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  1. He’s one of those guys — you know the type, since you’ve seen them before, and this makes him unique.
  2. I bet this is funny, if only someone would explain it to me. Meh, I’ll just laugh along with laughy-rep, and pretend I get it.
  3. TBD but it's a month so far. Warfish has been around for a bit & has earned at least a little respect, so if you’re going to call him names you have to do it the way I do it: with love, and a little light petting.
  4. I don't know that that's true. It's a common narrative among some Jets fans because there's pretty much no Jets fan (myself included) who truly likes Woody Johnson as the owner, but I don't think that's the case. Belichick even alluded to that himself, seemingly concerned of the uncertainty that BP's role might change (read: increase) under a new owner -- whichever that might be between Woody and Dolan. BP's own decision predates BB's so it makes it that much more baseless that it was all because of Woody. For all we know it's Dolan one or the other (or both) feared working under, because he was more famously known as a grade-a douchebag than Woody Johnson -- Riley quitting on Dolan wasn't so long before that. If Parcells wouldn't work under Woody, surely Belichick would have known how he felt, and thus wouldn't have had any concerns over the fickle Parcells suddenly re-increasing his fat shadow under the new owner. Parcells was only going to coach here 3 years. That was his plan when he was wooed to come here, which is surely how they got Belichick to agree to the contract he had (3 more years as Tuna Helper was plenty) -- whereby BB gets the job when BP stepped down, which again was planned to be 3 years from day one. Testaverde going down week 1 in 1999 put that in doubt in fans' eyes, because they mistakenly confused turning the franchise around with him also having any type of honor, and that he'd surely want to stick around for a "real" 3rd season because they wanted him to. It also got muddied when he was hemming & hawing on the decision himself. What made him step down, ultimately, may have been nothing more than the obvious: c*ockblocking Belichick from going to Kraft. If he hated the idea of being associated with Woody that much, I doubt he'd have stuck around as GM either - let alone would have hired his own guy in Groh to be the HC after Belichick quit - nor would he have cared how much the Jets got in return from the Patriots as compensation for Belichick. It's conveniently easy to forget that Parcells quitting on Woody Johnson was sandwiched in between Parcells quitting on Bob Kraft and Parcells quitting on Jerry Jones. Even easier to forget was that Parcells quit on Tampa after they officially fired Dungy -- a process/plan that was surely in the works before Tampa canned him (and one that perhaps had planted seeds that went back as far as the Keyshawn trade, seeing as how Keyshawn was one of his favorite players); then it took another month for them to come up with a backup plan, which ended up being that huge trade for Gruden. Parcells would have had total and complete control under Woody if he wanted it; there was no track record of Woody meddling and there was no reason to believe that would've happened. In terms of football, Woody looked up to and was awestruck by that dirtbag, like a starstruck fan meeting a celebrity, and would have let Parcells do anything he wanted. It's an imaginary notion that Parcells thought, "Oh man I won't cash this guy Woody's checks because I baselessly sense he will come in and suddenly micromanage a HOF HC/GM." It was a team Parcells built and he quit on it. Yet he stuck around for a year in a FO capacity, and maintained good relations with Woody Johnson after that. Parcells quit because that's what he does (or did, anyway). He tried to quit on the Giants in early '87 -- pulled the same thing between NYG/Atlanta that he did with NE/NYJ except Rozelle blocked it. Then he quit on New England; quit on the Jets; (probably) quit on Tampa; quit on Dallas. Oh yeah, and then after just 3 years he quit on Miami. He was never going to be long-term anywhere. The idea that he was going to just stay as HC here, but for Woody Johnson, is a fantasy of fans who (understandably) want to find a villain to blame for two more decades of ringless fingers. Woody can EAD, but portraying Bill Parcells as the Christ figure here? Meh to that idea. Guy was always a quitter. The timing of the ownership change just provided Parcells with cover he didn't earn.
  5. Yes and no. I don't think there's necessarily a lack of high level talent so much as the higher level talent is very short on actual production as of yet. Granted, that's what it's all about, but still. There's talent, and some clearly have high level talent, but it's all potential at this point (and many/most have justifiably had it up to here with that word). Whether it's reaching the pre-draft potential (Darnold, Becton, Q.Williams, Mims, even Perriman, and others); reaching prior pro form (Bell in particular, but also Williamson, and Mosley whom we won't see play for a 2nd season out of 2); or building off some initial teases (Herndon, Maye); not to mention a possible sleeper/surprise or two -- there are many players who wouldn't be total shockers if they turned in probowl level seasons this year or next. Of course other teams have their own such lists, plus they include players that have already had such success last year (if not a string of successful seasons). Most - and perhaps all - of that group on the Jets will fall short of that this year and maybe beyond as well, but big duh we won't know which until we get that hindsight look. Unfortunately the process is best served seeing what we have before we use more resources to bring in veterans at those same positions. It's just hard to take in 2020 after we were told we were starting that "right way" process at least a few times over the past several years, only to see it flop. And the best veteran we could have gotten our hands on this year isn't necessarily the best player we could've gotten at that position if the process was allowed to play out. Week 1 in 2020? Sure. By the end of this season and beyond? We'll have to see how it plays out. But at the same time, I can't begrudge any/all Jets fans who've had it up to here with "it's a process" talk.
  6. I'm going to lock this one up, boss. This asshat was the whole thread and imo it's unlikely to progress apolitically from there.
  7. That's almost like crediting for someone being a backup linebacker on that Super Bowl squad, seeing as how the Pats defense wasn't good under Mangini, plus how they didn't win the Super Bowl when he was their DC, had to settle for a WC slot, and got bounced from the playoffs after just a WC win, with the D giving up 27 to Jake Plummer. From 2003-2010 the Pats only had one year where they didn't have a top 10 defense (that being their below-average #17 rank the year before we hired him). I was thrilled to get someone from a winning program, and to Herm I'd have taken someone from anywhere. I badly wanted him to be Belichick Jr - the Mangenious - but he was nothing of the sort. But he wasn't a real asset as a HC. Like many, he believed he was smarter than everyone, and not merely smarter than the handful who were even worse. I did thoroughly enjoy him flipping on BB with Spygate, even if the league did cover it up. That "I'm the biggest dick in the state" stuff can work, but if you don't have early success with it, then it wears thin really fast. Good news for Giants fans, I guess, is that they'll get some success or a replacement in the next 2 (maybe 3) years because no one's going to put up with this crap for long while the team's losing.
  8. So sign now & keep away from others for 2 weeks
  9. Oh please can't the Jets just send a woman over to straighten out his core muscle? If this was the Pats then Bob Kraft would have some names for "Mr. Smith" to sign in & see. But noooo, we're the Jets. And this nickel & dime organization wonders why it fails -- amirite @bitonti?
  10. I'd be in favor of bringing in AB if he still looked like this But now that he's this? Nope.
  11. That would be great. I'm hoping he is better, and (other than the consecutive starts/snaps part) it shouldn't be this amazing mountain to climb. He was excellent for 5 years but also wasn't excellent for 5 years (his first 2 and final 3). However given the career overall, however I hope Becton is better (and see that physically he should be able to) I wouldn't walk away from Ferguson's career. Really it's an interesting question (not that we have any say in the outcome). Ferguson wasn't nearly as great as some Jets fans like to retell the story of his career, but most LT careers - including those drafted in the top 15 - are worse.
  12. Sheldon Richardson -- traded him instead of extending past his 5th yr option Harrison I agree was the decision at that time (him vs. Mo) but it was only Maccagnan's lack of foresight that let it get to that point in the first place. It's beyond a dead horse by now, and Harrison was a great run stopper not a great everything, but he should have been extended a year before his walk year at the latest. It's likely Snacks - a one-dimensional run-stopping NT who was off the field for probably half the snaps - could have been locked up in the $4-5MM range after the 2014 season. Undrafted and entering his age 27 season with just 2 full seasons under his belt, he'd made no money at that point (cumulative $1.4MM before taxes from 2012-2014), with a non-guaranteed RFA tender of $2.4MM for the upcoming season. As happens to more players than the other way around, Snacks could have lost it all if he suffered a career-altering injury in 2015 would have been a 28 year-old with no long term financial security, whose only known skill in life is now useless. It wouldn't have taken anywhere near $9MM (and maybe not even half that) to extend him long term before his 2015 RFA season started. So there was no reason to choose one or the other between him & Mo, and even Macc knew enough to not slap Snacks with a $16MM franchise tag when he was still floating maybe $5-6MM/year long-term deal offers his way before the Giants shocked everyone with their $9MM offer. It's easy to forget now how ridiculous everyone thought that amount to be at the time, because even as a UFA his market was expected in that $6MM range, with even many Jets fans suggesting he was worth a million or two less than that per season. But that was his M-O. Never offer anyone a contract extension until they'd finished playing their last game under the prior contract (either after the season was over, or if the player was on IR for the remaining weeks like Winters & Enunwa). I can understand some putting faith where it was misplaced, but will never understand any Jets fan's defense of that idiot. A child could have done an equal or better job.
  13. Not necessarily. It's that you should never play a mercenary like Trumaine Johnson, not mercenaries in general. As I recall you had no such reservations re-signing Revis in 2015. Plus you're doing the far worse cherry-picking by suggesting we need to retain our own because that's somehow better. Then you willfully wave off as insignificant our extending UFA Mo Wilkerson - which you were in favor of - like it's some rarity for one's own player to mail it in after getting such a huge deal, while pointing at Trumaine Johnson as though it's the norm for another's UFA. Now THAT is some hindsight cherry-picking. Some UFA signings are good; some are not. Some are great; some are awful. Duh. There's no particular rule. Whether or not you believe Adams will coast after getting $20MM+/year - which is a patently ludicrous amount for a safety, and quadruple-ludicrous when factoring in the waved-off pair of 1st rounders for such a privilege - you don't actually know any more about future coasting than you did with Mo, and won't know until it happens. The best reason to extend Mo but not Adams is his trade value was not as high despite playing a demonstrably higher value position; anything more than that is using hindsight to rationalize. The team should have known what it was getting into because they knew the player. I think the team similarly made its decision on Adams, whom I suspect was not so popular in the locker room as their self-appointed leader of men who generally only talked about himself and his leaderism and how much money he should get for it. It's one thing to sign an 8-figure/year safety as a UFA or a lower-level trade (Collins, Thomas, Amos, Mathieu, etc); it's quite another to surrender a pair of 1st round picks on top of it. And a big part of the reason they're so far under the cap right now is because they got a windfall of cap space after players - mostly Mosley - opted out, which put the space back for this season. Other than that, you're criticizing spending on a Trumaine Johnson level FA in the past while also criticizing for leaving cap room for not singing the next Trumaine Johnson level FA now. I agree with you that the Fant vs Conklin was probably a judgment call on the player more than cap room, but - like you - I think it's a poor decision. With a lot of these guys I think they like to look like the smartest guy in the room by making a move most scratch their heads at and then having it pan out bigtime. The problem is it usually doesn't, which is what makes them headscratcher moves in the first place. Unless he was unwilling to come here Conklin at $14MM/year over Fant at $9MM is the epitome of a no-brainer. So at least there's some common ground .
  14. There's no way they'd just let him go; they'd trade him first. Even if they don't keep him, teams don't pass up on 1st rounders (if not multiple 1st rounders) for a young all pro left tackle, and just keep it in their pockets in FA to get a compensatory 3rd rounder a year later.
  15. And @GreekJet lolz at the Jets (or anyone) signing Ronnie Stanley as a FA next year. It's doubtful he's ever getting out of Baltimore and the only way anyone gets someone else's young, veteran, all-pro left tackle is by forking over two 1st rounders outright to pry him away from the franchise tag he's going to get hit with again next year (if they don't reach extension terms before then, and/or if he's not hit with the exclusive-rights tag in the first place, one of which is likely to happen). Baltimore tagged him because it was just $12.8MM where a 2020 extension would have cost about $23MM/year (maybe more). Cap-wise they're much better off tagging him 3 years in a row (plus the long-term money / injury risk falls onto the player rather than the team, who's never risking more than the one upcoming season). Never mind the risk of paying a player in March for a season that might not have been played, or the prospect of negotiating next season with a 10% lower salary cap after keeping him for $12.8MM this year. It's no accident there are way more tagged players this year than normal (15 this year; usually there are about 6 and half the time one of them is a kicker). That doesn't mean these teams don't want the players more than 1 year; it just means there were other factors at play in this unique offseason. You've been smoking some Grade D crack if you think Baltimore is just going to let Stanley simply hit free agency in 2021.
  16. Conklin got 2 seasons guaranteed. He's worth 2 guaranteed seasons at $14MM more than Fant is worth 1 guaranteed season at $9MM. What you're probably not realizing is that Bit's underlying assertion is, and has ever been, that the Jets are trying to save cash not cap space, as some sort of mandate from the owner(s) to the GM. It's been his shtick for well over a decade. It doesn't matter that the Jets just came off a season noticeably outspending the SB champs; to him 73 year-old billionaire Woody Johnson is cash-poor and therefore needs/wants to pay $180MM for a loser rather than $200MM for a winner (never mind rather than just selling the team outright for billions more). He actually believes this, so know what you're defending. Fant was picked up primarily as a hedge, not a tryout. If Becton performs well as a rookie, Fant is a one-year band-aid RT unless he is wow-level good on the field. The plan is that Becton will be the LT this year (or RT this year then LT next year), and then Fant will ideally be replaced next year by a 2021 draft pick, which is not a bad way to proceed in a vacuum, except that in a vacuum Conklin at $14MM/year wasn't an option. Either Fant will have to bury the rookie RT to keep his 2021 roster slot. Or what'll happen is he'll take a $3-5MM pay cut in exchange for a guaranteed slot for one more season, and then he'll be gone in 2022 when Douglas uses a day 3 pick to draft his 3rd tackle in 3 straight drafts to be a backup G/T. IMO that is the goal, rather than any Fant tryout. Of course it doesn't play out this way if a 2021 tackle draftee really sucks as a rookie, but the whole process was unnecessary. Usually I'm in favor of such a strategy, but I don't care for it in this instance because it's atypical for anyone to let an above-average tackle reach free agency. Picking up Conklin may have cost a bit more, but with that $5MM/year extra Douglas would have had a more sure thing and would have further saved a day 2 (if not a day 1) pick in 2021 on another tackle. Conklin is proven as an above average starter and Fant - who's a couple years Conklin's senior, mind you - is equally proven as a backup who couldn't earn a starting job in Seattle, nor keep it after injuries bumped him into the starting lineup. Put simply, Conlin - entering what should be 3 of the 5 best seasons of a tackle's career (if not the 3 best outright) - does not require an "evaluation year" the way Fant does. In terms of guaranteed money, 26 year-old Conklin is worth $15MM x 2 years (with a $12MM 3rd year) more than 28 year-old Fant is worth $9MM x 1 year as a UFA plus reinvest highly in the position again next year. Even if the cap dips a little next year, Conlin still isn't badly overpriced since he was expected to fetch some $18-19MM/year before FA started. If Fant isn't an above-average starter against both the run and the pass, then in a cost-saving endeavor Douglas just pissed away ~$8MM for a low-percentage tryout. As UFAs, Conklin is a $5MM/year upgrade over Fant more than Fant is an $8MM upgrade over Ifedi (whom he couldn't beat out in Seattle).
  17. The above is just philosophy. I do agree with you on Fant vs Conklin, which is a specific player judgment call not a general philosophical one. I fully admit I didn't know crap about Fant other than knowing his name, but he's 2 years older than Conklin; he has never beaten out an average starter to earn a starting position of his own; and was so expensive himself it's a head-scratcher of a gamble. Conklin certainly isn't a perfect player but after being a top 10 draft pick he's been a proven 4-year starter, and isn't some Fat Albert with slow feet, so I'm sure he can play LT as well (he just wasn't the best LT on Carolina is all). And it only makes it more upsetting that he signed with Cle for some $4-5MM/year less than expected for what should be the 3 best years of his career from age 26-28: still young enough to play at his physical peak, plus 4 years of NFL starting experience to make him better. And we went with a guy who only started when the real starter was injured, and didn't even earn a starting job at any other position on the line otherwise, including at RT where Ifedi was crap and could barely get a veteran minimum contract as a young UFA himself. I'm also further discouraged that Seattle let him go instead of locking him up midseason, instead going with a competition between bleh Shell + bust Ogbuehi, who cumulatively cost about the same as known-quantity Fant. Hopefully they're right and Fant is a rock on the line, but his career thus far suggests that's far less likely than if they'd signed Conklin instead. I guess, in Conklin, the player has to want to come here & it's not enough to just want him. But it's not like everyone is dying to play for Cleveland either.

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