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  1. Except that doesn't _____ NFL owners. It's zero-sum: what's paid to Mosley is an amount not paid to someone else. It doesn't pay him more but everyone else on the team still gets the same or more. There is still a cap limit. They could have paid Mosley $25MM/year and that wouldn't change this reality. Even someone who "ruins" the payscale does ruin it. Know why Revis had his heart set on $16MM? Because Al Davis paid $15MM and change to Asomugha when the going rate for a probowl CB was $8-12MM. Why Did Fitz initially demand that same amount as a meh/borderline starter (and still get $12MM as a meh starter)? Because Philadelphia paid $36/2 to Bradford and Cin $96/6 to Dalton (though those 2 at least were still under 30 at the time). Paying Enunwa means the Jets 50-50 cut ties with Anderson. And if they do re-sign Anderson it means they don't sign someone else at another position (or they certainly downgrade). The amount the owners pay out doesn't change because of record-setting contracts. It changes because of the CBA that causes the cap ceiling - and particularly, the floor with it - to rise.
  2. No doubt he looked slow, but that's not the only thing Bell brings. If taking handoffs was his only value, then he never would have been franchise tagged in the first place (let alone twice in a row). But Gase's desire to not have Bell on the team stemmed from before he looked slow for the Jets. Since we're tied to him for another year - barring something unexpected trade-wise - I'm holding out hope he was shaking off a year off of rust (after an overused year in 2017) and will look a lot better this year. It's not like he was old or anything, despite the silliness from some all season long, framing a 27 year-old as an old man.
  3. No, I don't think it's necessary. Plus I think he sucks, and if Darnold gets hurt for an extended period of time we're not going to win all these games or a SB with him any more than without him. The games will be closer, but at age 35 I don't have much confidence in him as a winner. Show me the team is actually a contender in 2020 first, where even a game manager would have us at 10-6 in Darnold's place, then we'll talk. I'd target $2MM for the QB2. If Flacco wants to come here at $4MM I wouldn't get all bent out of shape over the difference, but I think he could get that from a team with a better shot at him starting (and therefore make him more likely to hit incentives that'd double it or more). Beyond that amt? You can keep playing that game (Well...$5M is only $1M more than $4M; well $6M is only 1MM more than 5MM...), but I wouldn't play. But since that slippery slope logic is unlikely to be limited to this one position, it adds up more than people realize, and before you know it we've downgraded a UFA starter from an OL fixture we keep for 3-5 years to a slouch like Long that we'll dump immediately after his 1 or 2 yrs of guaranteed money's over. This is a year where we can't backload contracts so much b/c of the CBA. So it's not as easy to spend now and feel it later, especially given the half-a-team worth of starters we need to upgrade (or need outright). Next year - if we cut ties with Bell - it'll feel like an extra $25MM/year between him and Trumaine Johnson. (Of course that will be short-lived, since Darnold will be extension-eligible after 3 years, but that's the case regardless.). But there'll be time for makeup sex in wasting a couple bucks here & there. I'd see him as Fitz II: good enough to just still have the team fail to reach the playoffs. Meanwhile, Flacco's mouth is just what a Gase team doesn't need (to the extent anyone needs it). Especially a guy who's made his money already, and has nothing really to lose -- he'll be 36 if he's cut after 1 year and didn't have much NFL time left anyway.
  4. Lovely . He’s not getting $7MM to be the backup from game 1 to the finish. Not after calling out his HC on the podium, even if it was freaking Vance Joseph. Flacco may be accomplished as a SB-winning QB, but he was rarely the straw that stirred the drink in Baltimore, who was a .500 team with him since that 2012-season superbowl. He’s 35 already, and has just accepted his role may have to be different from now on. When was his last decent season — 2014? If he gets $7MM or more it’ll be in bonus form, earned for starting a lot of games and more. Just like other veteran backups. The way it should be. There are a couple situations around the league where he might possibly have the value to make $6.5MM as his floor, but it’s still very unlikely unless he’s their starter heading into the draft. Only one making that was Bridgewater and he has neither Bridgewater’s youth nor upside. Not even on a contender, as Flacco showed with Baltimore in 2018.
  5. I think the most likely team to pay him $8MM kind of money to be the backup from day one would be Denver, unless they still just hate him for mouthing off on the playcalling, even after firing Joseph. Even that’d purely be because their cap is ****ed a bit if they have to outright cut him in 2020 after converting some $17MM of 2019 salary into signing bonus in September. Plus they still need to find a backup because Brandon Allen is a waste of mile high oxygen. But is that really good for Lock if he has a string of a few bad games - it’ll happen eventually - to have teammates and fans calling for Flacco? Also with Lock’s cap hit at just $1.5MM they could actually absorb it all in 1 year, sign a veteran at ~$4MM and have their QB position cost under $20MM — still lower than most teams. Then next year they’re 100% clear of the Flacco mistake. Next up would be a more or less lock contender team with a very low cost starter — e.g. going back to Baltimore. But the optics of that suck ass with the AA stud / league MVP making less than 1/3 of that, so I’m doubtful even that happens unless it’s for normal backup money. So maybe a contender with a moderate cost starter like maybe Tennessee, if they can sign a starter to $22MM or less among Tannehill / Brady / Bridgewater / other (and spread a good amt of both QBs’ hits to 2021+). Who else is in that situation? Maybe Oakland, but if they are it’ll be because of Carr’s $22MM cap hit allowing them to spend that money on other positions. Wherever he goes they’d better have an elite line. He was sacked 9% of the time, but Drew Lock (not exactly Lamar Jackson himself) managed to get sacked at just 1/3 that rate. No one else is paying 35 year-old Flacco $8MM to be just the backup all season long. If he gets $8MM it’ll be to a team that doesn’t have a starter and is looking to get one in the draft a month later. But then he’s signing on to potentially be the starter not the backup initially, until a rookie shows he can take pro snaps without soiling himself Rosen-style (and even then only if the team is losing with Flacco). Plus I think he may have really cost himself by opening his big yapper to call out his HC/OC after that game. Someone will sign him, but no HC wants that - not on the podium, and not whispering around in his locker room or practice field - unless he’s desperate.
  6. That’s not really accurate. Keenum was on a 2 year $36MM contract to be the starter in Denver. When Washington traded for him it was to be the backup, at $3.5MM and nothing more. When he was traded to Tennessee, Tannehill agreed to a contract for $2MM plus incentives. If Flacco goes to the Jets or anywhere, and has Tannehill’s 2019 season, I’d say he’ll have earned his $4MM in bonuses. But if Tannehill stayed as the backup all season - and played as much as Falk did for the 2019 Jets - I think his cost would have stayed at $2MM. Bridgewater is the only one who got $7MM for the season, and that’s because they were very much contenders and had to at least thinking about him soon taking over for Brees - already 40, never know when he’ll hit the wall, could up & retire at any time, plus only had 1 year left on his deal - so they don’t have to then begin a search while the rest of the team is a contender. I doubt very much Flacco will get an $8MM base salary if he’s going to a team where he’s entrenched as the backup from day one. More likely it’d be similar to Tannehill: he’ll get paid $2-4MM to be the backup (maybe add another $1MM for inflation), and if he ends up starting he’ll appropriately get a big bonus because he’ll be performing more than just backup duties. He’d still be underpaid in that scenario, but he’ll have increased his value for free agency a year later, even at 36.
  7. Sounds like he’s fine with the player but just didn’t (and still doesn’t) want to spend that much on a RB. But what’s done is done, and there’s little that can be done about it until after this season. Bell, for his part, is playing this smart. If he gets into a thing with Gase, he doesn’t get carries. Then he gets cut and no one’s going to pay him big again. Not likely to happen anyway, but it’ll be that much less if he’s demoted or merely splitting carries. I think they both want success and just realize they’re stuck with each other. Also add a dash of Gase has maybe been working on his people skills lol.
  8. I think he & his agent were using us. I think it was partly our situation, but he was getting a fully guaranteed contract anyway. As much as the roster I think it was that, so long as he had other options in the ballpark, he didn't want to play in Gomorra. He's a small town midwest guy. Yes there are suburbs and farms in NJ, too, but you can't even drink the water lol. Like McCown. Except no one else was in the ballpark compared to our offers of $8MM and then $10MM (despite being in his last years at age 38 and 39, it was more than he'd made in the prior 6 years combined). Plus he'd already played everywhere else, so it's like picking the next vacation spot where he gets to see new things.
  9. This thought hadn’t occurred to me in this way (as the last step in a string). 2013...meh, there weren’t any actual starting QBs in that draft, except the ones who (like Geno) started en route to being exposed. The best QB of that draft was Glennon, followed by Geno. The GM wanted to move on from Sanchez, so there’d be a QB in place when Mr. Buttfumble became cuttable. Hey, at least we didn’t use a 1st rounder on him where he was projected . It’s not like 2016 where we took a bust and there were 3 other probowlers we had the chance to take instead. From 2012-2017 the Jets passed up opportunities to draft 10 probowl QBs: Wilson ‘12, Bridgewater ‘14, Carr ‘14, Garoppolo ‘14, Cousins ‘15, Wentz ‘16, Goff ‘16, Dak ‘16, Watson ‘17, and Mahomes ‘17. Instead the Jets chose: extending Sanchez for 2 more guaranteed seasons, trading for Tim Tebow, drafting Geno Smith, trading for Fitzpatrick, drafting Bryce Petty, re-signing Fitzpatrick + extending Mo, and signing McCown. And yes, if not for Gettleman overthinking draft grades and giving undue loyalty to and belief in 37 year-old Eli Manning - who’d just been benched (for Geno Smith), mind you - yes, you could add Josh Rosen to that list and the Jets’ QB Failure list would extend well past 2017.
  10. When we spent a 2016 1st in 2016, and got back a 2020 6th in 2019 (trade value of a 2019 7th, since we didn't get the 6th rounder until a season after he was traded). Oh yeah, and it'll be the #32 pick in that 6th round at that. I've said a couple times before that Gase would have been better off holding on to Lee, playing him instead of our starter(s) in meaningless preseason snaps. Along the way through the summer, or even the early part of the season, he could have seen if a more desperate team - particularly a playoff contender, or one with a GM/HC on the hot seat - lost a starting MLB/ILB or was displeased with their own healthy starter, and makes us a better offer than a typically-worthless, low 6th rounder a full season later -- especially since Lee's $1.8MM salary was very low for a young, 3-year starter. His net cost was less than that, since he'd have bumped someone else from the roster even if we weren't able to trade him. Gase should explain to Jets fans - before he or his DC had coached him in one contact practice - why Lee was worth a late 6th round pick to the team that became SB champs, but was such an emergency for the Jets to dump for a future late 6th round pick. Look, screw Darron Lee. I didn't like the pick when it was made; I didn't buy into his glorious improvement that was yammered on about to justify the pick; I didn't buy into how he'd arrived and was now a top 5 (if not the #1) ILB in the league because Bowles & the coaches stole Matt Patricia's signals for week 1, where Lee & other defenders knew the plays before the ball was snapped. Also screw him for that video that looked like he was going to beat the piss out of his woman, the phony police report, and surely other things that never reached the fans' eyes/ears.
  11. It's a net loss, not a net gain, when we spend a 1st in the (then) current season's draft and get back a late 6th in a future draft after the current season.
  12. Douglas isn't powerless here; he does have some real leverage, so we shouldn't see any $20MM/year extension shockers. While an Adams holdout is certainly possible, barring a major change in the CBA Adams is more or less locked in for the upcoming 3 years with ~$27MM in new money: $3.5MM (2020), ~$10MM (2021 5th yr option), and ~$14MM (2022 franchise tag). Plus if this doesn't change in the CBA then they can keep him for another year in 2022 at $17MM (4 years $44M in new cash to Adams). This is all just on paper, though, as it understandably sits poorly with the player for him to constantly be in career-ending situations with no long term injury guarantees, and constantly in prove-it years to keep justifying top dollar pay through age 28. If he was a quiet guy with his on-field performance, then meh maybe; but if a big part of the reason to keep a self-promoting publicity whore as an emotional team leader, this is a poor strategy. I think it's a good plan so long as it doesn't kick in before he bothers soliciting any more trade offers. Unlikely to happen, but get the numbers out of the way first, in Feb, and know the team is in no rush to make it official until the ability to make trades opens up in March. It's not my ideal resource allocation, but Douglas - like any of us playing armchair GM - is in the situation he's in, not the situation we'd prefer he was in if we went QB instead of SS back in 2017. He's not realistically going to simply let Adams's contract run out, and I'd be shocked to see any Minkah type trade offers in the offseason before the draft; that's a midseason move well after the draft, if it happens at all.
  13. I think there's a very savvy reason to engage in these discussions right now, and it's beyond just on its face getting him locked up early. This is IF he's thinking along these lines, but it's what I'd do: 1. Engage in talks now. Come very close to an agreement but either (a) don't sign it until some days into the 2020 season, a few weeks from now; or (b) he signs now but doesn't get any new cash until that date. Adams and his agent will know perfectly well why, unless they're both 100% clueless: 2. He can still shop Adams - quietly if possible - for a blockbuster the team is unlikely to get, but hey you don't hit the ball if you don't swing. After #1 above, the Jets can now make this move since they won't be eating a $20-30MM signing bonus. 3. In shopping Adams, he can additionally tell other teams that an extension agreement has already been reached, so they don't have to wonder about his demands while they're not permitted to talk to the player or his agent. 4. If there is no worthy offer, the deal proceeds as signed. The Jets get Adams on a 4-5 year extension beyond his 5th year option (which the Jets were guaranteed to exercise), just like JJ Watt when he signed his monster extension after his 3rd season. They didn't get a discount that day so much as they got a discount over what it'd be after another year or two (like we did with Mo). 5. Here's another reason to do it early: it will get this out of the way before the current CBA expires. Who knows what terms will change, as team-friendly rules like a 5th year option and the franchise tag (and RFA tags) are NFLPA sticking points just like total revenue share; it's very unlikely to get more team-friendly than it is today: What if the franchise tag amount radically changes? What if a team has a choice of a 5th year option OR a franchise tag but not both, because certain positions (RB in particular) are disproportionately harmed financially -- particularly if they enter the draft at age 23-24, where they may not be true, unfettered UFAs until age 29-30? What if the cap grows at an even higher rate than it currently does? This will seem like even less as a percentage of the cap ceiling. If something like that happens, the extra year will be more expensive and/or the extension will last 1 year less. Also the player is less-incentivized to signing an extension now rather than wait a year unless it's his dream to play for the Jets forever.
  14. Lol tell him he gets $1.5MM per sack and the team will pay the first few in advance lol. Have a feeling if he’d have taken such a short prove it deal that Atlanta would have already signed him to it.
  15. It’s a shoo-in there will be some TN jokes coming up. Thanks in advance for the future thread cleanup opportunity.
  16. You weren’t really a wrestler. That was just acting. Also Linda Fiorentino wasn’t actually into you. She was acting, too.
  17. Haha you may have a point on Maccagnan’s greater success in self-preservation. But more likely Rex was there first and he had far more of J&J’s ear than Idzik would ever have. Toss in that, after canning a GM after two years, Maccagnan was always going to have a longer leash. I don’t know that Idzik forgot to include his coach so much as - as some have suggested - getting rid of the coach was part of the plan. Thing is he was so effective in it he got himself canned in the process. However while I think that extended to FA moves he did or didn’t make, I don’t know that I’m conspiratorial enough to believe he purposely drafted busts. 100% on the last part, so long as the poll wasn’t conducted among those true believers whose judgment ultimately is, “Whatever the Jets coach or GM did or does is always right. They are our superiors and know better and that’s why they’re in these positions and not us.” It’s a pathological syndrome that some believe job titles - past or present - connotes competence. Whatever. Daddy used to say there’s an ass for every seat.
  18. Well it was hard for him not to. He’d passed up on opportunities for 5 probowl QBs in the prior 2 drafts. Who honestly gets that many chances?
  19. No it is not end of debate, except to those who only want to hear their own reasoning and no one else’s. Try comparing first 2 drafts to first 2 drafts instead of 2 drafts to 5 (4 of them 5 with top 6 overall picks at that). Both were terrible. Maccagnan did more damage with greater advantages, and was simply dumber.
  20. Did you limit grading Idzik's 2 years to Maccagnan's first 2 years - or is it the players Idzik brought in over 2 years weighed against the cherry-picked players Maccagnan brought in over 5 years? Since the former was deprived of 3 additional draft classes while Maccagnan was, a true apples-to-apples comparison would not even include Adams, Darnold, and more. Also include that Idzik needed to cut major cap room his first year - and still wasn't under it by much after doing so - and that the 2013 draft was a disaster for a lot of teams (particularly among the top 15) since it was so weak up top in particular. Teams were getting far below chart value to move down -- a bad situation for a guy who was no savant in picking college prospects in the first place. He at least did use one of those first mid-round picks on a low-cost, multi-year productive veteran RB in Ivory. Not to mention it was a comparatively huge advantage for a new GM in Macc's shoes to get a total changing of the guard, so there was no concern about playing politics to shed his inherited HC's favorite scrubs like Sanchez and Eric Smith, has-beens like Scott and Pouha, temporarily useful but meh players like Devito and Greene, and a contract-needy Revis who was barely even running at the time (and whom the Bucs cut after just 1 season after that). Also the truth is, as humiliating as the infamous "12 players" draft was, 6 of them were picks in rounds 6-7, and GMs couldn't trade comp picks until years after he was fired. It's the first 6 picks that made it so awful. Bad as his 2 drafts were, there were still 3 players that got lucrative second contracts after their rookie deals. This isn't at all to say Idzik was good - he wasn't, and deserved to get fired - but rather that he was the lesser stinky of the turds because there was at least a plan (even if he wasn't the man to implement it) and greater built-in disadvantages. And yes his deserved dismissal also includes his embarrassing, rambling presser he gave after halfway through the 2014 season that begged for his dismissal. The only regret in firing Idzik is that J&J then signed on with Maccagnan for the next 5 offseasons after that.
  21. That is strange (search tool) but going off memory I recall it more as meh let's just see what happens with wepponz since we're not a SB team with Fitz anyway rather than he will be a good/great QB if only wepponz. Not a subtle difference to me, but this was years ago.
  22. It wasn't without merit. Few coaches get 20 opportunities to win their first superbowl, or survive a drought of 15 years before returning after 1 SB loss. From 2004-2017 Reid had coached his teams to 4 playoff wins in 12 games over 14 seasons. He was the offensive side of the Marty Schottenheimer coin. He seems like a good guy, so good for him that he finally got over the hump. All it took was having the best young QB in the history of planet earth, lol. With a normal probowl QB he and his Chiefs likely don't get past a 24-0 deficit against Houston.
  23. It's worse than that. The big defense over Smith (if you want to call it a defense) was that it's better to go with the unlikely plus upside than go with the unlikely plus no upside. I don't recall anyone saying Smith was so great, or that he likely would be if wepponz. A better analogy is Hackenberg, who couldn't pass Bryce Petty - or Geno Smith lol - on the depth chart. One is want to believe in optimism; the other is - as you say, worse SOJF syndrome that "haters" have - the built in excuse that we've never lost an opportunity because any great player would have sucked for us. But about the safest bet there is = that if Gettleman took Darnold, and the Jets ended up with Rosen, the blame for that QB's failures would have fully passed onto the Jets' coaches, rather than the guy who drafted him after quasi-tanking the prior season. Safer bet than the bet that we'd end up with Darnold a year in advance (or safer even that we might end up with Darnold sitting at #3).

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