herm is his compulsive need to share the Jets' gameplan with the opposition. It's almost like, since Herm doesn't call plays, etc, that the few decisions he's made as far as what we're going to do - he has to share that with the media to somehow convince the world that he actually does anything.

    The guy doesn't even know whether to accept or decline a penalty & has to embarass himself (further) by asking his OC on camera.


  4. Yup. Don't turn over the ball and get the ball away from them.

    I don't know what game you were watching but it was close. If that INT had turned into a TD, it would have been 7-6 in the 3rd qtr.


    The game I was watching was the one where Curtis Martin kept running into Baltimore's line for no gain & we kept going 3 & out, over & over & over again. Curtis isn't good enough to do that with no line & no threat of a pass.

    Whenever you lose, the gameplan was always dumb (unless we just got unlucky breaks). Returning a fumble to the 1-yard line does not qualify as an UNlucky break.


  5. How about this.

    Treat Bollinger like a QB who has taken 9 snaps in the NFL in 3 years. Put him in a game, with a simple plan and ask him not to take huge risks and to keep it close.

    It was a good plan and Brooks did the best he could, but he is not the answer, time to move on if Vinny is ready to go.


    First off, I agree on both parts: Bollinger had no chance with that playcalling; Bollinger also sucks horribly. But dude, did you just say that the gameplan was a good one?

  6. It's ridiculous. I also read how the $75M Woody spent in a true effort to get the WSS built was "Nothing for a billionaire." It's certainly nothing for someone else to say that $75M of Woody's money is "nothing."

    Most of the voters over there are 14 years old anyway. Which means two things: (1) they weren't even alive when the Jets were at Shea, and (2) they're not commuting to the stadium.

    We're going to have a sweeeet stadium. If anyone actually looked at that arena in Germany that they're supposedly going to model the outside after, you'll see it will look nothing like "Giants Stadium" on the outside. How ridiculous is it that now the complaints come down to "I don't want to see the Giants practice field when we're home..." as though that's a reason for the owner to reach into his pocket to shell out an extra billion dollars.

    Grow up already.

  7. I have never seen such a bunch of conspiracy theorists in one gathering.

    You are right, Herm is out to get you and only you. He hates you and wants to the destroy the Jets. He will forever try to foil your plot to win a championship with his evil plans of mass deception.

    Uncover the truth.


    No one thinks anything remotely like that.

    Herm isn't smart enough to think up a conspiracy. Besides, he's so dumb he'd put the whole thing on CD-ROM & distribute it to the press anyway.

  8. ....here here... =D>=D>

    Actually it could be used to show exactly the opposite. Chad saw all the negative press & fan outcry after the JA ordeal & the media (with the exception of Cannizero) has not been kissy-kissy towards him since his privilege speech. Herm announced to the planet that JA has been medically cleared to play yet he was sitting out. Chad had also been medically cleared to play, thanks to Herm announcing it. This may have clouded the judgement call to rush him back in.

    And these doctors are on the Jets payroll. What are they going to say? "We told you that playing Chad was risky."


  9. i never said that. But you can't win it without some good luck. That holds true for every team that has ever won it in the history of the NFL.

    when you lose your franchise QB and your starting caliber backup within the span of 7 offensive plays there is more at play than just the ineptitude of a coach. Super Bowl winners have fate on their side.

    What about the other 4 years? Excuses are the mantra of losers & frankly I'm sick of our Jets being also-ran's with pardons for management due to circumstance. I don't want to read another Hermapologist's comparison to Rich Kotite or other crappy Jets coaches of years past. You might as well say that Jimmy Carter was an above-average president worthy of re-election because he compares favorably to Khadafi.

    The Tuna/BB/Weiss/Groh/Crenell combo we briefly had in the late 90's spoiled me. It spoiled me rotten. Watching the majority of that regime move to a division rival didn't help matters. Though I will always root for my Jets to win every Sunday, I can't in good conscience continue to support a coach whose intellectual and strategic inferiority has grasped defeat from the arms of victory too many times during his tenure.

    And don't think Bradway gives out these high-priced contracts (Chad, Martin, Fabini, Chrebet, Cowart, etc) in a vacuum. He asks Herm if this is the player he wants locked up on this team & what it will mean as far as other talent we cannot acquire as a result. He doesn't go and give these players the key to Fort Knox & then say, "Here, Herm. Look what I got for you. Surprise!" Players that Herm risks further and/or career-ending injury to when they're in a very bad way - a franchise QB's shoulder, a franchise RB's ankles/knees, a tackle's back, a concussed WR.

    Throw all that in with a coach that has no gift for strategy. And if he ever did come up with a good idea, he'd tell the world about it before kickoff.

    I hate having this boob as our head coach & if you want your Jets to win it all, so should you.

  10. Who said that.

    Actually, teh way thsi normally works is that the player and coach are appraised by the doctors of what the condition is and what teh liabilities of playing are.

    The ultimate decision then usually resides with teh player of whether he wants to go based on teh facts presented.

    If teh player does not agree with teh doctors advice, through teh CBA, teh player has an opportunity to get a second opinion.

    What are you aware of here that has transpired that has not been published?

    It's up to Chad. Absolutely. So then Herm can announce to the planet that Chad has been medically cleared by the doctors but is sitting out anyway due to pain and/or to ensure he doesn't risk long-term injury to himself.

    Naaaaah. That would never happen. Coach "It-Ain't-My-Fault-and-Never-Is" Edwards would never throw his player to the media wolves like that, right?

    "So Chad, do you feel up to playing in week 1?" asks Herm, with a January press-clipping of John Abraham on his desk. "It's ok if you don't feel up to it, even though you've been medically cleared by the team doctors........trust me."

  11. I'm at the point now that the mere sight of Idiot Herm makes me really pissed off.

    I've been there for some time now. After all these years, I can take the losing I guess. But I was better able to handle it when I knew our players just sucked & without free-agency, the only way of improving was through the draft (which we also sucked at). I feel like I'm always in doubt of at least half of the games we lose, like better coaching could've - or would've - been able to make us victorious.

  12. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/football/nfl/09/26/bc.fbn.steelers.belichick.ap/index.html

    Healing power?

    Belichick orders Steelers trainer away from player

    Posted: Monday September 26, 2005 8:39PM; Updated: Monday September 26, 2005 8:39PM

    PITTSBURGH (AP) -- New England coach Bill Belichick ordered Pittsburgh Steelers trainer John Norwig off the field when Norwig asked if medical help was needed for injured Patriots tackle Matt Light during Sunday's game.

    As Light lay on the Heinz Field turf with an apparently serious right leg injury during the second quarter of New England's 23-20 victory, Norwig came onto the field to offer help.

    That prompted Belichick, who cautiously guards all injury information, to emphatically order the trainer off the field. Light later left the stadium with a cast on his leg.

    NFL trainers normally treat only their own players but will offer their assistance during a serious injury, especially when it involves a visiting team player. Most teams have larger medical staffs for home games than for road games.

    Belichick also may have been upset because Steelers coach Bill Cowher went onto the field to offer condolences to Patriots safety Rodney Harrison after he badly injured a knee earlier in the game. Harrison is expected to miss the rest of the season with a torn left knee ligament.

  13. F#ck this PICKING UP THE SYSTEM Sh#t.

    Grab the ball and throw it.

    Amen. Picking up the system is suggesting there are plays in Heimerdinger's book that are unique & never seen before. Even if only 1 run play & 1 pass play were actually used, I'm sure Hackett's 14-volume playbook had it all covered. Only difference should be the terminology; like Law said with the defense, it's all the same crap but they call them different things.

    I mean really. How many times have you ever heard an announcer say, "Wow, what was THAT??? I've never seen a play drawn up like THAT before!!!"


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