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  1. 3 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    What the hell are you talking about?  Buffalo is #1 in points allowed and #1 in yards allowed., #1 in 1st downs allowed, #1 in INTs, and #3 in ypc.  Miami is 24th in points and 29th in yards., 30th in 1st downs allowed, 18th in INTs and 15 in ypc.  On what ******* planet is their D "just as good as Buffalos?"   


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  2. On 11/16/2021 at 8:40 AM, southparkcpa said:

    2011 lost last 3 games in a row, couldn’t stop Tebow etc.   From 2011 on his teams were bland, he actually inherited a good Buffalo D and made it worse.  

    The Tebow thing was humiliating, and shouldn't have happened. Also Den wouldn't in a position to do it in the first place if Sanchez wasn't a worthless turd. He blew that game long before the D - he threw more TDs to the Broncos than to the Jets ffs - and then had a full-on meltdown the last 2 games, with a few turnovers each game. Only Sanchez could throw for 4 TDs in a win and the takeaway was still that he looked like he didn't belong on a football field, as his misses weren't near misses they weren't even close.

    Seriously, how does any QB blow a game when the D holds the other team to 1 TD and 2 FGs in regulation while your own RBs rush for >300 yards between them? Then with the playoffs on the line, facing what we expected to be an elimination game if we lost, he has another one of his patented 3 turnover games and we lose 10-7. At home. In December. Against a dome team. 

    A year later the team is 2-3 when the D gives up 10 points or less because of that airhead. That disgusting Broncos game was another when the D gave up 10 points and the Jets lost. Never mind how many points the D gave up over his tenure because The Sanchize gave the other team a short field. 

    **** him. 

    What were we talking about again?

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  3. 1 hour ago, David Harris said:

    It’s not even “wear on the tires” it’s just age, undefeated age

    What age, though? He played like he was washed up at 27, after taking a year to rest up and heal beyond fully.

    This is IDGAF syndrome. He got paid and that's that. He wouldn't mind still playing, but he's not going to put in the training work he used to when he was looking for $15MM/year.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    If Hamilton is available at the SEA pick I’d be 100% on board. I highly doubt it though with how he’s being regarded. In the 2nd I can def see it though with hill, cine, or catalon. 

    I don't know crap about these kids; I was just floating the idea of a FS should there be a prospect worthy there, but I have no one in mind. 

  5. 32 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    You think he cares about how he looks? The ultimate way to improve how you look is by winning games long term. Nothing else matters. What he’s done in the past has shown that he doesn’t care about immediate satisfaction. He doesn’t care about headlines or you would have seen mac type moves like bell and Mosley. If anything he’s been overly stringent and has been very anti headline moves.  There could even be a trade this off-season similar to what the bills did with diggs.  That could be a headline move to improve how he looks in many peoples eyes. 

    I agree that linderbaum or ekwanu should be drafted with the 2nd first round pick. Going with them with the first would be a massive reach. He might even trade that pick down for future draft picks since 2023 doesn’t have any additional picks as far as I know. There haven’t been any centers taken in the first 20 picks in recent memory. 

    Maybe I'm wrong, but yes I do think he cares now. He can't do the long term / patience thing again and expect willing listeners as he's entering his 3rd season of players he's picked. If they're hovering in the top 5-10 yet again, he might get canned early. He'll still collect, but his goal isn't to get paid to do nothing; this is what he wants to do. 

    I definitely think he's going to look to trade down, especially if they do pick way up high; it's a nice luxury to have a pair of 1s and he'd love for that to continue. Plus how many rookies does he again want his coaches to field? 

    Re: centers there have been ones around 20, including fairly recently, but never in the top half of round 1. Here are the 1st round centers drafted since the Jets might've even imagined planning for life after Mangold:

    1. 2015 #19 - Cameron Erving = bust
    2. 2016 #18 - Ryan Kelly honestly has been mostly good or pretty good not great, and isn't the "super stud center" people here have in mind when they're advocating using a 1st round pick on a center. Both his probowl votes were weak, and no one thought of him in those terms until he played next to Nelson. Honestly his backup's no worse so far.
    3. 2018 #20 - Frank Ragnow = best of this group, and the Lions have sucked anyway because he's just a ****ing center. This year he's played 3 games and is on IR.
    4. 2018 #21 - Billy Price = bust
    5. 2019 #18 - Garrett Bradbury = bust
    6. 2020 #24 - Cesar Ruiz = bust
  6. 14 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    I feel that maye getting hurt really hindered this defense. There is 0 safety depth and the lbs are a mess. Teams have been putting in extra guys on the line to get rid of our only strength on defense (dl). The rest of the d is very weak. The lbs can’t cover and neither can the safeties. Echols is the only other outside cb besides hall and he’s been in and out of games. That forces a slot cb to be playing outside the entire times and getting exposed They are constantly bringing in a te to block and sometimes bring in a rb also. Ulbrick has been forced to blitz because the d can’t cover for more than a couple seconds no matter what. 

    People won't want to hear it - many/most are still in withdrawal over taking Adams over Mahomes/Watson - but depending where we are, especially with the Seattle pick, a FS wouldn't surprise me at all. 

    Not at ****ing 6 though lol.

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  7. 32 minutes ago, doitny said:

    thats because some people think we need a Center cause the last time we had a great line we had a great center ( Mangold, Mawae ) .or that we need to have  OL full of #1 picks or poor Zach will fail cause he cant have not one person sack or hit him. 

    i dont care who we get on defense , it cant be an OL. 

    you make good points about not getting an Edge. so then get a LB, or a CB..... or dare i say DT.. the only way i go offense is if there is a super WR or TE guy. and i only go with one. the other 1st rd must be defense.

    the only thing i would say against your theory is that when JD signed Lawson and gave the extension to JFM he never envisioned us being historically bad. and with that he never thought he would be picking high enough to get one of the best in the draft.

    and i blame Saleh for this defense. how do we go from the 1st 5 games of not giving up more than 27 pts not now giving up over 40 pts on avg? Bellicheck figure us out and the rest of the NFL saw it and are doing the same thing. and Saleh is not adjusting to it. 


    My points on edge were purely in reference with what I think Douglas will/won't do.

    Also depends where they start (what slots), what the trade-down opportunities are, who's there, who we're likely to miss out on by moving down, etc.

    I don't know how high we'll pick, but if it's anything like last year and there's an opportunity with a team who's loving a QB we're clearly not drafting, I don't see how we pass up on a haul by taking another position.

    Agree on Saleh in more ways than one. Just too many guys playing below their potential. 

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  8. 38 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    I think our main difference is that you are thinking squarely on next year whereas I am not. I don’t see next year as a make it or break it year. Maybe a wild card push if all things go well.  With a young team such as the jets have building a solid foundation is key. Unless you have pro bowl level talent at premium positions or young guys with high upside then keep drafting players in those spots if they fit the system/draft spot. For this team it’s edge as the #1 priority above all else since that’s what fuels the defense. There are a ton of other picks to fill in for center/g/lb/cb/s/te plus a decent amount of cap space. 

    This was never going to be a short term rebuild with the mess that jd was left with. A baron ol, bad qb, little defensive talent, etc this upcoming offseason is where the holes can be filled because they have a year of tape on the players in the current system and know who fits and who doesn’t. 

    No, I am thinking the GM who signed these players to these contracts will be thinking squarely on how that'll look next year.

    I keep saying that but you still want to go over why you are in favor of it as though I'm Joe Douglas.

    What I'm pointing out is the optics of it, not whether this will be a good team if they stay away from drafting an edge rusher in the top 5-10 picks, and it'll be the most horriblest waste if they do.

    I can name multiple positions I wouldn't touch over an elite edge prospect inside the top 10, starting with the center position that some keep banging the drum over as though it's position 1B of OL importance.

  9. 2 hours ago, BurntDice said:

    I’m completely fine with JFM being moved around. Do you see him being an elite guy like the bosas? I surely don’t. Guys like Hutchinson, karlaftis, or Jackson definitely can. That is a huge thing to acquire. The jfm extension should have 0 bearing here. Honestly it doesn’t matter at all for the upcoming draft. If jd is on the same page as you in this regard then he is a fool, you don’t pass up the opportunity to draft guys like these who will be locked in for 5 years because of a 1 year deal he just made with a jag. In regards to the olb/de cap figures there’s only 2 or 3 guys like Werner on that list for edge players which makes him around #21. Not outrageous by any means for a team desperate for qb pressure. Will he work out? Who knows, but you don’t sacrifice the future for someone like him. 

    Except JFM isn't a pure edge rusher, as you said; he's more in the Leonard Williams or Erik Armstead mold. On this list all DEs are referred to as edge rushers, unless I'm missing an exception. Their edge rusher is Lawson, as it's pretty common for 43 teams to have one more in the (to use extremes) Garrett mold and one in the Leonard Williams mold, with the former dogging the QB's blind side. 

    Regardless, you're still glossing over - really, ignoring - the very point I was making from the start:

    It's very unlikely to happen because he was just given a contract extension at ~$14MM/year, with next year still fully guaranteed, to be the team's starting DE. This came several months (but within the same league year) after an even greater amount went to Carl Lawson, whose contract is also fully guaranteed next year. 

    If he takes an "elite" end/edge prospect (i.e. top 5-10) in round 1 - and since the Jets are overwhelmingly not running 3-man fronts, end & edge titles have obvious crossover - it's bad optics for a GM who has to have already started feeling some heat internally.

    Yeah I know Douglas still got multiple years left, but you can bet JFM's extension+raise was handed down with the idea that he & Lawson (the good one) would be DL bookends in '22 (Lawson RDE/JFM LDE). It'll look terrible - from a job standpoint - if he doesn't get more than a part-time rookie in round 1, or if he doesn't improve the team as much because he's eating up the cap space of what is still for many positions a probowl salary (or at a minimum, the difference between inking a marginal or lower-end starter like van Roten and a PB/AP starter with multiple prime years left).

    So it's not a statement I was making on the merits or demerits of getting the team's next end/edge rusher in the top half (if not top 5-10) of round 1 a year earlier, which is plenty debatable. If this team's record next year looks anything like it does this year, he's getting canned. At that point Woody's less likely to worry about whether he still has 2 years left like Maccagnan had, or 2.5 years left, because his contract anniversary date is after the draft. 

  10. 3 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    I don't think the issue with the run D is players, I think it is scheme.  I also think they know that.  Maybe they want better LBs to flow to the ball, but this isn't the kind of D where they are going to look to the IDL to fix the issue.  I think they are just spreading them too wide to expect real success.  I think the failures behind them cause the disaster we are seeing.

    Yeah I don't necessarily disagree, but RBs don't seem to be having many issues turning the corner either. If the problems were exclusively up the gut (where they also exist) then maybe.

    At the same time, on a number of those corner-turning runs, a LB or S moving up into that space closer to the LOS is more or less there and just takes a crap angle or gets flat-out juked, and with just him to beat before reaching the secondary (or until Mosley can finally work his way over to that side) then would-be stuffs/losses have turned into 8-10 yard gains, and looking pretty effortless in the process. That's certainly not an issue of spreading the DL too wide.

  11. 17 hours ago, BurntDice said:

    That was only DEs, that didn’t include 3-4 edge guys. He’s #24 for edge players. 

    The only redeeming value for Mosley is his leadership value and setting guys up which does help with a young team. On the field he is absolutely terrible. I rewatched the colts game and just watched him on defense and he was cringe worthy on most of the plays. He was getting stuck in traffic, sprinting to the outside to catch up to the ball carrier and looked like he was stuck in mud. Just looked completely out of it most of the time.  It just goes to show how bad of a gm mac was. There was absolutely no reason to massively over pay a mlb. They just aren’t worth it. Pair that with bell and it was a cap nightmare. He obviously didn’t know how to build a team and see which positions to focus on. Sure jd hasn’t been perfect, but he’s bringing in guys at the right spots. He’s focusing on OL, edge, wr, and dt. Not giving out ridiculous contracts that he can’t get out of within 2 years in case they don’t work out. 

    I was really hoping Q would step up this year since he has less guys in his face in a 4-3, but he can’t even beat single blocks anymore. You would think it would be easier on the lineman because it’s less thinking and more just attacking, but it’s just not working for whatever reason. 


    Because edge isn't a true position, but more of a role, it leads to misinterpretation like there is on that list. So what you'll see are teams that flip from 34 to 43 DLs, with LBs that are only OLB in the latter front (and move to ILB when playing 4 of them). And because it's more site-owner interpretation here, you get sloppy errors like listing Fred Warner as an edge rusher just because SF plays a lot of 34 fronts and he's nominally listed as an OLB because that's where he plays in a 43. 

    Fred Warner is not a $20MM/year edge rusher. Leonard Williams is also more of a do-all DE not really a pure edge rusher per se. Same with JJ Watt, especially nowadays, and others. JFM's listed here, too. 

    Point being, if the Jets drafted a type you're think of as an edge rusher, he wouldn't be playing OLB on JFM's side. More likely he'd have a hand in the dirt, which would move JFM inside with Q, and may partially negate whatever he brings to the table, like when Herm tried moving Ellis inside just because he was >290 lbs, and turned an above average DE into an ordinary (if not forgettable) DT, since they're not really gap-shooter types like Q.

    The other effect of this - which is the reason I don't think it's going to happen - is it makes the GM look like his most recent 8-figure/yr contract extension was a terrible mistake. That JFM only has one more guaranteed season is mostly irrelevant in the court of public opinion. e.g. sportswriters and 99% of NFL fans still get blinded by dead cap sunk costs, and routinely claim that a player with no more guaranteed money left only clears x-amount of cap space, when in truth it clears every dollar the team will now no longer pay him. 

    So I think JD's going to want to see how JFM plays opposite C.Lawson before he sinks a high/higher 1st rounder into another end or edge or whatever the label. Then after the season he'll reassess and, if he picks high enough and can trade down this April to add another 1st in '23, take an end/edge in round 1 a year later if the need is still perceived to be there.

    I've been wrong before. If I'm wrong again about this, feel free to bump this thread and gloat and point and laugh ;)


    Re the rest, all these players - most notably on the line - who showed real production/prowess, suddenly looking ordinary? Something else is going on. Teammates don't just get innately less talented in their early to mid 20s at the same time as one another.

    Also yes Mosley looks lousy. In the house we were commenting on it as the game started last week - let's just say Mrs S has heard me complain about him - with each early-game, fawning over him from Feely, only to have him conspicuously shut up about how marvelous Mosley is as the game went on.

  12. 2 hours ago, BallinPB said:

    1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 11th, 6th.  Those were the defense rankings for the Jets under Rex. 

    This year we are last.  

    That defense with the players Rex inherited in 2008 was 16th.  

    So say what you want about Rex's overall coaching style but his defenses always came ready to play.  

    Embarrassing we are last in the league even though we are young, we have good enough talent up front to not be as bad as we are.  

    And then he lost his probowl NT early in the season. Twice. 

    I enjoyed the run while it lasted, but I've no interest in putting a 60 year old child back on the coaching staff. Only way I could be behind it at all is if he agreed in advance he was only coming for a few months and then would willingly disappear - since I do think they'd play better, at least on defense, in the short term like a shot in the arm. But that's not him. I'd like to ride the wave on the way up, but know when to get off.

    It's kind of cool that he's still passionately supportive of this franchise almost a decade after they fired him, like any fan here. None of the other national tv commentators gaf that the Jets suck, they just say it matter of factly like Alexa telling you today's weather. "Today is Sunday November 14th, and the Jets suck. Would you like me to remind you again next week?"

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  13. 6 hours ago, BurntDice said:

    Where are you seeing he’ll be top 15? I can’t find the 2022 contracts, but it looks like he’ll be in the 20s. I never said jfm was good or anything or the sort. He was overpaid sure, but not by much. You pretty much made a prime example of why an edge should be drafted. We don’t have a great one on the team and salehs D has always relied on getting to the QB. That is precisely WHY an edge needs to be drafted. One of my big issues with the D is quinnen Williams and Mosley. Williams is not playing like someone who should get paid. He’s having by far his worst year. He may need to be replaced in the near future also. Mosley just doesn’t fit in a 4-3 he’s way too slow. The transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 has been rough for this group which I expected. If Lawson was playing it wouldn’t look this bad, but when you have an 18 mil a year lb who is terrible in space on the team it causes a lot of issues. 


    He'll be #13 for 2022 DEs. That's including DE/OLB edge rushers like you're alluding to, and DE/DT ends like Leonard Williams. This is before new 2022 contracts get signed, but it's also before others get canceled (e.g. Dee Ford, Frank Clark, and maybe JJ Watt).

    No argument from me on Q and Mosley. But in truth, it's not just them: they're all playing worse than they did under a DC who got fired before the season ended. Is there anyone in the Jets' front 7 that isn't having a career-worst season?

    And Mosley is going to be that much worse a year later, another year older and slower, when this age 29 season was supposed to be the last year (not that he doesn't look sucky already).

    I can make a strong argument that Mosley is an even worse signing than Trumaine Johnson. The team could move on from Johnson after 2 seasons. Factoring in covid, the team's been locked into Mosley's contract for 4 seasons, two of which he basically didn't see the field, he's playing terrible in the next one, and who knows what for year 4. 

    Absent a Mosley injury they're not going to do it, but at this point they may be better off with Davis in the middle, assuming he's fully got his sea legs back. I don't know how Mosley will look if suddenly tossing him out at olb, but he's not looking too hot now, and at least then he'll only have to cover a lot less area. 

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  14. Just now, BurntDice said:

    We won’t have a top 4 pick I can guarantee you that. It will probably be somewhere in the 8 range. Look at the upcoming schedule every single game is winnable minus the bucs game.  That will take us out of the thib race. It’ll be between Hutchinson, karlaftis, Jackson, or leal. Those guys all have high upsides , but need some work. There is a reason the best edge players usually don’t hit FA. Why do you continue to bring up jfm? It’s not a large contract. Look at the rest of the guys in his salary range. They aren’t top flight edge players. 

    I'm bringing up JFM because the GM who just gave him a $14MM raise for next year is the one making the draft picks. 

    That's a significant amount. He'll be in the top 15 among DEs next year. Whether they're the current top-top tier isn't all there is to it. In his range are players with far more accomplished on the field, in the locker room, or both: JJ Watt, Ngakoue, Hendrickson, Hunter, Graham, Tuitt, Sweat. (Injuries I can't fault anyone for in advance; they can happen to anyone.) 

    Agree on the schedule, which I brought up in another thread myself, but right now I'm not confident in them beating anyone with this defense, which was one FG away from record-setting bad since the bye (so they're only the 2nd-worst ever). If Wilson comes back and looks more like the QB they hoped he'd be, that'll change a lot as it has a way of affecting both sides of the ball, and not just for TOP reasons. That is, if these guys catch the passes, of course. 

  15. 7 hours ago, Bugg said:

    No great secret when Echols goes down, they would have Diggs go at his replacement. Even got a reprieve. And still no help no adjustment vd. the same exact play. That was inexcusable. 

    Mrs. Sperm and I actually did see one adjustment watching it on tv.

    Saleh put on a knit cap when it got colder. Then when that was too warm he took it off.


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  16. 55 minutes ago, GloryDays1985 said:

    They tried that, but look what happened 

    Lawson-out for the year 

    Joyner-out for the year 

    Maye-out for the year 

    Davis-missed half the year 

    The CBs were young, but there were plenty of vets in the original plan. 

    No idea how Saleh ran good 49ers defenses because his scheme is atrocious. 


    Lawson's really the only one from this list that I'm sympathetic to.

    Davis looks pretty bad, at least so far, and has never been a stout run blocker nor a reliable tackler anyway. Detroit had reasons for letting him go, and for not even exercising his 5th year option.

    Maye wasn't having a stellar season either, despite it being another contract year for him. While it may be even worse without him back there, he's just one person.

    Joyner shouldn't be a starter anymore anyway. He's 31 and his last good season was 2018 at age 28, hardly uncommon for DBs. 

  17. 2 hours ago, BurntDice said:

    Edge rushers in particular take a couple years to develop. It’s very rare that they come out of the gate playing well. Drafting one in April will give them time to learn more rush moves and advance. Having them rotate in will be a great learning experience. JFM also isn’t a true edge. He’s kind of a hybrid edge/dt. They’ll be able to move the guys around based on what they are scheming for. 

    I don't think it's that rare when you're talking about a top 4 overall pick, unless it's those that don't end up developing (e.g. Solomon). Up there you're expecting immediate starters like Young, both Bosas, Chubb, Garrett. When they don't they're considered big disappointments, not shrewd future investments.

    Anyway again we'll see; it was my guess based on how much $ the GM has already devoted to those positions, so he could look to shore up other areas with these high picks he's hoarded.

    Then again it's Douglas, so I guess it's possible he does, and to save face on it he trades JFM by the deadline for a pick in exchange for eating most of that $14MM. I'm still think it's unlikely, though, so soon after those two contracts. 

  18. 1 hour ago, undertow said:

    Well if we got the coach that was advertised you should be able to build a solid defense in free agency and later in the draft and go offense....but I guess we need to fill every position on defense with all pros to run this system...it almost seems like this team has more holes then last draft and we are going backwards.

    This whole coaching staff is in over its heads. Too many rookie coaches who are trying to coach too many rookies. It's arrogant.

    Saleh clearly wasn't ready. I don't know whether it's arrogance, a desire to promote his friends, that he doesn't know anyone other than his friends, or probably a mix of all of that. But all these rookie coaches trying to coach all these rookie players is like the blind leading the blind, and that's why they have no answers.

    e.g. DL coach Whitecotton was an assistant DLC with SF, and he looks like the most over-promoted of the bunch. This DL isn't the most talent-bereft group; the problem is everyone's worse this year, and in terms of age they should all be in their primes.

    • Fatukasi was a dominant run stopper; now he's just ok.
    • JFM was becoming a good edge rusher; now he barely hurries the QB, aside from the Tennessee game.
    • Quinnen Williams was developing into a DT with no weaknesses like he was supposed to be; now they run over him like he just got activated from the practice squad.
    • Shaq Lawson never lived up to his draft slot, but aside from a few plays (before the games were out of reach), he's useless. 
    • Rankins may have been a bust for a #12 pick before he got here, but he's having his worst season. How a man this big is this much of a liability against the run is beyond comprehension.

    From the HC on down to the coordinators & position coaches, 7 of the 12 are outright first time NFL coaches in that capacity, and Ulbrich counts as experienced only nominally, seeing how it was only for a partial season (meaning he wasn't installing his own offense) and the DC-turned-HC was still right there if/when he was stumped. 

    So basically 4 of the 12 (non-assistant) coaches - OL, S, CB, TE - had multiple years of experience in their current job title, and 7 had none. It shows. 


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  19. Currently we're set to pick #3 and #10.

    Round1 = impossible to say who'll climb, but if there's an opportunity to move down from #3 like Miami did? I'm doing that first, and doubling up in round 1 next year (plus whatever else comes with it)

    Further things that'd impact it include what the team does in FA, and frankly what positions are projected where when you're talking about picks this early. Also right now we don't know of any player-for-pick trade(s) to be had.

    Positions I'd target, without knowing anything about who's projected where, and whether or not we've moved down? 

    rd 1 = WR1 and FS or OLB.

    rd 2 = G/C and TE. (I'd like to upgrade C also, but top 10 is preposterously early for a center)

    rd 3 = leftover from rd 1

    rd 4 = developmental/pipeline edge and ILB

    rd 5 = G and...honestly this late it's hard enough to hit without ruling out some positions; just BAP

    Follows FA, and frankly they'll have to overpay. Another season like this, with a HC who fires up nobody, and it's going to be harder than usual to attract talent. 

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