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  1. 2 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Why do you think it's your job to tell me what my job is?

    I am surely allowed to project my opinion - if you don't agree with my message I am sorry...but tempering enthusiasm is a legitimate use case for a message board.  

    Be excited as you want, I can't stop, nor do I want to - all I'm saying my expectations are, as you stated, tempered.

    Truthfully, if you think a quality performance against The Bengals (and yes, it was mostly check downs - he didn't complete a single 20 yard pass in the air) to realistically view this guy as a potential FQB, I honestly say good for you.  I wish I could share that optimism.  

    In my experience, guys don't play mostly 4 years in the NFL on practice squads and become top 10 NFL QB's...I really do hope I'm wrong. 

    My comments about Mike have nothing to do with Zach - they are two very different situations.  

    My high hopes for Zach have nothing to do with White -Nor sure how you would come to that conclusion.  I certainly haven't claimed anything of the sort. 

    I want Mike White to get the next couple to starts and I hope he proves me wrong.  I'll take all the abuse y'all wanna throw at me when Mike White is a top NFL QB.  

    You are saying far more than your expectations are tempered. You are also saying and trying to influence what others should think, in response to some promising Jets QBing for a change. Site moderators we do have something to say about that. 

    No one cares what his odds of success were, when his starting point was the practice squad, other than that adds some charm to the surprise. His more recent starting point was rostered QB2, not practice squad. He's looked pretty good since his only start, right up to a fluke temporary injury. 

    You didn't say it was mostly checkdowns against the Bengals. You in effect said that's all he did, by wondering outwardly:

    17 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Let's hope he can do more than check-down.

    The obvious insinuation being that is all he did, which is false.

    And every short and intermediate pass is not a checkdown. There are plenty of plays where that is the designed target, including to the RB. And frankly, when under duress and/or when downfield receivers are covered that's he's supposed to do: take what the D is giving while they're giving it. I'm less impressed by a #2 pick throwing a pick in the same type of situation, where I'm to accept the silver lining of the pick being thrown on a frozen rope. 

    White has LOTS more to prove than he's done so far, but with the offense moving the ball while he's out there, there's plenty of reason for any reasonable fan to be optimistic & interested for the upcoming game. People are excited to see what happens next, to enjoy the moment for as long as it lasts, so why this is an issue for you is beyond me.

    You are not unbiased; your bias is obvious. Hey that's fine, but expect pushback when you claim otherwise, as though you're the lone voice of reason on a ship of fools. 

  2. 10 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    What makes you say that?

    I should have unbridled enthusiasm?

    The reality of the situation is far different than fans on this board are making it out to be.

    I'm just trying to look at this from a non-biased perspective.

    Let's hope he can do more than check-down.  Maybe he can be successful throwing the ball downfield, I sure hope so - but we have nothing to believe he can - nothing to believe he can't either...

    But it is a necessary part of being an NFL QB - and the level of enthusiasm for him - based on one good and one bad performance is, IMO, an overreaction.

    Honestly, would love it if he was the guy we're all hoping he can be - but the actual likelihood of that, while certainly being possible, is still quite small.

    No, it's that sometimes you shouldn't say anything if "unbiased" is what you're looking to project. 

    It's not your elected job to temper the early enthusiasm of fans who are justifiably happy over a decidedly unexpected and pleasant surprise. You're pissing all over what is still just temporary elation. No one's calling for 10-year Mike White extensions, so what's it to you?

    The last thing you're coming across as here is "unbiased" -- unbiased wouldn't be enumerating the disadvantages of one while making nothing of so many initial on-field failures of the other. It's clear you're conflating White playing it mostly safer in his first start - something I wish Wilson had done, frankly - with not having enough arm to deliver a pass downfield or throw a deep out.

    White may never be more than a backup long term, but that doesn't therefore mean he's got Luke Falk's arm. That further certainly doesn't make your - I'm sorry, ridiculous - Whitewashed retelling of the Bengals game accurate, as though he completed 37 checkdowns (on top of the 3  others that bounced off receivers' hands). 

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  3. 6 hours ago, slimjasi said:


    BUT, it also makes sense to keep reiterating how unlikely it is that Mike White is finally the guy. This early into Chad's career, people were calling him Montana. So a healthy skepticism is warranted. 

    I will say that a part of me always thought when the Jets finally did find the next guy, he would come out of nowhere like White has. Still - I'll believe it when I see it. 

    I wasn't making predictions as to likelihood; big duh one start plus one drive doesn't yet make him anything long term. 

    I was making a statement along the lines of IDGAF if it ends up being White rather than Wilson.

    Also IDGAF if it's Wilson, and White regresses back to QB3/PS status.

    In other words, IDGAF which one ends up being worth starting for 5-10 years or more. If any under-contract Jet (still in his 20s, no less) proves to be a FQB, I am a happy sperm.

  4. Just now, Green Ghost said:

    If he balls out again, this time in Buffalo, is there a QB controversy?

    We'll see what happens against Buffalo.

    Pretty funny, as recently as a month ago you'd be hard-pressed to find two Jets fans who felt he was good enough to be the QB2, and both would've purely felt that way because White was super cheap plus he didn't cost any additional draft picks. 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    guy gets injured year 2 after getting his knee rolled up because the RG is terrible so he's a complete bust. my lord. 

    This thread really has some of the worst takes.

    A bit like an insurance company claiming someone is accident prone because someone smashed into his car after running a stop sign.

    I could see it if he was constantly getting injured in college. At this point he's had one injury as a rookie that I guess one could wonder was influenced by lack of training, itself following an almost non-existent TC due to covid.

    But ok we've seen enough on his career. He doesn't have Fant's ability or durability or something, and we should move him to backup RG until his contract is up because Wirfs. It's not like Fant ever got injured here, nor ever missed a whole season in Seattle when he was supposed to start at LT himself.

    Best thing for Becton may be seeing Fant not crapping the bed while he was out, if he only gets his job back if/after crushing it on the field in practice.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Fant is a borderline starter/backup type guy. He's a much better backup tackle than we've had in the past - credit to Douglas for that.


    Not too much credit. Backup tackles don’t carry $10MM cap numbers.

    Starting at LT for a season, and generally doing a good job of keeping edge rushers off the QB, that money is about right after docking him points for his run blocking. 

    And I’m still not getting why Fant should be so comparatively bleh in the running game. Maybe he’s just not that strong, I mean for a man his size; he’s huge, and far more massive than any ends or OLBs. I don’t know.

    I’d still rather Douglas ponied up for Conklin, whom every late Feb/early March insider then-expected to sign here at upwards of $18-19MM/yr. Then Cleveland gets him for millions less per and there isn't any leak that the tackle-less Jets even made him an offer.

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  7. On 11/10/2021 at 7:21 PM, David Harris said:

    Moses is having his worst pass protection year ever, giving up a pressure 11% of dropbacks- prior to that his worst was last year at 5.5% which is below average.  I don’t want him starting next year. 

    Fant is a very solid pass protector at LT but he’s not as good at RT, and he’s a liability in the run game everywhere.  Plus he’s due $11 mill next year.   He’s a great backup swing tackle but I think another team desperate for a decent LT (Jacksonville?) would be happy to have him start the blind side.

    I expect JD to balk at Scherffs price in FA.  Perhaps one of the other FA guards for RG. 

    If available I’d go Evan Neal with our top pick. Cut Moses. Try to restructure Fant, he’ll decline and JD trades or cuts him.

    with Seattle’s pick I think go Cb (many of them) or Edge (Karlaftis).

     I’d be happy with a center or guard but just thinking about opportunity cost.


    Replace GVR with a veteran (don’t know who yet). 

    Re-sign Moses for $6MM/yr (could go up to 7 if necessary, but he shouldn’t be a bank breaker and won’t command 2 fully guaranteed $ seasons anyway.

    Retain McGovern (one year left), still draft a G-C prospect, but definitely not in the top half of round 1.

    AVT obviously nothing to do there. 

    Fant is still under contract 1 more year as well, but his $ is too high priced for anything other than starting at LT. Bring him back, with Becton, at least until the draft to see if another tackle slipped to then unexpectedly. If not then still hang on for the time being.

    Fant can be cut anytime, so there’s no rush to do anything until final cut downs in late Aug at the earliest. May even be able to trade him for a draft pick if someone loses a starting tackle (LT in particular) over the summer. If he’s not starting opening day and no one wants to fork over a pick for him, put the summer salary squeeze on him since he’s not getting $10MM as a sudden FA in late August. If he accepts a pay cut, as most do, he’s great insurance at both tackle positions and could still be traded by the deadline if he’s not starting and someone is desperate.

    Net new faces:

    Veteran RG. Whom that is will determine whether or not a 1st rd lineman is even a consideration a month later. If it’s someone serious, round 2 at the earliest for any OL position / they can play BAP since they still have enough picks to fill needs. 

    Nothing permanent to decide in March 2022, but plan for life without Fant and McGovern and maybe Moses in ‘23.

  8. To @Beerfish's point, it's really early yet.

    That '99 QB class, touted as being on par with '83 heading into the draft, wasn't off to a lightning start either:

    • #1 Couch was meh for a rookie, but really never got any better than meh. Heading into week 10, his 68 passer rating made him the class of this class. He had one outstanding game but, even with that averaged in, after 9 games his numbers were 7 TDs, 6 INTs, and 7 fumbles. It was Cleveland's first year back since Modell turned the last Browns team into the Ravens, though, so whatever decent players they had were all new to each other.
    • #2 McNabb had a damn solid career but was pretty terrible as a rookie, like we'd imagine Hackenberg throwing if given the chance here. By Nov 10th he hadn't yet thrown a TD to his lone pick and 2 fumbles, and his QBR was 43, which coincidentally matched his completion percentage. He took 12 sacks on 63 dropbacks. So, he hardly looked like a borderline HOFer at that point. 
    • #3 Akili Smith... needs no clarification. Ultra-bust taken.
    • #11 Culpepper - was Minnesota's QB3 and never saw the field as a rookie
    • #12 McNown - marginally better than Akili Smith. His lone good showing as a rookie came in December. Also just an a-hole.
    • #50 King - was still on the bench; first start was in December
    • #77 Brock Huard
    • #101 Joe Germaine
    • #131 Aaron Brooks - was pretty good for a bit for New Orleans, but rode the pine as a rookie.
    • #151 Kevin Daft
    • Rd 7 - Michael Bishop, Chris Greisen, Scott Covington

    Entering week 10...zero of them looked like they were destined for greatness either. None of them looked even decent, really.

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  9. On 11/8/2021 at 1:04 PM, FidelioJet said:

    I suspect he wanted out because they suck.

    I can't imagine him willing to come here.

    I thought about this again just now.

    Everyone wants to play for a winner, all other things bring equal. Except they’re not equal. 

    Unless he wants to cash it quits for good after this season, I’d think Fells would want to go anywhere that would present him with a starting opportunity where they’ll throw him the ball a couple times per game. 

  10. 5 hours ago, flgreen said:

    Out dated by a few months but,


    10 Highest-paid Backup QBs in the NFL
    (Average Annual Salary)
    Player Team Avg. Annual $
    Taysom Hill NO $12,000,000
    Teddy Bridgewater DEN $11,499,000
    Trey Lance SF $8,526,319
    Nick Foles CHI $8,000,000
    Case Keenum CLE $6,000,000
    Tyrod Taylor HOU $5,500,000
    Jacoby Brissett MIA $5,000,000
    Mason Rudolph PIT $5,000,000
    Justin Fields CHI $4,717,989
    Mac Jones NE $3,896,588

    2021 isn't the only year ever. There's an artificially lower cap ceiling following 2020's attendance, which will go back up in '22.

    2020 had Hill at $16MM, Brissett at $15MM, Mariota at $9MM, Foles at $8MM, Keenum at $6MM, Fitz at $5.5MM. 

    $4MM usually got a team Chase Daniel or AJ McCarron. Andy Dalton was a relative bargain st $4MM after he hit his 50% PT incentive (this year he got $10MM, all guaranteed, along with the Foles $8MM above, before Chicago knew how the draft would unfold).

    Also don't discount incentives: a RFA tag is also capped. A much cheaper base deal for a backup QB with some decent past starting history could have incentives that can bring it far higher if he ends up starting, which is plenty fair.

  11. 1 hour ago, Scott Dierking said:

    The talents of Wilson would really be enhanced by the ability to run the ball productively. Imagine if you will that the Jets had a super, terrific left side of their offensive line. A left side of their offensive line that were road graders. Road graders so that some back, let's say like Michael Carter, that is quick on his feet and can exploit holes and an edge.  

    So let's now say that you have effectively established early in the game. That will then get the linebackers and back 7 cheating on plays, particularly in play action.

    Now, let's imagine a quarterback like Zach Wilson who has shown an ability to throw on the run and works that game well. Just think what you could do if he did a play action, naked bootleg to the right, that the defense is all of a sudden baited in moving to their own right, in reaction to defending the play action.

    You have now opened up the field for a young qb, with supposed options. 

    One thing that has helped White (and to a lesser degree Johnson), is the Jets showed they could effectively run the ball. That is how those check downs open up. 

    Now that is n't everything, but you can see why Lafleur tried to establish run so early. It can really help a young qb.

    It's inarguable that helps, but like you say at the end, it isn't everything. 

    I can't believe it hasn't dawned upon Wilson how effective these lesser-talent QBs are being in the same offense - even without their WR1 - and he can't just claim running-game victim here as though no one could perform under these circumstances.

    We'll see how he responds to it on the field. I've never subscribed to one of the dumber Parcells-isms that a player can't lose his starting job to injury. It's White's job now, at least for a while until he gets injury or fades. Saleh doesn't have the clout to take out a QB who's moving the offense, and only near-instant successful turnaround from Wilson would fix such a self-inflicted wound. Worse still, it runs the risk of the team turning on Wilson as well. 

    They drafted him to play not to be a QB2, but he's got more things to work out. The wow throw here & there aside, his prior (BYU) consistent accuracy just hasn't been there, and that isn't getting fixed by the running game (unless it's to have a successful running game help hide it, like with Sanchez).

    He also needs better discipline in taking what the D is giving them. There are times to go for the jugular and show off that right arm, but it's not nearly as often. No one wants to turn an x-factor armed QB into Kyle Orton or Jon Kitna. He's got to play like he realizes these aren't 3rd rate college defenses he's facing. Aaron Rodgers has more arm than Wilson and better fastball accuracy than everybody, and even he can barely hit his deep threat WR at better than a 50% clip. 

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  12. 17 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    Whoa whoa whoa...... OBJ is not a true #1 now, he has faded, but he 100% for sure was one his first three years.

    The point wasn't that he isn't as great as he once was, nor to lessen his performance with the Giants (on the field, and when healthy).

    Rather it's that, had he gotten drafted by the Jets, he would've been considered "not a true #1" around here, and those expressing as much would've pointed to things ranging from his unimposing stature to the lack of 1300-1500 yard seasons as evidence.

  13. 3 hours ago, rbstern said:


    The math won't work out that way.  His four year deal was worth $16 mil.  About $9 mil of that was guaranteed signing bonus.   In theory, between 1.5 years comp and signing bonus, he earned about $11 mil.  BUT, the Raiders will  likely seek to void the fully guaranted signing bonus (possible when the person receiving the bonus does something morally repugnant and illegal).  His total comp for his 1.5 years in the league, if the bonus guarantee is voided, will be about $6 mil.   He'll have to pay back the pro-rated portion of the signing bonus, assuming he has it.

    Factor in:  Agent fees, federal and state taxes.  That's easily 50% of the gross.  

    Unknown:  Cost of legal fees to represent him in this case.  

    Unknown: Income from endorsement deals (now dead, too).

    Unknown: What investments he might have made since the signing.

    Also unknown:  How much $$$ he gave away or blew on things like Corvettes, jewelry, vacations, etc.

    My guess is, if he's lucky, his girlfriend, daughter and mom will have enough money to be comfortable for a few years, and Mr. Ruggs will then be broke.




    No state income tax in NV, which is where he received his signing bonus. 

    But yeah the Raiders are going to get a portion of that back - or at least seek it - and if they do that'll probably get done before any lawsuit settlement, leaving the decedent's family SOL unfortunately.

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