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  1. 4 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I'm suspect he wanted out because they suck.

    I can't imagine him willing to come here.

    He doesn't get any say in it if the Jets claim him off waivers.

    On the one hand, if he's going to be a malcontent and sulk and/or not try it hardly seems worth the time. On the other hand that shouldn't be allowed anyway: he signed a contract, and then asked for his release knowing there's a waiver system in place.

    The tail can't wag the dog, or anyway it's the same rules for everyone but this 35 year-old backup TE. Otherwise the waiver system is a sham if someone just refuses, since it's crappy teams at the top of the waiver wire anyway. 

    Fells isn't and has never been all that, but the Jets sure need another TE anyway. Plus he makes the veteran minimum for half a season now, so he's as good a gamble as they're going to find available after the trade deadline in November anyway. He'd have to get past 3 other teams first (since the Lions won't put in a claim for him).  

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  2. 1 hour ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    We all know that was a HORRIBLE call. The problem is a foul like that is a judgment call. At what point would that hit/push by Donald be a penalty? If he was a tenth of a second later? 2 tenths of a second later? 3 tenths of a second later? 

    A play can't really be reviewed if there is no black or white answer for the replay booth. An out of bounds play, a catch, have specific rules. A late hit, does not. That's why they did away with reviews of PI calls. It was just too messy. 


    The problem with a ref's judgment is he's seeing it so fast all he sees is the hit. He may miss someone getting pushed into the QB. He may miss a LB committing to go lower but then a WR dips his own head down and now it's helmet to helmet. He may miss a defender attempting to tackle/hit with his shoulder pads but the QB or ball-carrier's body suddenly shifts sideways and now in real time all you see is a defender leading with his helmet. 

    It's not always a black & white answer. Very often there's no evidence one way or the other, so they leave the call on the field even if they suspect otherwise. And other times there's no clear unquestionable evidence to overturn yet they overturn anyway. 

    If they're going to have other judgment calls reviewable ("it looked like he stepped out") then this should be as well ("it looked like he led with his helmet"). Same logic as judging that Testaverde got the ball over the line against Seattle; nowadays that would've been reviewed, overturned, Seattle would've made the playoffs, and Erickson would've had one more season before getting fired. 

    It'd suck that the games would take that much longer, especially considering the number of flags there are, but you can't have an entire possession or score or ultimately the entire game outcome determined by a dead-wrong judgment call. So maybe you just limit it to once per game, win or lose (you don't get a second one even if they overturn it): coaches won't throw the red flag unless they feel it's a game-altering moment. But none of this "not in the last 2 minutes" stuff unless they're all getting reviewed anyway.

    Wrong is wrong. There may be an equal number of bad flags in both directions during a game, but that doesn't therefore mean they are equally harmful. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    Look at Robby's stats with and without Sam Darnold. Robby without Sam produces like a descent #2 or #3 option at WR.

    2017 without Sam Darnold 63 catches 941 yards 7 TDs (This was his second year in the league). If Elijah Moore puts up these types of numbers next year, Jets fans will be excited.

    2018-2019: Robby averages ~50 catches ~765 yards 5.5 TDs (With Darnold)

    2020: 95 catches 1,096 yards 3 TDs (Without Darnold)

    2021: Back to being with Darnold and he is on pace for ~40 catches, ~435 yards, ~4 TDs



    Actually even 2017 wasn't all with a legit QB either. Remember the last 3+ games was Bryce Petty. 

    With McCown = 65 yards/game

    With Bridgewater = 68 yards/game

    With Darnold = under 50 yards/game

    Anderson is having a horrid season, and it's not all because of Darnold - he does have 6 drops - but watching a compilation on youtube from a couple weeks ago, not even half the passes thrown Anderson's way are catchable. On most throws he either wasn't open and Darnold threw it to him anyway, or he was open and Darnold missed him. 

    Even some of the drops came in too hot for short yardage, but an 8-figure/year WR is expected to catch those. Drops are drops. 

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  4. 45 minutes ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

    Oh damn I didnt know lmao

    It's true, but they also had Bridgewater signed for 2 guaranteed years as well - including this season - and got out of that a year early by eating it. 

    I can see taking a shot on Darnold for a 2nd rounder, I guess. What I can't wrap my head around is then doubling down on him by guaranteeing him $19MM next year, before his first practice with the team, and more importantly to see him up close handling adversity in live action.

    Purely from a risk/reward standpoint - risking a guaranteed $19MM for a potential reward of $9MM savings on the franchise tag - that was a poor gamble. Never mind they could've worked on an extension at any time during the season if they liked what they saw. The whole thing with acquiring Darnold was it was a relatively low risk pick to try him out and see if they could find a FQB without expending a high pick this year: low risk, high reward. Then they threw that in the garbage.

    Now they've got a loser QB, whose upside is still purely imaginary at this point, and next year they're down a 2nd, a 4th, and $19MM for the privilege.

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  5. 2 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    I just had this thought jump into my head too...Corey Davis seems much more like a body catcher than Mims. 

    Well I don't know if you can be much more of a body-catcher than 80% of his opportunities to do so last year, and 100% of his opportunities to do so this year. So the alarming/notable thing is the disproportionate rate at which Mims has been doing it. I don't even think Mims has got bad hands when he uses them, making it even worse. They all body catch sometimes, though.

    No doubt, Davis has been a disappointment this year. A couple really nice catches of his don't erase his amount of drops and other f-ups (followed by missing both games on the team's short week). It's not lost on me that Wilson wasn't the only starter who didn't see the field for either of these past two 400 yard passing games. 

    Davis's recorded drops numbers are probably generous at 5 (which is a preposterous number to have at this juncture even if accurate). Even if that was all of them, you can't have a $13MM receiver dropping every 8th-9th pass thrown his way. Wilson's pass placement has hardly been spot-on, but at that money a big WR like Davis is expected to catch 95% of anything catchable. 

    Davis had the opportunity to body-catch these attempts:

    1. Preseason Week 2 - used his hands (as opposed to jumping to body-catch it). Accidentally started with this game. Stopped after this play after remembering GB was preseason lol. It's the weekend; sue me.
    2. Week 1 - used his hands
    3. Week 1 - (TD) used his body, but the pass was low and a bit behind him and he slid to get his body down. Still, fair is fair, though this one is iffy what anyone else would've done.
    4. Week 1 - used his hands (but still dropped it ffs)
      1. Mims also body-caught his one catch for Sept; the 40-yarder that people were harping on for weeks.
    5. Week 1 - used his body
    6. Week 1 - (TD) used his body
      1. Week 2 - not a body catch play, but a different Davis f-up where he slipped and only getting batted up before that may have stopped a pick
    7. Week 2 - used his hands when he could've easily body-caught it

    Actually **** this, I'm not watching every terrible Jets game again on my sunny Saturday just to find every Corey Davis target close to his body. Anyone who wants to take over, go ahead. I'm going outside to have a catch with my kid.

    But anyway, so far it's nowhere near the same body-catching rate when the opportunity is there for either. 



  6. 14 hours ago, Bleedin Green said:

    All great points on Mims, and the thing that expands on that further, driving the point home a bit more is that there are a lot of uncaught targets on top of that.  Last year he had one of the lowest catch rates on the team (just 1 catch over 50%) and this year is now coming in dead last (exactly 50%).

    While catch rate may not be entirely on the WR, it is very meaningful when looked at on a relative scale, and if everyone else is doing better, then there's really no question that he's the problem on a number of those plays.  Of course, we have all seen that before us with 3 drops on 8 targets in the past 2 games as a starter.

    In fairness to Mims (or any WR/TE/RB), even when the QB's outright throwing it away OOB I think whichever WR is the one technically "in the vicinity" gets credited with a non-catch target. Just like kneeling on the ball isn't really a rushing attempt but still - even with as popular as fantasy football has been since the 90s - gets counted as -1 rushing yards each time stats-wise. 

    So with a low catch rate, sometimes it's because of pressure-caused throwaways; sometimes the QB missed the man no matter how open he was, where he'd need to be 15 feet tall with a 10 foot reach to catch it; and yes sometimes it's drops.

    Drops get recorded, though. On the other hand, they're really generous in the WRs' favor; like a tie goes to the runner in baseball, a mildly tough catch that hits a guy in the hands very often doesn't get recorded as a drop. e.g. one of the first passes of the year was a low pass to Moore (he still got two hands on it, and you can even hear the announcer saying, "and it's dropped") yet his stat line still shows zero drops this season. I remember looking after the first ~2 games and the recorded drops numbers for Corey Davis (bad as those were) seemed to be missing a couple as well.

    Still, I'd be lying if I said I remembered how many uncaught attempts to Mims last year were the result of throwaways, terrible passes that were similarly uncatchable, or were outright drops. But on how many tighter coverage attempts were him waiting for the ball to come to his breadbox instead of reaching out those long arms to get it, and that enabled the pass to get batted away? I don't know, maybe none; maybe a few. I will say Darnold's deep ball accuracy didn't do him or any receivers any favors, nor a crappy OL allowing time for the play to develop before Darnold was under duress himself.

  7. @Jetsfan80 if I may be of assistance, here’s a Paradis to English translation for you to help with the above:

    Everyone should be quiet. Absolutely no posting on this website unless agreeing with me or unless saying things approved by me. To do otherwise makes it unreadable. 

    I know best what others should be thinking. Also I totally have no egregious insecurity or anger management issues, have a wonderful sense of humor, and a keen ability to laugh at myself.

    Any criticism of a player I’ve hyped should be expected to be taken as an attack on me personally. The problem is never me, and I’m never wrong; it’s everyone else. It’s always everyone else. 

    Now everyone ignore weeks of actual game footage, to instead look closely at this video of 1-on-1 practice drills I’ve posted, in a controlled environment where no defender is permitted to hit Mims - let alone a deep safety permitted smash into him from behind, full speed - and in particular please ignore at 0:20 where he body-catches on the first belly-height pass in these drills anyway, followed by doing it again at 0:50. Only look at the passes where body catching isn’t a possibility.


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  8. 2 minutes ago, undertow said:

    I can't get outraged about a football player making 30 mil in his career instead of 90...if they don't like the franchise tag then they can collectively bargain it out of the next contract.

    Or he can come out of college before he turns 24 and be more than just a pretty-good safety on the field. 

    Hey I do feel a little badly Maye or for anyone losing out on a lot of money, and I definitely feel for anyone who gets hurt (let alone in a second straight contract year). At the same time he wasn’t performing like a franchise tag worthy safety this season either. 

    The Jets offered him an extension and he turned it down. If he wasn’t satisfied with the offer he should’ve played at an all-pro level, where the team would’ve caved if he’d held out. 

    This idea that the team used the tag in bad faith is ridiculous. Literally the only position that should arguably be immune from the tag is RB. Everyone else is fair game, and until such time as they carve out exceptions, that goes for RBs as well.

    But if I was making a list of people I truly feel for, Maye and his millions earned before age 30 wouldn’t ever enter my mind. 

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  9. 39 minutes ago, varjet said:

    I am with him. 

    I am having a tough time seeing a C and S going in the top 10.  I don't think it happens.

    The best value is resigning or even franchising Moses and then trying to find a replacement.   

    But if we thought the plan could be to let Moses go, sign a FA G, and then draft an Evan Neal and let him go from RT to LT, that could work too.  

    Unfortunately for JD, his plan at LT can't be he drafted Becton and will extend him in 2 years.  Becton could easily be allowed to walk, so getting someone better now is not a bad idea either. 

    Yeah drafting a center in the top 10 simply isn’t done by anyone, winners or losers alike. Never mind they still have McGovern under contract, playing more than well enough to be the center of a SB winner, and the expectation that a rookie is going to instantly be his superior is wishful. Never mind the idea that this upgrade difference between McGovern, and whatever idea a rookie center will hopefully be, is hardly worthy of a top 10 pick. How many championship teams are built that way? Zero. Ever.

    This all stems from some fans’ romance about the OL of 10+ years ago, ignoring that Ferguson (while he had a solid 10 yr career and played every game like very few have) wasn’t as good as 2021-Fant until his 3rd season, had a visible setback in his 5th year, and then was meh his last 2-3. Mangold was fantastic pretty much immediately, and remained a top notch center until his career suddenly ended.

    There; those two comprise all the draft picks the team devoted to that starting OL. Moore was an UDFA they converted from DT years earlier, who took years to groom into his late-2000s form. They also grossly overpaid for Faneca, whom they paid several million just to get off the roster by his 3rd season, and got lucky on the gamble that Damien Woody would be a consistent RT. 

    So yep I agree with you. Thing with Becton, though, is there’s no rush to do anything long term with him. First off, iirc he’s not even eligible to be extended until March of 2023 anyway: he has to have 3 years under his belt. Then after that his 5th year option isn’t going to be killer either because he wasn’t a top 10 pick. So even without an eventual extension or franchise tag, they’ve got him for 3 more years without breaking the bank.

    They should be upgrading at RG, and with this many picks it’s hard to believe Douglas won’t do that. I think a pure guard, or maybe a G/C prospect, is likely with either the Seattle pick or at the top of round 2, but not in the top 10. Usually burning this many 1st rounders devoted to the OL in back to back to back years is way overkill, and I can’t think of a SB winner who devoted that level of resources to it, but with two extra 1sts and an extra 2nd over a two-year span, one more top-40 pick on the OL is a luxury they can surely expend. At least two of the remaining three picks in rounds 1+2 will probably go to the D, but it wouldn’t shock me to see the other used on a TE. 

    Moses more than holds his own, or anyway the difference between him and a drafted RT upgrade isn’t going to turn the team around from trash to contender.

    The more continuity they have on the line the better. Even with them trotting GVR out there still, they look night & day different than they did to start the season. The big difference beyond that has to come from the QB, playcalling, their tall WRs catching the ****ing football, and the D not making the O one-dimensional.

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  10. 1 hour ago, rangerous said:

    if mims is as bad as catching passes as this indicates then maybe people ought to calm down about him riding the bench.  and if he doesn't get it straightened out then he can expect to be back on the pine when davis returns.  he's got the size and the speed but maybe not the great hands.

    Actually what's more disturbing is I don't even think his hands are bad. He's just - at least somewhat - reluctant to use them if he doesn't have to do so. But on some of those contested catches his hands looked plenty good. I don't recall how many drops he had (which is really more what having "not great hands" is) but I don't recall it being a lot.

    Those receiver mitts they wear are like ultra sticky/tacky rubber, if you've never felt them, to the point you almost wonder how anyone with NFL talent could ever drop a pass. He'll catch it more reliably with those sticky fingers (hey now!) and palms than he will by trapping it into his jersey. Even more so by denying an extra foot or two reach for a defender to get his own hand in there to deflect it: no DBs are going to have his reach, let alone when Mims has the inside track to the ball.

    I don't know what it is. Maybe it's a reaction - like a clenching up - when someone thinks he's about to get hit. Maybe it's that he just doesn't want to jam his fingers. Maybe it's cold outside (he missed the warm half of the season) and when someone rifles it in it's like catching a football-shaped rock. Whatever the reason, he needs to stop it. 

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  11. 13 hours ago, Buffalo 24 7 said:

    I just hate how some GMs abuse the tag. It's meant to extend the window in which teams and players can negotiate. Some players are fine with the tag, but Maye publicly stated he wasn't. Some front offices just use it to take players hostage for 1 year.

    I remember when the Panthers tagged Josh Norman, and when they realized they weren't close in numbers, they rescinded the tag and let him test the market.

    Few players like getting tagged. Most of the ones getting it could/would get a more lucrative deal as a FA. Maybe there's the occasional ones who're ok with it because they wouldn't command a deal with multiple guaranteed seasons anyway, but that's about it.

    What really doomed his career earnings was being a 24 year-old rookie at a position group that carries a stigma past age 30.  That set himself up to get tagged by reaching is first UFA status as a 28 year-old DB. If he was 27 then maybe that would've changed things.  

    This wasn't abuse of the tag either. They had negotiations and weren't able to agree on a number. By Maye's own words he didn't feel unfairly treated, though it's quite clear he'd have rather had a long term deal for more than the Jets' top offer. It was never leaked what that top offer was, or what Maye demanded, but that top team offer likely it would've contained more than $10.6MM in guarantees - injury guarantees in particular - or he'd have stated he 100% felt he was treated unfairly. 

    He bet on himself instead of taking what was offered; no one forced him to do so.  

    No one likes to see this happen. Hopefully for him, he makes a full recovery and is able to make back the extra $ he turned down by having a longer career than most DBs, whether it's with the Jets or not. 

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  12. 4 hours ago, Joejet said:

    I think most rational thinking people have known that all along. A lot of fans want to throw away a player if he has a bad game or gets injured. It takes time to get used to the speed of the NFL game and different players progress at different speeds. A lot of people banged the drum to play Mims but when he had a drop it was all he’s a bum and we should trade him. Moore has the tools to be great and I still believe with time Mims will be a good to very good player also.

    The Jets' WR coach was nothing until coming out from nowhere in his 4th season.

    Then he started dating Kim Kardashian and he was never the same again.

  13. 1 minute ago, bostonmajet said:

    yes, he had some bad drops; one it was obvious that he was trying to run before catching it. Had he caught it, he would have picked up another 10 yards easy. Not calling him great by any means, but even vet receivers can go through a rut.

    Look at it this way: with his size, hands, speed and reach, had he been a good route runner with good hands he would have been a 1st round pick - maybe even top 15. He fell the 2nd round for a reason. He dropped within the second round for a reason. JD liked the potential.

    Some receivers take 2-3 years to acclimate into the NFL. Not saying he will eventually get it. He may never get it. I remember once a Jets receiver was a body catcher and they taught him and practiced him to catching with his hands - i wish i could remember who it was, but I believe he ended up have a good career.

    That is the problem with the board, a great game and people were like why do we need Zack when we have Mike; then a player has a bad game, and they are trash. Look at all the hype about Herdon - and then he did nothing; this may be Mims. Or, he may make the leap from potential to good/great. Especially with the weird season last year, new scheme and often sophomore slump, I think dumping him now would be a mistake. By the end of next year we should know one way or another. Patience - we aren't going anywhere this year anyway (with or without Mims).

    Yep #19 had that problem, too.

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