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  1. These pics are ruining a lot of my fantasies you guys
  2. That’s what they were saying about Darnold a month ago
  3. anyone in SoFla go to see Crazyfingers on Thursdays and Sundays? best Dead cover band ever
  4. Can’t wait to hear Bart Scott ask Jamal about that Brady play. “Leader of men” my ass. Should’ve lit him up
  5. This guy is all over the place right now. His name called every play.
  6. And here I thought you were secretly “Ira from Staten Island”.......you ARE capable of criticizing the jets! 😉
  7. Lol I used to do the same to Jason taylor down at the hard rock hollywood
  8. Ding dong. Another woody hanger on
  9. lol I hears ya......OR we have been terrible forever and these writers are just calling it how it is

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