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  1. It certainly does change it when the team has had nothing but losing records since then. He represented what might have been in a worse way than any of those picks. Never was it so obvious to take a QB, and so impossible to screw it up in doing so. Imagine playing a shell game to find the pea. Except there's a pea under 2 of the 3 shells not one. Then further imagine taking the empty shell off the table, leaving a choice of a great QB and an all-time great QB. We got a safety, in a safety-rich draft. The stink of that disastrous pick would have haunted the Jets for as long as Adams was on the roster. Now the healing can begin.
  2. I'm so glad you asked, because it gives me the opportunity for a long post, which is my 2nd favorite thing in the world. When one of Carroll's players has a disastrous game he doesn't use that term then either. Coaches have to be a little more diplomatic if they want anyone to work or play under them ever again. I'm sure in those cases, like all coaches, he uses phrases like, "It wasn't his best game" and "he'll have to work on _____" and talk of bouncing back the next week & how the player still has his confidence. Everyone knows what that stuff means. He didn't use that word, because no one uses that word unless talking about oneself in self-deprecating fashion. Carroll certainly knows a top 10 pick is not a requirement to land a pro-bowl/all-pro player at any position, let alone strong safety (he found Kam Chancellor in round 5 ffs), even though he also implied that in his comments as well. Here's what Carroll/Schneider have to show for their 1st round picks over the last several years, including the slot where they originally picked: 2013 #25 = Percy Harvin. Carroll traded the pick away for this known quantity (then gave him $11MM/year he regretted almost immediately). Idzik rescued them from some money at the trade deadline the next season, but that trade only yielded a 6th round pick in return. 2014 #32 = Paul Richardson. Following the SB win, trader Pete moved down from #32 (he didn't need either of the probowl QBs taken 32-36, but 2 of the next 3 picks were pro bowlers anyone could've used). He traded down from #32 to #40, then again from #40 to #45, where he took Richardson, who once had a season with >300 yards. 2015 #31 = Jimmy Graham. Not even-up, though. He traded starting, pro-bowl/all-pro center Max Unger and his 1st round pick for the 29 year-old TE, who instantly went from being consistent & deadly as the NFL's other Gronk to having a good game about once a month. After 3 years Carroll cut him. 2016 #26 = Germain Ifedi. Traded his original 1st round pick for the 4th year in a row, moving down to #31 to take a guy who once committed 16 penalties in a season. Declined his 5th year option & entering his age 26 season the Bears signed him on a vet minimum deal with barely any of it guaranteed. Honestly Douglas should have taken a flyer on him at that cheap. But as a draft pick? A waste. 2017 #26 = Malik McDowell. The 5th year in a row trading his top pick -- moved down from 26 to 31 to 35 where he took McDowell. McDowell never appeared in a single game, spending 2 years on the non-football injury list and then was cut after his soph season. He's currently incarcerated, serving an 11-month sentence for stealing a car (and more). The best part of it is in addition to the jail time, the judge in Michigan ordered him to write a 750-100 word essay on finding meaning in life other than committing crimes lol. 2018 #18 = Rashaad Penny. A 6th straight year trading his original 1st round pick, this time dropping down to #27. He'd already drafted his starting RB the prior year at the bottom of round 7, making this yet another complete and total waste of a 1st round pick. He could have stayed pat or traded up a 2-3 slots. It would have been hard for him to make a bad pick anywhere from 16-24. I can understand not trading up, since he was already missing both of his day 2 picks because he traded both his 2nd rounder (Sheldon Richardson) and 3rd rounder (Duane Brown) in the fall of 2017. If he'd kept it in his pants, 2018 could have been a banner draft for him. Take your pick around #18. Could have moved down plenty from his 2nd round pick and snagged both probowlers Baltimore ended up taking in round 3 (O.Brown & M.Andrews). That extra 3rd rounder he did pick up for moving down went to Rasheem Green, a pass rusher with 5 sacks in 2 years. 2019 #21 = Marquise Blair. More trading of his original top pick, for 7th year in a row, which has got to be a record. This time from #21 to 30, then from 30 to 37, then from 37 to 47, where he took a safety. So satisfied with this player's progress, before his 2nd season Carroll coughed up a pair of 1st rounders and more to the Jets for Jamal Adams. 2019 #29 = LJ Collier. He traded probowl edge rusher Frank Clark to KC for this pick. Clark helped KC win a SB with his 5 sacks / 7 QB hits in the playoffs. Collier didn't have quite as good of a season: in 11 games, mostly on the bench, he finished the year with 3 tackles. ** So while the word "disastrous" wasn't used, it was more than implied, as anyone with internet access can see. Amazingly, this is probably a worse showing than Idzik/Maccagnan (though in fairness Macc only had a top pick lower than #6 once in 5 drafts, and the result wasn't too good then either).
  3. It's Football Outsiders. Unless they're all Jets fans there and I'm unaware of it, they don't give a crap whether we paid/kept Jamal Adams or not. Every site I'm visiting with posted O/U wins has the Jets between 6.5 and 7.0 wins, with more of them leaning towards 6.5, whether they've been updated post-Adams or not (and most haven't).
  4. Carroll came right out & said it as plainly as anyone could: they did this because he looked at their track record the last half decade or so, particularly in round 1, and he figured they'd blow these picks anyway. If they weren't such disasters at using 1st round picks this trade wouldn't have happened. 1st round picks for Pete Carroll are like bullets without a gun.
  5. If he figures things out from the neck up, and isn't just an enormo-body with raw athleticism, this will be one of the best picks the team has ever made. I wish he wasn't considered so much boom-or-bust, since the latter would be a major setback, but it seems his upside is to be the best tackle in the league.
  6. Given how impossibly QB-desperate the team was when they drafted Adams, and the two QBs sitting right there (3 QBs with upper 1st round grades and the only bad one was off the board already ffs). And we took a safety. 6th in the country. In a draft with a bunch of good safety prospects, no less. No one likes saying it (ok, almost no one) but he was not a successful draft pick when weighed against either of the two obvious picks for a team in the Jets' circumstances. Only makes it worse that we'd still have the following year's 1st and three more 2nd rounders as well. It was a painfully stupid draft pick, and even though he's a good player he was insufferable with his constant self-promotion (and referring to himself as a team-first leader all the while). So far it seems his teammates agree; something about the silence being deafening comes to mind. He was a constant reminder that we didn't draft 2 of the top 5 QBs in football (including the one who's on pace to be the greatest of all time).
  7. Jamal Adams won a game of Connect Four in three moves. If you want a list of Jamal’ enemies, just check the extinct species list. Jamal Adams counted to infinity. Twice. Champions are the breakfast of Jamal Adams. etc.
  8. I don't think it's that simple, however convenient that seems. He saw Cimini get a more-coveted job at espn by injecting himself into the stories & being a grade A hard-on. That's probably the inspiration, not a NYMA newspaper instructing him to sandbag either of its two football teams. If you were right, and this is and has been a directive from the DN, that wouldn't/couldn't be kept secret for long (let alone for well over a decade).
  9. Despite that rumor, I think he had that payment back in March. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/21/jamal-adams-new-york-jets-roster-bonus/
  10. Meh, it's a Jets forum and anyone would admit this is the biggest player news the team has had since drafting Darnold. Some people talked about others for a long time after they weren't on/associated with the team -- Sanchez, Geno, Rex, Idzik, Maccagnan talk has mostly died down but still pops up, etc. I don't see why Adams deserves to be immune, seeing as how he's the only one of the bunch who actually wanted off the Jets' team and is posting a video of him dancing to be with Seattle even though they haven't given him an extension either (and indeed, are paying him a small fraction of what the Jets paid him this season). **** him.
  11. 8-15? They'll be damned lucky to play a 16 (or even a 12) game season due to covid. I don't see how a 23-game season is even being discussed. Where do these people come up with this stuff?
  12. Tolstoy's writing was plagued by its brevity. Probably had to spend too many hours away from writing due to the excessive time he took washing pirog crumbs & shchi out of that Hagris beard. Kept him from achieving greatness IMO.
  13. Not only can it close in a hurry, but it usually does close in a hurry. The difference is the guy who can't make a good pick at the bottom of round 1 got one of the rarest bits of luck in NFL history in drafting Russell Wilson in round 3. Swap QBs between the Jets/Seahawks - Sanchez for Wilson - and then me things still turn out the same in Seattle. That they're a repeat superbowl team (and a SB champ at that) and are a perennial playoff team for this long, through all those blown draft picks and draft pick trades for established veterans; and in general that in NFL circles Carroll is though of with any more reverence than he was the day he got fired for gradually ruining the reigning AFC champion Patriots he was handed, or the Jets before that.
  14. I’m sure he can wake up for it. I’m also sure he was less than thrilled, like any of us would be. But really, tweeting about having to get up early before your first day with your new team? Some things you just keep to yourself and just be quiet, though that is a skill at which he’s yet to show any proficiency. Maybe they wanted to meet with him that day, to help get him set up so he could have a full day with the team since camp started the day after that. Booking a flight a few hours later removes that option since he wouldn’t/couldn’t get to the team’s facility until 7-8pm. Or maybe they figured this would be a less-crowded plane (and airport terminal in NY) that early, and wanted him distanced from others as much as possible. Maybe even someone in the traveling office didn’t pay attention because it’s just not important. Tweeting about getting up early. What is he, a ****ing teenager? The reason for these threads/posts - before the next one chimes in about obsessions/etc - is because things like this reinforce feelings of confidence that this was the right move. This ****er will complain about anything at any time, no matter how inappropriate. Good player, but I’ve got a hard time believing his me-me-me schtick wasn’t already wearing thin on a lot of guys in the locker room before this offseason.
  15. I like my version of events better. Keeps me warm at night like a fluffy blanket.
  16. It’s the offseason & this just happened yesterday. The Jets news cycle isn’t that fast that we should move on to something else already. Plus no one asked him to post how he feels about not being a Jet anymore. You have to admit this isn’t exactly adult-like. I mean, go re-read McDougald’s post and then re-watch that video of Adams leadershipping all over his home. It’s not even like he got a pay raise or anything, seeing how he’s playing for $825K in Seattle this season.
  17. Repurpose the material & have someone sew it into a man-purse so you have one just like Adams does Buy an R and rearrange the rest of the letters to spell DRAMAS Save it to use as emergency toilet paper during covid-20
  18. Jamal was just about to post that same thing.
  19. Then did he post a video montage of himself dancing around his home after the trade went through? I’m just kidding. No one is actually that self-absorbed to actually do something like that. I mean, Douglas wants to continue in a leadership role and stuff; so a guy like that can’t even if he really felt like it.
  20. I’m having trouble playing videos right now so I’ll assume in the video he soberly said: “I want to thank the great Jets fans for all their support, and those that cheered so hard for me and the team will always have a place in my heart. I’m going to miss those I leave behind in the Jets locker room, and there’s many of them I love like true family and always will. I thought - and until very recently I truly wanted - to proudly finish my whole career with the Jets. Because of that, in some ways I’m sad that this chapter of my life has come to an end and I’m still shocked how quickly things can change. But as a chapter ends a new one begins — I’m stoked to be on the Seahawks and am going to try my hardest to help Coach Carroll get Seattle to another superbowl.” It was something classy like that, loaded with selfless mantras, right? I mean it had to be that, and not posting a video of him dancing by himself like a jackass. So I didn’t see the video, but I know people and I know I’m right.
  21. It is pretty insane that he has the self-reflection ability to see that their drafting job isn’t getting it done, and that the solution - as he sees it - isn’t “let’s bring in some better talent evaluators” but rather “let’s keep our current talent evaluators and give up drafting in round 1 for the next couple seasons in favor of trading for one veteran who wants upwards of a 40% raise over the 2nd-highest paid player at his position.” Another idea is maybe he should give up on being the deal-swinger who keeps trading down from their already-lower slot in round 1 to add more picks he’ll screw up (and maybe stop trading draft picks for expensive veterans, and do your veteran shopping in free agency). In the one draft in the last decade he found himself marginally inside the top 20, what does he do from #18? He trades down to #27 so he can pick up a 3rd round pick (then moves down another few slots in round 3 to add a 7th round pick). Then he screws up drafting at #27 and at #79. Why? Because he’d already traded away both of his day 2 picks to rent Sheldon Richardson for a year and then add a 33 year-old former great tackle. Meanwhile in that same draft: Baltimore drafts the NFL MVP with the #32 pick (a running QB who just led the NFL in TD passes) and then with a pair of 3rd round picks - both of them after Seattle’s pick #79 - they draft a probowl LT and a probowl TE. Any complaints out of that city about whiffing because they didn’t have a top 20 - let alone a top 10 - draft pick? Those 3 picks are the building blocks of a deadly offense. Sure there are players that can only be acquired with top 10 picks, and sure overall it’s easier to find good prospects the earlier your pick. But that doesn’t mean overall draft success is about the draft slot. It’s about who’s making (and not trading away) the picks. If Carroll & Schneider had kept it in their pants by holding their picks, the temptation wouldn’t have been there to trade down in the first place. He could’ve moved up 2 slots for Derwin James — or could have used the 2nd round pick he traded away for Sheldon to move up to #10 to grab Minkah Fitzpatrick. Then with his original round 3 pick a young LT was sitting right there instead of trading for an old one. They could have crushed it with a banner day 1+2 for Seattle, instead of an embarrassing waste of time and source of embarrassment. Plus the domino effect is that they’d still have their 2021 and 2022 first round picks. Yeah that, too. Mike Maccagnan should apply for a job there. They seem to love GM incompetence even more than the Johnson brothers.

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