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  1. Agree. Very pleased they came to an agreement. Come December (or September, for all we know), with the benefit of hindsight, they may not have needed him but right now so what? With a rookie QB and all these draft picks - all of them making a fraction of what comparable veterans would cost - this is a luxury the Jets can easily afford and should pay. Crowder's a reliable, starter-worthy receiver; the team learned last year that it's better to have one more than needed than one less. Plus they will be in line for a comp pick should he sign elsewhere in March '22 (not a reason on its
  2. It seems your point was to say the Jets aren't swimming in cap space, and to obfuscate numbers to make it seem like they have less than they do. Except...the Jets are swimming in cap space. There's nobody the Jets would like to sign that they couldn't afford & make fit. And that's even if they'd agreed to keep Crowder at his original base salary.
  3. Didn't notice you posted this by the time I hit submit, and saw yours underneath. Oh well. But yes, all of this. Ridiculous to keep counting all the debits and none of the credits, as though the Jets get more roster spots than everyone else. No one seriously thinks the Jets would sign Moses and still keep, in addition to Becton & AVT starting, 2 veteran starter contracts apiece at each of the other 3 OL positions: GVR, Lewis, McGovern, Feeney, Fant, Moses. Absurd.
  4. This is inaccurate. The net Jets' rookie pool cap hit is $9-10MM not $16MM. Even from the link you posted earlier yourself, because they don't just add all these rookies to the roster: 1 comes in, 1 goes out, and you need to remove the out-players from the cap. $6-7MM savings from the full figure. Plus in signing Moses it's hardly commonplace to have the 1st year cap hit = the contract average if taken to its full end. It's common for year 1 to be 10-20% lower than that average (unless it's a 1 year contract). At least $1MM savings, but $2-3MM this year if they so desire = $8-10MM s
  5. I'm just finding it amusing that you're referring to @SouthernJet as a kid. So what are you, like 104 years old?
  6. I don't know as much about that part as some. I mean, it's all in the CBA if you want to read every clause. Ordinarily I'd think a team can always arbitrarily claim it's an excused absence because it's due to something the team caused. In this case these contract negotiations are because the team is demanding a pay cut (in so many words, take a pay cut or you're off the team). So this isn't a player holding out for more than he's due under his current contract, which would not be excused. However, it's possible the team can't make such arbitrary accommodations (i.e. there are specif
  7. I like Crowder and don't want him dumped, but I'd be pretty surprised to get back a 4th rounder even if the Jets ate $8MM of his salary. Anyway I don't see the pick-rich Jets eating that much money just to buy another future low 4th rounder from a contending team. I'd never say never after that Adams trade, but IMO a team that so badly needed a slot receiver could've signed Cole in March for $5-6MM. My top guess is that Crowder gets cut, which isn't my desire. Possible he takes the pay cut the team is seeking, but I've no idea what they be in mind. If he agrees perhaps then gets trad
  8. I could be wrong, but I think if he practices next week and blows out his knee, the PR of that aside, it's tough-ti**y for him. He doesn't have any guarantees left (injury guarantees included). They might give him an injury settlement before releasing him in that situation, just because it looks bad if they don't, but I don't think they're obligated to do so. The league started something new (I think last year) to get some salary paid over the summer, but it isn't much. The only way he gets anything more guaranteed of significance is if he signs a new contract or he officially makes the
  9. Then they don't understand business either.
  10. This. Plus the Jets could sign Moses for $10MM/year, have all his bonus money as roster bonus (all of it hitting this season with no spread over 2-3 years), and still wouldn't need to cut Crowder to sign Moses. The team's in no rush, at least between now & late July when TC starts. But in the end, unless they come to agreement on something north of $5MM I think he'll turn it down & they'll just cut him. Absent a major injury on a team with limited depth at the position, no one's going to ante up a draft pick for one season of Crowder at $10MM, in a year with an artificially-low sa
  11. I guess I could/should have bolded Captain Obvious in the post I was quoting.
  12. Perhaps, but he did come in for a visit. There are other reasons why one would do that, but after getting released I think he just wants another starting job. Granted it's not like he's from the northeast (Washington was probably his dream team: as close as possible to his HS and college; each ~100 miles away). Florham Park's a lot closer to his hometown than Lake Forest, IL. Income taxes are lower there, which isn't zero in his bracket; never know, but I can't see losing out on a starting tackle over that amount if the Jets are serious.
  13. Two 1sts, two 3rds, and a 4th spent the OL in the past 2 drafts. That's on top of 4 new veteran starter contracts from 2020-21 (two with top-10 $ for their respective positions at C and RT). We'll soon see whatever the results will be this year, but he's not been ignoring the position group.
  14. Crowder doesn't have any trade value with one year left at $10MM. Cole has more trade value because he's about half that $, and I don't think he has any trade value either. At least not until someone's top slot receiver is put on IR for the season, and even then we wouldn't get much.
  15. He'd be better off with another team in that case, unless you believe he'd maximize his value on a Jets team with two other slot receivers just brought in, a rookie QB, and a new commitment to getting the TE involved in the passing game. Crowder is right to stick to his guns here. Never mind accepting a 60-70% salary shave to $3-4MM, from a team that knows him, is bad FA optics. If were him I'd rather be a FA this spring/summer and wait for a better opportunity than this one.
  16. It's not that it's the end of the world, so much that it's unnecessary, and the GM's own doing. This impasse was caused as much by fully guaranteeing Cole $5MM as it was by drafting Moore. Personally I'd rather have Crowder than Cole, but what's done is done with Cole's contract. Cole is a good player, even if he's a bit of a downgrade, so it's not like replacing Crowder by bringing back Kerley qgain. Neither veteran is under contract for 2022 anyway, and are both the same age, so this isn't a move about anything other than a couple million bucks during a window of time where so ma
  17. I erased the second half of my post - this was me exhibiting self control lol - about that. How if it was made another decade or two later later they'd have force-fed earlier-generation CGI and wouldn't have been half as good. Would've been like Nazis get melted into The Lawnmower Man or a JarJar Binks level 3D cartoon.
  18. 40 years later this effect is still disgusting and awesome.
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