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  1. 5 hours ago, Nixhead said:

    True but at least he's played in most games. Jarred Davis has been a bigger disappointment - but not as big of a contract obviously. Joe D goes after these second tier free agents maybe coming off their rookie contract that their original drafting team doesn't seem to want to give them big paydays. Its not been working out great so far.

    I guess. But then Jarrad Davis doesn't make $14MM/year, and then drop or cough up the ball on average once per game. Despite being healthy (other than getting covid, like millions of others also did), he wasn't even a starter last year for Detroit, who sported the league's #32 defense and were starting a different (but still terrible) bust over him by midseason. If reliability was expected of Jarrad Davis he'd have been making Corey Davis money - or at least would be playing under the 5th year option - instead a 1-year show-me deal for just half that. 

    Both suck this year. 

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  2. 11 hours ago, Bleedin Green said:

    This explanation only works if looked at in a vacuum, but it turns out he's continued to suck at his evaluation of the position for years now, which is what makes it a relevant point when it is the start of what is still a continuing trend.

    That year is certainly not all-defining for JD by any measure, but it also has no reason to be completely thrown out when showing the first round of some failures in 2019 that have since been repeated in 2020 and 2021.

    I'm merely pointing to it in the context of that year being less than a full season. This was, at the time, viewed favorably by pretty much everyone. The only pessimism was over him lasting the season healthy.

    e.g. how's this for someone clearly expecting Kalil to be an on-field upgrade over Harrison?

    On 8/1/2019 at 2:51 PM, Bleedin Green said:

    The funny thing is, under different circumstances, I might actually not like it so much.  But right now, it's all about Darnold, so all bets are off.  This would normally seem like a move for more of a "win now" team as opposed to one still rebuilding, but helping out Darnold supersedes everything these days.


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  3. On 11/23/2021 at 4:46 PM, Copernicus said:

    For such a terrible pick there seems to be interest from NFL teams. Cant be as bad as portrayed by some Jets fans. Not like this guy was cut and never seen from again

    I think teams with some QB injuries are at least willing to take a look at anyone, and in particular sucking while on the Jets doesn't automatically mean a person can't play football. It can be both, but he wouldn't have been the first to look like a zero here and be useful elsewhere.

    After 3 teams dumped him in 3 months, with at least one of them a credible organization lol, I think Morgan's probably done getting people to kick the tires on him. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, y2k8 said:

    That's all great and all, and you can defend the thinking all you want - but the fact remains that literally any other Center would have been a better move.  You get judged by results in this league, not your thought process.

    And again, Ryan Kalil RETIRED. He was done. That's not enough of a red flag? Having to bribe a guy back on the field?

    Was anyone really surprised that he only played 7 games (like 2 of his 3 previous seasons)? Or that he was pretty bad in the games he did manage to play?  I certainly wasn't.

    Mike Gronkowski retired (and lost like 30 pounds during it)

    Bruce Arians retired

    Plenty of other examples

    So, meh to the retired = a red flag thing

    It was a no-win situation absent the benefit of hindsight. There were no winning moves, and in terms of significance this was small potatoes anyway. That is, unless you're going to name the starting center you knew in July/Aug 2019 would be even better.  At the time, probably 90% of fans at the time were behind and happy with taking that shot on Kalil. The big concern was durability, but even most who had that concern were happy that he was at least the line would be better until he gets hurt, and were behind at least making a reasonable effort to improve over starting an obvious backup center for 16 games. 

    There's plenty of legit Douglas stuff to find fault with - including the mindless Griffin extension at midseason - but this is a hindsight complaint. Frankly both are small potatoes moves in comparison and, to the greater point in this thread, hardly indicative of crediting 2019 as a full GM season.

  5. 12 hours ago, y2k8 said:

    Benefit of hindsight? Kalil was bribed out of retirement. A cash grab by a guy that already had quit the game. 

    I don't blame Kalil, but JD gets to wear the L on this one. Hurts his rep even more since it was a key o-line man. And certainly didn't help Sam in his pivotal second season.


    Yes it is absolutely easy-peasy to say in hindsight.

    What Douglas knew at the time was:

    1. he had a backup-quality center that the now-fired GM had inked in as starter
    2. the said-fired GM's two prior forays into the starting center position (Wesley Johnson and Spencer Long) had also flopped in back-to-back seasons. Harrison was the unchallenged backup for those guys: he was unable to unseat either of those two stiffs until Long's injured hand led to too many wild snaps, but was still a below average center himself.
    3. his HC was surely saying he couldn't run his offense and/or amply protect Darnold with a backup center and no depth behind him; in turn this ultra-investment young QB's growth would/could be stunted for another year or more - if he didn't get outright badly injured - and at minimum one more season's failure along with that
    4. failing to sign the FA center the HC wanted (Matt Paradis) was blatantly one of the two main grounds for Gase wanting Maccagnan fired in the first place (the other being the Bell signing); his then skipping the C position in the draft after that was just the icing on the cake.
    5. he'd been hand-picked to work with the HC on the players and types of players he wanted, not to tell the HC to go eat sh** and zip it. 

    Under those circumstances, any GM would see what options are out there. Of all the things Douglas is or isn't, he isn't averse to making trades. Surely he called around first but nobody was giving up a reliable, starting center after FA and the draft were already over. 

    So under all those conditions, and while sitting on a surplus of cap space, what center are you adding at the end of August? Name the team you're going to convince to give up its starting center with the first game weeks away. 

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

    Except Kalil was an indisputably substantially worse center than Harrison, which is really saying something.  That on it's own might be forgivable if it wasn't for the continuing trend with the likes of McGovern and Van Roten.  He also showed the first sign of what has been the continuing incompetence of kicker, as every one he's brought in has come in ranked somewhere in the mid-to-late 30s in every statistic, meaning multiple other teams would regularly pick up guys off the street in the middle of the year better than anyone JD has ever been able to find.  The Griffin move I have no problem with given the cheap cost, although it still is yet another position where he made the first failed move at a position he's continually shown an inability to find even the most moderate of talent.

    On a relative scale, none of those are in any way particularly career-defining moments for him, but there's also no reason to throw out the beginning of what are now continuous trends throughout his entire time here, unless trying to force a narrative of innocence.  In the end, he'll live or die by Zach Wilson, but the rest of these things all still happened and are now repeated failures that have yet to be corrected.

    You’re using the benefit of hindsight which they didn’t have before the 2019 season. End of 2018 nobody has Harrison rated better than Kalil, who was still a top 20 center that year. When the coaches tell you the GM this guy sucks - which he did - you the GM Sat going to say you know the player better? Unlikely.

    if it was reversed and he’d dumped Kalil for Harrison and it flopped then you could say hey easy bass call and anyone would’ve known ahead of time. 

    I’m not saying it was a good move. I’m saying  it wasn’t unreasonable and no one else was available by then anyway. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

    Anyone saying anything but year 3 is objectively wrong.

    Ryan Kalil and Ryan Griffin remember.

    Enjoy your thread.

    I just mentioned this morning I think, Kalil I can forgive, even if everyone wishes he could undo it. The HC goes to the GM (whom he just got hired) and, in August after TC had gotten underway, says this is like some horrible joke and that he badly needs a legitimate NFL center to run his offense. What starting center was some other team parting with in August? Kalil was still at least an average center just the prior year and the only one with anywhere near that resume still available. He seemed a reasonable gamble for a team very eager to remove excuses for their young QB's sophomore season.

    If Kalil that season was so-so or even pretty good instead of horrible I don't today think noticeably more of Douglas as a GM. 

    Griffin was a boneheaded extension - what was he afraid of, that Griffin would suddenly command $6-10MM/yr to extend beyond 2019? - but even still, extending a borderline-starter TE at $3MM/year isn't an offseason.

    Still, on balance if I had to round up or round down as to 2 or 3 years, it's quite clearly rounding down. A one-year $6.7MM center and a $3MM TE isn't a full GM season. Not by a long shot.

    There aren't nearly the moves to be made when one's starting point is already after FA and the draft are over before he's even got the job. Once FA and the draft are over, that's 90% of a GM's job for the year already behind him. 10% of a GM season isn't a season. 

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  8. 49 minutes ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

    He signed a kicker and a center that single handedly cost us at least 2 games that first year. So that's something.

    I can get past the Kalil signing, disastrous mistake that we now know it to be. Douglas got here in May; the draft was over, as was FA before that. In August his HC - the one who got him the job - tells him he needs a center and that the one the now-fired GM left them with is a guy you go with when your starter goes on IR, not one you plan to go with by design, with a young QB he hopes would take a big leap forward in year 2. 

    At that point, there is no one available. Except a multi-time pro bowler who’s past his prime but who was still at least an average starter just the prior season. And one who’d expressed a personal interest in Darnold’s success before signing him, because they were both USC alums. 

    I’ve seen gambles with worse optics at the time. Even if one wasn’t super-optimistic, signing him out of very recent retirement, the actual results were worse than anyone expressed they’d imagined. I don’t recall many complaints about not going with Harrison all season long until after Kalil ****ed up so badly on the field.  

    Douglas has had enough ****-ups when he had the time to plan ahead all offseason. At Kalil-signing time he was desperate and no one was giving up their starting center just to help the Jets anyway. Meh.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:

    Well, I’ve read right here on this website that those are only CIVIL complaints, nothing criminal, no indictments (yet), probably just extortionists that only starting accusing when Watson demanded a trade. Gold diggers. Apparently a poster here thinks he’s an upstanding young man and pillar of the community. 

    Watson’s pillar is upstanding when…

    ah never mind I’m not going there. You finish it. 

  10. 5 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    That's a very understandable take... but in most cases it's because the those good teams haven't had the deficiencies on the OLine that the Jets have had.  I think the Jets have a decent OLine right now but that's because AVT is a standout OG and guys like both Moses and Fant are playing at high levels and performing better than most of us probably expected.  McGovern has been a good hold-the-fort guy at Center.

    The problem on the OLine is a glaring one at RG.  My opinion is that the way to fix it and to upgrade C at the same time is by drafting a guy like Linderbaum.  Connor McGovern was graded as a better OG than Center when he was in Denver, and he'll be in the final year of a 3 year FA deal.  Drafting Linderbaum upgrades the C and we push McGovern to RG so that we can stop this nonsense of experimenting or tolerating guys like GVR, LDT, Feeney, Clark (if he ever sees the field) at RG.

    The approach to RG has been throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.  Let's stop that and just buy a steak for dinner!  Linderbaum + McGovern is better than McGovern + GVR at two spots.

    It’s not that. It’s what far more valuable position are you passing on by burining a top-half 1st round pick on a friggin’ center, which is arguably the least-important, least-valued positoin on the OL. 

    Say you’re right and he is an upgrade over McGovern (a stance I’m more than prepared to accept). Is that upgrade a more formidable one than adding an elite WR, or edge or DB or a much-needed LB? Not even close. 

    Even yesterday, most of the super-hurry pass rushes came against unblocked blitzers from the outside, not a NT that pushed his way past McGovern. 

    Count me in as 100% not on board with taking a center in round 1 unless the team trades way down into the 20s at the highest (and recoup at least one more 1st rounder in return).  Even then I’m not convinced it’s the most needle-moving position the team could use the pick to upgrade. 

    Teams don’t win super bowls because of 1st round centers they drafted.

    This OL is better on balance - at least on paper - than the one that KC rode to winning their last 10+ games in a row to get to another Super Bowl last year, seeing how they had just 1 starting tackle for most of the season, and backup-level starters at center and both guard positions. That’s 4 backup-level OLmen (which became 5 when Fisher went down in the playoffs); the Jets have had 1 this season and scapegoated that RG position as the reason for far too many woes.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Namath99 said:

    If Woody did sell he’d make close to a $2 billion profit


    but ofcourse he will never sell.  He’s like Steinbrenner minus the intelligence, desire to win and championships

    This isn’t my area of expertise, but unless there’s a serious danger of it decreasing in value, I think he makes a lot more by keeping it, and (if so desired) can have an even greater amount of immediate cash on hand if he doesn’t sell it.

    I’d think he/they can borrow the same $2BN against that capital gains profit (and more) without selling - assuming it hasn’t happened already - at a stupidly-low interest rate that won’t nearly keep pace with the rate of how much the team’s value appreciates, while also throwing off so much in cash profit/dividends along the way.

    On the other hand, if he sells, then he has to pay capital gains tax on that profit and then would have to guess at new investment winners in which to park those after-tax capital gains, and good luck finding zero risk investments that’ll appreciate nearly as well with the Jets franchise, all while losing those big guaranteed dividends along the way.

    The only way they’d be forced to sell is if some Marge Schott stuff, or a Deshaun Watson length line of sexual harassment accusers, came to light.

  12. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    The hesitation you would have is Saleh is running a scheme and installing a program that marginalizes a lot of the players that are already here. If he wants a faster MLB, he should bench Mosely. If he has no use for guys like Mims and Becton, they should have traded them instead of driving their value into the ground. I get the whole idea of seeding your culture and letting it grow, but it feels like Saleh thinks he has a lot of time and an open checkbook to get it done. He can’t just coach the players he wants to coach because he thinks he has five years to flip the roster. 

    While I agree with you in sentiment, the other side of that coin - the unintended side effect of immediately trading rather than benching malcontents who won’t listen out buy in - is it’d incentivize others to get in the coach’s doghouse early enough to get traded by the deadline. 

    But also this indignant stance he’s taking right now - which I can’t listen to right now - is it’s transparently self serving. He just gave himself a mulligan for losing 8 of 10, and for losing still more thereafter. Pretty convenient, even if it does hold water.

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  13. 4 hours ago, Copernicus said:

    Well done SE. Your words definitely makes me think and rethink. Just some thoughts: The Saleh hiring was universally applauded by fans and media. He was considered the top rookie HC candidate for the past off season. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I just dont see Saleh ever coming off as arrogant. Do you? I see him trying to explain his thoughts and open (at least his words) to changing to make things better. Do you think that someone who was considered the top HC candidate would have such a personality flaw of over the top arrogance go undetected over multiple interviews? Even if this were truthful do you think that the top HC candidate would warrant no one wanting  to coach with him? Just doesnt add up to me. Your thoughts? 

    I think with regard to my post, you're swapping in an outwardly arrogant personality with someone displaying acts of arrogance. 

    A person can do something arrogant and have a braggart's or blowhard's arrogant personality.

    A rookie HC, hiring:

    • two first full year coordinators (the DC had some brief action for half a year after the HC got fired, but had never established his own staff or anything, and the prior DC was still on the team as the HC anyway)
    • below them hiring position coaches mostly in their first years doing so
    • with the knowledge that this was a bad team about to get ultra-young/inexperienced all over because of all the extra picks in the next 2 drafts (and not exclusively extra comp picks, like one extra ultra-late 4th and three ultra-late 6ths like our 2014 comp picks). I mean doubling up in round 1 and more for two straight drafts, with the further knowledge they were either going to draft a rookie QB at #2, or trade down from there to acquire even more high draft picks. 

    It is arrogant to think experience counts for so little, by overwhelmingly hiring people with so little experience, to teach players with little to no NFL experience themselves.

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  14. 1 hour ago, heymangold said:

    When’s the last time you said, wow who was that?!

    almost every play Quincy makes I say that.  I still never hear quinnen’s name.

    My point is only that a guy with a running start to hit someone is going to hit him harder than someone pushing his way through 1-2 OLmen. There’s only one Aaron Donald. 

  15. On 11/21/2021 at 6:45 PM, Matt39 said:

    Kinda reminds me of the Cardinals season where they realized they hired a mistake. Saleh is not a HC and it's obvious. Depends on Woody's feel but right now I'd be shocked if he gets a second season.

    Saleh only had more than glorified intern jobs on two teams: the ‘14-16 Jaguars and ‘17-20 49ers. From the Jaguars, how many position coach acquaintances do you really want for elevating to coordinator, and/or how many asst coaches to elevate to position coaches, if in 2021 they still hadn’t earned that promotion yet since 2016.

    The 49ers? Aside from way too much mulligan-ness given to the team for being without an injured, just-decent QB (plus massively front-loading his cap hit into 2018 as SF did, to further mulligan that season, too), the better coaches from there want to stay where there’s a more established roster and more experienced + stable staff, unless going to the one HC interested in promoting them.

    I went through the whole Jets’ main coaching staff in another post a week or so ago. It’s insane how many position coaches - never mind both coordinators and the HC himself - are all in their first full year in this capacity. IIRC among the three with 1+ full years’ experience in that same capacity includes the TE coach (on a team that didn’t have a TE worth mentioning). 

    Given all the young players on the team, and the greater influx of rookies they’re going to add next year, this coaching staff is the blind leading the blind. Either Saleh needs to be fired or some position coaches need to be replaced with those with some history of success. I don’t see him firing either coordinator if he stays, no matter the results. Plus a problem it seems is Saleh barely knows anyone himself; it isn’t obvious that he’s well-regarded outside the LaFleur family; he’ll have just fired the predecessors after 1 season; and absent doing that the remaining guys don’t have a lot of other experienced coaches on the staff to turn to when they don’t have answers themselves. e.g. this thread itself highlights LaFleur scratching his head what to do when his desired/designed plans aren’t panning out.

    It’s incredibly arrogant for a first time HC to fill his coaching staff with almost all first time coordinators & position coaches, knowing full well the team is at the start of an extreme youth movement. And if it isn’t arrogance, the only other option left is no one already established as good wanted to hitch his wagon to Saleh. 

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  16. On 11/19/2021 at 12:49 PM, Beaver said:

    Embarrassing to me is a coin-toss between the "I resign as HC of NYJ" on a napkin and the Butt-fumble.   

    The reason I'd say butt fumble was far worse was that, at the time, remember Belichick had no reputation as a HC asset. At that season-ending game beforehand the whole stadium was in unison chanting "one more year" because of the perceived downgrade about to follow. Then we got all those draft picks for him. No one possibly imagined there'd be a two-decade dynasty in NE with Belichick as HC there, from that 2000 season up to when Lewis took out their $100MM QB.

    In the moment the buttfumble embarrassment felt far worse.

    • the Belichick resignation history and bad blood, through the super bowls we'd watched them reach and win, through the Mangini hiring and Spygate, to what's still our most recent playoff win over them in their house;
    • it wasn't merely national TV -- it was Thanksgiving so even non-football fans in the house watch for a while like they do for the Super Bowl; and it was early enough in the game before most womenfolk had lost interest and migrated back to the kitchen;
    • Season situation: we were fading but not eliminated yet at 4-6. We were still competitive: only barely lost the prior NE matchup in OT because Sanchez again coughed it up on a sack to end/lose that game, plus after Thanksgiving the schedule was ultra-easy. If we win this one then a table-run to 10-6 and the playoffs isn't even that far-fetched.
    • Game situation: it was only 7-0 and the Jets had already driven into FG range when we went for it in 4th and fumbled, followed by NE scoring a long TD on a dumpoff to Vereen on the very next play -- so after those two straight snaps the embarrassment meter was already rising;
    • then the buttfumble, and it isn't merely recovered but is run back for a TD; 
    • Like a minute after what could've easily been a 7-3 or tie score, it was instead 28-0 like an 80s-90s football movie comedy, except less realistic, and we ended up losing by 30.
    • then ESPN/etc. didn't stop talking about it and showing it later that night, and all pregame for the other teams on Sunday morning.

    Much more embarrassing dagger at the time, even though compared to the napkin it was a relative blip in terms of NE vs NYJ franchises' fates.

    The fake spike felt like that mostly because of the rivalry. Instant facepalm against the team we all despised without equal. But for that TD, we're 7-5 and tied with them for first place. Instead we finish 6-10 and fire Carroll to replace him with Kotite.

    So like the napkin resignation, the fake spike was a more consequential embarrassment long-term than the buttfumble, too.

    But in the moment? I don't see how anything tops the buttfumble in terms of embarrassment at being a Jets fan. 

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  17. 46 minutes ago, BP said:

    Let’s stay focused on what’s important @Jetsfan80 @T0mShane how many of these “models” are still on the team?



    Can't really see Leo off screen to the right, but even at a happy / celebratory-ish event, right from the first syllable uttered, Anderson & Darnold already look like they're just counting the moments until #leaderofmen shuts his cakehole.

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    16 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    Calm down Becton lovers. This doesn’t mean Becton is bad. But ignoring the fact that Fant has been fantastic would be disingenuous.

    It might just be me but I prioritize an elite pass protector at LT who is an average run blocker over a decent pass protector who is a road grader in the rush game.

    How about do nothing? He's under contract for next season already. Just how much of an early bird discount does one imagine the Jets will get by extending him now instead of waiting until after the season, if not waiting until Sept/Oct next year?

    Quite arguably there couldn't be a worse time to extend him than now, while his value is the highest it's been in his whole career to date, and probably the highest it'll ever be for the rest of his life thereafter. Never mind that an extension now would/could further disincentivize him from performing at his top level next year once it's established that more/new guaranteed $ will extend into 2023. He's playing for his last major payday. Reap the benefit of that while we can imo.

    There's zero incentive to lock him up with more guaranteed money now. Leave him in a contract season through at least the early parts of next season. Never mind what if he tears his ACL again a month from now and is never the same again?

    IMO just leave an ideal Fant situation the way it is. 

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  19. 24 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    Not the first coach we’ve had to double-down on inflexibility. Should workout just fine.

    Such the truth

    Tampa 2 with his man corners, trying to turn Shaun Ellis into Warren Sapp, making Lewis & Jones cover more ground as they were getting older (it was exciting stuff watching Marvin Jones drop into the secondary like a 3rd safety), and more.

    Then taking over with at least the proper personnel to run it, I guess, Mangini decides that needs to be ripped up to start all over again to go back to the way it was before. So we were treated to a couple years of Dewayne Robertson at NT, and then Vilma getting run over by RBs or watching them drag him past the 1st down marker, as well as desperately adding anyone who was a physical match like Kimo von Oelhoffen. 

    Ryan at least kept the same basic D intact instead of similarly ripping it apart to primarily run a zone D, though the inherited probowl NT finally acquired by Tangini had as many torn ACLs as QB hits. Standing up 285-pound Quinton Coples was cute.

    Enter Todd Bowles, who wants speed-speed-speed, which - other than some mobile DTs - the Jets had little to none of by the time Ryan was done here. So first order of business was re-signing David Harris and his NT speed. We then dumped Demario Davis. Twice. Then uncoincidentally got to see Sheldon Richardson lining up at LB, which was special. It’s a tall order to think he had no fingerprints on the Jets drafting safety-safety with their first 2 picks (high picks in each round): a draft strategy employed by zero playoff teams ever. Even still, that’s the GM’s job to overrule stupid HC draft ideas. 

    Then enter Adam Gase, the destroyer of once-promising QBs. He got Maccagnan fired, but outside of getting two 1sts and a 3rd for Jamal Adams, the buddy Gase got to replace him hasn’t been getting overwhelmed with love letters from Jets fans.

    Which leads us to Saleh. And…

    actually somehow I don’t want to talk about this anymore. 

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