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  1. Partly. I think it was also a hedge on Becton as well, since his headlines at the time of the Moses signing weren't that great. Then he probably figured he'd do his Trader Joe's thing, where (if Becton/Moses were healthy and playing well at the time) he could pry a decent draft pick from a contender who just lost its LT in Sept/Oct.
  2. I doubt they're going to specify reasons, but the best two rationalizations I came up with are: Rightly or wrongly, Fant was considered more of a pass blocker than Moses, and they were starting a rookie QB. More returning consistency on the OL. 4/5 of yesterday's starting line was then returning from the latter half of 2020 (when they still weren't so great, but clearly weren't nearly as bad as they started out, nor as bad as they looked yesterday). And I'd throw in a 3rd possible rationalization, which is maybe they felt Fant was a better and/or more experienced zone bloc
  3. I don't think McGovern was bargain bin. He was very much going rate - top 10 at the time - for his position. For a RT, so was Fant. Where he went into his shell was then-overpaying at RT (which I whined about plenty at the time) for Conklin. Especially since he was expected to fetch upwards of $18MM before Cleveland signed him for $4MM/year less. Rationalizing Fant at the time, as a lower salary risk (lower guaranteed $) and probably a better fit at LT if that was needed for 1 season (heading into the draft), was not compelling. In seeing how much of a disappointment McGovern was at
  4. Hey no argument from me that yesterday they often looked like they'd just met in the parking lot before the game, but this just isn't true. The only new player they started on the OL was AVT. The other starting 4/5 was carried over from the last half of last season (since Lewis last left the field): LT Becton C McGovern RG van Roten RT Fant That might even be the reason Fant got the starting nod over Moses (in addition to his being thought of as the better pass blocker with Moses the better run blocker; understandable for a rookie QB's 1st game, even if it
  5. Maybe Mosley didn't want people to sleep on the Jets' defense because he feels that's his job.
  6. It’s true that PFF grades aren’t the definitive be-all end-all. That said… I watched the game from a chair, like most. Drinking and stuffing my face, also like most. In doing so, Mosley’s week 1 grade is only 29 points higher than I earned yesterday afternoon.
  7. Was thinking before the game Mosley is setting himself up nicely to have his own “Can’t wait” moment, with his big, boastful talk before the game a la Scott a decade ago.
  8. And everyone knows large extended families habitually pool their money to make sure each person is individually wealthy, including all brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and cousins. They even cover the additional income tax bills, too, for cash gifts that are orders of magnitude above the $15K/year exemption limit. All of our families do that. Excellent reminder! Also it was a business favor to Wilson’s uncle/family, to have Zach drafted by the only team daddy tweeted he didn’t want drafting his son. Good call, seeing right through that.
  9. And Adam Gase, who once said, "Text me on my googly eyephone," never got a dinner! (I remember him being roughly that level of funny.)
  10. Excellent. I'll send those dancers to the house instead, buddy. Fear not, I'm on it. Glad to hear you're out of danger (or enough to discharge you).
  11. Especially if Crowder's also out, Mims should get plenty more snaps. Hopefully he makes the most of them & turns around this summer he's had.
  12. I'm saying what do you care if Jets fans like their own QB prospect better than NE's QB prospect, or even the tongue-in-cheek silliness which girl each QB is presently having his way with? If it's nothing to you, then why comment on it? This isn't like disputing which is a better QB based on games played - in college or for their respective pro teams - which is at least interesting to debate; this is meaningless. So what if Jets fans are more supportive of their own than of another's? I expect nothing less of NE fans. It's all good. And if you took my line about her "moral fiber" ser
  13. I didn't think you were serious until I looked it up. Lmao.
  14. Warfish Commandment #4 to Jets fans: thou shalt not speak poorly of the Patriots' rookie QB - nor his girlfriend's looks - unless one can prove definitively the identical thing wouldn't have been said about the Jets' rookie QB if the roles were reversed. Lol, lighten up, brother. What's it to you? Sperm Commandment to counter the aforementioned: **** the Patriots and their goon QB and his silly pace and gf of lower moral fiber, who posts scantily-clad pics of herself on the internet for attention.
  15. Holy **** I felt suddenly queasy for about 20 seconds until I scrolled down to his post detailing how he grabbed it off the internet as I'd assumed.
  16. How's this for uncomfortable? The other day after scrolling through a thread you posted in, I looked at your avatar pic again. I was thinking: I've been looking at this same awesome, rainbow wedgie & thigh-highs for so many years now, except I'm now looking at greatness from the past that's surely not great anymore. What would she look like now, if someone took a shot of her in the same getup & pose? Probably tons of cellulite, making for a view that's uncomfortable at best. It's a full life I lead, that this is what occupies my thoughts.
  17. **** O'Donnell and his stupid teeth
  18. Nor a chalk line either, seeing how he claimed he was so badly hurt he needed to go on IR after tripping over one in pregame warmups.
  19. This thread just opened up old wounds, and triggered me. You were very pissy with me at the time. I've got scars, man. Scars. Conversely, I've never been pissy with anyone, ever, so I get to stand on my soapbox with my fingers in my ears.
  20. You’re forgetting being pissed we didn’t hang onto Percy Harvin for another $11MM, and trade away a 4th instead of a 6th for the privilege. We all have had whiffs, though.
  21. I was thinking vagina half empty
  22. aka the “GM who spent the most money this year” award lol
  23. Gangrene is certainly taking fan support to the next level. Never do it again, though. Chippendales dancers on the way to help the recovery speed. My treat. Get better & feel better, JW.
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