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  1. Of course it was. you trade up from the Beemer yet or nah?
  2. I took the lonely walk across one of the bridges to my hotel. almost jumped
  3. I was walking into Heinz Field feeling great about my team being one win away from the Super Bowl. It was a crisp, cold day.....not a facemask in sight. I remember thinking that this was going to be the day that made up for the Fake Spikes, Rich Kotites, and all the other BS we Jets fans put up with. Its insane to think that literally nothing good has happened for this team since that day. Its actually all gone downhill and its sad.
  4. JOJO SAYS.......Pennington ‘member when he scolded the fans!? What a douche, yet he is still my second all time fave Jet QB. Divisiveness you say!? Lol
  5. In my teens and twentys i was as diehard as they come. in my 30s i started to care less and lose connections to individual players on the team as they got older in my 40s im a jaded SOJ Fan. Yeah ill root for the team but ive come to a realization...a super bowl win in 2020 will not give me the same utility as a super bowl win when i was younger. Times, people, and interests change
  6. All we heard about was how Lev Bell was the consumate pro since he got here. He took the high road, never complained, was a great teammate. How have we gotten from that point to where we are. I know everyone gonna answer “Gase” but it seems there is more to the story?
  7. Have to order off the specials menu. Those crusted fish dished are insane! Always “good scenery” there too lol
  8. Last time i checked the Jets were an NFL team too. Its such a week to week league. Today is the Jets week. Seen this movie a million times

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