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  1. I have a weird feeling Sam is gonna show Lamar why he was drafted almost 30 spots ahead of him. Jets moneyline all in
  2. salsa is 1000 times better than guacamole new York hot dogs are gross all the good pizzerias in Manhattan are offshoots of outer boroughs joints the kale thing has got to stop
  3. Hot Take......never has there been a less embarrassing play than the butt fumble.completely over rated......low hanging fruit for jets haters
  4. I saw Doctor Sleep. Excellent movie.
  5. If you truly want to find a reason to dislike Jamal head over to his Instagram page. Trust me.......guy thinks he’s a mix of Tony Robbins and Hansel from Zoolander.
  6. https://nypost.com/2019/11/11/jeff-bezos-might-be-looking-to-buy-an-nfl-team/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=pasteboard_app Sign this beast!!!
  7. Do we really have to do this with all the giants fans in attendance?
  8. Just like you took names a few weeks ago when you tried to shame the board into collectively apologizing to our “fearless leader” Christopher Johnson? You are irrelevant at this point, showed your ass to the entire board. I would just hush at this point.
  9. The way I see it people like you are the biggest part of the problem. Cheerleaders/social climbers throwing their money into a billionaires pocket. Weren’t you the one who wanted the board to collectively apologize to Christopher Johnson a few weeks ago? You are a clown show.
  10. Been saying for years.......If the jets aren’t hosting a playoff game every year then it’s not worth it. End of story, that simple.

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