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  1. Well he did cost a 4th round draft pick, too. Even I can’t hit him for that when he was looking for a warm body that could start for a stretch and Siemian was $1M plus no pick. Guy got hurt after 5 min; what can you do? Sticking with Falk for 3 games was pretty bad, though, especially when they saw how limited or awful he was. But that’s on Gase/Douglas not Maccagnan.
  2. No, I'm saying that they don't have as many holes to fill. If you think we're filling and upgrading 12+ slots in the upcoming draft (or even the upcoming 2 drafts) you're in for an enormous disappointment. But then, you're a Jets fan so we're all in for disappointment anyway.
  3. Kind of agree, but it need not be that way. If we jump in on an extension at the first available opportunity - following year 3 - it'll be lower than Mahomes, and lower than it'll be a year later. He'll either be worth an extension or he won't. Unlikely to look unworthy of an extension after year 3 but then totally worth Mahomes money after year 4. He's not going to have a Mahomes season this year. Wish it were so, but it's not happening. Few teams make this move, but starting with his y4 + option y5, a 4-year extension keeps him here until 2027 (and he can be tagged then, assuming the tag still exists, if an extension becomes an impasse at that point).
  4. They don't have nearly as many holes. Kind of a huge difference. We need upgrades (or outright need live bodies) at more than half our starting positions; they don't.
  5. You just said one's greatest ability is availability, and left it at that
  6. Could be that they benched Austin because they could do that to get the message across without worrying about ruining their playoff chances. That's what I'm hoping, anyway. I'm sure Williams is not happy with El Cheapo corners, with a trio costing some $10MM collectively. But he can't complain too much about that, and then still retain a safety that'd allegedly get $15MM/year on the open market, plus another the team burned a high pick to get in that same draft. Then again drafting corners high doesn't mean getting great ones either. Few of them ever become Revis. At least half the time you get Kyle Wilson.
  7. Yawn. Yes I can and do say that the game's best players would be great elsewhere. Even here. It would involve a minor change in philosophy, since it's not just a simple swap: the same stupid philosophy that led to drafting a safety over two franchise QBs (neither of whom you could have messed up picking) is the one that led to other overthinking garbage picks. But also because we'd still get those 4 high picks we wouldn't then use on Darnold, and the much higher we wouldn't have in 2019 when we were "trapped" into taking another ****ing DT. The problem is you take the rest of the team as-was as a given. I do not. Mahomes or Watson PLUS 2017 2nd rounder -- not another ****ing safety right after drafting your FQB 2018 1st rounder -- not traded away for Darnold 2018 2nd rounder -- not traded away for Darnold 2018 2nd rounder -- not traded away for Darnold 2018 3rd rounder -- how about a pick to support the FQB instead of a ****ing DT we didn't need? Baltimore did. Twice right after the Shepherd pick. How about a probowl LT? That'd be nice. 2019 1st rounder -- we wouldn't be picking 3rd, so remove the pressure to take the "value" pick of a ***ing DT 2019 2nd rounder -- not traded away for Darnold 2019 3rd rounder -- build more around your QB instead of Polite, or just take any player everyone else didn't treat like he was made of plutonium So I'm even presuming from 2017+ that idiot still drafted those 2 useless stiff WRs, the drunk driver, the worthless backup RBs, and more. Herndon seemed fine, when he was on the field. And the total differences between this and the team we have? No Adams, no Maye, no Shepherd, no Darnold, no QW. As of right now Mahomes or Watson alone is arguably worth more than those 5 players. With those 7 high draft picks added in, it's not even up for discussion.
  8. Of course they're going to bring him back. I wouldn't hand him a starting job, though. Say they do keep Winters for his final season (or at least hold onto him until the draft is over) -- between FA and the draft they need to bring in or bring back a minimum 4 offensive linemen. Even Harrison, while he was an upgrade over Kalil, is more of a backup emergency plan, not a plan plan. If Edoga ends up taking a huge leap forward once they start camp? Even better. Then we get to choose the 5 best not the 5 least-horrible.
  9. Except even with Bowles and his issues, two older, borderline backup starters had the most productive seasons of their long careers. This fantasy that the game's very best players would have been useless busts on the Jets has grown beyond tiresome. Like Mahomes -- with all the "yeabutt if he wuz with teh Jets" trash, you'd think he was some 4th round prospect who came from division II school and had just meh numbers there or something but then merely threw it fast and measured with big hands and requisite height at the combine so he moved up b/c of the combine alone. I'm nobody's draft wiz, but the guy had 100 TDs and 10,000 yards over his last 2 college years, even while bypassing his senior season. If we'd taken Watson over Mahomes, then you could make the "oh well, nobody knew" argument, but not when you take a ****ing safety instead. Same with Darnold/Jackson: even with Jackson playing so much better than Darnold so far, I'm not going to kill them for taking Darnold when he fell to #3 instead of massively reaching for Jackson there.
  10. Yabba dabba do. They would be great QBs because they're great. Did you really think Ryan Fitzpatrick would have his best ever season (by far) here? How about Josh McCown completing almost 70% of his passes with that half a Pennington arm of his? I know it's comforting to tell yourself we were in no-win situations, but we weren't. Especially if we didn't then draft another ****ing safety right after him, followed by 2 bust WRs, no hits with our late rounders, and then with the pick after Darnold - which we also would have still had to use on another position (as well as 3 more 2nd rounders) - another ****ing DT. Hell yes they could have been great here. If the rationale is "if we drafted Mahomes, and then still picked a safety and bust WRs and then bust DTs and a teaser TE and then further blew every pick we also sank into Darnold..." yeah sure. But what a narrow argument to make.
  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown could have career-type seasons for the Jets, but dramatically-superior talents like Mahomes and Watson would have been zeros here. Keep telling yourselves this. It makes the pain go away.
  12. Well without him we'd have #1 or #2 on this list, so it depends on your point of view. We'd also have a 2018 #1 pick and three more 2nd rounders as well. Just saying.
  13. What if, with 2 more top-10-rated QBs on the board, we traded down 20 slots and then took Jackson, and pocketed an extra 1st rounder and more in the process? I can't really fault them for that, though. Everyone knew he was fast; no one saw his passing numbers as a possibility no matter what team/coaching he had around him (let alone so quickly). What if we took Orlando Brown or Mark Andrews in round 3 instead of another ****ing DT - a 24 year-old rookie from Fort Hays State, which I'd never even heard of until 2018 - right after drafting that FQB we've been waiting for so long to land. Baltimore took both of them after we drafted Shepherd. Oh yeah, and then had two 1st rounders and more in 2019 instead of a lone, high 1st rounder that we used on another mother****ing DT??? But yeah, what if that? Oh yeah -- those probowlers at LT and TE wouldn't have been good players here because Jets. Can't forget the easy, copout, wouldn't-have-mattered reply lol.
  14. Totally. People are glossing over it too easily because of the greater needs at OL and WR (and edge rusher), but honestly they need a corner (or two) just as badly. It's more a matter of which position(s) lift the team more. And we're busy locking up an ILB and a SS at $17MM apiece. Corner is still a premium position -- more premium than safety. This newly established $14MM top tier for safeties? Trumaine Johnson was getting that 4 years ago (when the cap limit was $155MM not $200MM like today) as a franchise-tagged corner -- as in the average of the top 5, not the pace-setter for all other corners. Meanwhile undrafted AJ Bouye started 11 games in 2016 (his only one with >2 starts) in the last year of his rookie deal, and parlayed that into $14MM/year also 3 offseasons ago. The year before he saw more action on specials than on defense, as he got demoted from his 2nd season. Even with all these bloated new deals that just came in, that'd be a top 5-6 safety contract if it was signed right now 3 years later. Revis's contract from Tampa from way back in 2013 would still be far an away the highest salary safety. So would Asomugha's $15MM/yr contract from back in 2009. Also clouding this positional value calculus, in the eyes of some/many, is there haven't been as many top corners whose extensions came due. Peters would have broken the bank if he wasn't such a nutbag (which would probably lead to him being a more consistent player in coverage as well); and even with all his baggage he still would pace all the safeties. Xavian Howard had 12 games of a probowl season and got $16MM per. Most of the rest of the top corner deals were contracts signed around 2016-2017 without another 3+ years of inflation, or the top guys are still older ones so they don't cap out as high on subsequent extensions. It's more coincidence of contract timing + age, since there are only so many top corners to go around, than decreased positional value outright. The only thing favorable to a hole at CB vs a position like LT is you can figure you've gotten lucky with a good one by easing him in slowly. 2nd-string LTs of course don't go on & off the field and gradually get increased playing time. But you still have to find them. It's hard enough to find a really good, consistent, starting corner in any round; let alone when the draft annually comes after the temptation of the usual sh*tshow FA corners that teams let go - if you get lucky, they'll usually give you one good season followed by team regret. Even harder if you're valuing another 4 more positions in the draft that are ahead of corner in the first place (OLx2, WR, EDGE). I wouldn't be surprised to see a corner taken in round 2, and people who see all the WR/OL prospects still on the board will go postal. Even more than when we took a ****ing safety with the 6th overall pick and then followed up with another near the top of round 2.
  15. I thought the way you were putting it you were talking in hindsight, where it seemed more definitive than maybe. With him and Williamson on board, they still felt a need to upgrade to the tune of a jaw-dropping $17MM/yr. That’s what teams pay when the cupboard is bare at the position (if even then). FFS after his best season by far, for all the Jets fans cooing over his wondrous progress and early PFF rankings, and with another cheap year on his orig 4 yr deal (plus a cheaper 5th yr option as an 11-32 pick), his value around the league was still just a late 6th round pick. There’s no maybe there . But when the team had no QB, had Mo holding out with a contract impasse, had Fitz with a contract impasse with no agreement in sight (and locker room buddies lobbying for his re-signing), and with the knowledge the #1 pick was available (seeing how the Rams got to #1 from not that much higher than us), and with the team appropriately having no interest in drafting Lynch even if he fell to #20? I don’t see how even then it was a maybe to stand pat at #20 and take a shrimpy ILB/SS hybrid. Only makes it worse that he was a mental mama’s boy who wasn’t even a good LB. They stayed at #20 and took him because Maccagnan figured he had an ace up his sleeve in Hackenberg (and then re-signing Fitz so they could ease the Hacker in). He probably felt at the time he could get his FQB in round 3 (before Houston spooked him by leapfrogging us in rd 2), opening up the first 2 rounds to other positions. So instead of getting the franchise moving with a QB in 2016? We got Darron Lee, Christian Hackenberg, Fitz Part II at $12MM, re-signed Mo for $37MM, McCown x2 for ~$17MM, and at least 2 extra seasons of misery for the fan base, including quasi-tanking the 2017 season. Worst of all, if either Goff or Wentz was taken in 2016 and was a terrible bust, we could have still been in the same Darnold sweepstakes in 2018, and bet we get more than a late 6th round offer for the 2016 bust QB. That ****ing moron lol.
  16. Why would that make you any happier? What is paid to one is not paid to another. The total paid to all the players cumulatively is unchanged; it's the other players that lose money, not the owners. Even worse, it's going to bite the Jets in particular yet again after they just did this with Mosley. Really this is all I care about.
  17. $17-18MM/year for a safety because they paid Mosley so much. Yeesh. Of course I wasn't thrilled with $17MM for a MLB before him in the first place. Well, it's settled: they're going to have to find an edge rusher in the draft (and it wouldn't hurt if QW became the best he was drafted to be). If they manage to snag a really good edge rusher the end result/total is the same, even if it's upside-down or backwards in cost. Because there's 2 of these non-premiums getting paid premium veteran salaries on the same roster, they probably additionally need to really hit on a mid/late round (or UDFA) OLman on top of that. And not a Brandon Shell type "hit" -- a borderline or actual probowler. They can't buy every position and pay them record-breaking contracts. Darnold on his rookie deal proportionally clears only so much; we can't keep counting the savings on those same dollars two or three times. Blink your eyes and his $9-10MM hits are going to nearly quadruple.

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