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  1. What y'all think? Down here in the Dirty South, we think so.
  2. The title of your upcoming Autobiography? I like it.
  3. no offense, he ain't the first hispanic QB to hit it big. Jets ought to sign me to train your boy up. Ronny Mexico giving my skills to a QB whose family is from Mexico? Super Bowl baby. Super Bowl.
  4. Y'all trippin. You haven't taken photos until you've gotten them professionally taken by the Federal Government.
  5. I've been flareup free for over 19 months with Valtrex. Anyone want a kiss?
  6. I'll see what I can do, but no offense, internet access has been hard for the last 19 months.
  7. Anyone ready to be injected with a new vaccine which they rushed to develop, put through a very expedited approval process, and manufactured by a French pharmaceutical company??
  8. You wouldn't know original if it hit you straight in the face.
  9. I'm going out on a limb by stating it's better than NY's
  10. Speaking of missed, I heard Max missed his period this morning. True Story.
  11. You have a question for me Mr. Machine?
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