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  1. Lol Gase has no incentive to jump back in yet, seeing how he's still collecting his full pay from the Jets (probably next year, too). I think he might find work again in the NFL. Possible that he might drop down to college for a year to build his rep back up -- some schools I'm sure are always going to be suckers for anyone who was once an NFL HC (and in Gase's case, twice) who was also a two-time OC for some well-known QBs. And privately, when not acting in a coaching capacity, he may very well be full of knowledge during interviews, so it wouldn't surprise me terribly. Maccagnan wa
  2. I had a longer reply on the Fitz thing - go figure, lol - but decided to let Warfish keep his happy.
  3. Knowing my fishy friend as I do, I’m more than a little confident he was hoping someone would give him the opportunity to elaborate on this one. He went Warfishing and got a bite. Good for him.
  4. I’m angry with you, so I’m going to take my anger out on a cancer patient. Good in a way: everyone sees what he’s really made of.
  5. I didn’t hate the Bell signing as much as I ordinarily would have. I’ve never been bullish on throwing big money at a RB, going back to Martin. After we got him I rationalized it by thinking: experts said Darnold was the “it” prospect, and he didn’t wow me as a rookie, so I didn’t care how much of an overspend a RB like Bell probably is. He’s a dual-threat RB who’s clearly well rested (too well rested, it turned out lol), was still just 27 (money$ guarantees running through age-28 season; not old), and for me the goal was for the team to eliminate all excuses from any Darnold failures. Same re
  6. He didn’t even trade up for Sam, though. He traded up for whichever QB was left to him by two other teams. (Some like to pretend he knew the Giants weren’t taking a QB, but he admitted himself he didn’t know until the Barkley pick was announced, let alone the nonsense that he 100% knew who the Giants were taking, and knew it 6 weeks before the draft). Just like Bradway trading up to #4 for Robertson before knowing who’d be there (at least Bradway’s gamble was only like a day in advance, not well over a month). It’s only fitting that both GMs got the player they truly wanted, and both were majo
  7. Guessing it’s not just me, and everyone is looking at the nutsack on the right? In addition, it looks like there’s a scrotum image on that pajama bottom. Hiyooooo!
  8. Yep. If OL-needy KC knew so much that he’d look good right away, they’d have taken him at least a round earlier instead of risking him getting taken elsewhere, by drafting him over the 5th round WR they already waived. He was the 33rd OLman taken. Not all good players were good prospects, and vice versa. It happens.
  9. Not that I don’t agree with you, but my post was more that one doesn’t sole judge a draft as successful based on how many initial starters there were. Calvin Pryor was a starter for his first 2 seasons, bfd. After week 1 of his 3rd season as starter, some were hoisting the I’m Right trophy regarding Lee, posting PFF rankings that kept them warm & snuggly for another month or two. Meanwhile after 3 NFL seasons of starting experience by age 24, he’s been just on special teams, the practice squad, or an outright unsigned FA since turning 25. In other words, he was only starting
  10. Lol I’m trying to tell myself that. But a whole staff of coaches in the first seasons of their roles, with a rookie QB and plenty more turnover, isn’t one built to be serious preseason contenders. Like I said earlier, if this “rebuilding the right way” takes another 2-3 seasons after 2021 then they can hit the road with the rest of our prior failures. I don’t sense that’ll be their goals, though. Besides, a rookie QB - if he’s performing decently - buys enough fanbase optimism to weather another sub-.500 season. Especially when the team’s set up for more building (plenty of cap room
  11. See, based on your downvote rep-giving history, at the end of my post I almost included a prediction whether you would retort with your customary downvote (and/or unfunny reply like the above), or with a self-deprecating facepalm and laughing it off. I didn’t want to put my thumb on the scale by having you read that before your actual response, but I have to say I’m unsurprised which way you went with it. And of course it was blatant. Woody Johnson commands his GMs to keep doing rebuilds because it’s cheaper, and he & his even more incompetent boob of a brother are experts at nothing
  12. I think he mostly meant the pass defense, which certainly was awful. Outside of their two stat-helping games at home against the Jets & Giants, they were giving up over 300 yards/game in the air. Their defense was setting records for ineptitude until November. The second half of their season was filled with offensive weaklings that helped their D stats immensely in both yards and points. I’m not going to make high-loss predictions for Seattle while Wilson is still slinging it, but their defense was pretty bad. IMO they should maybe trade for a safety or something.
  13. I love it when someone inadvertently advertises when my blatantly sarcastic post, designed to fool and entrap nobody, not only went right over his head but took it seriously enough to form an argument against it, thinking he just dunked on me. Twice, lmao. Once initially, and then when he comes back for second helpings 10 hours later because it stuck in his craw just that much. Mmm. Yummy.
  14. You think you can just throw water on this fire because you’re a firefighter? Omg you are so one of them!
  15. The 2016 Jets draft had four rookie starters (plus a fifth UDFA starter in Robby) when looked through this lens of counting a punter as a starter. Looking back there isn’t one above average player drafted. But hey, look at all them rookie starters; plus remember how, after his rookie season, many assumed Burris was going to be a starting CB2 in 2017 basically because he intercepted a pass late in his rookie season. And even Hackenberg didn’t play as a rookie only because they were bringing him along slowly “the right way” to ensure he wouldn’t turn into David Carr.
  16. I wish I could disagree with more of this. Calling a punter a “starter” is grading on a curve to say the least, seeing how teams don’t carry backup punters to differentiate from starting ones. Special teams players aren’t starters. He’s no more a starter than a regular “starting” gunner on the kick coverage unit. So far it’s just Becton and Hall as starters, and your take on both is accurate. I can’t gripe over the Hall pick (or any pick this low). He was supposedly a borderline day 1 pick but for injuries, so it was as good a gamble as most of the scrub talents that go in t
  17. They’re just doing this because the Johnsons told JD he had to spend less, and rebuilding is cheaper than contending, which is why they do it so often. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Actually it’s more than a dollar earned, since a dollar earned is taxable. Plus you start earning interest/growth on a dollars saved now instead of waiting to earn new dollars at the end of the season. Dollar saved ftw. @bitonti
  18. Or they just dump him to add whatever castoff was available for an upcoming opponent. It's not like that doesn't happen all the time. Or maybe the light goes on. Not that I'm expecting it, but if it does the reward will be greater with him than someone else's bulb. At least in theory.
  19. I knew someone would reply alluding to that. Just didn't think it would happen this fast.
  20. I'm basing it on his alleged upside as a prospect, in comparison to ones that were lesser prospects. Ultimately I expect nothing from anyone who didn't make the 53-man roster on such a raw team. He's as good a gamble as most disposable UDFAs is all, and nothing for people to get worked up over. It's a practice squad ffs. The personnel on it changes pretty much every week. It's of little concern.
  21. Agree with your overall sentiment, but disagree with a lot of the details. Maccagnan was never the right GM for this or any team at any time in the history of the earth. He was about to get fired from Houston just as their lead scout, so naturally the Jets promoted him to GM. The man was an imbecile. The Jets just happened to be owned & run by even dumber imbeciles who were willing to pay him (and actually extend him ffs). They didn't need to keep one while firing the other (Bowles). The problem was Chris Johnson didn't know what the hell he was doing, admitted as much, so b
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