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  1. It's beyond unlikely that $8M/yr doesn't already include the signing bonus factored in. Nobody looks at contracts that way. He has a 1 yr $11MM signed tag contract right now. A 3 year $24MM contract tacks on 2 years for ~$13MM ($6.5MM/yr) onto that. Unless he suffers a career-ending injury this season, he's better off by far just playing under the franchise tag, which is what's happening. Such a low-ball offer is technically an offer in literal terms, that in practical terms isn't a real offer. @jgb gave a good, if exaggerated, example: It's disingenuous to make an offer you
  2. Yeah I don't agree with this. Mo got 2 years guaranteed and was cut after 2 years. There's no evidence that he would've played better if his contract was only 2 years long but paid the same amount over those 2 years. If he played well he stood to make a bundle in year 3. He sucked, so he lost out on it and made less as a result. With the same guarantees paid out over the first year or two, a longer deal doesn't provide any more or less motivation. A shorter deal is as likely to backfire as it is to help the team. e.g. a longer deal gets the player locked in to the team for years 3,4,
  3. Sorry but this is 100% wrong. John Johnson's contract is just over $11MM/year: 3 years, $33.75MM with $24MM guaranteed over the first 2 seasons. So using your own example, 3 years at $8MM/yr is an obvious low-ball, unserious offer. I'm not objecting to just having him for 1 season under the tag, but (if the leaked Jets' offer is accurate) in effect Douglas offered him 1 more guaranteed season at $5MM.
  4. Agreed. It looks bad when you see it on film, and it’s unknown what would’ve transpired if he did get the door open, but ultimately this part of his transgressions is him physically assaulting a door not a person. (Also, from the female screams inside, terrorizing/scaring the f*** out of anyone on the over side of the door, in addition to the DUI accident that didn’t kill himself or someone else just by dumb luck). I’m not defending him, but from the initially vague report I figured he popped someone (a woman, no less) and therefore expected worse, like a later-surfacing picture of an eye
  5. So then, while not an official national holiday like the better-known Monday, virtually every early September Sunday as a Jets fan has been Abhor Day.
  6. If he's making $11MM this year, then guaranteeing 2yrs/$16MM (as 2/3 of a 3 yr $24MM contract, assuming it even lays out that well with 2/3 guaranteed) means he wants Maye to lock himself into $5MM for the 2022 season. Meh. IMO don't bother with a disingenuous offer everyone knows he's not signing.
  7. As a current UFA he'd have fielded offers in the $11MM/yr range at worst. $8MM/year is a low-ball offer that puts him at about the 15th-highest safety salary (including contracts that were not only signed years ago, but that's further skewed by top 10-ish safeties still on their rookie deals, like Adams). Adjusting for those two factors, that offer would place him outside the top 20 safeties, which is a low-ball offer for Maye. For the 3rd time, I'm ok with just tagging him, but Douglas knows perfectly well he'd have no chance at signing Maye long term at $8MM, let alone without the
  8. Also true, but all we have to go on is what has been leaked. If it's 3 yrs @ $8MM that's not a good faith offer. If that's a bunch of bull**** put out by Maye's agent, then obviously that changes any assessment.
  9. Very true, but the team could have waited to rescind the tag until other teams had exhausted their cap space. I don't know what that cutoff date is, or if it could've been rescinded well after the draft. i.e. tagged for just long enough to miss out on the meaty days/weeks of free agency.
  10. I don't think they're at all similar, let alone that it's a better example. That is a player under contract who willingly signed with NE. Maye got drafted and has made $6.5MM over his first 4 seasons and has never signed a negotiated contract. He got a slotted contract as a rookie and a franchise tag this year. Gilmore is also a corner who's entering his age-31 season; judging from history, a dropoff in production is expected in the coming season(s). Conversely May turned 28 in March. His upcoming 2-3 seasons should be his best (experience grown, before his skill falls off physical
  11. You made an offer -- he can't say you didn't! You (Joe D) win!!
  12. I used him because everyone knows how much he makes. I didn't use Maye's $8MM offer in the exaggeration. I used about half a top-2 QB's going rate of $20MM (perhaps I could have used $25MM instead, but the point still would have been the same). The point is the same: it's an offer everyone knows is inappropriate. Just like I also said to him, how about if I made an offer to buy your house for 60% of its value. Or if I wanted to buy a used car with a $13K value and offered $8K that I know perfectly well the owner won't take. Do I get to say, "Hey, I made an offer"? Yeah sure, but eve
  13. Maye is following the instructions of his representation. If he's unfollowing the Jets on his twitter/instagram/whatever, it's a tactic. Just like the Jets' tactic of dishonestly telling the player (and media) all winter that they're going to work really hard to get him locked up long term with a legitimate offer, to get him to sign his franchise tender back in the first week of free agency, and then max out at an offer closer to the range that the team gave Kerry Rhodes 13 seasons ago than Maye's current going rate. I'm perfectly fine with Douglas just tagging Maye and reassessing
  14. Yeah they can say it. I say it, and agents say it. An exaggerated version of this is if the Chiefs capped out at a 3-year extension offer to Mahomes at $20MM per year. On paper it's an offer to re-sign/extend; in actuality it's no offer at all. Or like if I offered to buy your house for 60% of its value. "Hey, I made you an offer and you can't say otherwise!" You're being ridiculous here.
  15. Well yes and no. He was franchise tagged so, while he could test those waters, those interested teams would have to give up a solid pick or more (on paper, the Jets are entitled to two 1st rounders that no one would pay) for the privilege of signing Maye to a big contract. Where you're right, without outright saying it, is any comparable offers in the $8-9MM range aren't really comparable for a couple reasons. First off and most obvious because Maye is a better player who's produced better and is right now in his prime. It seems teams already exceeded the Jets offer before he signed
  16. You are acting like a converted follower of a Joe Douglas religion, where everything he does is perfect by definition. The truth is none of us knows the long-term repercussions of the way he's handling incumbent veterans. I could rationalize that couple more years of this and some FAs may only select the Jets as a last resort because it's a given that the Jets, more than other teams, will cut bait and demand pay cuts far more than other clubs. That may be in the team's interest on paper in the immediate season(s), but word gets around. Everyone in the locker room and other teams and othe
  17. If the rumored amount of $8MM/yr is correct, that's a low-ball offer in 2021.
  18. Not apples and apples comparisons. They're both tagged and the similarity with their situations ends there. Robinson chose his current team as a UFA. Robinson's tag amount is nearly double Maye's: $18MM to $10MM. Next year their respective tag amounts will be $21MM vs $12MM. Robinson has already had one UFA payday, making $42MM over the past 3 years. Maye' has made $6.5MM total over his 4 year career. I legitimately don't get the ire some of you have for a good player trying to maximize his only long term payday opportunity. I'm ok with how Douglas is handling
  19. I was off the site for a few days and just saw this. Like others, just wanted to say great job setting this up for a nice couple/family who deserved better news than revisiting this fight. You’re a good egg. You’re over $3K.
  20. You sure we'd have taken Allen? Coin toss whether it'd have been Allen or Rosen, no matter what the rumors now became after seeing which one turned out better than the other. At the time he made the trade to move up, the frontrunners for picks 1-2 were Darnold & Rosen, and maybe not in that order. Only thing better about Rosen is the experiment would've been over faster. Of course people still would've blamed his on-field woes on the supporting cast, coaching, moon phases, etc.
  21. @Maxman We're so sorry what Lauren & the rest of your family's going through again. She did it before she can do it again. You asked for prayers, you've got them, buddy.
  22. I'd think this is more of a freedom of association or a commerce thing than a free speech issue, but your one semester of constitutional law is one more semester than I took. I was too busy taking upper level douchebaggery classes which, I'm proud to say, I aced even as a first year right out of HS.
  23. Maybe something like a NIL license signed during/before college can't extend past college (or past their bowl game or something, since many do legitimately need representation to help get their name out & help boost draft stock). I don't know if that'd then influence agents to pressure kids into leaving school early for a payday, since agents would freely have their players' ears, but that part would be no different than it'd been in the past. Still might be better, because they surely talk to teammates and hear what others are & aren't getting from their agents. Better to ma
  24. I'm triggered right now. I only actually watched one Wilson game and Simms drooling over him made me feel like we drafted a good one. Then ranking Darnold as a top 20 QB? Still bottom half, but that's quite a jump. Crap, now I'm going to have to actually wait for Wilson to perform in live action games - live action NFL games - before I get excited about him again. I should've known better than to get excited over the preseason musings of a guy with no spleen. ****!
  25. 100% yes. I didn't realize that. It means he benefitted from a tremendous amount of lucky breaks that's unlikely to repeat. I remember the same stat - with similarly high numbers - from Darnold & Fitzpatrick. As much as people correctly said, "Aw that doesn't count," it's a bit of a head-in-the-sand view to think that insane level of luck is likely to repeat itself annually. That Winston had 21 dropped interceptions is the craziest of all these guys. 30 interceptions caught along with another 21 picks were dropped? So he threw 51 interception-worthy passes in one season, with t
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