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  1. 1 hour ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:

    So with a $24M cap hit next season he's off the team right?

    It’s not - they created fluff/fake years with the restructure - but regardless it’ll be a $13MM decision to keep or cut. 

  2. 3 hours ago, JiF4Lamar said:

    He said something along the lines of he's just another back up but he has good relationships w/ his back ups blah blah blah and then he played injured last year instead of letting Love come in so he probably hates his guts maybe, idk, it sounds good for my case that he's not going to be a leader and/or try to develop Zach.  That's not his job, his job is to win the Jets a Super Bowl, if he still wants to play Football. 


    Would be nice, though at this point I’ll believe Zach can be developed when I see it.

    No QBs have said or hinted Rodgers gave Love the Favre treatment that was given to him.

    And yes his job is to be the QB not a full time mentor, but there isn’t a GB QB who’s said he was anything  but helpful. Maybe that changes after he’soff the team and alive unload on him, but catching him in a passive aggressive comment after the team blindsided him with the pick, before he’d even met Love in person, doesn’t mean he’s been a douche or unhelpful to the kiddies.

    Mentoring is for Josh McCown types, or impossibly nice guys like Warner.

  3. 1 hour ago, JiF4Lamar said:

    He's a mercenary at this point.  He refused to help develop Love, he didnt show up to OTA's to develop chemistry w/ his rookie WR's and now he's holding 2 teams hostage as he plays attention whore diva games.  I wouldnt expect much leadership here.  He doesnt care about the Jets, he doesnt even care about the Packers.  lol 


    He did?

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  4. 1 hour ago, JetsRay said:

    I think Rogers not being settled also holds up the market to the Jets advantage, that is the take away I came away with from the original post.

    I think there could be some truth to it, but I think the bigger part of the hold up is the timing of Rogers current contract, when certain money that would pay out to him and what it means for the Jets as part of the trade.

    I don't know, but don't think so. Everyone knows he's due about $60MM in a lump sum right before the first game. If there was a big problem with that worst-case scenario, they wouldn't be in talks.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    They can recruit on the down low, especially if rodgers is helping behind the scenes. 

    I'm still not seeing the advantage. What is it they gain again, while also allowing the potential for a better team to have a change of heart & swoop in and blow GB away with a better offer.

    You don't eff around with this -- seal the deal & then there's nothing in question, asking FAs (some of whom won't sign with the team) to be in on a secret that's being kept from the league?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Augustiniak said:

    I had a new theory.  Maybe it’s the jets that are keeping this under wraps.  What if rodgers told the jets yes, and the jets are content to restructure contracts, etc., while keeping the whole league in the dark. They’re able to get all their FA targets ready without the nfl knowing if they have rodgers or not.  It’s to the jets’ advantage NOT to announce this until the latest possible time 

    Isn't it to the Jets' advantage to attract FAs by showing off their new QB instead of a QB room that - until it's official - currently contains just Zach Wilson and Chris Streveler?

    New FAs can - and likely will - be heavily backloaded contracts.

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  7. 33 minutes ago, slats said:

    Someone posted on that most reliable of news sources, facebook, that the trade won’t happen until after the 17th, because Rodgers’ $59M salary/bonus can’t be exercised until then. For accounting purposes, if it happened earlier, the Jets would have to clear that entire amount before converting it to bonus money and spreading it out. I’m not sure that’s true, but here’s an article about his contract that discusses that particular date: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/aaron-rodgers-contract-details-salary-cap-impact-bonuses/

    So maybe it can’t happen until after 3/17, or maybe not, lol. 

    I'd think the Jets, in just taking over the contract, would naturally exercise it with the passage of time through the 17th. They'd be taking over his contract which has this happening as the scheduled course of events.

    Possible, sure, but I'm still not seeing how. I guess in theory the Jets could trade for Rodgers and then release him hours later, to avoid that guarantee from kicking in, but that'd be pretty strange. Or maybe I just skimmed past the important part that would've explained it to my dumb ass.

    Doesn't matter anyway. Like I said last week, after the dust settles & people aren't refreshing Aaron Rodgers news waiting for it to happen, in hindsight this is going to seem like the worst-kept secret from the 2023 offseason. The only thing left was coming up with compensation agreeable to both teams, which it seems has been banged out. 

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  8. 17 hours ago, Bleedin Green said:

    Yeah, Tomlinson isn't going anywhere and was the reason for AVT's initial move to RG, so no real point in swapping them this year.  Granted it would be ideal to just replace Tomlinson all together, but they've got enough issues at center and tackle that guard really isn't something they have the luxury of messing with this year.

    It's a good time to create a pipeline, though, rather than repeat the scenario they've now got at center, which is that they have nothing & now can't really afford to rely upon the draft for a lateral or upgraded move without paying through the nose.

    It's a popular plan among fans, but a GM can't gamble his season on "just draft a center" and presume it instantly generates an amply performing day-one starter. It's a great plan ONLY IF it pans out, and pans out right away at that. As likely as not - especially if you don't use a top-35 pick on the position - you end up with Luke Fortner, Mason Cole, Drew Dalman, etc. And sometimes even when you do commit a 1st rounder to filling the center position you get Bradbury, Ruiz, or Price.

    There have been some good performers and good prospects at the position: Humphrey, Jergens, Linderbaum. There have been others who've panned out but it took them 2-3 years to become reliable -- Connor Williams, Hainsey. Also consider Josh Myers was drafted ahead of Humphrey; that's been a huge mistake and even if he does ultimately pan out he certainly didn't as a rookie.

    Taking this back to guard, yeah they should draft the next one now, because plan that - as likely as not - this year's pipeline prospect will suck & they'll need a second swing at it. 

  9. 7 hours ago, Bleedin Green said:

    Yeah, Tomlinson isn't going anywhere and was the reason for AVT's initial move to RG, so no real point in swapping them this year.  Granted it would be ideal to just replace Tomlinson all together, but they've got enough issues at center and tackle that guard really isn't something they have the luxury of messing with this year.

    They'd need a trade partner to take on his $13MM is what they'd need to replace Tomlinson.

    Either that or make him the highest-paid backup guard in history.

    Since neither of those things is happening, he's the starting LG this year. Just hope he bounces back to prior form.

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  10. 1 hour ago, bitonti said:

    Considering how little jd gets out of the day 3 picks, very little 

    Something tells me that the ravens will find a use for it tho 

    The Ravens have never had a 7th round pick pan out for them in the 27-year history of their franchise. 

  11. 24 minutes ago, Hex said:

    DeAndre Hopkins is a better option, even when considering trade value. Getting a WR in the draft is a better option in terms of price and longevity. 

    In my opinion Lazard is a better option than Thielen, but that one is more subjective.

    Jakobi Meyers might be available too, and I would prefer him over Thielen too.

    They should have at least one veteran WR in the huddle imo. That's been Davis, but only for half the games lol. I guess they have a veteran TE, but meh.

    No one would doubt the upside of a day 1-2 WR is way better (and cheaper and for more years) but the senior veteran WRs shouldn't be a toss up between Mims or Moore.

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  12. 2 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

    I believe I read somewhere that it will be a 2nd round tender. Too small to set edge. Basically a designated PR


    The alternative is merely a first right to match but with no compensation if they don't (beyond I suppose a potential comp pick in 2024, but that won't be too high). I didn't see it written anywhere myself but yeah, I expect a 2nd round tender.

    No one's surrendering a 1st - nor a 2nd - for the rights to sign him away from us long term, so a 1st round tag makes no sense. The Jets could negotiate down below a 2nd if someone contacted Douglas, I think, but he's under no obligation to accept that.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

    He was an obvious cap casualty. Hopefully lawson and or JFM is next 

    I don't know, but am guessing it won't be JFM, but imo Lawson yes and probably both Davises.

    JFM has brain farts, but he's a more-rounded player & stays healthy. They have a couple young edge guys they just drafted plus am figuring they're going to RFA-tag Huff as well. Beyond those guys they can also add cheaper depth but should be a far cry from using up Lawson's $15MM savings. 

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  14. 59 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    We need to lock up Bryce Huff before the FA period,

    He's going to get RFA-tagged, or so I'd hope/imagine. They just need to clear a little space first before the major moves get done.

  15. 1 hour ago, Bleedin Green said:

    Totally fair points and I actually don't disagree with any of what you're saying.  There are a number of reasons that it does make sense in the moment, but my main point is 99% of the time these moves are done, it's in response to past poor decisions.

    In fairness, there is reason for motivation to try to do what you can with those kind of moves to not have it cripple the team, but when it starts happening with any particular frequency I don't see those moves as particularly praise-worthy, as it just means there's a longer list of past screw-ups that you need to keep trying to fix.  That can start to accumulate over time if it happens enough, which was no small part in how the Jets fell off a cliff post-2010 with a superior team.

    Of course if those start trending downward, or better yet the team is able to start shedding some of those contracts entirely and replacing them with draft picks at a much cheaper rate, then that quickly changes things.  In the meantime, I'm not really looking to applaud those situations where the current situation is no more than "well that terrible deal is now a little less bad for this year".  To your point it gives them an opportunity to try to fix that, and if they're successful I'll be more than happy to give credit for that, but not before they've shown that they've learned from those past mistakes and not simply repeat them.

    No doubt, but it's hard to get it right that often, especially when the cupboard is pretty bare at the start of a regime. 

    We all lament every misstep, and it's justified on an individual basis, but they all whiff. Was SF a QB away from the SB? Quite possibly, if not probably. They're a very well-run org and look at what they threw at a QB who - despite being outright handed the QB1 job - has seen the field barely more than Christian Hackenberg & has looked about as good while on it.

    What a lot of these soon-regretted contracts also reveal is it's not always a great thing to have a mountain of cap $ for a FA shopping spree. Saving it all up for one offseason you basically get a big influx from that FA group, not necessarily the best person you need at just this or that position -- you get less choosy. The Jets had no TE (none of those crying over "giving away" Chris Herndon bring it up anymore), and they were running an offense that went primarily through the TE position in SF. The option wasn't bring in the best TE in the league so much as bring in the best TE (TEs) they could get their hands on, and further which ones had few enough options to come to the ****ing Jets. The way around that is to pay more than others would, out of necessity, and that's how you end up with these two TE contracts guaranteed for 2 seasons. Past missteps begets future missteps.

    We all have targeted this or that player in the draft or FA, and few bring it up when that would've resulted in a disastrous draft selection or cap albatross. PLENTY on here wanted Josh Rosen in 2018 - at least through March - though few will now admit it. How many argued in favor of the shrewdness of adding Trumaine Johnson at $16MM/year? It wasn't just one or two guys here. It's really easy when you get to count your good ideas and forget the bad ones ever happened. GMs don't get to do that. But yeah it's still between frustrating & infuriating when it happens, and the ones that do it with such regularity make a starved fan base positively enraged. 

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