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  1. Are you like, completely unaware that he completed 5 of 6 passes yesterday morning?
  2. May as well. He told Fant he'd be playing LT lol. Probably why he got so much $$$ out of Douglas while the RT who beat Fant out for the starting job in Seattle got the veteran minimum from Chicago in the same 2020 offseason.
  3. The forever circular logic that even good coaches couldn't succeed here because we didn't have good players, but even if we drafted good players we'd never know it because the coaches aren't good, but back to we have no way of properly judging the coaches as being truly not-good because the players aren't good enough. Then move on to the same rationale of "can't judge without" among the QB, RB, WRs, TE, and OL. And may as well throw in the defense can't be judged with a bad offense and vice versa, just for the sake of completeness. Also you can't complain about any of it, other
  4. So I don't get any praise for him whatsoever, just because of a need to grade him on a curve. That's like saying it's a good thing we drafted Sanchez and then Geno and then Petty and then Hackenberg and then Darnold, because it eventually led to drafting Wilson (assuming he's even all that). Or "If I didn't get into a car accident, I wouldn't have gotten a new car. And I like my new car. Therefore it was a good thing I got into a car accident." Except in this case it's 3 car accidents - one for each of the 3 prior CJ seasons - so that we could rejoice at the arrival of our new c
  5. I think you're selling him a little short. Remember there's an extra game you haven't factored in.
  6. I'm amazed anyone believes he was anything other than a disaster. It is not a good thing to fully waste the past 3 NFL seasons and strain oneself to rationalize it because it seems we're exiting from the disaster he oversaw. Chris Johnson is an imbecile who was wholly unqualified for even temporary stewardship of the team. Any number of casual fans would have done a better job. If he was so wonderful he'd have told his brother, "Hey, I don't think I should be in charge here. I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing and don't know anyone who does."
  7. He did? My recollection was that it was because he didn't know what he was doing himself. I take CJ at his own word, which he publicly admitted, that he was in over his head. First when he extended both of them, and then when he retained one a year later. The only reason Douglas is even here is because of dumb luck: that Gase was enough of a dick to push for Maccagnan to get fired, plus happened to have enough of a past, direct connection to Douglas to get him interested in the job before that. Left to Chris Johnson's devices alone, Maccagnan would arguably still be the GM. Or
  8. The problem with this plan is it presumes all the cap room will go to others' FAs when this magical day comes, and they'll all choose to come here because we waited for them and saved up $70MM in 2022 cap space, instead of a mere $63MM, before they start cutting dead weight. I wouldn't write blank checks to anyone just because he's available, but the team has more than enough cap room not just now, but next year, and even more the year after that. The only reason to not sign Moses is if they don't think there's a starting spot for him this year. Becton's weight has put into question
  9. You mean the first mistake after giving Bowles and Maccagnan extensions a year earlier? No mulligan: 5 years laboring on a chain gang. And Woody should get at least a few himself for putting Fredo in charge in the first place.
  10. If they sign Moses, Becton is back at 100% by late August, and they don't see starting positions for all 3 (i.e. the #3 tackle would also be a downgrade at RG over the 4 other contenders), technically they could cut Fant. Not at all ideal, since they already guaranteed half his salary, but it's doable and would still save almost $4.5MM overall. They can't put a squeeze on Fant, like with Lewis or Crowder, because he's already got $4.5MM fully guaranteed. Alternatively he could be traded to a desperate team that loses its LT this summer to get out of most or all of it, if that opportunity prese
  11. I see what I want to see lol
  12. I took it to mean he was insurance because our LT may not see the field as expected; not that Moses would be playing LT.
  13. This. He's looking at Moses because of Becton. If he didn't like Fant at all he wouldn't have let another guarantee kick in back in March. It's because our hella-talented LT eats too many pizzas & has foot issues because of it that, for all we know today, might not be right this season. It's upsetting. He could be a great one.
  14. I agree he's a bit overpaid, but disagree with the idea that his $10MM salary - instead of a $7MM salary, or even a $1MM salary - is keeping the team from signing anyone else. They've got somewhere in the $25-30MM range of cap space for this year and the rookies should take away another $10MM. Even at full price, Crowder at full price isn't stopping the Jets from signing anyone. Also as of today he's not any more of a part time player than the day he was signed. Cole hasn't taken anyone's starting (or as a slot receiver, semi-starting) job. Plus people are assuming Moore will play h
  15. He made a tackle in the last one!
  16. Crowder's not getting kept at his current salary, which is the whole reason he's not with the team yet. I don't think they're looking to extend him either; more likely it's just a pay cut. There are a lot more bodies here to be excited about than when he was signed, and while he was good it's not like he was putting up Victor Cruz slot numbers. Teams do pay players to be "just" slot receivers and not play on special teams. The Jets certainly have enough young WRs and RBs (and DBs) to return kicks & punts, and neither Crowder nor Cole are fast enough to be gunners in the first place.
  17. Hey **** you, buddy. Typing more words means I know more stuffs. I'm sticking with that.
  18. It was also the season their top 2 wideouts missed significant time (Robinson missing the last 15 games outright). He's had hands problems most of his career, which is my biggest concern. Once Robinson left for Chicago he should have seen a lot more balls (hey now) than he did in 2018. He outright lost his job in 2019 & was relegated to reserve. In 2020 he was really the only slot receiver on the roster, when they called over 650 pass plays, mostly from a weak-armed QB who'd unsurprisingly target a shorter-route receiver plenty. He's definitely solid depth - experienced, some producti
  19. No, we can't wait. We have to do it now lol. Regardless, it's an assessment that a trading team need to make before the season, not after it. Tennessee wasn't in a position to wait until they see how he did in 2021 before going back in time to trade for him to play for them in 2021. Last year's injuries don't indicate this year's injuries. And I'm not even going to touch comparing Mims to Jones, let alone the silly idea that two different soft tissue injuries are equal just because it's the same body part. Further, you're 100% wrong as to why Atlanta traded him. I figured every
  20. Tennessee really isn't giving up much. Yeah it's a 2nd rounder, but it's in 2022 not this year. They get the player now but don't have to give up anything this season. There's a reason future-year picks are typically valued at a round lower than the current year. The 2023 4th rounder (also expectedly a lower one) has even less value. On paper it's like a 6th rounder this year. Not exactly, but not far off because Tennessee figures to be picking in the 20s: barring a Tannehill injury they should run away with that division. All in this seems roughly the compensation for the high 3rd round
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