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  1. 3 hours ago, RobR said:

    You keep leaving out the fact that the Jets can walk away from both players after one year with almost no salary cap ramifications. It's not like we're locked into these contracts long term and if they don't perform will leave us in salary cap hell. 

    You're normally very level headed in these type of posts but you're completely missing the point on this. The Carl Lawson and JFM contracts will have zero bearing on who we should draft in the first round. They both have big salaries next year and after that we can completely walk away.....why would, or should that eliminate the talk of drafting an edge rusher high? 

    Yeah but not in the current year. I'm not missing out on this at all. They are locked in for big money for both next year. Taking a top 10 edge rusher is a de facto admission by the GM that he's made a terrible error - potentially two terrible errors - within one year, at the same position.

    It absolutely has bearing because, other than QB, the team expects a top 10 pick to be a full time starter; that's what makes them prospects worthy of such a high pick in the first place. 

    See my prior post. It's about the optics of how it looks. Besides, this isn't the only year edge rushers enter the NFL; if he plays his cards right he can - and should - be able to double up in round 1 again next year by trading down some, without having to trade down too far.

  2. 2 hours ago, BurntDice said:

    I don’t understand this take at all. Both of those guys as I mentioned previously are on 1 year deals. They aren’t locked in long term which you are alluding to. You need 2 solid edge guys along with a 3rd guy to rotate in. The jets have 0 depth at edge and who knows if jfm or Lawson are going to be around after next year. Neither Lawson or JFM are proven and you can’t bank on them to be a key piece for this team. 

    NFL teams don't draft top 10 picks with the planned intent to just use situationally, except at QB. Not after sinking major resources into two expensive veterans at the same position just the prior year. 

    What they tend to do is draft someone lower, whom they don't expect to be all that immediately, and groom that person to take over and eventually make the other one(s) expendable. 

    Or more likely, since both are locked in for serious $ next year, they'd just take that edge rusher in next year's draft and take someone they'll start full-time this year. Situationally/rotationally for the coming year they can fill that role with less than a top 10 draft pick. 

    If Douglas does it anyway, you can return to this thread and say told you so. 

    Understand it's more what I think he'll do than how I'd like him to have done it. IMO extending JFM when he did was senseless. If you're going to extend him early then extend him early. Doing it in Sept, before he's got a full year starting under his belt, is something one does when getting a big discount. He paid UFA money to him as though he was backed into a corner. I was one of the few who weren't celebrating when it happened, beyond being happy for the player. The time to do this was in March/April before the draft, when there was a threat to the player of being used merely situationally himself if the team took an edge rusher after signing Lawson. Just bad strategically to not use his leverage when he had it. 

  3. The last 2 are the only really hard matchups and one or both of those two may already have their playoff slot clinched/set so they'll be resting their starters anyway. 

    Right now they don't look like they could beat anybody, though. 

    They'll probably win more than two more, but I wouldn't put any money on it lol. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, BP said:

    I was kidding. But if I did have access, you would have somehow ****ed that up like you did the last time. :) 

    Hey, it wasn't my fault. It was supposed to be a private account. Then iirc EY the narc ****ed it up by ratting on us. 

    So like a Scooby Doo villain, I would've gotten away with it if not for that meddling kid. 

    Good times though, still. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, BurntDice said:

    Not unusual at all. Look at the 9ers drafts. They drafted DL on a constant basis high because that is what fuels the defense. It’s actually pretty common. 


    Hardly apples and apples.

    They drafted Bosa because Thomas had already solidified himself as a total bust, and they'd seen enough after 2 years of starting him, so they still had a gaping hole there.

    What they didn't do was sign two $15MM/year UFA DEs - or even one high-priced veteran DE opposite Buckner - and then still draft another DE in round 1 in the very next draft.

    Totally different situation.

    Like it or not, unless they get medical word that Carl Lawson's starting days are over, there's no way Douglas is taking an edge rusher in the top half of round 1. He may as well resign. 

  6. 58 minutes ago, RSJ said:


    Oh ok. Now we are switching back to needing top 5 picks along the defensive front again. Everyone says we need them on the OL too. Ita going to take until 2025 to get all these top 5 picks together so we dont give up 500 yards a game. Remember how we were told you can’t rebuild through free agency? Well NE just did it in one offseason. So try again, Joe Douglas.

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    Yeah this is the other side of the coin of starting so many rookies at once.

    I'm good with trading down to keep doubling up in round 1 or more in '23, but how many rookies and 2nd year players do we really want to start every year?

    At least when it's a normal class it goes without saying that we usually expect nothing to come out of about the latter half of picks, especially in rounds 5-7 (at least for a couple years, or on & off the field as role players). This coming year there are two 1sts, two 2nds, a 3rd, and two 4ths. Most fans expect starters in the first 2 rounds (realistic or not), and at least for 1 of the 3 picks in rounds 3-4. So what is that, 5 more rookies we're supposed to field next year?

    You think this team is a bit too young now? Wait until a handful more veteran starters get replaced by rookies. They'll be running into each other.

    The team needs a mix. This isn't to say "competitive rebuild" where we go balls-deep on FAs whose careers are almost over. It's that you can't have babies learning from/alongside babies. Not to be outdone, we're doing this with almost an all-rookie coaching staff.

    Blind leading the blind. 

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  7. 34 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    What if you were guaranteed that Linderbaum was the next Mangold?  

    Except living in reality, there are no such guarantees.

    Also it's highly unlikely this 289-pound prospect will be Mangold's equal. Mangold was just about the best center in the game for the bulk of his career. He got jobbed out of a couple more AP1 honors as sportswriters gave it to lesser players like Pouncey (twice) or Unger, etc. because they played for much better teams in Pittsburgh, Seattle, etc.

    And even then, I wouldn't take a ****ing center in the top 10 unless I also had the hindsight to realize the player I drafted instead was a huge letdown (in which case yes of course a great player at a lower-value position is easily superior to a bust at a high-value position). 

  8. 1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    You need a pipeline at edge if you're running a 4-3. I get what you're saying but I wouldn't rule it out.

    It's very unusual to start that pipeline with a 1st round pick, one year after signing two young DEs to big money. 

    Players get injured and plans change, sure, but a GM doing this may as well get up on the podium and do a mumbling Idzik ramble about how badly he judged every 8-figure veteran he's signed and how he should therefore be fired right now. 

    More likely they'll fill that pipeline with another mid-rounder or later, and just cross our fingers it isn't as useless a pick as his first mid-round edge rusher. At the most it'd be a 2nd rounder anyway. Pipeline players are ones who are rawer and need some time to simmer. It'd take some stones for him to take such a (non-QB) player in round 1 after a season like this. 

    I'm sympathetic to what you're saying, but the problem is a team in needs of immediate starters for the current season hasn't the luxury of using 1st round picks today to start 1-2 years later. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, whodeawhodat said:

    I get it, we have discussed this many times before.  

    After watching todays game we need that guy on our oline that will legit fight anyone on the field that touches our QB.  Mike White gets hacked and hit after the whistle blows and not much happens.  Look at the bucs with that center with his red bush hanging out the back of his helmet.  He is that guy for the bucs.  He gets into at least 1 fight per game even if nobody touches brady he will pick someone else. We do not have that and we need that imo.

    McGovern has no more guaranteed $ left and I'm totally on board with upgrading.

    But not in the top half of round 1 for a ****ing center. It's not one of those "low bust" round 1 positions either.

    I think there's just an unrealistic idea of how good every other center actually is, never mind the position's importance compared to others.

  10. 22 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    I can 100% see an edge in the first. Those are really the only guys worth targeting with a top 5 pick. There will be a few available there. JFM is only on a 1 year deal and can be replaced by the rookie who will have a 5 year contract. I’m guessing it will be Hutchinson from Michigan.  He has the highest PFF grade since  chase young for an edge. 

    See my post above.

    Tied into $14MM/year for JFM and $15MM/year for Carl Lawson, and both transactions just happened in 2021.

    They're not then going to take an edge in the 1st round in 2022 on top of that.

    Not unless they change GMs.

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  11. 19 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Patience for patience sake.

    Yeah the one thing with firing those guys early is, unlike cap $ that hampers the ability to pay someone else, in cases of HC/GM it's just owner money. Plus the owner's getting up there and may not want to wait a couple more years anymore. 

    What do they have, 3 yrs left apiece at ~$4MM? Meh. A $4bn NFL franchise is too big of an operation to let that stand in the way if they're just waiting for the sake of waiting because of optics.

    They picked up a few pieces I like this year, but when starting where they did they need to add more than 3 major upgrades per year.

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  12. 17 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    This guy blows hard. We need to get him off the field next year. 

    He can't just tackle someone he has to try to strip the ball every time and ends up getting dragged 3-4 yards every time. I don't think he's ever even forced a strip doing this crap.

    I'm a little traumatized by drafting safeties early but we may be looking at the ND kid with our #1 pick.

    I don't know about our top pick; in/around the top 5 is too high for me for a safety.

    But with the Seattle pick (#11 overall heading into this weekend)? Yeah I could get on board with that, particularly since it isn't the team's only 1st round pick. Just so long as it's someone who can do a credible job in coverage and not just a small ILB.

    And btw they also need a MLB. Mosley is arguably a worse signing than Trumaine Johnson, seeing how he got 3 years fully guaranteed and Johnson only got 2. Mosley still has another $16MM guaranteed salary next year, too. Painful. 

    They'll get C.Lawson back next year, and hopefully he stays healthy enough to help free up JFM more; pretty unlikely they go edge in the first 2 rounds with that much already invested in those two. 

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