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  1. Yeah, you people are cool, acting all tough on an internet forum and all...
  2. Its a concern, but not as huge as everyone thinks it is. Im gonna pull out the "Its only preseason" card, but if youve noticed, the defense (Judging from the STARTERS ONLY) have generally kicked it into high gear when they got inside there own 30, you know, when it counts. Dont worry, our D will be fine this year. When abe plays, it allows the defence too take some of the pressure off of themselves. Partculary Ellis, who, its making himself a name.
  3. Jets (12-4) Pats (11-5) Bills (10-6) and Fins (6-10) is my prediction.
  4. Wtf? I oughta kick whoever retarted CBS executive made the decision to not put every game on HD in the face...
  5. The bills are so unpredictable. Honestly, i can see them going anywhere from 8-8 to 11-5.
  6. Fact: Lamont has never been the real workhorse of an NFL team.
  7. Your retard factor has just increased by tenfold.
  8. ...really good, infact. He looked martin-esque out there.
  9. I play it pretty much every day. Name is Gorge
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