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  1. Hello gentlemen! How excited are we that it’s finally happening!? After all these years of false hope and Jetsy stuff, we are finally going to have a young, stud QB on the roster. Doesn’t really matter who it is, no more stop gaps! Im tickled no matter who we pick! Just nice to have hope one way or the other! We deserve it!
  2. I’m just excited to be able to finally draft a Jets QB in fantasy. I’ve gotten a. Few spot starts out of Pennington and Sanchez off the waiver wire but never drafted one
  3. I feel like this is a turning point for jets. To trade up only giving up 2nd rounders is a nod to the fan base. We suck in 2nd round. Also fact that giants are picking before us. THEY are going to be the ones to pick the wrong guy and leave us the right guy. Cleansing happening
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ganggreennation.com/platform/amp/2016/4/6/11376492/new-york-jets-second-round-draft-picks-of-the-last-decade-ranked
  5. All the lols at trading 2nd rounders. Is like macc knows our history or something
  6. Caption this pic

    Marty, Rontez, Buster, and Buttle caption this pic
  7. the NFL offseason couldn't hold the NBA offseasons jock
  8. have the girls from gate D come over and say hi
  9. My 10 Favorite Jets Players from my youth

    jojo townsell rich miano pat leahy marvin jones aaron glenn marvin washington bobby hamlton tony meola jason fabini
  10. Happy 13th Year Anniversary JN

    13 years I’ve years wasted here??? sigh.........
  11. Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    The Vikings getting smoked in the nfc champ game is a bad look for him
  12. Conference Championship Games (F the Pats)Thread

    I’ve never seen Brady so shook than on that last play