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  1. Denied bail in Seattle is a terrible sign lol
  2. Im obligated to take CMC so basically my season comes down to Sam Darnolds ability to check down. What could go wrong!? Lol
  3. Yeah the prices havent blown up like Austin just yet. All the Californians and New Yorkers are have overlooked Houston but its close to blowing up. great food scene…chinese, mexican, bbq, indian, steak all off the charts….and the Kolaches
  4. Nyc is insane just think about owning a car. You have to get it inspected by the state every few years. You want to cross a bridge? 20 bucks you want to park it? 70 bucks Speed cameras everywhere with a 25 mph speed limit bike lanes that take away driving lanes and parking spots ask yourself who does this affect? Outer borough people are the only ones with cars. meanwhile they dont prosecute people for jumping turnstiles and the buses have reminders on the marquis that you have to “pay the fare”
  5. This!! i did 20 in nyc, 20 in South Florida, now i just bought a house in Houston. key to enjoyment is getting a new look.
  6. Feels like ranking Zach above Trevor was the set up and this is the punchline for jets fans lol
  7. Ive seen Bob do a few of those acoustic sets. great stuff
  8. Lol Rodney got a mention on a Jets message board. Pretty sure he can die a happy man now haha. great guy
  9. Respectables is legendary. I was there last weekend lol
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